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  1. The girl is a "Help Center" event. Go up north in Gearen City where the library is and enter the building next to it. Interact with the board at the back. A tip: there are a few "Help Center" buildings within a few town, I'd recommend you to complete all the help requests, since it gives out rewards, Pokemon, and reveal a few lores.
  2. @Hakimblue99 1) A friend of mine said that Aelita, and I paraphrase, "wouldn't be ripped but she should be fit so she has defined muscle but not overly defined." Well, I decided to go the complete opposite of what they said. 2) That's just my Interceptor OC, don't worry about her =]
  3. I have been waiting for this. Now you all will be blessed like the others. Aevium ain't ready for Bufflita "With guns like these, who needs Pokemon battles?"
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