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  1. Crest Archeops (dunno if i spelt that right but ye) When hp is halved atk and spatk is raised. Crest Dewgong. All moves become Ice and do 1.4 more. Crest Starmie. Gets a 2x spatk raise. Crest lopunny gains ghost typing Crest Kangaskhan. moves hit twice (parental bond but not) Crest Eldegoss. Def and spdef is raised. Crest Liepard (anything else that has prankster) is able to break through dark types and moves. Crest Ditto. Once entered the battle it will steal the opponents pokemon and the opponents pokemon wil
  2. Crest Cofagrigus. Swaps def and spdef for spatk and hp Crest Pachirisu.. Summons electric surge and gets a spatk boost. Crest raichu. Gets a physical atk and spatk boost while also, gaining imunity to ground. Crest Zygarde. Gains imunity to ice and fairy. Crest Relicanth. Swaps hp, def and spdef for speed and atk. Crest Liepard. Gains imunity to super effective moves and gets a +1 evasion. Crest Typhlosion. (upgrade) Battle field becomes fiery and gets a +2 spatk boost. And finally. Crest Farfetch'd Gain
  3. Not gonna lie mate the exp candies is pretty wack. You said '' Never worry about new members '' But you added the exp Share all. So wouldn't that make it useless?
  4. I have one welllll three questions. 1) Will Mosely come back to the main story? 2) Will Ana from the children quest go into the main story? 3) I know at one point mosely had feelings towards the main character. Will there be anyone else that has feelings towards the main character?
  5. Sorry if you're busy I was wondering if you could help me. I downloaded pokemon rejuvenation v11 many times and switched the data and graphics to the file but it doesn't work. I was wondering if you could help me. Also, just want to say I love you and all your work ❤️Capture22.PNG.073cfd2d084e9d26ad4df766e67c4663.PNG

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