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  1. yeah don't expect terastalizing to be in the game, i can tell you that much right now LOL actual balancing nightmare and it's already hard enough to find a good spot for balancing with this game as is
  2. I actually answered this question on tumblr before!
  3. Hello everyone, and a happy new year from everyone on the Rejuvenation team! We hope that 2023 will be a splendid year for everyone! 2022 was a wild ride for many of us, wasn't it? Lots of progress on the game-- introducing a couple of new characters, finally addressing some issues with the game on all fronts (technical, visual AND balance-wise), we've got a bunch of new team members who have been pulling some great weight over time, new music, new visuals, new quests, you name it! And while we weren't able to bring out V13.5 in 2022 like we initially hoped, sometimes life just gets in the way or things end up being more work than initially expected. And you know what? That's okay! Sure, things take longer for them to be done, but I do want to reiterate that this update is slated to be the last update that brings major overhauls to older areas to become their finalized versions. It takes time to create quality content, and as we only want to put the best experience for you guys on the table I hope people will remain supportive of the team this year too as we try to polish 13.5 to perfection! As a gift for everyone's support in the past year and to ring in the new year with a bang, Jan & I figured we could give some art as a gift! So here we go; some "new" character artwork. Specifically the interceptor forms for the protagonists, which is something people have been asking for quite a while. Please take a look at their official designs! Aevis (Bravery) Aevia (Tranquility) Axel (Chaos) Ariana (Happiness) Alain (Wrath) Aero (Strength) Ana (Mercy) The artwork for the interceptor forms have been a long time coming, and truth to be told I've already had them done for like uhhhhhhhh..................... literally almost a year now. hence why new was between quotation marks. they're from late january LOL..... It never quite felt like the right time to reveal them though, at least until Jan came up with the idea to show them off as a new year's gift. That being said, that's all there really is to show! As is with just about any other character art; icons, wallpapers and links to the full resolution versions of the artwork can be found in the official art thread! I hope everyone has a wonderful year and I look forward to sharing our work with all of you in 2023 as well! o7
  4. Internal testing hasn't even started because as seen in the dev post a lot of things aren't quite complete yet, so no, Alpha isn't underway yet. Besides that, Alpha testing is with a closed circle of people we know, trust and know can sift out the worst of the bugs. Beta testing is done with a larger group of people, but is exclusive to the people from the Alpha testing group & Jan's Patrons starting from certain tiers (and a couple of extra people we can trust where applicable).
  5. Nope, the amount hasn't been reduced; in fact there's four total! While there's only two routes you can take, both of the paths will have two different possible endings.
  6. yeah not everything's a reference my guy. as far as i'm aware, neither of us have played mass effect lmao
  7. Adding to Jan's comment, in any normal situation you'd NOT be using debug to change these things, nor do we account for that. So really, you only have yourself to blame if you mess with the variables and end up breaking your own file and story progression because of it.
  8. Can't please everyone, sorry! We may make some changes depending on how it feels in practice during testing, but there are just going to be some things that some people won't be as happy with while others will be more than pleased. We're doing our best to find a middle ground, but we understand that it's impossible to do something everyone likes. We're trying to head into the direction that we think is best in the long run.
  9. The OHKO moves are limited to one usage per boss fight, so there's no limit to using them during regular fights. Like I mentioned in a previous comment here as well, OHKO moves also include destiny bond and perish song (and perish body by extension), they'll reduce one hp bar once per battle and afterwards these moves will fail/abilities will no longer trigger for that battle.
  10. if i got a dollar for every time i've gotten this question i'd be rich lmao anyways he'll get art when i feel like it. it's not a necessity. same for piano lady and other minor characters like that
  11. [Initializing development blog update...] H-Hey, what's Amanda doing here?! ....*ahem*! Hi one and all! I'm back with another art update! This time it specifically about five characters that finally got art, or received a glow-up in some shape or form. You've already seen one just now! Indeed, while it's not any standalone art, the intro screen with Amanda has gotten a makeover. The graphics are overall more polished and her talksprites have been updated to match! It's one of the bits of art that felt severely outdated compared to all the other individual character artwork shown in the game. As a little comparison for those who haven't started a new file in a long time, this is what the screens generally look like in the current build of the game. yes i know, she does look a little like geara in the new art, doesn't she. welp. that's just what she looks like without the hat!! i had to base it on her artwork with the hat. it is what it is. i think it's also pretty obvious that the third image with me crashing against the screen also won't be in the game so don't even worry about it. Moving on, a character that's been long overdue for getting her own artwork has finally received said artwork! Please take a look at the art for Novae, one of the most prominent recurring sidequest characters in the game! As I mentioned on twitter where I first previewed her artwork, I really have no excuse for me forgetting about doing this. She's a very beloved sidequest character and it's high time that she got the love she deserves from our side as well, so she's finally gotten some official art to make up for it. Next up is another character that's been teased/previewed before, Mr. Luck! This is a character that up until the upcoming update has had a very minor role as he's currently only really there for people to swap between difficulties, and therefore never had a truly fleshed out design. As we're removing intense and instead adding passwords however, the experience is easier to tweak and making it easier or harder for yourself is now done through other means than through Luck. But it's a shame to just ditch his character outright since he has story relevance (remember that flashback from Gardevoir? ), so we've got other plans for him now! Plans that I cannot detail for the time being, sure, but plans that were enough of a reason for him to finally get a proper design as he'll be playing a slightly larger role than before. Perhaps those plans will be detailed at a later point? Who knows! Oh well. Let's see if you'll get lucky enough to hear about it sooner than later. For now, enjoy his full character artwork! Oh, and have his concept art that I drew while I was working on his redesign as well. Figured it'd be fun to show off the full thing considering it's what I used to tease the character anyways! Finally, there's two more characters that have not had full artwork of them yet despite them being relevant to the main story. Honestly, I have no clue why I even skipped over them to begin with. Maybe it's because they're not particularly the most popular characters considering their role in the story? Idk!!! Regardless, to close this post off, have a look at the finalized designs for Spacea and Tiempa! Concept art is courtesy of @Cerise, as shown below! They're the one who did the rough designs of the two, with me polishing the designs to the finalized versions you see above. ...And there's yet still more to come, of course! But alas, some stuff is sometimes better saved for later. I cannot give an estimate as of when the next post on my end will be, but you shall definitely hear from me again for I got PLANS. IMPORTANT PLANS. YUH. Anyways, as is per tradition to close off an art post, hereby the announcement once again that all artwork alongside a link to the full resolution versions can be found back on the official art thread along with new icons and wallpapers! You know the drill. For the time being, I'll be on my merry way again. See y'all later! o7
  12. 1) Yes. So does perish body/song and so on. 2) AFAIK it's treated as regular poison?
  13. The effects that occur after a HP bar is depleted are predetermined (uniquely for each fight too!) unless actually specified to be random, so you'll usually have the same thing happen during specific spots in each boss fight! Usually.
  14. Hello! It's been a while! A few months have passed since the last update, but we got some Spicy New Art Previews(TM) for everyone in store. Battle backgrounds, battle sprites, vs sprite updates, oh my! We've got it all... and more! Remember that popularity poll back in 2020? I've got something to show off in regards to that as well. Spoiler tagged just in case, as there are spoilers for V13 in this post! Disclaimer that everything shown here is still subject to change (except for the last thing I'll be showing) as we continue development, but without further ado, let's start with the first thing; battle backgrounds. Backgrounds Three of new variations of battle backgrounds being added are for beaches, Grand Dream City and... Zeight? Oh boy. Wonder when that's gonna be used The backgrounds were made by yours truly! Beach Grand Dream City Zeight Battle sprites Our lovely new artist Dallas has been working hard on making and updating some more of the battle sprites for some of the NPCs, as some have gotten a makeover! Say goodbye to the Hardcore Trainer's and the Battle girl's old sprites, for your new ones have arrived! Old sprites are on the left and the new ones are on the right. VS Sprite updates I've also been working on updating some of the VS portraits as some had some crust on them from being outdated compared to the rest. I won't be giving a full on explanation for each of them this time, so it might just be best to see the results for yourself. The updates include Zetta, Kieran, Erin and more! Can you spot the differences? Oh, and speaking of Erin... I mentioned the popularity poll, right? Well, back in 2020 Erin placed third in the poll, meaning she would receive some special bonus artwork alongside Aelita (1st place) and Venam (4th place, getting the prize instead of Melia who placed 2nd as she was slated to be getting artwork for V13 to begin with and has already been featured in official art a ton). And after like 209381029381 years of being too busy to work on this, I've finally gotten around to working on the art that she'd be receiving! Please take a look! As per usual with any official art I make, the artwork has been uploaded to the official art thread as well as having a sta.sh links to two different wallpaper versions (with 1440p being the full resolution version). The only one left to make bonus art for is Venam! Maybe I'll have it done in time for 13.5's release? Who knows, entirely depends on whether I get around to doing that on time. Otherwise it'll be somewhere between 13.5's and V14's release! We Shall See(TM) That being said, that's all for now. Hope y'all got a kick out of these and enjoy all the new work! There's more to come, but some of it will remain a ~*~*~*Little Secret*~*~*~ until 13.5's release, so hold onto your horses until then. Our dev team is working hard to get everything working again and slowly but surely everything's starting to come together, but we ask for a little bit more of your patience for the remaining time! Thank you again for enjoying the game and see y'all on the flipside!!! o7
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