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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, As title says, i've been lurking on these forums since a couple of years. I stumbled on Pokemon Reborn by chance and felt right trough the rabbit hole. Also played Pokemon Rejuvenation, and just like Reborn it's truly awesome. Now unemployed, i got the feeling i'll spend way too much time on this games and I though I might as well join in. I hope you can forgive my poor writing skills, English is not my native langage !
  2. Just to add a level of challenge, I started the game off by inserting an OC trainer of mine into the game- someone who has rules built in to provide a challenge. It certainly has made the game hard in some aspects, but just like each gym, I adapt and overcome what lies ahead. I will not go into more details unless you want to know more. Don't want to potentially distract from introductions. Anyways, I have played pokemon ever since it first came out in red and blue- dedicated of it enough as I kid to where I got an honest to hearts event mew from back in the Gameboy era- where we had to go to stores they were featured at personally... Poor pokemon never made it past that version. But it did help to wipe the floor in pokemon stadium 1 and 2. Ah... good times. Nowadays... I always consider myself a more casual individual- not really trying too hard, never into pvps with how competitive people can get as a whole. Even in terms of goals in life, I am looking more to live a simple life. No marriage so far, nothing fancy or expensive. Just living life the best I can without the trimmings. And yet I always tend to gravitate toward coop games all the same, as I like helping/working with others. Always feels more rewarding with the accomplishments by comparison to alone. Along with general rpgs. Then this game came along while I was on furlough. I was interested in a pokemon fan game after playing some insurgence. My little bro played it and certainly had some frustrating moments- even some rage whenever Kecleon is mentioned in general. XD Found a shiny and wants to keep it imprisoned in the box. So I went in expecting a challenge... Then I struggled and had to retry the first gym numerous times... Crits aside, I couldn't blame the game, only myself for my defeats. And when I finally managed to pull a win, it was satisfying... Although now I cannot call myself casual with how I have been handling things moving forward. And yet I have not grown tired or annoyed with this game, only determined. As for where I am currently at now, I have 14 badges and moving forward from there. Enjoying the characters (Some I want to bury into the ground,) the story, and how the decisions make a difference. Always keeps me interested of what might happen next. Sadly I have returned to my job for a week now, so I cannot enjoy reborn as I once did. But I am still making steady progress moving forward, making decisions some would call me insane on, and yet worked out quite well. Hope to hear back from you all, and I hope this game continues to be awesome.
  3. Hello everyone, Resident warnguy Alistair is here to introduce a new type of warning: the aptly named Evasion Assistance! As you may know, users who have reached a certain warning points threshold can be muted on Reborn's discord server for a period of time, or banned from the community. From now on, posting screenshots of muted/banned users' messages will be considered as helping them evade the WP system's consequences, and will therefore be penalized appropriately. All the important things to know about this new warning: It is worth 1 WP, lasts 90 days, and belongs to the Minor warnings category. It is given to the user who reposts messages, not the muted user themselves. Warnings would splash to the muted user themselves only if clear consent to repost messages in the community can be proven, in which case these actions fall under deliberate mute evasion. Users posting screenshots from other users are still accountable for the content of those messages, including any derogatory, sexual, disrespectful, or otherwise unacceptable content. As a result they may also incur warnings for their own account despite not being the original author. Thank you for understanding, and have a nice day or night!
  4. “If someone like me could do that, go around helping people who are in trouble, then I think that would be... truly wonderful.” - Madoka Kaname Apparently someone heard you, Madoka! Due to her remarkable work in the Pokémon Reborn and Rejuvenation-related subforums as well as her general involvement with the community, walpurgis has been noticed by senpai the auth team, and it is now my great honor to formally introduce her as our newest staff member! Please give her a warm welcome~ Congratulations walpurgis! As Papyrus would say...
  5. Hey Everyone ! how is it going ? I'm here today to post my latest creation as a Graphic Design Student ! it's 4 Artworks : Covers for Fan-Game, based on the 3 legendary birds of Kanto, plus one more W.I.P ... here is the link for my portifolio ! ( the images are to big to post here...) Hope you all like them ! https://www.behance.net/gallery/52865025/Pokemon-Titans-Unite-Fan-Game-Ideas-for-2019
  6. Hey Guys ! i've been working on a new sprite sheet for character customization ! what you guys think
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