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  1. Gonna quote my bro Jan and give/borrow his signature answer. Soooon (TM), but fr no doubt it'll be out soon, no exact date, but (TM) soon. :^)
  2. Happy New years family!

  3. So if v13 is worth 5 versions that means that there are 22 versions plus post game?!?! Excited for v13!
  4. It was snowing 🌨 Like a storm

    1. Cerulean Azure Brawler

      Cerulean Azure Brawler

      Bruh for me it's sunny and it's December but it's cold bro

    2. Chrixai


      Let me borrow some of that Sun 😩

    3. Cerulean Azure Brawler

      Cerulean Azure Brawler

      I can't bruh only the Lord Almighty God can do that.

  5. To the one called Zumi I have an important announcement to make. HAPPY BIRTHDAY πŸŽ‚ πŸ₯³ That is all. Hope you have a great day! :D

  6. I honestly just can't. Oh my lord this is just wow. How? Why? When? Where is. Sweet lord. I'm both impressed and curious to try this.
  7. Chrixai

    hi again

    We love and appreciate Cass for keeping you sane, keeping us tamed and entertained! But more importantly, banning the progress bar, feel NO SHAME because those are insane giving everyone mental pain! Ok rhymes aside, go at your own pace! We made it this far so we can still go a little further! Good lucks Ame and dev peoples!
  8. Happy Thanksgiving!Β πŸ”Β 

  9. Assassination classroom, Bleach, One Piece, Noragami
  10. So I have gotten Spiderman Miles Morales over the weekend and I gotta say, WOW. Game sick af and if I could I'd play it all day and night 24/7 but unfortunately, MY MUDUFLAPPING JOB prevents me from doing so. :) Someone switch jobs with me so I can cut lose on the new Spiderman :') I will do almost anything(maybe).

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