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  1. Story: Instructed by a voice you don't know and cast out into an unfamiliar world, it is up to you to explore the vibrant Prisma Region, collect the seven Arcs and maybe even foil one or two plans of the mysterious Team Spectrum along the way. Traverse dense forests, strange caves and even the ocean floor as you make friends with special Rainbow Pokémon and a (literally) colorful cast of characters! Features: - Three playable Arcs with over 10 hours of content - Gen 8 Pokémon, moves and abilities are all available! - Certain Pokémon have Rainbow forms with unique, powerful abilities and Rainbow typing! - Quality of Life features like a portable box system and a machine that makes eggs hatch instantly! - Tons of sidequests and hidden places that let you explore the Prisma Region as deeply as you wish! - The Prisma Region does not have gym leaders. Instead, the equivalent are seven Arc Angels, which have teams focusing on a color instead of a type! - HMs are no longer necessary! Instead, an assortment of other moves or abilities can be used to make your way through the region. - Over 30 custom abilities for Rainbow Pokémon! - its kinda gay Download: Arc 4 has been released! This download contains everything you need to play the new version. Mediafire Credits: https://pastebin.com/FaJpuhxb Discord: If you have questions or bugs to report, I recommend joining the Discord Server: https://discord.gg/u9aGZPM That's where I'll be most active! Update: Patch 22/06/2022: Fixes Storytime rewards, Golurk forms, certain Rainbow abilities as well as a variety of other stuff
  2. THERE WILL BE TWO VERSIONS OF THIS GAME! ONE WILL BE A DARKER STORY, WHILE THE OTHER BEING IN A MORE TRADITIONAL STORY! This game was made possible by RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials v19.1 Trailer Watch Here! Pokémon Tabula Rasa, inspired by Reborn and Insurgence, is a story driven fangame with 2 brand new regions! - The Anphelio Region, inspired by the word aphelion (or the point in the orbit of a planet, asteroid, or comet at which it is furthest from the sun). This region has a lot of similarities with its name, as it is a snow-covered tundra with little to no civilization. Mostly covered by routes and forests, this region gives you a lot of training and time to meet new faces who help to get you back to your once held glory. Many Pokémon from all over the world have descended from this region and here, you can find many of their different, undiscovered versions of themselves. These Pokémon are often shy and haven't come in contact with many humans. However, the ones that find civilization or Human population, get along with them very well. - The Pansperma Region is the mainland. The region flooded with tourists and an influx in population. This has really driven out Pokémon in these parts, especially near cities. As you go on throughout the region, you find power-hungry corporations out for control over the region. To do this, however, they need the most powerful trainers to be able to drive out all Pokémon insight. In which doing so, makes room for more people to come in, leading to more money and power in the corporations. Here, you will find out who you truly were in the past and you may have to power your way through to get what you want for yourself and the Pokémon at stake. The sheer variety in Pokémon, people, and places you find along the way is incredible. This region has everything a person could ask for and is the reason why it's a huge tourist attraction. Story Before the events of Tabula Rasa, the main protagonist and their rival travel to a distant region while their home region's Pokemon League is being developed. When they discover that this new region doesn't have a current champion, the protagonist and the rival decide to battle each other for the crown. During the battle, the protagonist is finally "beaten" via an intentional hit which causes them to go into a severe coma. Years later, the protagonist wakes up from their coma and realizes that they've been taken in by Professor Oleaster and his apprentice, your rival. After some encouragement, the rival gets the protagonist to become a trainer once again to travel across the brand new Pokemon League in their home region that spans across both Anphelio and Pansperma The Protagonists Story of the Two Regions Along the way you meet a strange professor who tells you he has seen you around before and knows your story. He brings you in and tells you that he knew the man who tried to save you from the (evil agency) and knows how to get your Pokémon back, your items however, are unobtainable. He plays as your guide and tells you the newest information on where your belongings are being held, along with the evil team's location. People throughout both regions will recognize you, but you will have no recollection on who they are or even who you are. The natives of both regions understand your godlike stature and will do anything to help you take back their region. This includes giving you tips, pointers, and even their own belongings. However, the Pansperma region's big cities are heavily guarded, so watch your step. The Meaning Behind/Why I chose Tabula Rasa Tabula rasa, the latin word meaning a "clean slate" or "scraped tablet." The bigger picture/driving narrative in this game being starting over from scratch, or Tabula Rasa. I really wanted to make a game where you were previously the champion, where you have to go through the region have once did, with no recollection of anything the regions have to offer. I'm already planning to make a sequel and prequel to these games, which already have titles. Those being Pokémon Prevenire and Pokémon Exigo. Prevenire meaning before hand/To come to and Exigo meaning complete or finished. Pokémon Prevenire will be in the style of FRLG/RSE and Pokémon Exigo will be in the style of Gen 5. However, if I am going to make that happen, I will need a team to do so, which is why I will also be putting a similar thread in the Team Recruitment channel. So if you are interested in making music, sound designs, scripting, or sprites, comment here/on the team recruitment page and/or message me directly. Screenshot Showcase Plans for the game - Fully custom music/Battle intros - Custom characters with backstories - Full fledged character customization system - New mega evolutions - Custom Anphelion and Panspermanian forms for over 200+ Pokémon! - All new, remade shinies for existing Pokémon - New Pokémon that you discover throughout your journey (Not a final decision) - HMs as Items (Axe for Cut, exc.) Current Features - 12 gyms (4 in Anphelio, 8 in Pansperma) - Brand new stealth elements - Choices effect story - Every Pokémon Generation 1-8 (IoA and Crown Tundra) - New Mega Evolutions - Past characters coming back! ex. Wes, Red, Blue, Gary - Hidden Grottos - Customizable Secret bases - High Leveled Overworld Encounters - Seasons/Seasonal events - All new UI - Fast forward (Thanks to Marin) - Huge post game - Side quests galore! Credits list Notes This is a huge game idea I want to pursue and will probably need quite a team to pull it off. The game's full version won't be available to play in the near future, but we will get it done! We currently have a team of 5 and still growing! I have had this idea in mind for a while now, and I am finally able to accomplish it. Any support for my huge project will be greatly appreciated! We currently have a roadmap made and we are working our hardest to have a fully fledged demo out by the end of this month! The demo will have frequent updates with new features, quests, maps, and bug fixes. We are also still recruiting! What I would be looking for is anything ranging from spriters/concept artists to music makers! If you are interested in joining the team, please send me a DM over discord, twitter, and even DMing on this forum! You can also contact the team by emailing pokemontabularasa@gmail.com. Discord You can join the game's official discord Here.
  3. Join the Pokemon Arrow discord: https://discord.gg/hCQWcnrDYb Plot Introduction Decane is a vast beautiful, culturally rich region which always lived peacefully. The two legendary pokemons, Dhabown and Arowteer protected the people of Decane and its beautiful nature, every year they use to visit various cities during the autumn festival. But suddenly one day the legendary pokemons dissapeared from the region, they also didn’t came during the festival, after that incident, twenty years had passed, the region started suffering a lot, several natural disasters and several wars hit the region. Professor Mendel gives you a task to find the legendaries and bring them back or no one can prevent the region from endless sufferings. You team up with your friends Trina(when player is boy)/Ricky(when player is girl) and Renuka and start the mission of finding the legendaries. But the path to the legendaries is not so easy, there are four holy places where the legendaries can stay but to reach them you have to decode several codes and get the name of the places. You set on a adventure to find the truth behind the disappearance of the legendaries and to bring them back. There will be several obstacles on the road to find them, you'll have to overcome them for returning the peace to the region. And beware of the criminal gang Team War!! You’re on the way to be the very best like no one ever was!! Features New expansive region, 'Decane' based on peninsular India. 8 Gyms, Elite Four + Champion Pokemon from Earlier generations+Exclusive Decanian Pokemons! An intriguing, climactic story with new, original characters New custom regional forms/variants including: Dark/Fire Arcanine, Poison Meowth and Persian and more Quests (Including optional side-quests) Purely GBA-Themed, with Gen 4 Styled textures,music and many new, custom remixes The Battle Tower! (Our version of the Battle Frontier) MANY Easter eggs Mega evolutions New Evil team- Team War New Professor- Professor Mendel New Champion- Naomi No Z-Moves or Gigantamax New Legendaries and New pokemons and a brand new adventure!! Try it now For further information visit our wikia page: Page is under construction Screenshots Downloads DOWNLOAD- Pokémon Arrow
  4. POKEMON LEGENDS Hello. I am Beeze/Zatoria and this is my first game. I've always been into creating stuff when I was small. My main thing was drawing ,a hobby I still have to this day, and one day, I decided to put that talents to use and tried to use that and try to put together this game. I'd say I did more than I thought I would do for this! I planned to stop my development much sooner, but as it turns out, I couldn't just drop this! I had to get this out there, so here it is! My own game! "Hope yall enjoy what ya see!" PS: It's Time an action-packed adventure, because Pokémon Legends is ready to unveil it's biggest Update to date! prepare yourself for a story full of excitement! Today marks the beginning of Pokémon Legends! The STORY You are a 15 year old child that lives on an outer Island called Bikana Island which is famous for their large beach, but there are no Pokémon's on the island itself. One day, you happened to find out that your mother use to be a Pokémon Trainer. You are a teenager that attends school, but you imagine what life would be if you were able to have Pokémon, praying you would get the opportunity to do so. You are supposed to go and Meet with a professor in the following week; however, fate decided that your time was now. You learn about the Secret that your mother has been keeping, and as fate would have it, you quickly find yourself having your first battle experience with a Pokémon! What does your destiny have in store for you? FIRST REGION SCREENSHOTS SCREENSHOTS OF THE SECOND REGION FEATURES Download Link Drive Mega (Mega will be back in Another Update) Game fixes NOTE: the Download's that fall under this Category are meant to resolve problems with the game. Gamefix 1.89 NOTES: The Game Features 8 gym badges, a Pokémon League (Elite four and Champion included), And 4 Gym badges in the Second Region. There is also plans for a Universal League. GAME RECRUITMENT Conclusion Why did I try to make this? I made this because I thought that it was a fun idea at the time, and once I got started on it's creation, I found myself hooked to the art of creation. I worked on it for days when it was possible. It was then that I realized that making this was going to take a lot of time. This would be only the first project that I would actually try to get done, and with it, I could say that I gained a valuable experience! Those of you who will play, just be warned that the game's not going to be "Easy". It's going to be one of the most difficult adventures you have to go through. Enjoy the Game! V5 UPDATE STATUS
  5. I know I've previously created some field ("Drake Colosseum", to be exact), but I wanted to do more. And after seeing the "Ancient Pyramid" field by Dark Champion, and comparing it to mine, I realized... there is no canonical field in neither Reborn, Rejuvenation nor Desolation that has to do with places like cementaries or ancient tombes. Well, you could argue with me about Haunted Field in Rejuvenation, but to me it's more for a places just associated with ghosts and evil spirites, not specifically places of eternal rest. So... as one certain skeleton once said... Cementary Field "Rest in peace" General Effects Ghost-type and Dark-type moves increase in base power by x1,5 ("The darkness within...") Bug-type moves increase in base power by x1,2 ("Fears of countless powered the attack!") Fighting-type moves decrease in base power by x0,7 ("<x> couldn't focus on the target!") Psychic-type and Fairy-type moves decrease in base power by x0,5 ("Stench of the deceased softened the attack!") Ghost-type attacks are super-effective aganist Normal-type opponents Psyhical Bug moves and Special Flying moves deal additional Ghost damage ("Departed souls supported you!") Rain lasts 8 turns Sleeping Pokemon lose 1/8 Max HP at the end of the turn When Pokemon have one of thier moves disabled due to move or Ability, they become paralyzed Paralyzed Pokemon additionally have thier Attack and Special Attack halved, unless having "Ability" Abilities Affected Intimidate have its' effect doubled Limber and Inner Focus don't activate Shadow Tag prevents all Pokemon from switching out or escaping Wonder Guard, on top of its' previous effects, behaves like Magic Guard Aftermath works like Destiny Bond Bad Dreams take away 1/3 of opponent's Max HP if it's sleeping Klutz, Reckless, Defeatist, Rattled and Wimp Out increase the damage taken by the user by x1,2 Mummy's effect is not canceled out while switching out Aura Break makes the user immune to Ghost-type damage Dark Aura increases the boost to x2 Fairy Aura does not activate Disguise will regenate itself at the end of the turn if the user haven't taken direct damage Shadow Shield nullifies all of user's weaknesses "Abilities" that prevent paralysis from inflicting additional effects: Guts Oblivious Vital Spirit Forewarn Mold Breaker Unaware Telepathy Moves Affected Moves that increase in power by x2 ("Evil aura strenghtened the attack!") Feint Attack Foul Play Sucker Punch Shadow Sneak Astonish Spectral Thief Self-destruct Explosion Frustration Fake Out Acid Spray Poison Fang Dream Eater Rock Tomb Moves that increase in power by x1,5 ("Aura of the dead supported the attack!") Bug Bite Pursuit Night Daze Shadow Ball Magical Leaf Grass Knot Land's Wrath Facade Smog Rock Slide Ancient Power Stone Edge Moves that increase in power by x1,2 ("Open sky powered the attack!") Bug Buzz Shell Trap Air Cutter Hurricane Ominous Wind Leaf Tornado Icy Wind Razor Wind Fairy Wind Silver Wind Twister Moves that have amplified stat changes Tail Glow Nasty Plot Hone Claws Curse Smokescreen Tearful Look Venom Drench Moves that drain HP have thier power increased by x1,3 and HP regeneration by 50% ("The taste of blood...") Moves that no longer need charging turn ("Aura of the damned strenghtened the assault!") Shadow Force Phantom Force Dig These moves will trap Pokemon indefinetly and take 1/4 of target's Max HP (1/3 with Binding Band): Sand Tomb Fire Spin Magma Storm Bind Infestation OHKO moves have thier base accuracy boosted to 50% Other changes Dark Void's and Hypnosis' accuracy is 100% Nighmare takes 3/4 of opponent's current HP and wakes it up Curse - if used by Ghost-type - lasts 5 turns and can be passed on during switching out Sticky Web drastically lowers the Speed Self-destruct, Explosion, Future Sight and Doom Desire deal additional Ghost damage Lunar Dance additionally increases receiver's Defense and Special Defense by 1 stage Trick-or-Treat additionally confuses the target Forest's Curse changes user's typing to Grass/Ghost Grudge, if used successfully, drains all of target's PP Moonlight regenerates 75% of user's HP Lucky Chant prevents Curse damage Torment and Taunt last indefinetly Nature Power becomes Curse Camouflage changes the user's type to Ghost Secret Power may paralyze Transitions to other Field Effects One use of Light of Ruin, or two uses of Luster Purge, Mist Ball, Flash and Mirror Shot will transform this field into Mountain Field ("Souls of the ones trapped in the soils have now been freed!") - right before transforming Seed Magical Seed increases user's Attack by 3 stages, but lowers Speed by 1 stage Do you like it? Any changes you want to give? Feel free to comment
  6. Get ready to jump for a new pokemon adventure in BANREL. Collect 8 gym badges and challenge the pokemon league. Meet different trainers.....catch lots of pokemons. But be aware of the evil team Trident....make up your way to legendary Angelien. Visit different cities. Challenge your rivals. Help many peoples, and defeat the evil trident army. Make your self the very best like no one ever was. Solve various puzzles and make your way to your dreams. A new and expensive region, 'Banrel' 8 Gyms, Elite Four + Champion A custom dex of Pokemon from Earlier generations+Exclusive Banrelian Pokemons! An intriguing, climactic story with new, original characters New custom regional forms/variants including: Dark/Fire Arcanine, Psychic/Water Swanna and more Quests (Including optional side-quests) The ability to see ALL encounters in that area from your menu Purely GBA-Themed, with Gen 3 Styled textures,music and many new, custom remixes The Battle Tower! (Our version of the Battle Frontier) Download: https://sweeto.itch.io/pokemon-angelsdemon And https://www.pokemoner.com/2020/08/pokemon-angels.html Discord:https://discord.gg/C4Dyz42 Fandom wikia page: https://pokemon-fan-game.fandom.com/wiki/Pokemon_Angels MORE FEATURES + SCREENSHOTS Mystery Gifts! MANY Easter eggs Evil team- Team Trident Professor- Professor Avinia Champion- Hector No Z-Moves or Gigantamax Many side, optional areas where you can complete quests, find rare items and Pokémon, etc New Legendaries and New pokemons and a brand new adventure!! Try it now Whats new? Improved graphics Less dark edges Swanna new move set Some new events Super rod special event new update 7 Quote
  7. THIS GAME IS NOT ALLOWED TO REPUBLISHED OR DISTRIBUTED (WHETHER IT IS MODIFIED OR NOT) ANYWHERE BY ANYONE OTHER THAN THE DEVELOPERS OF THE GAME, RAZ AND MIZZY - - - INTRODUCTION - - - Pokémon Daybreak is a fangame made in Pokemon Essentials, and has been in the works for around 2 years by an extremely small development team. For incentive, we have explored: the Pokémon anime and games, real world locations, mythical legends and more. In no way do we receive any profit for this fangame or anything related to such. We are protected under fair use laws and do not intend to breach those. - - - STORY - - - A meteor has struck, and you, the local professor's new assistant are assigned to the case. However, some mischievous individuals have beat you to it; and are inspecting the meteor for their own purposes. Who are they, and why is the meteor imperative? Pokémon Daybreak introduces the enigmatic region 'Armira', and is centralised around storytelling and challenging gameplay. The game is aesthetically beautiful and there are many unique locations you will encounter on your journey, such as a meteor crash site, a castle and a cherry blossom forest. Themes of exploitation, greed, and history are examined and lore is dotted all throughout the game. Take on the challenge of becoming Pokémon Champion in the all-embracing region of Armira! - - - FEATURES - - - A new and expensive region, 'Armira' 10 Gyms, Elite Four + Champion About 14 hours of gameplay (excluding the Battle Island and Post Game) A custom dex of 600 Pokémon from ALL Gens! Difficulty Settings (Normal and Hard Mode) An intriguing, climactic story with new, original characters New custom regional forms/variants including: Water Arcanine, Fairy/Dragon Garchomp and more New custom mega evolutions, including those of Lapras and Heliolisk 'Dualeons' are a mix of two eeveelution types to create a new mon Quests (Including optional side-quests) The ability to see ALL encounters in that area from your menu Purely GBA-Themed, with Gen 3 Styled textures,music and many new, custom remixes The Battle Island! (Our version of the Battle Frontier) The 'Armiran Isles' Post-Game which concludes the rest of the story. Coming soon! An active discord where you can interact with other players, the developers, find a FAQ and more Discord: https://discord.gg/KQvnTp5 Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/p0zv9l0bp26cmem/Pokémon+Daybreak+v1.6+[Public+Base].zip/file Current Version: v1.6.1.1 [Updated 4th October 2020] MORE FEATURES + SCREENSHOTS Mystery Gifts! Change nickname from Party Screen MANY Easter eggs Some regional variants are available, such as Alolan Vulpix More Pokémon to be introduced as part of the Armiran Isles Update Some HMs have been replaced with equipment HMs are now TMs, and TMs are unlimited use Some Pokémon have new moves/movesets, for example Heliolisk can now learn Fire Blast New moves, such as 'Fairy Rush' (which is Garchomp Exclusive) No Z-Moves or Gigantamax Many side, optional areas where you can complete quests, find rare items and Pokémon, etc CREDITS: https://pastebin.com/raw/ESciac22
  8. Get ready to jump for a new pokemon adventure in BANREL. Collect 8 gym badges and challenge the pokemon league. Meet different trainers.....catch lots of pokemons. But be aware of the evil team Trident....make up your way to legendary Angelien. Visit different cities. Challenge your rivals. Help many peoples, and defeat the evil trident army. Make your self the very best like no one ever was. Solve various puzzles and make your way to your dreams. A new and expensive region, 'Banrel' 8 Gyms, Elite Four + Champion A custom dex of Pokemon from Earlier generations+Exclusive Banrelian Pokemons! An intriguing, climactic story with new, original characters New custom regional forms/variants including: Dark/Fire Arcanine, Psychic/Water Swanna and more Quests (Including optional side-quests) The ability to see ALL encounters in that area from your menu Purely GBA-Themed, with Gen 3 Styled textures,music and many new, custom remixes The Battle Tower! (Our version of the Battle Frontier) Download: https://sweeto.itch.io/pokemon-angelsdemon And https://www.pokemoner.com/2020/08/pokemon-angels.html MORE FEATURES + SCREENSHOTS Mystery Gifts! MANY Easter eggs Evil team- Team Trident Professor- Professor Avinia Champion- Hector No Z-Moves or Gigantamax Many side, optional areas where you can complete quests, find rare items and Pokémon, etc New Legendaries and New pokemons and a brand new adventure!! Try it now new update 7 Quote
  9. Hi all, As title says, i've been lurking on these forums since a couple of years. I stumbled on Pokemon Reborn by chance and felt right trough the rabbit hole. Also played Pokemon Rejuvenation, and just like Reborn it's truly awesome. Now unemployed, i got the feeling i'll spend way too much time on this games and I though I might as well join in. I hope you can forgive my poor writing skills, English is not my native langage !
  10. Just to add a level of challenge, I started the game off by inserting an OC trainer of mine into the game- someone who has rules built in to provide a challenge. It certainly has made the game hard in some aspects, but just like each gym, I adapt and overcome what lies ahead. I will not go into more details unless you want to know more. Don't want to potentially distract from introductions. Anyways, I have played pokemon ever since it first came out in red and blue- dedicated of it enough as I kid to where I got an honest to hearts event mew from back in the Gameboy era- where we had to go to stores they were featured at personally... Poor pokemon never made it past that version. But it did help to wipe the floor in pokemon stadium 1 and 2. Ah... good times. Nowadays... I always consider myself a more casual individual- not really trying too hard, never into pvps with how competitive people can get as a whole. Even in terms of goals in life, I am looking more to live a simple life. No marriage so far, nothing fancy or expensive. Just living life the best I can without the trimmings. And yet I always tend to gravitate toward coop games all the same, as I like helping/working with others. Always feels more rewarding with the accomplishments by comparison to alone. Along with general rpgs. Then this game came along while I was on furlough. I was interested in a pokemon fan game after playing some insurgence. My little bro played it and certainly had some frustrating moments- even some rage whenever Kecleon is mentioned in general. XD Found a shiny and wants to keep it imprisoned in the box. So I went in expecting a challenge... Then I struggled and had to retry the first gym numerous times... Crits aside, I couldn't blame the game, only myself for my defeats. And when I finally managed to pull a win, it was satisfying... Although now I cannot call myself casual with how I have been handling things moving forward. And yet I have not grown tired or annoyed with this game, only determined. As for where I am currently at now, I have 14 badges and moving forward from there. Enjoying the characters (Some I want to bury into the ground,) the story, and how the decisions make a difference. Always keeps me interested of what might happen next. Sadly I have returned to my job for a week now, so I cannot enjoy reborn as I once did. But I am still making steady progress moving forward, making decisions some would call me insane on, and yet worked out quite well. Hope to hear back from you all, and I hope this game continues to be awesome.
  11. So I haven’t played in a while and decided to start over. Going through again is fun but I’ve recently taken to always using a Volcarona in any Pokémon game as I guess it’s my signature and favorite Pokémon(I always name it Lavos after Chrono Trigger Boss). Anyway, only few hours in and got a cute shiny caterpie Lv. 3. It’s not much but if anyone would be kind enough to trade with me for a larvesta I’d be more than happy.
  12. My name is Yoshikage Kira. I'm 33 years old. My house is in the northeast section of Morioh, where all the villas are, and I am not married. I work as an employee for the Kame Yu department stores, and I get home every day by 8 PM at the latest. I don't smoke, but I occasionally drink. I'm in bed by 11 PM, and make sure I get eight hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a glass of warm milk and doing about twenty minutes of stretches before going to bed, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning. Just like a baby, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I was told there were no issues at my last check-up. I'm trying to explain that I'm a person who wishes to live a very quiet life. I take care not to trouble myself with any enemies, like winning and losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night. That is how I deal with society, and I know that is what brings me happiness. Although, if I were to fight I wouldn't lose to anyone. In all seriousness however, I am a 9th grader, who just wants a Pokemon game that challenges the player, and reborn is perfect for that.
  13. Senstar


    I just stumbled upon this game so I was wondering whether it's completed
  14. Hello, Looking for an alolan vulpix with the hidden ability hail, I would really really appreciate it if someone could trade me one!! I didn't get her for my mystery egg and I really want to play with one (read that the earliest you can catch it is around level 50s). Thank you so so much!! I have not progressed very far into the game yet so I don't really have much up for trade (joltik, pachirisu are the 50% i got if you like), so sorry about that
  15. Ok so I've just been told that in this new trailer of Pokémon sword and shield A rift gyarados has been ffin stolen from rejuv, I laughed not taking it seriously but guess what DAMN IS THAT NOT OUR LIL FRIEND RIFTGYARA, WITH THOSE CUTE PINKY CLOUDS. First thought was of how a great lawsuit would it be for Jan to protect his ideas, but of course then Nintendo would just erase this whole community, so in the end just wanted to share this moment with you guys. Peace
  16. Hey everyone!! I've been playing pokemon reborn for a couple years now but haven't really been on the forums much so here I am to introduce myself! My (in game name is Takashi1) based off my middle name. I am 22 (it's actually my birthday today haha!!) and live in California. I love Pokemon Reborn because shit actually goes down in this game. It has all of the awesome features nintendo puts in their games but without all the bs little kid/family friendly kind of theme where your rival and everyone else is a pushover. In this game the battles are intense and everyone else pushes you to become better because you actually have an emotional attachment and drive to beat their *ss. I have played pokemon since gen 3 (although I have played blue version as well) and played literally every game since then including all the mystery dungeon ones (aside from pkmn ranger and the let's go series). Very, very well made game and I love all of the online features and unique battles this game has to offer. Looking forward tot he rest of the tms and hopefully a good amount of the mega stones! Also, on a side note will there be any plans for double battles in online play, @Amethyst?
  17. Hello Everyone, I'm new here. I know I'm late to the party in terms of Pokemon Reborn's development progress. I wish I was here in the game's early stages. Well, I'm here now and have been getting into Pokemon Reborn lately, and hope to finish Episode 18 before the final update, if I have the time. I might even do Pokemon videos about this game, considering that it's possibly the best Pokemon fan-made game I have ever played. In the meantime, howdy folks!
  18. Hello there! I'm a new user of the forum... but not a new player of this wonderful game! I just realized that I wasn't yet subscribed! To all the developers and what-not working on this game: you are doing an amazing work! Keep it strong! cya~~ \o/
  19. Hello everyone, Resident warnguy Alistair is here to introduce a new type of warning: the aptly named Evasion Assistance! As you may know, users who have reached a certain warning points threshold can be muted on Reborn's discord server for a period of time, or banned from the community. From now on, posting screenshots of muted/banned users' messages will be considered as helping them evade the WP system's consequences, and will therefore be penalized appropriately. All the important things to know about this new warning: It is worth 1 WP, lasts 90 days, and belongs to the Minor warnings category. It is given to the user who reposts messages, not the muted user themselves. Warnings would splash to the muted user themselves only if clear consent to repost messages in the community can be proven, in which case these actions fall under deliberate mute evasion. Users posting screenshots from other users are still accountable for the content of those messages, including any derogatory, sexual, disrespectful, or otherwise unacceptable content. As a result they may also incur warnings for their own account despite not being the original author. Thank you for understanding, and have a nice day or night!
  20. “If someone like me could do that, go around helping people who are in trouble, then I think that would be... truly wonderful.” - Madoka Kaname Apparently someone heard you, Madoka! Due to her remarkable work in the Pokémon Reborn and Rejuvenation-related subforums as well as her general involvement with the community, walpurgis has been noticed by senpai the auth team, and it is now my great honor to formally introduce her as our newest staff member! Please give her a warm welcome~ Congratulations walpurgis! As Papyrus would say...
  21. Hiya! I’m new here, so I’m gonna introduce myself. I’m BandorKitty. I’ve been playing Pokémon for most of my life. It’s been a little over a year since I last played an official Pokémon game, due to various things happening in my life that involve “becoming an adult” and university and stuff like that. When Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon came out, after a year of living a life that’s completely different to what I’m used to, I didn’t really have any drive to buy it. First Pokémon game I haven’t yet owned :/ . But I got bored on my break and remembered this game that I had tucked away in the ravines of my brain (discovered it around 2 years ago), and decided to give it a try. I started playing Reborn just before the E17 public release, and I have to say, thank you for re-igniting my passion for Pokémon. I just beat Serra and I’m really invested in this story. Maybe when I finish this episode I’ll go out and buy a copy of Ultra Sun to keep me busy until the next one! So, yeah, that’s my story. Thanks for reading! I guess if you’ve read this far you’d be interested to hear a bit about me. I’m an Aussie girl, will be 21 by the time the month rolls over. In my spare time I mostly play games, watch anime, and listen/play/cover/arrange music. I’ll listen to any genre, but my favourite type of music has to be Vocaloid. I guess that’s one other thing I’m really passionate about ^_^. I also love animals, so I’m currently trying to get into the vet program at my university. Even if that doesn’t work out, I’ve got my foot in the door to some other similar professions. I have two cats (whom inspired my “online handle”, so to speak) and three birds, and I love them all very much. One is a talking budgie! XD. I don’t see them much lately since I’m studying away from home, but it’s always great when I get to come home and have cuddle times with them So anyway, once again, thank you for reading! I look forward to meeting other people on here. Keep on truckin’
  22. Hey guys and just sayin what's up since I just joined but I'm really excited to play a game with full time since ill be free the next couple of days lol. Ill be trying my drawing hand at this game since it looks so pretty and everything.
  23. So i am back from the abyss since i've been told E17 is out! Which is awesome! The bad news is that i had to format my computer not so long ago and i lost pretty much everything... Including my Pokémon Reborn files (I'll miss the last squad i had, THE MOST fun i've ever had in this game was with those guys). So, since i have no other option that starting from 0... Do you guys have any suggestions? Did the things change enough to make it worth it start again? Are the new Pokémon all in late game as usual? I don't need to know much... A yes or no would be enough... And as for the starter, i already don't know what to pick... As always... So feel free to let know what you think about E17 without spoiling much! Hahah! And let me know what would be a fun run to do! Thank you in advance for taking your time.
  24. As i was wondertrading i came across a couple mons that their pokeballs were like the reborn symbol.Does anyone know where i can buy them?
  25. For anyone looking to create or update their own pokemon game, I have a large quantity of new/updated items, moves, abilities, pokemon evolutions, gameplay mechanics, and concepts for you to use. These are all meticulously balanced effects designed to fix current problems and overhaul the pokemon gameplay experience. Below are just a few examples of my ideas. Feel free to PM me or comment if you are interested in more. Consider me in any future projects you undertake and I would be glad to discuss my ideas with you. General: Freeze: Frozen Pokemon have their Special Attack halved and have a 25% chance each turn to be fully frozen, and thus unable to take action. (this synthesizes the pre-existing burn and paralysis effects and makes freeze much more interactive) Day Care: Currently, the Day Care automatically teaches your pokemon every new move they learn by level up and replaces old moves without the player's consent. This is very annoying, and can cause your pokemon to forget valuable moves you didn't want them to forget. Now, when you take a pokemon back from the Day Care, the Day Care Lady will prompt you by telling you that your pokemon has learned new moves in her care. You may then decide all at once what new moves you want to teach your pokemon after you take them out of the Day Care. Overgrow/Blaze/Torrent & Pressure: Removed from all starters and replaced with abilities that give each starter more of a unique identity (in addition to other balance changes for starters). Also replaced pressure on a number of legendaries, as well as reworking many legendaries to give them a more unique identity. Updated Items: Focus Band: Holder takes x.75 damage, but only when hard switching directly into an attack, or x.5 damage if the holder is below half HP. Grip Claw: Holder deals x1.3 damage to trapped pokemon. Wave Incense: Holder takes x.8 damage from neutrally-effective attacks. New Items: Terrain Boots: Holder is immune to entry hazards. Master Belt: Holder's Non-STAB moves deal x1.3 damage. Pure Herb: (Consumable) Fully heals the holder and cures their status after they use a 4th unique move without switching out. Updated Abilities: Symbiosis: After the user faints, heals the next pokemon switched in by 1/4th of the max HP of the fainted pokemon (applies before entry hazards). Anger Point: Raises the user's Critical Hit Ratio by 1 stage when an opponent uses a status (non-attacking) move. Unnerve: Makes the opponent unable to use any held consumable item and also prevents them from eating leftovers. New Abilities: Relentless: User damages pokemon switching out for 1/8th of their max HP (rapidash, primeape, dodrio, etc). Indomitable: User takes x.5 damage from moves with a base power of 100 or more (tyranitar, aggron, bastiodon, etc). Buzzkill: If user faints, resets all of the opponent's stat boosts (pinsir, wigglytuff, golduck, etc). Updated Moves: Razor Wind: Now flying-type and executes in one turn. Worry Seed: Now becomes an entry hazard that changes the ability of every pokemon switching in to insomnia (does not affect grass-types). Vicegrip: now 80 base power and traps opponents. Aqua Ring: Now heals the active pokemon by 1/8th of their max HP at the end of each turn. Lasts for 5 turns. Aurora Beam: Now 50 power, 90 accuracy, special; has a 70% chance to raise the user's Special Attack one stage. New Moves: Shock Treatment: electric-type, 80 power, 100 accuracy, physical; suppresses the opponent's ability. Cannonball: steel-type, 60 power, 90 accuracy, special; replaces the opponent's held item with an Iron Ball (or gives them one if not holding an item). Rejuvenate: fairy-type, status; heals a non-active party pokemon by a flat amount equal to 1/3rd of the user's max HP. Pestilence: bug-type, 120 power, 100 accuracy, special; reduces the user's Special Attack and Special Defense by 1 stage after use. Necromancy: ghost-type, x power, 100 accuracy, special; x = 27 multiplied by the number of fainted pokemon in your party. New Pokemon Evolutions: Parastrain: (use dusk stone on parasect) Bug/Dark with Poison Heal/Effect Spore/Damp 75 HP, 115 ATK, 85 DEF, 80 Sp. ATK, 85 Sp. DEF, 40 SPE 480 BST Rumbell: (use shiny stone on Chimecho) Psychic/Electric with Levitate 95 HP, 60 ATK, 90 DEF, 105 Sp. ATK, 100 Sp. DEF, 80 SPE 530 BST Philosiphowl: (from Noctowl at level 40) Psychic/Flying with Insomnia/Keen Eye/Tinted Lens 110 HP, 55 ATK, 71 DEF, 94 Sp. ATK, 106 Sp. DEF, 81 SPE 517 BST Previous Pokemon Changes: Luxray becomes Electric/Dark and has its Special Attack and Speed switched. Dragonite becomes Seraphair, complete with new art patterned after Dragonair, becomes pure dragon-type, and gets Cloud Nine instead of Inner Focus. Wailord gets multiscale instead of water veil, evolves at level 50 instead of 40, and both Wailmer and Wailord gain +15 Speed. New Field Effects: #--------------------------- Imperial Palace [IP] --------------------------------# "All hail her Imperial Majesty..." * Embargo lasts 8 turns * Frisk lowers the opponent's Accuracy * Imprison and Pursuit deal Super-effective damage to Dark types * Track Down does 1/4th Max HP (from 1/8th) * Pokemon with Overcoat take x.75 damage from neutrally-effective attacks * Battle Armor raises both Defense and Sp. Defense on switch-in * Items cannot be stolen * Foul Play always fails * Stockpile heals for 1/8th Max HP * Substitute and Swords Dance have Priority +1 * Entrainment makes the target's ability Truant * Frustration always hits with max power * Torment additionally damages the opponent at the end of each turn for 1/6th of their Max HP * King's Shield protects against status * Beggar's Cup and Leftovers items are confiscated * Heal Order restores 66% Max HP (from 50%) * Harsh Rod's damage becomes x1.5 (from x1.3) * Guillotine becomes a 100 power, 100 acc physical Steel type move with a high Critical Hit Ratio * Pokemon with Serene Grace and Queenly Majesty deal x1.25 and x1.5 damage, respectively * Infiltrator, Magician, and Illusion increases Evasion on switch-in * These moves increase in base power x1.25: * Take Down Punishment Assurance Judgment Noble Roar Attack Order Round Uproar Sacred Sword Secret Sword Saber Strike * These moves increase in base power x1.5: Pursuit Power Trip Rage * These moves increase in base power x2: Pay Day Imprison Justice Hammer Disarming Voice * The accuracy of these moves becomes 100: Take Down Cut-in-Two Light of Ruin Saber Strike * The following moves' and abilities' stat-changing effect is amplified: * Competitive Defiant Captivate Justified Defend Order Confide Leer Iron Defense Riot Shield Barrier * Nature Power becomes Sacred Sword * Camouflage changes the user's type to Steel * Secret Power may lower Attack
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