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  1. Nudibranchs are one of my favorite creatures on this planet, and Aevian Shellos and Gastrodon capture their beauty far more than the originals! I will be using both of them. No I don't care if that makes no sense team-balance wise. I. Will. Be. Using. Both. Of. Them.
  2. Hello! Sorry, I wanted to replay this as soon as I saw you updated it, but a variety of things got in the way of that, so I'm only just now getting around to it. I've really been enjoying this playthrough! I have now played through the game with all 3 starters and gotten to see all of their unique abilities; I started with Chikorita this time around, and it's probably my favorite of the three! And of course, multiple playthroughs let me try out a whole bunch of Rainbow Pokemon I missed the first time, including Rainbow Bergmite/Avalugg with its newly-added ability, which I absolutely love. I've been finding a lot of stuff that I missed on previous playthroughs, such as a whole Homestuck sidequest that I missed because I didn't explore Sapphire Woods thoroughly enough??? So that's cool??? And I now know that whenever you get dialogue options, the options you get are influenced by your personality traits, which makes perfect sense and is a great use of that system! This game continues to be absolutely fantastic! But, uh... I did kind of find a game-breaking bug :/ Never mind! I just discovered the Discord and used the solution there! Oh yeah, I also checked out your Desolation mod a while ago. It was actually the first time I had played through Deso all the way, and your added content made the whole experience much more interesting! Though I couldn't get into the hotel area thanks to a glitch that I think happened because I fought one of the lost soul trainers more than once. But other than that, it's really good! Your stuff seriously deserves way more recognition than it currently has.
  3. Yeah, it's probably just the egg sprites being updated. The last one is probably a Nincada egg. If you look at the current Nincada egg, it's just plain white with that same jagged line at the top - pretty difficult to tell what it is just by looking at it. If it is indeed a redesigned Nincada egg, it would be much more distinctive.
  4. Hmmm... I dunno about either of those. Like you said, it doesn't match any of the Gen VIII eggs in Rejuv's folders, so unless those are getting different designs from the ones Rejuv is using, probably not. And all the alternate forme eggs (such as the eggs for Kantonian/Alolan/Galarian Meowth) are all just palate-swaps of each other, so we'd probably still be able to recognize it if it was a new regional variant. So that means... I don't know what that means. Maybe... Maybe they're including Fakemon from other fangames? And that egg is for, like, a Duplicat or something? I mean, that's probably not what it is, given how much Ame has stressed "canon compliance" in the past, but I really can't think of anything that makes sense.
  5. Retroactively adding a new major character in the final update is a pretty crazy decision indeed, but I trust you to be able to pull it off well! Is Ace a 100% new character of your own creation, or were they created by the roleplay forum or whoever it was that created the other Team Meteor characters? Anyway, I was already to start from the beginning with e19, so now I'm even more excited to see how everything has changed!
  6. Thanks for the bug fix! And now I'm finished with the game, so I guess I'll talk more in depth about my thoughts on it. Overall, I think you took everything great about Arcs 1 and 2 and did them even better here! Bugs I found: A few minor critiques: The stuff I really liked (which was most of the game): So yeah, the game is fantastic so far! Keep up the good work!
  7. Hello! I've been playing through the new update, loving it so far, but unfortunately I've encountered a pretty major bug:
  8. Just finished your game, and I'm loving it so far! A few critiques I have: There were quite a few bugs I encountered, most of which were already reported by Fabularis above. One that I didn't see on their list was that sometimes the game seemed to ignore the secondary types of my Pokemon? Like, when I was fighting Roy, I set up Toxic Spikes using Scatterstrike, then switched into my Gloom... Who, instead of absorbing the spikes, was poisoned by them, and then proceeded to take super effective damage from Clawitzer's Sludge Wave. You might want to look into that if you haven't already. In a few places, it can be difficult to tell where entrances and exits are. Most of the time there's at least a dark patch of ground indicating an entrance, but other times, such as a few of the alternate entrances into Mauviel from the Enchanted Forest, there's no indication whatsoever, and it can be difficult to figure out how to leave the area. While all the game's puzzles are very creative, there were a few that I found extremely frustrating. I'm mostly talking about the Squirtle collection quest and the second Dusclops maze here. For the Squirtle quest, there's no indication of how many Squirtle you're looking for in the first place or when you've found them all, so I ended up scouring the entire route to find the next one, then walking all the way back across the route to the quest-giver, only to find out that there were still more I had to find, so I had to scour the entire route again, for hours. I feel like it would be relatively easy to fix by just having an indicator of how many Squirtle are left every time you find one. As for the Dusclops puzzle, I feel like having to navigate that ridiculously complicated maze in the dark with only a very confusing, disjointed way to discover the layout would be enough of a challenge on its own - sending you back to the start every time you mess up is just adding insult to injury. I ended up saving the game at every branching path and just soft resetting every time I messed up. I'm not sure about the music choices you went with. For the towns and cities in particular, you reused a lot of tracks from Reborn - tracks that were meant to convey the grim, oppressive atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic city with danger around every corner. Your story seems to be a lot less grim than that, at least in the beginning where the biggest threat is Team Spectrum harassing random children and standing around in ruins. I would either choose some different songs for those areas or, if you're trying to go for the grim oppressive atmosphere, have more dark stuff happen earlier in the game to reflect that. Things I really liked: By far my favorite aspect of the game is the focus on exploration. There's just so much cool optional stuff to find! It really makes the journey feel like an organic process of discovering cool new stuff rather than just going down the checklist of everything you have to do to finish the game. I love the color theming of the region - definitely a unique take on the Pokemon series, and I always appreciate it when Gym Leaders (or the region's equivalent) are themed around something other than type. In particular, I like how the Arc Angels' colors were worked into their personalities and/or motifs in addition to their Pokemon teams - Violet being a magician because purple is associated with magic, Roy constantly "feeling blue," Vera (I think that was the green girl's name?) being very strong-willed in what I assume is a reference to Green Lantern's color symbolism, ect.. Great stuff. I really like all the new moves from the Arc Angels and all the new Rainbow abilities - they add some really cool new dimensions to combat. In particular with Scatterstrike, I really like how there are both huge advantages and potential disadvantages to using it - I had to make sure to keep two Poison-types in my party so that I could absorb my own spikes while still poisoning all my opponents. I like the version of the level cap you used, with Pokemon stopping gaining EXP at the cap, but still obeying you if you push them over it with a Rare Candy. This way, if you're struggling with a particular boss fight, you can spend a candy to circumvent the level cap for that fight only, but you won't have that candy for future fights that might be even harder, making you think carefully about how to spend them. I personally appreciate the mechanic of Rainbow Pokemon not obeying you until their Friendship is high enough. It's never really sat right with me that Pokemon just immediately obey your every command the instant you kidnap them from their natural habitats. Having to earn their trust before they help you makes it feel more like a mutual partnership than like they're just collectable objects. My favorite moment from the game was probably the Rainbow Gyarados fight. Having to find a way to outlast an opponent who is much more powerful than yourself is a very unique challenge for a Pokemon game. Overall, fantastic job, and I'm eagerly awaiting the next release!
  9. Lol, look at this noob actually paying prize money instead of just soft resetting like a real epic gamer. Anyway, hope everything is going well on your end, and I'm looking forward to being able to get just as thoroughly destroyed by "early-game trash" as you have been.
  10. Hmm. After the 9 appeared on the previous package, Saki's twitter retweeted a picture of Saki and (a presumably illusory) Risa hanging out - which happened to be the 9th post from that account. The account's 14th post is another picture: Still not 100% sure if this is what the numbers are referring to, but it definitely seems like whatever happened/will happen with Saki and Red Visor Lady might be connected to the packages. Maybe Saki is the speaker in the highlighted text for this one?
  11. Alright, the keyword for this one is pretty effortless if you know the previous one. Makes me think this might have something to do with Spacea and Timpea. Then again, there was the thing with Saki's twitter involving Red Visor Lady, and the whole thing about "destiny is something she cannot run from" sounds like it might be about her. Could this be foreshadowing a connection between the Stormchasers and the red visor people? Good thinking. Yeah, I'm curious about how Grisilda/Giratina fits into this whole thing. As for the big string of characters in the source code, no idea what it could mean. I tried applying the mirror cipher to the URL again, but it didn't work - some other kind of cipher, probably.
  12. All right! The amount of grinding Reborn required was definitely my biggest problem with the game, so it's great to hear that you're doing away with it! In particular, the EXP All and hard cap will make it easy to raise teams that are bigger than six Pokemon so that you can swap team members in and out depending on what you're up against. It was super convenient in Rejuv and I'm sure it'll be just as convenient here! Thank you so much for your hard work!
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