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  1. Thanks for the bug fix! And now I'm finished with the game, so I guess I'll talk more in depth about my thoughts on it. Overall, I think you took everything great about Arcs 1 and 2 and did them even better here! Bugs I found: A few minor critiques: The stuff I really liked (which was most of the game): So yeah, the game is fantastic so far! Keep up the good work!
  2. Hello! I've been playing through the new update, loving it so far, but unfortunately I've encountered a pretty major bug:
  3. Just finished your game, and I'm loving it so far! A few critiques I have: There were quite a few bugs I encountered, most of which were already reported by Fabularis above. One that I didn't see on their list was that sometimes the game seemed to ignore the secondary types of my Pokemon? Like, when I was fighting Roy, I set up Toxic Spikes using Scatterstrike, then switched into my Gloom... Who, instead of absorbing the spikes, was poisoned by them, and then proceeded to take super effective damage from Clawitzer's Sludge Wave. You might want to look into that if you haven't already. In a few places, it can be difficult to tell where entrances and exits are. Most of the time there's at least a dark patch of ground indicating an entrance, but other times, such as a few of the alternate entrances into Mauviel from the Enchanted Forest, there's no indication whatsoever, and it can be difficult to figure out how to leave the area. While all the game's puzzles are very creative, there were a few that I found extremely frustrating. I'm mostly talking about the Squirtle collection quest and the second Dusclops maze here. For the Squirtle quest, there's no indication of how many Squirtle you're looking for in the first place or when you've found them all, so I ended up scouring the entire route to find the next one, then walking all the way back across the route to the quest-giver, only to find out that there were still more I had to find, so I had to scour the entire route again, for hours. I feel like it would be relatively easy to fix by just having an indicator of how many Squirtle are left every time you find one. As for the Dusclops puzzle, I feel like having to navigate that ridiculously complicated maze in the dark with only a very confusing, disjointed way to discover the layout would be enough of a challenge on its own - sending you back to the start every time you mess up is just adding insult to injury. I ended up saving the game at every branching path and just soft resetting every time I messed up. I'm not sure about the music choices you went with. For the towns and cities in particular, you reused a lot of tracks from Reborn - tracks that were meant to convey the grim, oppressive atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic city with danger around every corner. Your story seems to be a lot less grim than that, at least in the beginning where the biggest threat is Team Spectrum harassing random children and standing around in ruins. I would either choose some different songs for those areas or, if you're trying to go for the grim oppressive atmosphere, have more dark stuff happen earlier in the game to reflect that. Things I really liked: By far my favorite aspect of the game is the focus on exploration. There's just so much cool optional stuff to find! It really makes the journey feel like an organic process of discovering cool new stuff rather than just going down the checklist of everything you have to do to finish the game. I love the color theming of the region - definitely a unique take on the Pokemon series, and I always appreciate it when Gym Leaders (or the region's equivalent) are themed around something other than type. In particular, I like how the Arc Angels' colors were worked into their personalities and/or motifs in addition to their Pokemon teams - Violet being a magician because purple is associated with magic, Roy constantly "feeling blue," Vera (I think that was the green girl's name?) being very strong-willed in what I assume is a reference to Green Lantern's color symbolism, ect.. Great stuff. I really like all the new moves from the Arc Angels and all the new Rainbow abilities - they add some really cool new dimensions to combat. In particular with Scatterstrike, I really like how there are both huge advantages and potential disadvantages to using it - I had to make sure to keep two Poison-types in my party so that I could absorb my own spikes while still poisoning all my opponents. I like the version of the level cap you used, with Pokemon stopping gaining EXP at the cap, but still obeying you if you push them over it with a Rare Candy. This way, if you're struggling with a particular boss fight, you can spend a candy to circumvent the level cap for that fight only, but you won't have that candy for future fights that might be even harder, making you think carefully about how to spend them. I personally appreciate the mechanic of Rainbow Pokemon not obeying you until their Friendship is high enough. It's never really sat right with me that Pokemon just immediately obey your every command the instant you kidnap them from their natural habitats. Having to earn their trust before they help you makes it feel more like a mutual partnership than like they're just collectable objects. My favorite moment from the game was probably the Rainbow Gyarados fight. Having to find a way to outlast an opponent who is much more powerful than yourself is a very unique challenge for a Pokemon game. Overall, fantastic job, and I'm eagerly awaiting the next release!
  4. Lol, look at this noob actually paying prize money instead of just soft resetting like a real epic gamer. Anyway, hope everything is going well on your end, and I'm looking forward to being able to get just as thoroughly destroyed by "early-game trash" as you have been.
  5. You get it just by playing the story, basically right at the beginning of Chapter 15.
  6. By far my favorite addition to the game in V13 is the little dialogue choices sprinkled throughout both Chapter 15 and all the redone earlier content. You wouldn't think that these tiny choices that don't actually affect anything other than relationship points would have that big of an impact on my play experience, but they really made me feel like a direct participant in the story in a way I didn't before. One of my complaints about the story in V12 was that the silent player character felt completely unnecessary, since they were always just kind of going along with whatever was happening to Melia and the gang without making decisions of their own. Just having the ability to feel like I'm having a dialogue with the events happening on-screen - to be able to actually try to support Ren when he wants to challenge Narcissa, or tell Geara that I think fighting him is a waste of time, or being honest with Melia and Venam that stopping Team Xen by any means necessary is a bigger priority to me than helping them specifically - makes me feel like I have a purpose in the narrative, even if I'm not actually changing anything. In fact, my biggest complaints with V13 are the few chapters where these dialogue options weren't added - namely chapters 7, 10, 13, 14, and the beginning of 11. Suddenly becoming a mute again was a bit jarring after how nice it felt to have a voice. But you know you've made a good design decision when the biggest thing I have to complain about is that I liked the new features so much that I wanted even more of them. And just to list out some of the other things I liked, because V13 is really just phenomenal overall: All the detailed character artwork is fantastic, and it's nice getting a better idea of what each character looks like than just what you can see from their tiny overworld sprites. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed, Zumi. I absolutely love almost all of the Aevian regional forms. My favorite is definitely the three different varieties of Sandygast and Palossand - not only are they really appealing castle monster designs on their own, but the fact that they correspond to Valor Mountain's three different moods really makes the setting and gameplay feel very interconnected. The Aevian Litwick line is a close second, what with how it switches from Fire to Electric as its technology grows more advanced. One of my favorite aspects of any video game is the music, and the new OST for this game did not disappoint in the slightest. I got the Xen Grunt battle theme stuck in my head for at least a week after replaying the early game. Fantastic work from both Zumi and Glitch. The early- and mid-game script has been cleaned up considerably, cutting out almost all of the extraneous fluff and bringing out the unique personalities of each character even more than before. A whole bunch of new detailed animations have been added to these segments as well, playing into what I think is Rejuv's greatest strength, its well-crafted cinematic aesthetic. Like with the dialogue choices, all I can really complain about is that these weren't added in even more places. There is a backflipping Slugma in Valor Mountain. I'm pretty sure that automatically makes Rejuv objectively the best video game ever made. There is no possible way mankind could ever create anything more wonderful. A while back I made a big stink about how I didn't like how Bladestar was handled, and while a lot of my complaints still apply to V13 considering that most of that story arc hasn't been touched at all by the rewrites, it does seem like there are plans to let players actually fight for Bladestar's cause in V13.5, given that Florin has taken over the organization and let me join for real. I'm still withholding judgement on that until V13.5 (or whenever that content actually comes out), but at the very least, I greatly appreciate the development team for making an effort to address specific complaints like this. All in all, V13 was fantastic, and in spite of whatever complaints I or anyone else have about the state of the game, there is absolutely no reason for the development team to be discouraged. V12 was already pretty darn good, and V13 was an enormous step up from that, so the game will almost certainly only continue to get better from here. Thank you to Jan and the rest of the team for all their hard work, and I'm eagerly awaiting whatever future versions have in store!
  7. I remember hearing at some point that, while most V13 sidequests were being put off until V13.5, the next part of Dylan and Ana's questline was the one thing that would be implemented right away. But I've looked pretty much everywhere around both Terajuma and GDC, and can't find either of them anywhere, or any other way to continue the quest. Am I just bad at looking for things, or is the next part of the quest just not in the game yet?
  8. You might be able to get out if you have an Escape Rope or a Pokemon that knows Dig. If not, you might just have to revert back to an earlier save file. I'm pretty sure the mountain reverting back to neutral when you leave the Xen stronghold is just a bug, hopefully one that will be fixed sometime soon.
  9. Wait, never mind, I can cross the chasm by Magma Drifting when the mountain is angry. Your problem probably is the cutscene, and not having the Emotion Powder.
  10. I'm stuck in the exact same way, and I definitely did the cutscene in Telia Resort. Doesn't help. There's a chasm that you can't cross no matter what the mountain's mood is, a teleporter that doesn't take you anywhere useful no matter what the mood is, and going back into the Xen stronghold automatically changes the mood back to Neutral, preventing you from getting back to the entrance. Really not sure what to do.
  11. So, uh, I just reached Akuwa Town, and then immediately closed my game after a Deathwing sent out a level 72 Scizor against me. I'm curious to know if it's even possible to beat this fight - I'd certainly like to try, but unlike, say, Solaris or Madame X, this one doesn't to have a clear way to cheese the fight. I was considering using Prankster Volbeat and/or Illumise to get off some status effects or evasion buffs, but he'll probably just outspeed me with Bullet Punch. Swablu with Perish Song is avaliable at this point, but I don't think Quick Claw or Focus Sash are available yet, so I probably wouldn't be able to get it off. And even if I figure out a way past the Scizor, he still has two other Pokemon that are presumably also in their 70s. Has anyone else managed to beat this fight, and if so, what did you do?
  12. It's a random encounter in the grass in front of the gym during the day. Not sure about the exact percentage chance, but it's fairly rare. Just turn on speed-up mode and run back and forth for a few minutes, you'll find one eventually.
  13. I'm trying to do a Steel Monotype, and Klink is not where it was in V12. I assumed that it had been moved later, but I looked up its habitat in the Pokedex and apparently it's in East Gearen, leading me to believe it's been moved earlier. Problem is, I have no idea where in East Gearen it is. Does anyone know?
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