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  1. Quick update; added Emma's new art and updated Aevis' artwork to match his new appearance.
  2. hi i uh forgot to add the updated artwork for emma so there you go. the updated art for emma is now in there as well + on the sta.sh site i cannot be assed to make wallpapers rn
  3. Unfortunately we do not have an alternative so we're sticking with the fandom one.
  4. I'm sure many of you are probably familiar with the Rejuvenation wiki, or at least have tried to look it up before... Only to find it rather lacking in its appearance and contents. For a long time the wiki has gone neglected and contained a lot of outdated information about the game. Recently the wiki has gained a completely updated look to it, but the problem of the wiki being barebones and containing outdated information still remains. Well, fear no longer, for today marks the day that we're launching the Rejuvenation Wiki Expansion Project! The idea is to get people
  5. You don't need it; Patch 13.0.2 includes the fixes given with the 1st patch as well.
  6. Idk where y'all are getting the "Exposing Flora reduces karma instantly" thing comes from, because literally the only thing that will count towards getting the bad ending is when you I've double checked-- nothing in the events where you can choose to expose Flora's secret both inside the caves and just outside of them (in Honec woods) shows that karma gets reduced by picking any other choices.
  7. 15 out of 18 gyms are currently available!
  8. It's a custom one that was commissioned by Jan from GlitchxCity! She's done four tracks total for the V13 update, but she'll be uploading them separately.
  9. That'd be correct, yes! The lionfish indeed was used as an inspiration for this particular line.
  10. IT HAS BEEN A WEEK SINCE V13 CAME OUT. TIME IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT, AND THEREFORE I AM NOW HERE TO FINALLY PRESENT TO YOU; *inhales* ALL THE OFFICIAL ART & MUSIC I'VE MADE FOR V13!!!!!!! ...ahem. Anyways, so like I promised, here's everything I've made! There's a ton of it. And a lot of it I've also been sitting on for like a year! But I'm very, very happy with all the work I've delivered for this version, and I really do hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I'm excited about it. Everything will be put in spoiler tags of course -- both for rea
  11. The dex entries unfortunately aren't accessible at the moment as the dex isn't working correctly with alternate forms, but I'll be listing them in a future post once the spoiler embargo is gone! We do have all of them written.
  12. Hey, please send this feedback to the feedback form that's linked in this thread, it'd be very helpful for us to improve gameplay experience in the future!
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