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  1. Vaccines feel like I got pinched. I'm all good though! Feeling a bittttt tingly in my left arm though.

    1. RoyChaos


      I hope you’re alright.

    2. Chrixai


      I am, thank you. Just a sore arm. 

    3. RoyChaos


      You’re welcome.

  2. Everyone, in this world, needs like a week of paid time off, $1000 an hour WITH OVERTIME.

  3. It's finally soon (TM), SOON??? NICE! Good luck with internal testing! Don't overwork bro! Like you always do and play Persona 5 Strikers SOOON!
  4. Gonna say, Zumi is a master at drawing as she drew one of my favorite Persona 5 characters and ima use it as a pfp, sooo shout out to @Zumi for making the super AI Sophia, the babie! 🔥🔥

  5. If there were two buttons and I had to choose between working my job filled with managers who don't know how to run shit, or getting paid to sit at home  and do nothing but watch a crap ton of anime and playing games for life, which one do you think I'm gonna button mash?

    1. Cerulean Azure Brawler

      Cerulean Azure Brawler

      You need balance the work that's what I do when I study. When I'm at home I make my own stories on Wattpad along with watching anime or play games. Getting paid to sit at home is the option in my opinion.

    2. Chrixai


      You got that right!

    3. Cerulean Azure Brawler
  6. Ah ok my bad. I didn't understand the question as it didn't seem clear. So ima give out Jan's signature answer. ":^)"
  7. Ok sooooooo, not a rom hack, but a fangame as there are probably more essentiats, dynamax shall not implanted as Jan and Zumi have stated multiple times that they won't be adding anddddddd Jan confirmed some pokemon that can Dynamax will be having something similar to mega evolution.
  8. Do things only you can do and at you're own pace! We all know how hard you and dev team have been working on this! Take you're time!

  10. Chrixai


    Weasels give me frigging nightmares man. Genuine
  11. Time is like the planets. It goes forward and never back 🌎 


    Anime doesn't count unless you live in one lol.


  12. Soon.... Very soon...

    1. Cerulean Azure Brawler

      Cerulean Azure Brawler

      Yeah I know I'm already hyping bro

  13. Gonna quote my bro Jan and give/borrow his signature answer. Soooon (TM), but fr no doubt it'll be out soon, no exact date, but (TM) soon. :^)
  14. Happy New years family!

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