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  1. I've honestly never done intense mode, so no problems here!
  2. Gonna say this now so we don't get too crazy again, but PLS don't spam the discussion chat that is not of v13.5 for the Devs sake, ok guys?

  4. I honestly thought about this regarding the four lights about Huey being one of the candidates seeing as we don't know if Huey and Rune have parents, but I also thought that of a possibility that fighting for a lost loved also meant that this loved one could also be walking the wrong path and one of the lights will strive to bring that person back on the right path. But for the most part I also think Huey could be one of the four lights.
  5. Hey, thought I'd point out that in chapter 4 if you choose "time to whoop ass" shouldn't you gain 2 rep points with Mosely?
  6. Huh. Neat.

  7. It's hard to say whether they targeted The A-tagonists specifically or was used to attack everyone in Aevium since it's been implied that Indriad was the one who caused storm 9 to happen. Although, perhaps after our little invasion with him and his Gardevoir happened, he may have chosen to seek us out personally and possibly succeed as the A-tagonists turned to stone in the process.
  8. Thanks! I believe that it implies that 4 of them are made up from the archetype the siblings, while the MC not so much the A protagonists, but the Interceptor themselves is the true archetype. Seeing as how technically the MC is artificial I think with all of the A protagonists souls in that body as well as Adrest and the Interceptor technically makes them all apart related in some way. ~~SO TECHNICALLY AGAINNNN they are siblings all together! Even if not by blood.
  9. Wassup? How long has it been since I typed here? A week? A month? A year? Maybe years??? Wow Idk even remember, but guess what? I ain't dead so once again I say SUP. So lets talk the title, yeah? So remember the Archives in the dive spot of route 6 and v13 now we know who the MFs are, but not everything about them? Well what if they made the Archives and started or were affiliated with the research regarding the Archetype that Melia, Venam and Ren discovered? What if they were there and most likely they WERE there seeing as they witnessed the fight with the MC and Aelita against the Puppet Master Aka Rune? Maybe they were the ones who recruited the subjects the test the Archetypes power and use it as weapon? Thankfully, that was put to an end OR WAS IT? Who knows? The Mysterious Figures know far more than they act and let on as seen in the v13, huh? Who knows when they will strike again.....? Better keep your guards and seatbelts on peoples. It's gonna be a BUMPY ride in v14 no doubt! That's all for this Theory. Let me know what y'all think. Sweet Nightmares! :)
  10. Perhaps Deagan and Cassandra were a thing once, Like maybe he made his way to GDC and met Cassandra and later broke up with her and met Tesla and Amber came into the picture and made Cassandra furious. Perhaps she wants revenge on Tesla for stealing him away, hence why Isha captured Deagan Dead or not and is trying to make him hers (Cassandras). However, Deagan escaped before maybe a brainwashing could happen.
  11. A-Mareep evolves the same way regular Mareep evolves. 15-30.
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