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  1. Yes, Terajuma, Darchlight & GDC got major overhauls in terms of both visuals and story flow.
  2. Everything will be temporarily be inaccessible, including the club, download pages and other links. You can still access downloads and other additional stuff through our own site, though!
  3. ...Because really, I should've done these for base V13. One of them I should've done even before that!!!!!! truly, my brain is a puddle of grey mush that barely functions, but oh well. I'm making amends right now!! Without further ado because I'm sure people are here for the artwork and not my incessant rambling, here are your characters with fancy new artwork! Cera, Erin in her Demoness outfit, Amber in her Ch15 outfit, Xara and Jean! ...Would it surprise if I told you that there's even more art on the way? Probably not. Because uhhhh I have *looks at notes with shitty smudged handwriting* a grand total of 19 pieces of character artwork for V13.5 as a whole. I need to draw one more and then this batch is done! Probably! Unless I think of more things to draw that I forgot about! But I SHOULD be good for now. .........................hopefully. But I'm definitely not done with art in general for 13.5-- there's more planned than just character artwork. And don't worry about the fully fleshed out artwork that I said I'd draw of Erin & Venam for the character popularity poll results; those are still on the to-do list. I've just been busy with working on another project of my own recently so I hadn't sat down in a while to work on things for Rejuvenation, lmao Anyways same shtick as usual, icons & links to the full artwork can be found in the official art thread! No wallpapers yet because 1) I'm lazy 2) I haven't made them for the other characters yet either 3) don't want to spoil v13.5 areas yet and 4) frankly I'm also considering redoing the format so they're not white in color scheme and blast my eyes out whenever I close stuff and look at my desktop at 12 am. And maybe just make them location-free as a whole, so they don't uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh get outdated after an update or two. We'll see what the future brings in regards to that. If it means making my life easier with these wallpapers in the long run then I just might........................ As for progress on 13.5's development as a whole (as I'm sure you guys are curious about that as well), Jan's back in full swing and has been making progress again after a long break! Though stuff isn't quite ready to be shown to the public quite yet, so I ask that you guys are patient a little bit longer. I'm sure he'll have a post up eventually! Sometimes you just gotta let those sweet sweet game dev juices simmer on low heat for a good while y'know? Let them cook thoroughly before they're ready for serving. An undercooked meal is never a good idea!!!!!! so consider this an appetizer from me. :) but that's enough of me hijacking the dev blog again. hope y'all have a wonderful day and enjoy the art! <3 zumi out
  4. Happy Birthday Zumi!! I hope you'll have a wonderful day 😄🎂

  5. Happy birthday, Zumi. You will see many full of surprises. I’m here to cheer you up. Which Arcana is your favorite?

  6. It is mentioned directly by Alexandra at the start of V13 that she and Damien were able to make prosthetics out of black shards for Celine after she was grievously wounded by Madame X, which are the same prosthetics you see in her artwork! It's a detail that some might've overlooked when skimming through text, though.
  7. Familiar with an ? because you really haven't seen that much of them in the game, really... But you've definitely seen them before if you've played through V13! As Jan has been on a much needed break for a few weeks, I felt it'd be a good time to hijack the dev blog once again and show off some of the new official art for 13.5. So, lo and behold! Meet Kreiss, Cairo and Aevium's Champion, Celine! Kreiss Cairo Celine I've previewed Kreiss on twitter before and even put up his full body artwork on my own portfolio as a small teaser on the 9th, but he's gotten a complete redesign, which also includes something of an overhaul personality-wise. While appearing classy and sharp-looking, there's a little more to him than meets the eye... But as of what, you'll see at a later point (or for yourself in 13.5! idk what Jan's plans are in that regards). Next to Kreiss we also have Cairo (which I've also previewed before!), a character that was introduced in V13 on Route 4, as well as Celine, who stands at the head of the Aevium League as its champion... Or well, is supposed to. Shame that her current state of being is uh... A little bit Not Exactly In The Realm Of Consciousness! As per usual, the character artwork & icons can be found back in the official art thread! Again, no wallpapers yet because I'm waiting with those until after V13.5 is out. also pls send jan ur strength, he's in finals hell. godspeed you magnificent bastard ok i leave now bye
  8. please stop pushing for specific release windows (yes i see it in the other threads as well, not just here), it'll be done when it's done
  9. Zumi

    Regarding Intense Mode

    by the way, if you throw a shitfit in the comments about this decision, i will bite your head off and that's a promise
  10. The Pokédex is currently bugged and doesn't include the A-forms as a result. The wiki's pages work based on PBS files and since the alternate forms of every mon are script-side, they're not included on the pages. They'll manually be added at a later point, we're working on it!
  11. sighs

    1. SilverAngelus


      Will this help alleviate your mood?




    2. SomeRandomChineseGuy
  12. Not necessarily, honestly. There's a lot of things in this balance patch that should've been addressed a long time ago (and there still are a lot of things that have gone unaddressed but we just simply didn't have time to make even bigger changes), and weren't decided to push through on just a whim. It's also a lot easier to crank up the difficulty after toning it down significantly in comparison to having to tone it down from an already way too difficult fight. Adjustments will be made where necessary in the future!
  13. hi i uh forgot to add the updated artwork for emma so there you go. the updated art for emma is now in there as well + on the sta.sh site i cannot be assed to make wallpapers rn
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