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  1. Aaaaaaaaaand that's the end— the Q&A is now closed! No more questions will be accepted from this point forward. It's possible that some questions will still be answered after this post, but we're done for the most part! We hope you enjoyed the Q&A and the answers given, as well as that we've been able to give some food for thought! Also, thank you so much for all the kind words of support you've given in your messages! There's so many instances of it that I felt bad only selecting one or two to actually say thanks to so I'll use this moment to collectively thank all of you We hope you look forward to what we've got in store for V14 and beyond! Things are shaping up to be super exciting even if we can't show much. For now, just trust the process, and we'll see you for whenever the next update takes place!
  2. yippeeee another batch! something something i'm skipping what i can't answer something here we go
  3. I'M A FOOL I FORGOT TO ANSWER THIS ONE AAAAAAAAAAGH 1) yes. 2) watch dred's playthrough of it! 3) i think he'd very much be intrigued if the response at river's end about the player knowing things they realistically shouldn't is anything to go by LOL 4) that's a pretty good one! i think he'd be hard to categorize though LMAO. porygon z or something would also work i think
  4. WOO, LONG ONE SO I'M PUTTING EVERYTHING IN A SPOILER. Again, only answers to things I can answer in confidence! Sorry if you didn't get answers to something you'd like to know, those are better left to be answered by other people
  5. 1) Pretty much all of that is decided by Jan, so I'll leave answering that question to him if he feels like it hehe 2) Nope! It has never left, and I doubt it will anytime soon jajajajaja. Also I've got mostly free reign with the official art by now! I do usually ask for a general direction that it needs to be taken in if Jan already has specific ideas (or a sprite to work from), but other than that the pose and fleshing out of a design is mostly up to me nowadays. Sometimes the sprite is updated to match a design instead tho! (see: Kreiss, Rorim B, Mr. Luck etc.)
  6. 1) A-Volcarona is unsurprisingly on crack and very much used by a lot of people. Underperforming... I'd say A-Bronzong? Since it kinda just fills a niche. A-Palossand also is Not The Best but hey. Sometimes we just add things for the sake of narrative enhancement and having the form be different based on Mt. Valor's mood just sounded neat 2) I still wanna tackle those someday! No worries, they'll happen Eventually(TM) but it's still very much in the air when exactly. 1) It's two for each. 2) Well, one was the vaccine plotline for GDC which ended up scrapped. Covid happened, nuff said. Another part is the "joining Bladestar" thing, it's a thing that started and then just kinda went nowhere so it was decided to get scrapped altogether. Nop! They're just referred to as Act 1 and Act 2. Though I don't really have a clear answer, I think that's a pretty accurate assessment. Blame Mother 3 if anything. It's a mixture of both! Sometimes we just wanna do a funny thing to give a mon more utility/varying usage besides the main way (think infernape/darmanitan crests), or to make underperforming mons mean more in the later game (Dusknoir crest for example!). In the case of A-Ampharos it was given a crest due to the lack of a Mega Evolution for the mon— though I can't guarantee anything of the sort, it's very much possible in the case another mon is given an a-form that's normally able to mega evolve that it's also given a crest. Stuff like that! 1) I really like the Electric field because I tend to use Electric types quite often! Glitch field is the WORST because it gave me trauma thanks to Saki. awful horrible field. gen 2 mechanics my beloathed 2) My favourite battle rn is the Master of Nightmare battle, especially with the updated boss mechanics. Makes the fight just feel so much more imposing than it was in V13! Saki's actually also up there now with the rework, and I also still really like the Ryland battle as well. My least favourite fight is still Hazuki's, I think... Idk I just don't like that fight. Like with Saki's, that fight gave me trauma in V13 LMAO 3) Eizen :)))))) But other than that as the obvious answer, I also am looking forward to Martin's proper in-person appearance rather than through a missable cutscene, hahaha And thank you very much! Thank YOU for enjoying the game that much! <3 I had the pleasure of doing the nighttime dialogue for Spector, which was honestly pretty fun! The Xenogene quest also had me writing some stuff for the main cast. I'd say Melia and Aelita were harder to write right than the rest, because they have some overlapping personality traits that makes it a little harder to distinguish them from each other. Not that it's impossible of course! But with having to write stuff for them for the first time myself, I was pretty nervous and really wanted to make sure I got them right. There was already so much existing dialogue, so I was worried it'd stray too much from their original writing for it to line up with the rest of the game's quality dfljdfljkdsf 1) That'd be Jan! He does practically all of the main story writing, albeit he sometimes bounces ideas off of me first before fleshing stuff out. The Blacksteeple segment was entirely him, though. 2) 3) Nah LMAO Jan just woke up one day and chose violence by deciding "Texen is Zumi's brother now". By correlation it made Risa my ingame sister too, so it just kinda ended up that way. I didn't like the idea of having my in-game equivalent feel distant from her family though, so I still wrote it with the intent as if it they were my actual siblings (tho with less of the emotional babbling I'd normally do in reality and with more proper dialogue) sometimes i feel like the monkey's paw curls a little bit with these, but i think they're fun nonetheless! I think monotype passwords will be added eventually, but I've got no clue when exactly. I just know they're still on the table (tho i'd imagine it's easier to add those for the final version when stuff is more balanced out)
  7. 1) VERYYYY. I'M SO STOKED. AUGH. y'all aren't ready i'm telling you 2) 11 but also i'm in on the bit so i get to be evil as well As cute as it sounds, it's definitely wayyy out of scope. It'd require having overworld sprites for all the mons available in the game, not to mention it require a script or extremely detailed event that calls the right sprite at the right angle and stuff like that. It's a massive amount of effort for something extremely minor and the payoff really isn't worth it. i don't really know but honestly i'd like to agree and say that's exactly what happens bc that's funny as hell Nop, it involves a ton of spritework that we just don't have the time for to add. Bear in mind that every single alternate outfit having full sprite sets would require sprites for: Walking Running Fishing Biking Diving Surfing Surf/fishing Cutscene-specific sprites Backsprites Trainer sprites VS portraits That's a bare minimum of 8 different spritesheets AND a bunch of other sprites for in-battle usage as well. We're only with so many people capable of making those sprites and we have to make careful decisions on what we do and don't put more effort into as to not overscope... And this is just one of those things that would be on the very back of the backburner if we do still want to make use of it eventually. I think it's just a classic suit, so it's not anything super special! 1) Rejuvenation started out as a game that Jan made for his friend group to play! Jan and I were already friends at the time. It really was just a small (and VERY different) game at the time, but we eventually convinced him to post it publicly for people to play (which by the way, this year will mark the 10th anniversary of him doing that!!). Needless the say the game's changed a ton since then, but that's how it all started. The other dev teams joined along the way through applications or through personal recruitment. 2) who knows........... maybe they'll be back for violence....... maybe they're biding their time for a bit longer................... only time will tell Nop, way too much work LOL (tho Saber's art exists ig so you have at least one) 1) I highly doubt it bc it'd brick the shit out of the balancing for the game LOL 2) Aevia's and Axel's designs are my favourite! Alain's also pretty funky. 3) Chapter 15, closely followed by 14. If I had to give an unbiased answer for the sidequest one, the Hero of Slime 1000000%. i just really like the goomink fever dream quest it's so funny
  8. I can't answer all of the questions already asked, but I'll answer what I can in confidence! *gestures wildly at pfp* Eizen. Love that cryptid of a man. It just kinda is what it is LOL Doing the music for V13 was some of my favourite work i've done for the game! it was really fun to do overworld tracks for that chapter (and Master of Nightmares ofc). That and the xenogene quest of course, since it holds a very personal meaning to me :) no Best you can do is go into the graphics > characters folder since there's no means to look at them in the game itself! I'd say for everyone except Eden you'd be able to at least make a guess on what they refer to! Idk what you mean with "fixed", because the screen is already as it should be. I get the art quality is different between the character art (and I'd be lying if it didn't bother me at least a little bit) but honestly I'm not about to redraw it seven times with all the different protagonists for the sake of a screen that appears for only a few seconds, that's WAYYY too much effort even for my standards LOL In my personal opinion, there's some character art/design decisions I made that I could've approached better by now (mostly the characters that received their art very early on and haven't had redesigns since). It's also a matter of just having grown in skill immensely since then though Tying in to the former question, the quality difference is pretty big between some of the older character art and the newer, which... primarily had to do with me rushing the shit out of the older artwork instead of putting more thought into it. Maybe one day I'll go out of my way to bring everyone on the same quality level as the new stuff LMAO but that day is not today
  9. HEY Though it's for something very different this time around! For people who have browsed the Rejuvenation Club before, they might be aware of a Q&A thread we did back in 2019, and a tiny bit more recently there was a Q&A stream that Jan and I hosted after V13's initial release in 2021. We haven't done one in serious capacity since then (if you don't count the impromptu one Jan did on his tumblr a couple of months ago), so why not bring it back? We're not going to be able to post many updates about the game itself, but we still don't want to have complete radio silence on our end, so we're doing a Q&A with the entire team again! To give a quick rundown of the team so you know who could potentially answer specific questions: Writing: Jan (also does tilesets and overworld sprites) Art: Crim, Nym, Soulja, Dallas, Winter, Zumi (also involved with writing and music) Programming: Haru, Falirion, Sardines, Cass Balancing: Alex, Azery (also does some programming) QA: Ramiru, Dream, IceCreamSandWitch, Autumn (also does some of the move animations) I can't guarantee all of us are available or willing to answer, but I know at least some members of the team will be happy to pop in and reply. And it could be about just anything! It could be about the story, but also about the game's development as a whole if you're curious. Or just about how the devs have been experiencing Rejuvenation from a developer's point of view! The world of questions is your oyster and you can do whatever with it... Well, as long as you stick to the rules. Please stay courteous with the questions! Crude questions in regards to us or the characters of the game (i.e. "can you kill off this character bc they suck", stuff like that) will be ignored and/or removed. We will not give answers to questions that are obviously veering into spoiler territory for future content. For your own sakes as to not drive yourself nuts over theories, please do not treat our unwillingness to answer certain questions as confirmation/de-confirmation either. It'll do nothing but cause confusion LMAO Please don't ask about adding romance options for the MC. The answer is still no— it's even been mentioned in the old 2019 Q&A post that they won't be added and that has not changed. There's a whole list of reasons (narratively, technical and personal) for this decision, but the tl;dr is that it's just plain not worth it. We're asking in the nicest way possible to please respect our decision on the matter and to not press it any further, we will ignore/remove your question if you do. (That's not to say we disapprove of any ships entirely! We simply instead encourage you to dabble in making fan content of your favorite ships yourselves through writing, art or other means. Just don't bother us to indulge you on the matter in official capacity, that's all.) We'll keep the Q&A running for a week and will be answering questions as the week progresses before closing it off. If you've read all of that and agree to be nice, then fire away! Have fun! o7
  10. Could you please not repost my non-official art without a source? This was a commission.
  11. Heyo! Here I am again! As I promised in my previous post, I still had one more art post that I owed in regards to some remaining character art, as well as an illustration of Venam that I still had to make as a reward for her placing high in the 2020 popularity poll. Yes yes, I know, it took me FOREVER to get around to doing it— but guess what! I've finally got it done, and the remaining character art is finally done as well! I'm not gonna beat around the bush, so let's get a move on and show off the art. I'll keep things brief! We'll start off with Venam's popularity poll artwork! A 1080p and 1440p version can be found here! Next up is the remaining character artwork for pre-V14 stuff! The characters that have received artwork for this final round are Jenkel, Hynde, Maman, Cosmia & Comet, Peony, Adrest and Variya! At this point, if anyone feels like any artwork is missing it's either because it's just not worth the effort (i.e. temporary character outfits) or because they're slated for a later release/inclusion in V14 or beyond. I'll leave it up to your imagination which one's the case :) But for now, this is all the official art I'll be showing off prior to V14's release... So this'll likely be my last post for the time being (unless I'm tasked with writing a post about V14's actual development again. teehee) As per usual, all official art as well as icons and links to full resolution wallpapers and artwork can be found back in the official art thread! All artwork has been added to their respective chapters in the archives (Jenkel is in CH2, Cosmia & Comet in CH11, Variya in CH15, Adrest in .Karma, Maman in Sidequests and Hynde in Sidequests as well). That's all for now! Enjoy and see you next time, whenever that is! Thank you again for supporting the game's development! o7
  12. Heyo! It's been a couple of months since the last post on the dev blog! The holidays have come and gone, but things have been relatively quiet on our end since we stopped putting out the patches for V13.5, hasn't it? I completely understand people are looking forward to whatever we're putting on the table next, so I'll be using this post to explain a couple of things that have happened recently and what you can expect for this development cycle. For the past two months or so, most of us have been on an extended break! Many of us either just needed time to take a breather after V13.5 came out (which, y'know... isn't that weird to want considering we had two very intense dev cycles that both lasted 2 years back-to-back), or had personal matters to attend to/deal with. For this reason, we haven't really made any significant progress on the next update. Jan's made a start on mapping some of the new areas shortly before going on break, but it's nothing that we're able to show here (yet). This actually ties into the main point of this whole post, which is about that V14 marks the end of Act 2. Development for it has slowly started to pick up again! This is super exciting, of course! We're all super stoked for you guys to see what this act will culminate in, and moving on to the final act of the game— Act 3. However... Due to the nature of the update, practically everything in this update is riddled with major spoilers— and as we want to keep as much as possible a surprise for players, it means that development updates this cycle will be far and few in between compared to the past couple of cycles. This is a very conscious decision that we've made— and I know it may not be as fun for most people who are invested in the development process, but there really is just extremely little we can show that wouldn't outright spoil something major or indicate/imply something. So will there just be... no posts? about development??? at all????? That's not what I said, was it? There's just going to be less than usual! That being said, there's still a couple of things to look forward to during this dev cycle that I will personally be seeing to. I've got some characters lined up that will be getting their official art between now and V14's release, as well as the final artwork that I owe based on the 2020 popularity poll; the illustration I was going to make of Venam. I'll likely be posting this alongside the remaining character artwork somewhere in the near future. And of course there's still a chance we'll have proper dev posts from the team every once in a while! It's just entirely up to the discretion of Jan how much he wants to share or wants to be shared. I'd imagine it's not a lot though... The team—but Jan and I in particular—have been looking forward to this highly important climactic update for a very, very long time, and we want it to be just as surprising and engaging as we've been planning for it to be. That's all I can share for now, though. I'll leave you guys with the parting gift of a screenshot Jan shared on his twitter back in December for the people who missed it. In Jan's words, "it shows a lot but also nothing at all". Enjoy, and wish us luck for this dev cycle! We hope you look forward to what we've got cooking!! o7
  13. nope, eizen's a standalone character and not related to the devs :)
  14. Ch15 isn't the end of Act 2, no! It would've been included on the title card of the chapter otherwise if it was.
  15. I'M BAAAACK WOOO I'm excited to finally be able to write this post!! Two weeks I have been awaiting to be able to post these as I wasn't able to include them in the first post due to them being SPOILERS—or in one particular case, a character that you can find relatively early on but is hidden in a place that sometimes people forget exists. But no more secrets, for we shall now reveal the five remaining new pieces of artwork (along with a set of CG's that wasn't included in the previous post)! I'll put some minor explanation for each character in separate spoiler tags since I don't want people to click on this post and then get blasted with massive spoilers just from a glance, so proceed with caution. Anything that isn't included in this batch but might still seem missing is something that can possibly still be included in a later batch or V14 instead. Who knows! Perhaps there's a reason some characters haven't been included.... or maybe i decided putting it off is for the best considering how much i've already done for .5 but i'll leave that up to your interpretation ARTWORK (MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD, PROCEED WITH CAUTION) MUSIC On a final note, the INPRNT shop with a bunch of the official art now has two more prints available on the store; one of the characters included in this post, as well as a print of Erin's popularity poll artwork! Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about Venam's artwork that she's also still supposed to receive in that regard—I just haven't had time to sit down and work on that one yet. My plan's to have it done before V14's release, and I will add it to the print shop when it's done right away. Anyways, that's all for the art & music uploads for this particular version! There's a couple of other characters that are already in the game that I've got slated to draw art for between now and V14's release, but I do want to mention that this dev cycle we're likely gonna keep the details and explanations about the completely new content more on the down low. We're working towards the climax of Act 2, and this is something we absolutely do not want people to be spoiled on, so what we'll be sharing will likely be pretty selective. Gotta keep things a surprise, no? As per usual, all the official art can be found back in the official art thread! Wallpapers and icons have been added as well :) Thank you again for supporting the game's development all these years and having been so patient for V13.5's release! We're excited to finally be moving into the territory of doing completely new work again rather than having to focus on reworking old content. We're finally at a stage where quality is overall very consistent across the board, so now we can pour all our energy into progressing with the brand new story parts and gameplay. Until next time!! o7
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