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  1. Dimension type is being removed in V13 actually because it never gets used anyways, so Gyarados will have a minor type change.
  2. it is real p5s hours my dudes not everything in the spoiler is p5s related stuff, but a lot of it is, and it's NOT spoiler free, so you've been warned! zenkichi hasegawa my beloved......... i wanna give him a hug so bad
  3. We're just as excited to get the update out as you are, trust me -- but releasing it in its current state would mean it's unfinished, riddled with bugs and nowhere near the kind of experience we want the player to have. It's the final stretch, so please be patient a little longer as we test the game and fix stuff up!
  4. Savefiles are shared across both versions of the game!
  5. Don't read into it too deep LOL, it's just a running gag that's been happening a lot this dev cycle since we can't promise any release windows. We made that mistake a couple of times before and then ended up not being able to meet that expectation due to a lot of stuff suddenly coming up.
  6. We're using RPG Maker XP for the game, as Pokémon Essentials was made for that particular engine as well!
  7. It's a version of the game that uses the MKXP engine rather than the RMXP engine. It runs much, much faster and works a lot better on newer pc's.
  8. Nope, we're still doing internal testing as there's still a bit of ground to cover and haven't even reached the alpha testing stage.
  9. This has been answered before on Jan's tumblr!
  10. We're not that cruel, lmao. p sure we would've pissed more people off than make them laugh, really
  11. I assure you, we've been drawing the line at a couple of things already (dynamax being the most prominent example) and probably will keep doing so with every gen released in the future, because it's a lot of work and sometimes simply just not worth it to implement some of the stuff with: 1) how limiting rpg maker can be in making these features enjoyable vs. how they are in the main games due to the engine difference 2) adding some of the mechanics and additional features in would simply completely upset the balancing in the game, and I don't think anyone on the team feels lik
  12. You'll get your answers in due time. :)
  13. It's true that this is a limited time set of quests, and you won't be able to complete the questline if you didn't do them when they were available. In V13 we're adding a graphic to the requests to show that they are, in fact, only available for a limited amount of time to make it more clear and keep people from being unpleasantly surprised by that they can't go back and do those at a later point.
  14. Yep, you would be able to stack them! The effects that the terrains have will be canon to the main games though, so you only get the buffs from that and not as if it were a fully fledged field effect.
  15. Preferably do it in a way that isn't just posting the percentage whenever it goes up in that case then bc otherwise I'll just lock the thread if it's not being used for proper discussion lmao
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