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  1. Heyo! It's been a couple of months since the last post on the dev blog! The holidays have come and gone, but things have been relatively quiet on our end since we stopped putting out the patches for V13.5, hasn't it? I completely understand people are looking forward to whatever we're putting on the table next, so I'll be using this post to explain a couple of things that have happened recently and what you can expect for this development cycle. For the past two months or so, most of us have been on an extended break! Many of us either just needed time to take a breather after V13.5 came out (which, y'know... isn't that weird to want considering we had two very intense dev cycles that both lasted 2 years back-to-back), or had personal matters to attend to/deal with. For this reason, we haven't really made any significant progress on the next update. Jan's made a start on mapping some of the new areas shortly before going on break, but it's nothing that we're able to show here (yet). This actually ties into the main point of this whole post, which is about that V14 marks the end of Act 2. Development for it has slowly started to pick up again! This is super exciting, of course! We're all super stoked for you guys to see what this act will culminate in, and moving on to the final act of the game— Act 3. However... Due to the nature of the update, practically everything in this update is riddled with major spoilers— and as we want to keep as much as possible a surprise for players, it means that development updates this cycle will be far and few in between compared to the past couple of cycles. This is a very conscious decision that we've made— and I know it may not be as fun for most people who are invested in the development process, but there really is just extremely little we can show that wouldn't outright spoil something major or indicate/imply something. So will there just be... no posts? about development??? at all????? That's not what I said, was it? There's just going to be less than usual! That being said, there's still a couple of things to look forward to during this dev cycle that I will personally be seeing to. I've got some characters lined up that will be getting their official art between now and V14's release, as well as the final artwork that I owe based on the 2020 popularity poll; the illustration I was going to make of Venam. I'll likely be posting this alongside the remaining character artwork somewhere in the near future. And of course there's still a chance we'll have proper dev posts from the team every once in a while! It's just entirely up to the discretion of Jan how much he wants to share or wants to be shared. I'd imagine it's not a lot though... The team—but Jan and I in particular—have been looking forward to this highly important climactic update for a very, very long time, and we want it to be just as surprising and engaging as we've been planning for it to be. That's all I can share for now, though. I'll leave you guys with the parting gift of a screenshot Jan shared on his twitter back in December for the people who missed it. In Jan's words, "it shows a lot but also nothing at all". Enjoy, and wish us luck for this dev cycle! We hope you look forward to what we've got cooking!! o7
  2. nope, eizen's a standalone character and not related to the devs :)
  3. Ch15 isn't the end of Act 2, no! It would've been included on the title card of the chapter otherwise if it was.
  4. I'M BAAAACK WOOO I'm excited to finally be able to write this post!! Two weeks I have been awaiting to be able to post these as I wasn't able to include them in the first post due to them being SPOILERS—or in one particular case, a character that you can find relatively early on but is hidden in a place that sometimes people forget exists. But no more secrets, for we shall now reveal the five remaining new pieces of artwork (along with a set of CG's that wasn't included in the previous post)! I'll put some minor explanation for each character in separate spoiler tags since I don't want people to click on this post and then get blasted with massive spoilers just from a glance, so proceed with caution. Anything that isn't included in this batch but might still seem missing is something that can possibly still be included in a later batch or V14 instead. Who knows! Perhaps there's a reason some characters haven't been included.... or maybe i decided putting it off is for the best considering how much i've already done for .5 but i'll leave that up to your interpretation ARTWORK (MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD, PROCEED WITH CAUTION) MUSIC On a final note, the INPRNT shop with a bunch of the official art now has two more prints available on the store; one of the characters included in this post, as well as a print of Erin's popularity poll artwork! Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about Venam's artwork that she's also still supposed to receive in that regard—I just haven't had time to sit down and work on that one yet. My plan's to have it done before V14's release, and I will add it to the print shop when it's done right away. Anyways, that's all for the art & music uploads for this particular version! There's a couple of other characters that are already in the game that I've got slated to draw art for between now and V14's release, but I do want to mention that this dev cycle we're likely gonna keep the details and explanations about the completely new content more on the down low. We're working towards the climax of Act 2, and this is something we absolutely do not want people to be spoiled on, so what we'll be sharing will likely be pretty selective. Gotta keep things a surprise, no? As per usual, all the official art can be found back in the official art thread! Wallpapers and icons have been added as well :) Thank you again for supporting the game's development all these years and having been so patient for V13.5's release! We're excited to finally be moving into the territory of doing completely new work again rather than having to focus on reworking old content. We're finally at a stage where quality is overall very consistent across the board, so now we can pour all our energy into progressing with the brand new story parts and gameplay. Until next time!! o7
  5. I'd say an 8 or 9, because honestly I've seen so many people run into problems that were caused by variable issues on old saves even after conversion that it's kind of unmanageable to fix all of them without breaking something else. A lot of the problems are user-end issues too, so sometimes we just straight up can't do anything about it at all—It really is very much recommended to do a new run if you don't want to run into problems in the future. We don't know how much it's going to affect saves on future versions because it's not even completely sure what places will be affected by V14 and beyond, nor do we know all the cases of variables causing problems yet. It's entirely possible that some will just fly by us entirely until it's too late lmao
  6. Hello everyone! It's been a week since V13.5 has been released (already?!?!?!?!? what the FUCK) and that means it's time for me to start uploading the new music and artwork I've done for V13.5! I'm also including some of the artwork that's been in previous posts, but am including it just in case someone missed it since I know people like having stuff in one place!! In other words, consider this a compilation of all the art that's been done between V13's release and now. Some keen-eyed people going through the post may notice that some characters and new music tracks are still missing—but do not worry, for those will be uploaded next week instead, or will be drawn at a later point. We're giving people a liiiiittle bit more time to (re)discover these characters. Or we're just keeping them for the next batch bc they're spoilers, lmao. We know a lot of people are on new playthroughs, so unlike V13 we're taking a little bit more time before posting all the funny spoiler bits. (i'm personally gnawing at the cage bars for next week to arrive as soon as possible for a VERY specific reason, but that's an aside. if you know you know and i prefer it if people don't point it out in the comments LOL... let's keep the comments spoiler free from stuff that isn't shown here shall we?) And speaking of new files—if you haven't done a new playthrough yet, PLEASE start a new save and continue on from that one with future update releases. I promise you it's going to cause way less issues in the long run. Not only is there a lot of new stuff to see and do (including some very neat stuff you would probably miss on an old save if you've done most side quests before), it also just doesn't snap your save in half when entering some older areas like it does right now with old, converted saves LOL. Unfortunately we can't actually fix all the problems with due to how some variables are used. :( We're trying what we can to make the converter catch as much as possible, but some stuff will inevitably break, and we won't be able to fix it. If you want to start a new run of the game but don't want to take a super long time to catch up due to game difficulty, I highly suggest starting on Story Mode and switching back to Classic through Mr. Luck's contracts once you're at current content. The mode is significantly easier than Classic and will be plenty easy to go through for people who normally play on a harder mode. Or don't and stick to Story mode, or just play on Classic! It's up to you!!!!!! The world is your oyster and making use of passwords can make your life easier or harder as you please. Tiny tangent aside, let's move on to the actual contents of the post, shall we?!?!?! GOSH. I'm putting everything in separate spoilers and categorizing so the post is easier to navigate and not flooded with a bunch of... uh, more separate spoilers. You can just skip to whatever piques your interest the most! ARTWORK: MUSIC: POSTERS?!?! That's right! As of today, a bunch of the official illustrations for the game are available on my new INPRNT store to buy as prints! If you have a particular fully detailed illustration that you like, there's a pretty big chance that it's available on the store. I plan to add more in the future, but we're starting off simple with what's currently available. ...there's also two, uh, tiny bit saucy prints of two specific characters on there, which some people might recognize them from my twitter shenanigans from the past year or so. i'd say i'm sorry for also putting them up there, but i'm really not LOL. do with that what you will I will note that this is my personal store, so I'll likely be uploading things from other series and hyperfixations as well. The store won't be 100% dedicated to Rejuvenation for that reason, but there'll still be a lot of it available there. I'll also post about it if any new Rejuv themed prints go up! INPRNT takes roughly half of the earnings as they do all the production and shipping work, the other half will go directly to me. Soooo, if you want to support me and my work, consider buying a print from there! ------------------------ That's all for this post! So again, next week the post with all the more spoiler-y stuff will go up. If there's some stuff missing even after that, it's simply for another time in the future, likely somewhere between now and V14's release. Thank you again everyone for having been so patient with all of us over the past few years, and we hope you've been enjoying the update! As per usual, all the official art can be found back in the official art thread. Now, we've finally got V14 to look forward to and work towards... Spicy. See you next week! o7
  7. Zumi

    v13.5 .Karma Files

    The link has been updated on the download page, please download that version instead!
  8. Hey Zumi, I have a problem with my file. I have this error log/message when I'm about to fight Cresent in Zeight. I also have everything updated. Do you know how to fix it? Thanks



  9. Sent in a bug report about performance issues with the game, but feel like you may need some extra help with troubleshooting the issue or want to elaborate further? Please provide your feedback here, we'll be looking into it if we're able to fix anything about this! NOTE: THIS IS *NOT* A THREAD FOR REPORTING BUGS THAT AREN'T RELATED TO THE GAME'S PERFORMANCE. Any unrelated posts will be removed from the thread. If you want to report another bug, please refer to the bug reporting form instead!
  10. Are you stuck, and can't seem to fix it by reverting to an older savefile? Post your save here and someone may be able to fix it for you! PLEASE ALWAYS TRY TO REVERT TO AN OLDER SAVE FIRST BEFORE POSTING YOUR SAVEFILE HERE. How do I load a backup save? First, find your save folder! Windows: C:/Users/[Your User Name]/Saved Games/Rejuv/Game.rxdata Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Pokemon Rejuvenation/Game.rxdata Linux: ~/.local/share/Rejuv or ~/.local/share/Pokemon Rejuvenation Or, if you are using Portable Mode, check the Save Data folder in your game's download. Then, remove Game.rxdata (or rename it to something else), find your most recent backup in the folder, and rename that file to be Game.rxdata instead. That's all! MAKE SURE TO REPORT THE BUG WHERE YOU GOT STUCK AS A MAJOR BUG IN THE BUG REPORTING FORM AFTERWARDS.
  11. Hi one and all, and welcome to the V13.5 edition of bug reporting! Similarly to V13 troubleshooting, we will not be using separate threads (outside of the troubleshooting and performance issues threads for savefile fixing and describing/discussing performance issues in more detail if necessary) for people to report their bugs in, and instead will be using a form that automatically filters through your submissions and sorts them by type of bug (or by chapter) in a sheet that can be viewed by everyone. We've decided to use this method from this point forward due to the sheer amount of bug reports otherwise being completely unmanageable to keep track of. This way it's much easier for us to keep track of all the bugs people have submitted, letting us sort them by type while also allowing us to be transparent towards you guys much more easily about whether some bugs have been fixed or not, or will be fixed in a future patch. All the instructions on how to use the bug reporting form are included in the form itself. If you see someone making a separate thread about a bug, please refer them to the links down below, thank you! TO REPORT A BUG, GO HERE TO VIEW THE SHEET WITH ALL REPORTED BUGS, GO HERE (NOTE: THERE MAY BE SPOILERS!) TO GET YOUR SAVEFILE FIXED, GO HERE TO FURTHER ELABORATE ON PERFORMANCE ISSUES, GO HERE
  12. Not necessarily! You can choose to convert your old savefile to be compatible with the new update (for which an explanation will be provided upon the update's release), but it is highly recommended to start a new playthrough nonetheless due to the odds of sequence breaking simply being a lot lower + you'll be able to see all the new stuff added in older content!
  13. ty actually LOL, i've amended the post to have this info now
  14. It is always when using speedup, but it never happens only at one specific point or doing one specific thing, it can happen at any point something's loading in. We suspect there's some RAM usage problems with something that causes it to spike too hard and crash, but we've yet to really pinpoint what exactly it is. The only thing that causes a crash more commonly is using the PC, but that doesn't explain why the crashes in the other places happen, so it's not related to that directly, likely.
  15. That's out of our control, sorry! That guide's not made by anyone from the devs, so you'll have to look at BIGJRA for that.
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