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  1. Zumi

    Did someone say... Caves?

    Sincerely appreciate all the kind comments!! I tried out a couple of new things while working on the backgrounds and I personally am pretty proud of the result, so I'm glad that people like them! Like Jan said, I don't know how many more custom bgs will be introduced for V13, but if I have spare time, I'll probably tackle another background that can be recolored for multiple purposes (even though with caves and forests out of the way i'm starting to run out of things dhjfdkd). Otherwise it's gonna be field effects or custom bgs for important fights! Who knows!!!
  2. Hi Zumi! where I get Thick Club in rejuvenation

    1. Zumi


      Can't answer that for you since I don't know it off the top of my head, but the Item guide sure can!


      Here's a link:  



    2. didajpa


      thanks ️

  3. They'll be treated as custom megas in the purest sense, and therefore mons that already have a mega will just get an extra alt mega evo (for Charizard, it'll have X, Y and G in that case) And yes, some will have new abilities upon mega evolving! However, I won't be specifying which ones, so you'll just have to figure it out once V13 is out :]
  4. Download the hotfix for this here, this is the strength bug. We rolled out a mini patch for that a while back for people who had this issue.
  5. If the script is hanging that might just be a PC problem. You can try running the unofficial MKXP port of the game (which uses a newer engine) and see if it helps the problem, but otherwise I don't think that's something we can really do anything about since that is mostly an user-to-user based issue.
  6. Can you show a screenshot of the error that shows up? Because the patch should get rid of the error altogether, so I don't see why it wouldn't work. Are you sure you installed the patch correctly?
  7. Please download the 12.2 patch in the V12 thread, this fixes your issue.
  8. We already made the shinies for Gen 8, yeah. All of them came from the dev team itself, sorry if you wanted to get yours in!
  9. You can find a download for a fix here in this topic!
  10. i want to have a talk with the person who listed vitus as INFP on the mbti personality database site because i might have to throw hands

    1. Mindlack


      So there is such a thing as a mbti personality database for fictional characters. 

      I’m really surprised. 

      What type should Vitus be in your opinion? 

    2. SomeNerdIDK


      I refuse to associate with weird creepy cult man

  11. You definitely just have bad luck! None of the mons bar the shadow pokemon are shiny locked, and the rate is the same as reborn -- 1/100. Just keep trying!
  12. Zumi

    Pointless Progress Ramble

    Much better performance on newer pcs for the most part as it's a far more modern engine! The game will run far faster and smoother, and there's barely any lag. It'll be slower on older pcs unfort, but we've been able to optimize the RMXP port (aka the current engine) game for a good chunk thanks to the help of Cass that we've been getting, so there should still be a noticeable difference between V12 and V13 for those who are using the RMXP version of the game -- especially during battles, where the brief lag before move animations playing is no longer an issue.
  13. ok i lied not my only time responding to this thread, but i'd not look into this too deep considering that this bit of information has become obsolete in the current iteration of the game (and any future ones as well). While this was indeed something mentioned during the game's intro on the S.S. Oceana in older versions, it's no longer accurate and it's probably best to just let it slide! It's a remnant of the older versions of the game and no longer holds any value lmao
  14. bro...

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