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  1. We're still working on the game! Even if all the IRL stuff is a bunch of hot garbage that's slowing down progress, the project hasn't come to a total standstill. In fact, Jan is still making slow but steady progress on maps (and some updates), and the balance nerds (aka Azery and Alex) have been helping change the encounter rosters for each location to include Gen 8 mons, as well has started to change up teams for fights. And, I myself spent the past 4 days or so finishing a huge chunk of the work that was on my own to-do list! The last major thing I still have to do is the cover art really, aside from that it's only a handful of minor things, and working on completing all the Gmax form sprites for the gen 8 project. It's a lot of busywork, but it's still work that needs to happen nonetheless. I took some time this week to put everything in a row what'll be in V13 in terms of content and... I know I probably sound like a broken record at this point, but V13 is absolutely fucking huge. It might sound like an exaggeration, but there's just so much LMAO..... I sincerely can't describe it any other way. We've still got a lot of work ahead of us, and trust me when I say that the patience you guys have is very, very much appreciated. We know it's getting close to a year since V12 came out, but development for V13 started late due to us waiting for SwSh to release for the Gen 8 implementation, so everything's just taking a little longer than usual! On a final note, we won't go on total radio silence! When the time is right, we'll probably be showing off some more stuff when we've gotten further with development. Or we'll just tease you guys a little bit because it can't be a proper Rejuv dev cycle without the occasional messing around, now can it? Once again, thank you all for your patience. We're all doing our best to make the update of the best quality we can get it to be!
  2. Hahaha, sorry if we made you think it was! We were joking earlier in the thread, we're still working on the game No worries!
  3. Rant & Rapport should be a good place to do so, as long as it doesn't breach the community rules and guidelines!
  4. Speaking of Saki.... She's got a twitter now. Finally hearing something of her after so long, huh?
  5. speen

    1. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      Roll, roll, fast as you can!

      Just who can stop you? Nobody can!


      Seriously, though, why're you trying to stir your brains up like a milkshake???

    2. Ojama Yellow

      Ojama Yellow


  6. Are you alright?

    1. Zumi


      Lots of things going on rn, but I'll be fine 👍

    2. RoyChaos


      Thank god.

  7. ya i died and took all of the game's sprites with me into my grave so now there are no more sprites ever goodbye v13 forever
  8. Y'all thinking too hard about it LOL, the items mons need to hold for it are gonna function in a similar way like a mega stone.
  9. The shinies are being made by the devs, so unfortunately there won't be a community effort to make the shinies for gen 8 this time around. While it's true that the previous gen shinies were a community driven project, we hope to save time with this.
  10. No dynamax, but it's true that Gmax mons are being implemented as custom megas -- Jan confirmed this a while back on his tumblr. We're still working out the details for them, but we'll do our utmost to make them similarly balanced like the canon megas!
  11. Sorry, but nope! It doesn't work on Galar Darm. The mon is already broken enough as is, it doesn't need another buff in the form of a crest.
  12. Good news -- Generation 8 main dex sprites are complete! This means all the new mons and the galarian forms have both their front and backsprites finished and are ready for usage. The only thing that's left right now are the Gmax sprites, but these have significantly less priority than the other sprites did. Essentials is a little bit fucky in that it sometimes crashes the game if mons don't have proper sprites (not always, for whatever fucking reason sdhfjskdgfsdbhjsdfksf GOD), so having all the sprites for the base forms available should make testing all the mons a sligthly less crash-y experience! helllllllll yea. anyways have some sprites! here's uhhhhhhhhhh horf? horf. two whole horf. front sprites were originally done by conyjams on deviantart, and were cleaned up and had their backsprites made by me!
  13. I have two surprises for you in case for completing gen 8. (First surprise is a funny video of DBZ Abriged which you can see after completing Gen 8 sprites and I made a second surprise only for you for completing everything in Gen 8.)

  14. Yes! The Gen 8 starters will also be available at the start of the game.
  15. Do you have Patch 12.2 installed? If not, go to the V12 download thread and get the patch from there. It should resolve the error you have.
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