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  1. 2015 was when the first demo (up to the 3rd gym) was released, and then the second was in 2019. So yeah, there are huge gaps between updates, and it probably won't be finished any time soon. I dunno, I still think it's really good with just what's there so far. You're right that pretty much no other fangames can compare to the sheer volume of content and craftsmanship that went into Reborn and Rejuvenation, but this guy has finished both of those already, and just because it's not quite going to be at Reborn/Rejuv's level, doesn't mean it's bad.
  2. I recommend Pokemon Alabaster! It's only finished up to a little past the fifth gym (out of eight), but what's there so far is really cool, particularly the original soundtrack and how much the story changes depending on player choices! You can find it here!
  3. Well, yes. Flora, as written, is a total hypocrite who caused way more harm than necessary in pursuit of her goals, and probably would've ended up becoming a Robespierre-style dictator had she successfully taken power. What I'm really concerned about is the fact that that is how the game chose to depict the only person actively trying to fix GDC's biggest problems and get it out of Team Xen's hands. Let's compare this to something similar in Reborn. In that game, we have Titania, and to a lesser extent Saphira, who use way more violent methods than any of the other heroic charac
  4. Yeah, sorry, I was a little imprecise with my wording there. I've played BW2, I know Team Plasma technically sticks around after the first time they're defeated. What I really meant is that after the end of BW, no further consideration is given to whether they were right about humans mistreating Pokemon. It's just assumed by everyone that they were wrong, and everyone just carries on catching and battling Pokemon as though nothing happened. Certain characters, most notably N, do pay lip service to the idea of establishing a more equal relationship between humans and Pokemon without the nee
  5. Thank you for the very thoughtful response! Those are very interesting points about the player character in particular. I never knew about that Adresteia thing, and the idea that the Interceptor represents Zygarde makes a lot of sense, considering that they are supposedly summoned by the universe as a last-ditch effort to restore balance. However, the Interceptor is also established as having the unique ability to stand outside of destiny and make choices that influence the future. Which is a large part of what made me think that the player's choices would have more impact. But of course,
  6. So, I discovered and played through Rejuvenation a few months ago. I really liked it for the most part - It's got a lot of nice gameplay improvements over Reborn, I like all the sidequests and how some of them tie back into the main story, and while I think Reborn has the better story and writing overall, I still really enjoyed Rejuvenation's story and got invested in all the main characters. However, my enjoyment of the story dropped off quite sharply at certain points - in particular, the majority of Chapter 14's main plotline. And I've been sitting on this giant rant about it for quite a
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