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  1. You probably misinterpreted this. Dynamaxing/Gigantamaxing will NOT be implemented, the gmax mons will be added as custom megas instead. We've answered this question several times before!
  2. This is a known bug and is fixed for V13!
  3. New character art for Melia (3rd appearance), Venam (2nd appearance), Kanon (1st appearance), Maria, Vitus, Anathea, Amanda and Erick has been added!
  4. Yes hello hello hello!! I am back with more character art, this time with the characters from Gearen city, both from the past and the present! From Kugearen we have Melia's 3rd appearance, Venam's 2nd appearance, Kanon, Maria, Vitus and Anathea, while for West gearen we have Amanda and Erick. That's another eight characters off the list! There's still, uh.... many to go. Counting everything not including V13 content, I still have another 46 characters to go (even though some of these are alternate outfits for characters, kinda like how Melia, Venam etc. got art for those as well), and that's EXCLUDING side characters that I may still want to draw in the future. oh, and the rift mons. those are getting art now too. because i have no impulse control! so you'll be seeing art of those in the near future as well. god has cursed me for my hubris and my work is never finished. such is my life. BUT IT'S FIIIIIIIINE. ANYWAYS, as per usual, all the character artwork along with a link to full resolution versions of the art and bonus icons can be found in the official art thread! I haven't made wallpapers for these characters yet, but I'll get around to doing that sometime this upcoming week. I'll make sure to post an update in the forum status bar when I've uploaded them, so keep an eye out there if you want to get your hands on those! Until next update! o7
  5. You know you can change the music yourself by replacing the mp3 file for the gym leader fights with that song, right? We're not gonna change it back to this in the public build, unfortunately
  6. You'll need to get Venam to get rid of the fence in front of the gate. Go back to Gearen and talk to the guy in Venam's gym almost right in front of the door upon entering. He'll tell you where to search for her.
  7. One thing you wish you could bring back from the peak showdown days?
  8. am fed up with dis worl

    1. SilverAngelus


      You're almost there with gen 8 sprites tho


      Pokemon Cheering GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


    2. Zumi


      oh i already finished those yesterday! it's just shinies left now hehe

  9. If you find enjoyment in (people) annoying the hell out of the devs then I recommend you go find a different hobby because it's not really that funny to us. There's a reason why we locked the status thread.
  10. ...And reveals a brand-spanking new logo for the game underneath! I actually made this as a surprise for Jan a couple of days ago, but the idea to make a new logo has been floating around in the back of my mind for a while now. I finally got the inspiration I needed, and lo and behold! From now on, this new logo will be found on the game's title screens and anything else that might need it. I've also put it (along with the separate elements) in the official art thread in case you might need them for something! It's not really much of a big update, I'm well aware, but I felt it appropriate to show off the new logo to kick off the new stuff on the dev blog. Outside of that there's not much to share... Except, well, I guess I'm six sprites away from completing all the Gen 8 sprites??? After that it's just shinies (though thankfully I don't have to do those myself) and we're completely done with the graphics side of the Gen 8 addition to the game! I'll very likely have them done by tomorrow or so, so I guess this is an early completion celebration as I'm not gonna make a new post for it?!?!? YEA On the topic of Gen 8, Alex and Azery are currently blazing through the encounters and sprinkling gen 8 mons in everywhere, so we're starting to get into the swing of things again. Expect some of those status bars to go up in progress sometime soon as a result! There's still a lot left to do, but either way we're still making progress and progress is better than no progress, right? absolutely That's all for now though! See y'all for the next update o7
  11. This is fixed in Patch 12.2, please install this patch first (which you can find in the first post of the Rejuv V12 thread) and revert to an older save prior to the pyramid puzzle. This should fix your problem. Please make sure to always install any patches before reporting a bug.
  12. did you know the rejuv FAQ/directory has a bunch of links to guides you can consult before pinging any of the devs to answer a question you can literally find by reading/using ctrl+f in those? it's true! incredible right????

    1. Michael_


      Damn it, I just wanted to ask if you could add gen 9 pokemon and super intense mode difficulty and you expect me to read? 

    2. Dreamblitz


      Wonder if we could get that directory linked in the top bar there and maybe reduce dumb questions by 0.1% or so

  13. If you read the post from a while back, you would've read that we're adding only new moves that have been added to mons for Gen 8, so this includes HOME moves. Not 100% sure if the leaks from HOME will be added for 8 or 8.5 though.
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