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  1. That scene only appears if you decide to tell Cassandra everything regardless if you snitch or not. Soooo don’t tell Cassandra everything!
  2. Does ANYONE know if P5S (persona 5 scamble) will come to America???

  3. Good Morning!

  4. I’m in the mood for some food

  5. I won’t doubt your theory because it sounds like a good theory, but just a couple questions like, why did they say it was their mother and why did the golden light happen to appear then of all times? Not that I dislike family moments or reunions.
  6. That’s true. Maybe they’ll all meet in the future version(s) if we so happen to go back in time with Melia and co, since Anthea only seems to appear in the past.
  7. If I had to choose other I’d say the other would be Anthea. My reason is because as The MC, Ren, and Aelita explored Zone Zero, they came across the old hospital where the MC was hospitalized in the past. As they ventured through to find the exit Ren and the MC saw documents of Anthea stating she had black hair and 4 children. These 4 being most likely Melia, Erin, Allen and Alice. Why? Because Anthea somehow made her hair blonde as her children’s hair are blonde as well. Another reason for this is when the Blonde quads were together, they formed what we know as the archetype mentioned in Nymiera’s story. So perhaps, Anthea is/was connected to the archetype at one point as well as her kids either before or after they were born. Vitus/Indriad must have noticed this, possibly had domestically abused Anthea (as seen at black steeple castle, hope I spelled that right) and had the 4 children separated. Where Melia(heavily implied Maria Reincarnate) stayed with Anthea and Indriad and Allen, Alice and Erin in the unknown dimension. However, Erin somehow escaped(probably due to Souta saving her). So my best bet, either Angie or the past Anthea whom we carry inside the soul stone may tell us more in v13(hopefully). Anywaaaaay, this is my reason.
  8. I’m tired 😴 

  9. Can’t wait! You’ll haven’t let us down once!
  10. I can’t say much for Kieran because we know so little about him, but Freya was one of the victims of the explosion from team Xen so maybe she was given the chance at a new life and help I won’t say Madame X, but possibly the MCs group. My reason for this is because Freya said she ruined Keta’s life and had Taelia killed so Aelita could be born implying she’s important in the future and Kieran as I said in my last post had helped the MC at Valor Mountain and taken us to the past. He even implied that he resented the fact that Ren was in team Xen not realizing what he got himself into, the interceptor is also a key to what’s to come in the future. There has been more than one interceptor, but we must be different from the others. As to Tiempa and Spacea, I can’t say for them. They are similar to Team Xen as their methods are cruel and inhuman, although I doubt that Kieran and Freya and helping them as they are in an “alliance” with Madame X, and as far as I can tell Madame X most likely hates or doesn’t appreciate their interference. Their goals are different, but their methods are the same, so it’s hard to tell which side either of them are on. But it seems likely that the storm chasers and Team Xen are trying to prevent Storm-9 from happening as seen when we teamed up with Madame X, or maybe she wants things done her way. That’s all I can say or that’s my theory.
  11. But in all serious maybe the mysterious figures, Crescent and the MC have some sort of history, as the MC has repressed memories. Or perhaps and this is just a guess maybe the Mysterious figures may be trying to get the interceptor to join their side or are working along side them. I say this because we, the MC have never truly fought them ourselves and Kieran helped us on Valor mountain, but they also used us against our friends or tried to if you can see through Red heads deception. Plus they were given many opportunities to kill us if need be, like when we were unconscious, or after the battle with the mysterious figures. Yet they decided to keep not only us the MC, but also the MC’s friends and could have taken Melia, but chose not to. Why is that I wonder as to what the relationship Crescent and the MC have with the mysterious figure? So many questions.
  12. Happy birthday!

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      Thanks a lot 😄

  13. Is it March yet?

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