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  1. Reborn, you've given me a lot of good, bad, sad, and funny moments. 😢😭 Gonna restart again at a different time. 😵💫🤯

  2. WELP. Time to replay Rejuvenation again.
  3. YO whazzup people??? Haven't been around to say much lately! Hope y'all having a good day/week! So I thought maybe I'd share a theory today after God knows how long about a certain purple haired lady. And before anyone says anything, nope not our two favorite people, Aelita or Venam since most of the theories about them have already been discussed I THINK? Nope we are gonna talk about Nastasia/Anastasia nicknamed Nast/ Anast! Yeah so it's obvious that Nast is Anast from the past whom we've prolly had a BLAST with, but what do we know about her exactly? That she was best friends with Maria? That her mom tried to force her into being the head of Rejuv co, for her good reasons of course. We already know this much about her yes, but what exactly is her endgame? She is suppose to be our enemy, right? If so then why is she going through such lengths to give us a helping hand? I'm sure some would even say that she's doing this because she's grown fond of Ren and the two seem fairly close, but what if there's more to it than that? For example, according to both Ren and Madelis she has made TWO not one, but TWO unauthorized missions involving the MC and their group? I'm sure everyone here remember the attack on SS Oceana. Nast seemed to want capture Nancy and the MC supposedly, but why? What could be so valuable that she would go to great lengths to capture us? Could it be because of us being made of a certain black box and perhaps she was trying to research us? As seen in the Blackvi- I mean Steeple arc after Nancy's death, Nast found a black box as well as Nancy's Slyveon that was about to be incinerated and asked Ren to give to us the next time we ran into each other, but why would she do that for us? Why give your enemy Nancy's belongings? As if she knew that the black box was Nancy and needed us to either bring her back somehow or because of sentimental value, or perhaps she knew that the MC themselves were also apart of the black box and tried to give it to us a hint? These unauthorized missions.... It would seem there is more to Nast than just being a part of Team Xen as if she's isn't completely on their side? Perhaps she is trying to find a way to reunite with Maria when she was captured by Gardevoir and Madame X seems to have something or know something that she doesn't and is working with her to recover it, but just what could that be? Any thoughts on this theory?

  5. First we can't eat the egg and now we can't eat the shroom, but it's ok to eat my hands? What kind of sick joke is dis?
  6. Merry Christmas, community people!

  7. Welp this has peaked my interest. Time to befriend Fern. Sike.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. SolareSupremo


      Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. I find the question about Talonflame being Talon's ace very VERY funny.
  10. Happy birthday, Chrixai. What does it feel for you? May the cake might be super delicious for you.

    1. Chrixai


      Thanks Roy! Feels younger lol

    2. SolareSupremo
  11. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  12. I've honestly never done intense mode, so no problems here!

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