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  1. Hello! It's been a while! A few months have passed since the last update, but we got some Spicy New Art Previews(TM) for everyone in store. Battle backgrounds, battle sprites, vs sprite updates, oh my! We've got it all... and more! Remember that popularity poll back in 2020? I've got something to show off in regards to that as well. Spoiler tagged just in case, as there are spoilers for V13 in this post! Disclaimer that everything shown here is still subject to change (except for the last thing I'll be showing) as we continue development, but without further ado, let's start with the first thing; battle backgrounds. Backgrounds Three of new variations of battle backgrounds being added are for beaches, Grand Dream City and... Zeight? Oh boy. Wonder when that's gonna be used The backgrounds were made by yours truly! Beach Grand Dream City Zeight Battle sprites Our lovely new artist Dallas has been working hard on making and updating some more of the battle sprites for some of the NPCs, as some have gotten a makeover! Say goodbye to the Hardcore Trainer's and the Battle girl's old sprites, for your new ones have arrived! Old sprites are on the left and the new ones are on the right. VS Sprite updates I've also been working on updating some of the VS portraits as some had some crust on them from being outdated compared to the rest. I won't be giving a full on explanation for each of them this time, so it might just be best to see the results for yourself. The updates include Zetta, Kieran, Erin and more! Can you spot the differences? Oh, and speaking of Erin... I mentioned the popularity poll, right? Well, back in 2020 Erin placed third in the poll, meaning she would receive some special bonus artwork alongside Aelita (1st place) and Venam (4th place, getting the prize instead of Melia who placed 2nd as she was slated to be getting artwork for V13 to begin with and has already been featured in official art a ton). And after like 209381029381 years of being too busy to work on this, I've finally gotten around to working on the art that she'd be receiving! Please take a look! As per usual with any official art I make, the artwork has been uploaded to the official art thread as well as having a sta.sh links to two different wallpaper versions (with 1440p being the full resolution version). The only one left to make bonus art for is Venam! Maybe I'll have it done in time for 13.5's release? Who knows, entirely depends on whether I get around to doing that on time. Otherwise it'll be somewhere between 13.5's and V14's release! We Shall See(TM) That being said, that's all for now. Hope y'all got a kick out of these and enjoy all the new work! There's more to come, but some of it will remain a ~*~*~*Little Secret*~*~*~ until 13.5's release, so hold onto your horses until then. Our dev team is working hard to get everything working again and slowly but surely everything's starting to come together, but we ask for a little bit more of your patience for the remaining time! Thank you again for enjoying the game and see y'all on the flipside!!! o7
  2. Zumi

    Balancing conundrums

    The egg on route 2 and the reward for Crawli's stuff are two completely different new eggs, the mystery egg on route 3 is staying in place.
  3. also known as "zumi has discovered the flip canvas button in clip studio paint" As I previewed in the previous dev post, I've been going back and editing all the character artwork! A while ago I've noticed that qualitatively the old artwork really does not match up with the more recent art. This is both because the more recent artwork wasn't made in a rush and is simultaneously also made after I've gained more skill in drawing. Out of curiosity (and also after seeing some flipped art in youtube thumbnails) I decided to check to see how the art looked when flipped and found out a huge majority of the artwork suffers from what I like to call mirror syndrome, meaning, the moment when the canvas is flipped the face decides to skew itself in 23409823 different directions. I wanted to scream. No way in hell i was gonna let that remain that way, so being the reasonable and completely sane person that I am (that's a lie) (i'm not sane) (reasonable is debatable) i thought it was a SPLENDID idea to go and edit the 120+ pieces of art I've made (including some stuff that hasn't been shown off) to be better! because i'm normal like that. eyup. That being said though, I'm not going to showcase all of the changes because this post would literally take me another whole ass day to write, so instead I invite you to look at the new versions in the official art thread! I've also updated the art post to include new versions of all the icons, and have also made completely new wallpapers of the updated character art to go along with that are generally darker in terms of colors and don't blast your eyes out when changing back to your desktop at 2 am if you're like me!! They're also infinitely easier to set up!!!!!!!! And won't get outdated with every map update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's pretty great and they look super nice in practice. go check them out! Before I leave people to their devices though, I did tease a certain character getting artwork on discord and twitter, didn't I? Well, no need to wait with baited breath anymore, for here he is; The new appearance of Adam Might as you first see him in Grand Dream City! Adam's always meant to be kind of a showoff during the time you spend in GDC, but his old appearance really did not do it justice. Jan himself explained that the reason for Adam's somewhat weird appearance in GDC was because of his own perceived lack of skill with spriting at the time, so we ended up deciding that it was time for a redesign. He kept the open blouse and sunglasses, but pretty much everything else has changed. There's a couple of throwbacks to his Blacksteeple/Terajuma outfit worked into his new outfit, though! His sprites have also been updated to match the new appearance and will be included in the upcoming update, 13.5. But wait, there's more! If you take a look at some of Jan's older posts, you'll maybe have noticed that Ariana's sprite has been updated, and maybe have suspected her design got an update. And it's true! That's exactly what happened! Her design has been revised for both her first and second appearance, and her artwork has been changed to match. Her design didn't change too much from her old one, but it does have more detail than the old one as the previous one was a bit too plain in comparison to most other protag designs. That's all for now though! Again, I invite people to look through the new art as I've spent quite a bit of time on making sure the art looks better. The art will also be updated in-game! For now, thank you for your time! i'll stop hogging the dev blog for now i promise. i've been posting too much sdkjsdklfjsdlkfhsdgskdjslfdlskdj o7
  4. Most of the shinies in rejuv were submitted by the community, as like with reborn there was a community effort to make all the custom shinies for rejuvenation a few years ago. We usually try to update some lines over time if we notice that we ourselves don't like them much either, but a lot of this is subjective and in the end we can't really satisfy everyone in that regard, so sorry if not all of them are to your tastes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Zumi

    Balancing conundrums

    Yes! Though casual is getting renamed to Story mode instead. This really will be for players who just want to go through the game for the story with as little hindrance as possible, so it'll have a HUGE difficulty decrease in comparison to Normal mode. These changes will be added in the coming update, 13.5. That's what we're aiming for! I'd imagine we don't share all of the same passwords but a lot of the ones in Reborn will likely be in rejuv as well i.e. the IV passwords and the like. In regards to question one, as Rejuvenation will be sharing most of its scripts with Reborn (and Desolation as well thanks to Cass' efforts) it'll likely carry over a ton of the optimizations as well, which should hopefully alleviate loading speed issues. As for question two, this is definitely not a decision that's been set in stone yet. Jan said it's a possibility, not a guarantee! It's probably best to not get your hopes up in that regards anyways as there's currently basically no desire to officially pick up and resume work on Intense again.
  6. Zumi

    Balancing conundrums

    hhhhhhhhookay so I think I need to clarify something and apologize here before more people think I'm blaming the WHOLE audience that's saying they like the challenge Rejuv offers for what we have to put up with; please understand that this is not the case and the comment was not aimed at everyone in that group. I thought it was pretty obvious that the pointed comment of "MUH CHALLENGE" (and pretty much everything else at the start of the post) is directed at the ones who do harass the devs over any changes we make—even if it's a vocal minority who make those comments, we still end up seeing those messages often and it's pretty demotivating if you have to be on the receiving end of those on a frequent basis as often negative comments usually stick out more than the positive comments. Regardless, the comment is not aimed at everyone who says they enjoy the challenge of the game, but it ended up surprising me that more people took offense to it than expected. I am not trying to lump in the intense crew by association if that's what people were getting from it, and we are not trying to alienate everyone who does like a challenge as we're trying to keep options open for that crew through passwords and letting people increase difficulty for themselves that way. But yeah, I can see how it might've come off as a bit too aggressive and how it unintentionally hurt more people than the intended receivers, so I'm sorry if it came across as hurtful in that sense. Apologies y'all
  7. Zumi

    Balancing conundrums

    Sorry but yes! We've closed the survey so we'll be using the data we've collected in order to adjust stuff where necessary. The survey was up for about a little less than one and a half month so it felt that it'd be a good time to close it at this point.
  8. Zumi

    Balancing conundrums

    It's not aimed at the casual playerbase. We've repeatedly gotten passive aggressive or downright rude messages from people thinking they can tell us how we should be doing things (Jan in particular has gotten a LOT), and every time any changes were made based on feedback we'd still get shit for it no matter the change, so I decided it'd be best to put my foot down about this stuff up front before we get another slew of these kinds of messages.
  9. Well, here it is, the long awaited follow up to the balancing survey we held for Normal mode. Better strap in for a long read, as I’ve got quite a couple of things to talk about! I’ve been kinda putting off making a post about this because of the inevitable complaints we’re going to get bombarded with in the comments of people who refuse to look at things from our perspective, so before I talk about any of the preliminary changes we’ve come up with at this point, I want to make a few things absolutely clear to people as I don’t feel like having to repeat myself like a broken record in the comments. Yes, the overall difficulty will be toned down for the vanilla experience rather than being adjusted to make fights more difficult. We do not care if you don’t like these changes because “MUH CHALLENGE”, it is not our problem anymore. We want to give the player a smooth experience where you don’t have to get stuck on the same fight for hours on end, and with the current state of balancing it’s just not possible to give that experience. If you really want to continuously get pulped by every single fight in the game, there will be passwords added in either V13.5 or V14 that will manage difficulty on a smaller scale to make things harder or easier– please use those instead. The amount of challenge you give yourself is in your hands from this point forward, we’re not going to make things purposefully insanely difficult anymore as dealing with people getting mad at us for making things too hard is just… so not worth the time and energy. If you're an intense/veteran normal player and want to retain the challenge you enjoy, I suggest you make use of said passwords or look into difficulty mods instead—we're leaving intense in the hands of the community now instead. We are responding to data we’ve collected with the survey. We’ve had close to 350 responses to the survey! Sure, it's not the complete playerbase (it's impossible to collect the opinion of everyone anyways), but it's a much more reliable data source than smaller circles like rejuv gen and the likes are. As a result, it gave us a much better indication of what fights truly are troublesome and which ones are fine. Turns out that fights some people perceive as “too easy” has shown in the survey that they're actually a lot more challenging for people than we thought! From chapter 2 onwards, every chapter had at least one major fight that was giving people problems one way or another— yes, even fights that we as the devs were surprised that people were having trouble with. We are simply adjusting according to the averages and read through the notes people left to sift out what the sore spots were for those fights for most people. “But why aren’t you appealing to the audience that likes the challenge?!?!” I hate to break it to you, but that group of people is a small but vocal minority. And besides, no matter what we decide to change, someone will be pissed off and will disagree. Jan’s somewhat recent post on tumblr best explains how it is dealing with this, it always feels like a losing game trying to satisfy everyone. Balancing Pokémon—which is inherently unbalanced to begin with—in a way that it’s fair for everyone is a NIGHTMARE. So to answer your question, at this point we’re just trying to make it fun for the biggest group of people possible, which is a more casual playerbase. As such, we’re improving overall QOL by making fights not as difficult so the game feels more streamlined to get through. THESE CHANGES ARE PRELIMINARY, AND NOT ALL OF THE CHANGES WE'RE MAKING. Like I tried to explain in the comments about the boss bars in Jan's previous post on the dev blog, if something turns out to not work as well in practice, we will likely change them over the course of testing and see if things work better that way. If a fight is still too difficult, we'll likely make more changes to adjust accordingly. The stuff mentioned in the post is the changes we've made prior to testing, and which we'll have to try out to see if it works out. For now, I would appreciate it if people would hold their horses about yelling in the comments that they don't like the changes (regardless of whether they seem to make things easier or harder) because we've literally not even tested some of these in practice, thus we don't know for sure whether these changes will be definite or if they will receive further revisions. We're communicating this with you guys because we see value in being transparent about changes we make and being honest about what the current situation's like. Sorry if the game’s difficulty is not heading in the direction you want it to, but we've decided that we want to steer the game in the direction that's the most fun for the devs to work on as well, and specifically Jan's. He's the one who has to make the game, and in the end we've agreed that this is the healthiest for both us and the game in the long run. On top of that, I want to stress that just because we're very open about communicating to people about development and therefore are generally very much within reach of the playerbase, it does NOT mean people have the right to send us pointed or passive aggressive messages constantly telling us how you don't like certain things. This is not your game, and therefore these are not your decisions to make. Once again, if Jan (and subsequently the rest of the team) stops having fun, Rejuvenation stops being made. Please, we ask you to treat us with respect over this. ———————————————————————————————————————— *cough* That being said and on a more positive note… Let’s move on to the actual changes, shall we? I'll put stuff for each individual thing that I'll cover in spoilers in the case people would rather not know about specific changes! New additions are marked in green, changes are marked in yellow and things that got removed are marked in red. The new additions are added on top of the existing field, so most of the changes do not fully replace what's already there, but instead will open up more avenues for the player to make use of when going into a fight. (Frozen) Dimensional field & Angie Sky field & Souta Haunted field & Narcissa Bewitched woods & Flora/Florin Some more minor but notable changes... As mentioned before, these are preliminary and definitely not the only things we're looking at to change. Stuff like Geara's battles, boss battles and most other gym leaders that haven't been mentioned before are being looked at—with Saki's fight likely being redone from the ground up due to that the fight is fundamentally a pain in the ass and can't be fixed with just one or two minor changes. It's taking time as people are busy, but we're still working on them and hoping we can find a solution for making the fights more manageable than they are now. ———————————————————————————————————————— That's all for now in regards to changes! We're adding more in the future and there'll probably be another post about it when the ideas have become more concrete, but that'll be a while away from now. For the time being, we'll keep working hard to make the game a better experience overall. What's next on the list to do? Well for me specifically, if you've seen my twitter last week or so, I'm working on fixing up the official artwork for almost all of the characters as I've come to realize I really should've utilized flipping the canvas more often to see if what I drew makes any proportional sense........... of which a lot I'm ashamed to say they did not. BUT I'M WORKING ON IT. Will it get a separate post detailing EVERYTHING? Probably not. But I'll be making a post when everything's been uploaded and fixed! Here's a couple of the more notable changes. Oh, and I'm considering making completely new wallpapers with the character art that doesn't blast your eyes out at 2 am. But that's up in the air. we'll see....................... anyways this post has gone on for long enough. i'm done hogging the dev blog for today, so until next time!!! please don't kill me in the comments!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o7
  10. So at this point, it's probably not that big of a secret that 13.5 is turning out to be about as substantial as a whole ass version. Sure, it's no V13 tier of copious amounts content mind you, but still plenty substantial in both content that's being added and content that's being updated as well. And with old content being updated comes the tradition of the per-version session where I go absolutely fucking off the shits with cleaning up the sprites because I've come to realize that stuff does not look as good as they could be. It's a fun time! And there's more updates to sprites to come, but I figured I'd show off some of the stuff that's been cleaned up during the first day I sat down and worked on a bunch of the sprites. thank you github fork for making the comparisons far easier to show off because of the old/new comparison display. god bless Starting off with Keta, as I've previewed one of the sprites before on twitter! His sprites were in need of cleanup on several fronts. The first one needed a correction on the hair to be less round and more accurate to his official art, as well as the torso needing to be angled a bit better. He also actually has a neck in the sprite now LMAO As for his bad future attire, the sprite as a whole just seemed entirely inaccurate to what his other sprite looks like, so it's more drastic of a makeover. in crim's words, and frankly, i think that's an accurate assessment. He's also taller and like with his other sprite, his hair has been resprited to be more accurate as well! As a whole, it looks more appropriate for him. nice Next up, Ren! Specifically, his outcast sprites. Nothing too special going on here, just minor cleanup on his coat with the hood up and his face in the second sprite where the hood's down, as it lacked additional shading. Also, the lighting is consistent in the first sprite now!! which it wasn't on the hood!!!! and it was BOTHERING ME TO NO END. so i fixed it. yaaaay Next up is Agent C(rawli)! as you can see, he is fucking MINISCULE in the old sprite. Which isn't entirely inexplicable, because he was a child in earlier iterations of Rejuv. That's a remnant of the past though, and nowadays he's an adult and taller at that so I fixed his sprite to be taller and properly reflect those changes. Erick is next! Both his battle sprite and his vs portrait were rather dated compared to the other sprites. A lot of the detailing felt messy, as well as his face being very round in his portrait compared to his official art, so I elongated it a bit! The horns also look more defined and the sleeves and shirt have slightly cleaner shading. Colors are also accurate across the board now! Next up, Neon & Magenta. Like Erick, these sprites have barely gotten touched at all since they were first made, so I felt after V13 now's as good of a time as any to clean up these sprites. The masks look more accurate to the Puppet Master's overall design, and the colors of the sleeves match the official art now as well. Also the shoes look like actual jester's shoes now!! Honestly for me it also took a little while to get used to the mask looking different, but it deffo looks better regardless. Next up, everyone's beloved *cough* sky grandpa, Souta. His sprite has always been a bit of an awkward one, what with the pose being tilted and the robes being rather detailed. This sprite kinda become more of a rework rather than a simple cleanup, and the difference is pretty palpable if I say so myself. It also includes the change in his staff's design which i still need to fix on the official art for both him and eldest, but w/e as well as a general reshade of the robe to have more accurate lighting and colors. i still hate spriting that robe, by the way. it has no right to give me as much trouble as it does ANYWAYS.......... Next up is Ryland! So while his first sprite actually goes unused as of right now, I wanted the cape to be more dynamic. This was in order to match the second sprite's rework, as I fixed the shadows colors to be less... blue? purple-ish??? it shifted very much towards blue on the color wheel, too much to actually look good, so now it's a bit less saturated. The second sprite I actually made from scratch during V12's dev cycle, but ever since later on in V13's dev cycle, that sprite has started to bother me with how much it stands out proportionally compared to other sprites. It didn't feel right, so I felt a rework was in order for 13.5, and the result you can see here! I like this version a lotttttttt better, feels more dynamic imo Next up, Nim! It's really just her vs portrait that needed a cleanup. Her face felt very small in comparison to the rest of the sprite, as well as the hand feeling too big, so I fixed both alongside with the hair being more clean looking and not as overly detailed! It's the same thing Erick's sprite suffered from, which is the result of a sprite becoming dated over time compared to my current spriting style. And last but not least, Melia. Her first sprite just got some overall cleanup to make her pose feel less static, as well as her hair color being accurate to the other sprites now as well since I hadn't fixed that yet! For the second sprite, I made her taller because this sprite always has felt kinda small compared to the other ones she has. It still feels like she looks small in it, but she's also bent forward slightly so it's like............................. whatever Though the biggest thing that's changed is this third sprite; her outfit that she wears on Terajuma. Along with V13.5's changes comes the total overhaul of Terajuma, and along with it comes an outfit change for Melia. We've felt like her current outfit for Terajuma doesn't really fit her that well, especially compared to her other outfits later on in the game, so it got a redesign, along with a change to the official art to match! I won't quite be uploading the full sized version of the art to the sta.sh archive yet (I'm writing this post on a small amount of time LMAO), but I will later. That's all for now though! I hope people find it interesting to see the before and afters as per usual, hehe I'll maybe do another one of these a bit further into development, depends on how much else I end up doing. I do have another post I'll have up in a couple of weeks, but that's in regards to the survey we held, so it won't be about the graphics. So for now this is all you'll be getting! see y'all later o7
  11. do i gotta point out that these changes are preliminary. apparently i do so here's a thing i put in rejupdates channel on the reborn evo discord after some discussion that occurred in rejuv gen the day this post came out I get that people are upset that it's looking like we're toning down the difficulty, because................. yes that's kind of what we're doing. HOWEVER, easier =/= bad. It's because for the overall QOL of the game it'll be infinitely better if the difficulty curve isn't as fucked up as it is right now. For people who want the game to remain challenging, hopefully the passwords we'll likely be adding in will help with micromanaging difficulty better and make it so that people can still enjoy getting pulped by every fight if they want that. I want to make something VERY clear though before people get up in arms in that we're ruining the experience for some. You know who gets the most shit thrown at them if the game doesn't feel fun to play through because people complain about the difficulty being unfair at many points? It's Jan. (which y'all shouldn't be doing btw because that's fucked up. stop harassing devs over things that REALLY do not matter that much but which you don't agree with. thanks) He also has told us in the dev server that he doesn't even like testing his own game anymore because the battles feel like a hassle to get through. And as he mentioned in the post where he announced Intense is getting discontinued, if Jan stops having fun, Jan stops working on the game. The vanilla experience NEEDS WORK. And that's what we're trying to do. Besides, it's not like Normal mode is getting COMPLETELY reworked like Casual/Story mode is, the latter is what truly will be the easier experience if people just wanna go through the game for the story. Normal will still keep challenge to it! It just needs adjustments in a lot of places in order to not have people get completely walled as often in the vanilla experience as they do now. The survey results post will go into further detail, but the explanation for the boss bars being removed is because according to our current survey results, more often than not people struggle on the fights that use boss shields, especially from Chapter 8 onwards. We understand that the boss bars are great from a narrative perspective because of the visual impact it has, hell it's literally the main reason why we decided to put those in in the first place—but in the mechanic's current state it's not fun to go against for several reasons and adding those in essentially did not pan out as we hoped for. This is not only a sentiment shared by a lot of people who filled in the survey, it's also something most of us on the dev team agree on. If it's any consolation for those who REALLY do not want them to be gone—and this is literally a development that started yesterday, so we don't have anything concrete yet don't YELL at me—we're currently looking into possible alternatives for the ways shields function, as these are the main reason why the battles don't feel fun as of right now. If we find something that works as a better middle ground that makes the shields less of a pain in the ass to deal, hopefully we can use that instead. But if we cannot find a solution that doesn't feel jank to go up against, we'll stick with our current decision to remove them entirely from main story fights and find a different approach to make boss battles stand out altogether. Please, have a bit of faith in us. We're doing our best to make the game a good experience for as many people as possible. I know it's impossible to please EVERYONE, but please also try to understand that Pokémon is literal ass to balance in such a way that everyone is pleased, especially with such a diverse and huge playerbase. We're trying to keep options open.
  12. See, this is a comment I will never understand-- How come you feel forced to use D-bond? The choice to do so is entirely up to the player because you could as easily just choose to not carry a mon on you with a cheese move, it's not something we as the devs obligate people to do or use. You can make a fight as easy or challenging as you want yourself, we're simply leaving the choice open for people if they don't want to spend a ton of time to beat a fight.
  13. Hi friends, wanted to chip in on the discussion about boss bars and explain that while yes, for more experienced players they feel like less of a roadblock and more like "a slightly bigger hurdle than usual", for new players they can straight up be run killers. I've seen several people grow frustrated and quit the game because they couldn't get past certain fights, and without giving too much away about survey results (as I want to cover some more stuff about balancing in a later post) we've seen the numbers that people struggle more often on fights with boss hp bars than not, so please also understand as of why we've come to this initial conclusion. If passwords are being added, you'll likely can micromanage the difficulty yourself and make things harder again if you want. Things are still subject to change, like Jan said! But we're trying to look at things from the perspective of less experienced/new players too, and make the experience more smooth overall so people don't have to get walled at every turn.
  14. bless y'all and thank you for the hard work over the years!!
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