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  1. i consider it an honor and a privilege to be the 164st commenter. unfortunately for everyone, these crest ideas are the best. you just can't do better than this lemme tell ya. magikarp crest: magikarp can leap over mountains. splash is now a 250BP move that always paralyzes (due to the shock of being hit by a fish at mach 4.) grimmsnarl crest: takes ur kneecaps g-weezing crest: gives your character sprite a top hat a-eggy crest: makes all pokemon on the field have a long neck deliberd crest: each use of present gives you 2000P. happy birthday! g-meowth crest: using payday summons Smauououoaouuauouag from LotR who then takes your money and incinerates the field cresselia crest: hacks GF's servers to permanently change cresselia's name to "crestselia" darkrai crest: upon equipping, loads up pokemon desolation in the background gyarados crest: makes gyarados water/dragon like it fuckin should be sunkern crest: gets +6 in all stats upon entering battle. there will be no survivors. primarina crest: upon equip, changes all in-game music to Adele. "WE COULD'VE HAD IT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALL" tropius crest: tropius now also grows oranges hydreigon crest: gives hydreigon a fourth head metagross crest: the X on metagross changes to a V and metagross can now use V-create mega-ray crest: dragon ascent becomes dragon descent- rayquaza becomes ground/dragon and can only use dig regice/rock/steel/gigas crest: with a full team of crested regis, they all fuze together to great a giant megazord (is that what it's called) landorus crest: makes landorus stop existing garchomp crest: kills you magneton crest: erases your hard drive slowking crest: changes slowking's name to slowqueen. plays "we will (kings) rock you" on repeat simisage/sear/pour crest: plays a random short from the Donkey Kong TV Show after every move ninetales crest: gives ninetales a 10th tail aegislash crest: you now wield aegislash. if aegislash is shiny, Link now wields aegislash polteageist crest: now also serves coffee g-max eternatus crest: changes form to master hand. you are now playing Super Smash Brothers sobble crest: through the power of tears, turns the field underwater. this field cannot be changed. miltank crest: HE NEEDS SOME MILK throh crest: attacks now throw mario at your opponent draco/arctofish/zolt crest: swaps the top and bottom of the opponent's pokemon giratina crest: makes giratina a giraffe snom crest: snom now wields aegislash stonjourner crest: grants +6 culture and centers the world map eiscue crest: gives eiscue 4 customizable hair styles sirfetch'd crest: aegislash now wields sirfetch'd wooloo crest: rolls away malamar crest: flips the game screen upside down. using topsy turvy spins the screen a random number of times. incineroar crest: deal 50% bonus damage to pokemon that are not in smash keldeo crest: keldeo is now friends with grass, and takes neutral damage from it cryogonal crest: deals additional scaling bonus damage based on your high score in Super Hexagon klink crest: deals double damage in Gearen City escavalier crest: implements the weapon triangle: all sword based moves have 10 less BP and 10% less accuracy. all attacks against sword-based pokemon have 10 more BP and 10% more accuracy emolga crest: cinccino crest: cinccino now wears each scarf you have in your bag. it's very fashionable. mesprit crest: adds an "i" into its own name so it spells "mespirit" which is correct togekiss crest: your opponent can no longer attack shaymin crest: punts posty ambipom crest: automatically uses helping hand each turn budew crest: good choice. you win the game. bidoof crest: displays a random prequel meme at the start of each turn jirachi crest: spoils the ending of reborn wynaut crest: asks the opponent "why not". if the opponent does not respond, gain one extra turn. glalie crest: kecleon crest: inverts color change. when using a move, become a random type that resists the move you just used lunatone crest: becomes Lunala solrock crest: falls to ground, does not become solgaleo. go to jail (that was @Kin9ofparadise's and i think it's great) wailord crest: splash now has an effect depending on the field. uses any combination of surf, earthquake, avalanche, or rock slide as appropriate delcatty crest: normalize now works like type-mummy. anything that makes contact with delcatty is now a normal type. shedinja crest: you now take super effective damage from all moves permanently upon receiving this crest. get some better strats, dum dum pelipper crest: pelipper opens its mouth to reveal dory. dory's fluency in whale summons wailord, who attacks twice with crest effect. pelipper has no other moves. ludicolo crest: recieve a special item from the spinda cafe! quagsire crest: battle ends cuz everyone's just vibin mewtwo crest: spilts into two mews. the fight is now in doubles. snorlax crest: all the opponent's attacks are ineffective unless they use a poke flute porygon crest: at the end of the turn, porygon disappears and is never seen again chansey crest: egg bomb throws an entire a-eggy at the opponent. lickitung crest: lick now has a base power of 120 and the effect of wrap. mlem. politoed crest: summons the power of the mystic mungus gengar crest: animates gengar's sprite like in pokemon stadium seel crest: gives you the 14th gym badge slowpoke crest: all attacks now work like future sight where they do damage in three turns unown crest: hidden power now hits 5 times, with the 2-5th times being of a random type ho-oh crest: alternate form- changes its name to "ho-ho!" and attacks with an army of stantler. ducklett crest: steals your opponent's item. all sound based moves flinch your opponent. diglett crest: diglett is now able to learn all kick-based moves available via move tutor. oddish crest: attacks do double damage if you live in a place where marijuana is legalized sandshrew crest: dig now hits twice in a single turn pikachu crest: you are now worth $103 billion. arbok/ekans crest: your player name is now spelled backwards pidgeot crest: your first move is replaced with judgement and always deals super-effective damage kakuna/metapod/silcoon/cascoon crest: harden now also applies endure. squirtle crest: your opponent is now on fire. they are dying, squirtle. zacian/zazamenta crest: zacian/zazamenta can now learn fling. fling has a base power of 1000 and hits both opponents. there is also a small black and blue imp on their back. barraskewda crest: every arrow in the game is now replaced with barraskewda's pokemon menu sprite. cinderace crest: all sound effects are replaced by the sonorous, relaxing tones of a vuvuzela stakataka crest: begins a game of jenga with your opponent kartana crest: folds your computer into a paper crane cosmoem crest: cosmoem now his its own field of gravity. gravity is always in effect. dying to physical damage results in the opponent being hit by black hole eclipse bruxish crest: bruxish's teeth now sparkle. this crest is sponsored by Crest comfey crest: you and your opponent exchange friendship bracelets. the battle ends in a draw. ribombee crest: streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch gumshoos crest: no one really understands what you are or what you're doing. avalugg crest: hitting a steel type changes the field to underwater aurorus crest: aurorus now learns aurora veil and power gem come on gamefreak what the fuck it's right in the name morpeko crest: you are worth $103 billion dollars in monopoly money. florges crest: florges now also has grass stab, and its speed doubles in sunlight. unfezant crest: unfezant becomes staraptor. breloom crest: kicks you from the discord server meloetta crest: seriously just let me use melo virizion crest: you now get 5 bars of cell signal, regardless of location cofagrigus crest: mummy now turns the attacking pokemon into cofagrigus phione crest: turns phione into manaphy probopass crest: adds disguise to probopass's abilities. pokemon that use thief/covet gain disguise and have groucho marx glasses added to their sprite. ok. all crests are done. you're welcome, florida. (ideas that might actually be useful are italicized) bonus crests: seaking crest: the wrath of poseidon is called to rain down death upon your enemies. instant OHKO to mons weak to water. meganium crest: the disrespect has finally trigged a powerful rage that buffs attack and special attack each time meganium is hit by a move. there is no limit to this. each stage over +6 adds 50% more to the relevant stat. hitmontop crest: the accuracy of all hitmontop's moves is either set to 100% or 0% depending on whether you think the ending of inception is a dream or not. you are not told which is which. popplio crest: popplio receives the signature attack "boop", which renders the opponent unable to attack for one turn. sharpedo crest: sharpedo now explodes if an opponent makes contact. luxray crest: luxray is now a dark type, and the AI now thinks you're 50% faster than you actually are. (i always think luxray is faster than it actually is. that's the joke.) alcremie/swirlix crest: the opponent's biting attacks now heal hp. cramorant crest: the cry of all flying pokemon in the game is replaced with the "moip" sound from finding nemo sudowoodo crest: sudowoodo becomes an actual cut tree that only tells lies. pupitar crest: in true bug evolution fashion, makes harden the only move pupitar can use ampharos crest: beep beep you're a sheep. (getting this one is really fuckin hard) q-rem crest: gives ice types rights gardevoir crest: makes you a significant character in your favorite pokemon fangame omanyte crest: once per battle, transform into arceus greninja crest: turns greninja into yoshi. tongue based attacks add a random pokemon egg to your inventory alolan raichu: using the move "surf" instantly wins the battle oricorio crest: when fighting a ghost pokemon, dance moves will result in all active pokemon doing moves from Thriller dialga crest: a random PMD song is now stuck in your head. you will never get it out. (and sky tower is now stuck in mine. fuck.) dratini crest: the boss is pleased. you now inherit the "family business". hatterene crest: all events in the game have a chance to be interrupted with a violent vibe check blaziken crest: your attack always goes last grovyle crest: absorb's base power becomes 80. opponents who lose to you in battle are sent to the slateport pokemon center. arcanine crest: F scizor crest: all your attacks are 4x more effective against kartana kartana crest 2: all your attacks are 4x more effective against roggenrola roggenrola crest: your name is really dumb. all game dialogue takes 20% longer to progress through because characters have to stilfle their laughter. boldore crest: all your attacks are 4x more effective against scizor tauros crest: Your balancing powers will be put to the test today when your desire to fight conflicts with your need to plan. You might be even more indecisive than usual as a result of this internal tension. Be aware of time and the restrictions that it puts on you. Devise a plan that uses your energy in the most efficient way possible. It's especially important for you to think before you act. flareon crest: allows flareon to learn solarbeam furret crest: furret gains the ability long reach murkrow crest: murkrow faints three turns after entering the battle girafarig crest: turns girafarig into giratina qwilfish crest: just keep keepin it real, man alomomola crest: upon entering battle, you hear a bidoof in the distance scream in horror. kricketune crest: instantly defeat the second gym leader glaceon crest: i like you. spiritomb crest: after running from your past, it finally catches up to you. take 100 points of psychic damage. you know what you did. gurdurr crest: if you are playing stakataka jenga, you can cheat. krookodile crest: all your attacks are super effective against monkey-based pokemon. scraggy/scrafty crest: you have deep pockets. all uses of fling hit twice, and fling does not consume an item. zoroark crest: if illusion is broken by an attack that makes contact, the attacker takes 1/6th recoil damage for cutting themselves on dat edge
  2. can meloetta have a crest where i get one on my team
  3. Hey happy birthday Cass 😄, i really hope you'll have a wonderful day ❤️🎂

  4. good to know! i'll make a point to post more of them.
  5. hey now don't get me wrapped up in this i barely know what this is either
  6. hi. i wanna talk about this first. you have no idea how frustrating it is to write up a big post about when e19 is going to be released only to have someone ask if it's going to be released. if you checked my comment, you would see that that's why it was locked. it is really difficult to overstate quite how completely disgusted i'd be with anyone who review-bombed starlight because it delayed e19. on top of being petty and selfish (as in the oft referenced SwSh case), reborn is free. a bunch of people have put a lot of time and effort into reborn because they like the game and want to make it better. this would basically be a slap in the face to all of them. we want more time to make the game better, among, like, all the other reasons.
  7. i made an informative chart to help you with this problem.
  8. i uh ok that's enough comments are locked
  9. serious post. it's been a bit over a year since i wrote the post announcing postgame. it's been about two years since e18 came out. people have been wondering things like "is the game dead?" and "where's e19?". while these sorts of questions tend to be a little annoying when asked reasonably near an episode's release date, we've reached a time when they become appropriate, legitimate questions. so let's talk about what's going on. the biggest thing is starlight. for those of you who do not know, ame is currently also working on Starlight Divide, a tRPG that will be her next game after reborn is done. she is developing it entirely from scratch. development for it began basically right after the story for e19 was finished/functional and it has been continuing pretty much since then. developing from scratch is hard. fangame development has a few advantages in that the mechanics have been laid out by gamefreak (for better or for worse) and essentials offers a base set of tools to build games from (for better or for worse). in no way does this imply that developing quality content is easy, but it is still fairly simple to pick up some tools and get going. starlight does not have that. after being worked on for a year, it has almost approached the point of being playable. and then there's an entire game that needs to be made on top of it. the reason starlight is an issue for e19 is because of timing. the original plan for development was something like: e19m -> starlight -> starlight demo release -> e19p -> e19 release. (i use e19m as shorthand for the main story and e19p as shorthand for postgame.) this order was decided for a lot of reasons. there's general reborn burnout, ame wanted to start a new project, hiding from the big N (hi reggy thx 4 ur mercy), it provides some amount of project continuity, among other things. this order was decided a year ago. i'll just straight-up say that, in hindsight, this was a mistake. i don't think we were expecting the demo to take so long, nor did we account for the development pressure of working on two games concurrently. not releasing new content for two years is a bit anxiety-provoking. at this point, the starlight demo is probably going to be finished first, so realizing that the development plan was a mistake isn't going to result in it changing. this is basically just an explanation for why things have taken so long. i also want to talk about progress bars. i've noticed that a lot of discussions about development (and this would also apply to rejuv and deso a bit as well) will occasionally include a mention of "the game is at X% and that means [something]!" in reborn's case, the thing that it "means" is that the game has hovered around 52% completion for a while and thus there has been no development on the game. that is not even remotely true. to be fair, i suspect that the people who assume there has been no development are also not reading anything i say here (including this! fuck.), but it also says something about what people think when they see the numbers on the little sidebar over there. ---> the progress bar numbers are made up. (by me, i should add.) the point of the progress bars is to offer a condensed look at what we've done and what we plan to do. the X% of the bottom is there to give some kind of impression of what the overall progress looks like. I sure don't fuckin know what the overall progress looks like. the progress bars are basically calculated by me looking at various aspects of the game and going "eh, sure, this can be 3% of the total!" and then adding up all those shitty guesses i'm making. the problem then is that the bars are structured around what we expect to be working on- which usually involves game content. none of those guesses involved MKXP, or the massive, ridiculous amounts of code cleanup we've been doing. that number probably isn't even going to move until the starlight demo come out since ame tends to work on the game content. there's more stuff that we're planning to do in the future that i also already know won't be represented in the progress bars. the X% at the bottom is practically lying to you. because of this, it's tempting to pull the bars down until reborn development picks up. in their current state, they're kind of a pain in the ass for everyone: i have to keep them up to date, they put pressure on the development team to overwork since there's a lot of stuff to do, and it makes everyone watching them impatient for the next release. (in fact, i think i just convinced myself that taking them down is a good idea and should probably be done.) we know that there's a lot of people hyped up for e19, and so I really want to make it clear that we will be playing everything regarding its development completely straight. when development picks up again I will tell you. when we're going to start testing soon I will tell you. when we're planning to do a community release I will tell you. (or, well, someone will. i've taken point on a lot of this lately but it won't necessarily be me.) so, in the interests of transparency... gen 8 i hope i don't regret this marcello wants to do it and i don't. that's the short version. the real version is a lot more complicated. will it be in e19? it is highly likely no. it'd involved redoing a lot of work that's been done on the game since e18 (much of which was done by me, hence my bias) and i think it'd be really putting way too much pressure on development/testing to implement it across the whole game. it'd also add on a lot of extra dev time to a release that is already massive. i say it's "highly likely no" because there are circumstances under which this may change, such as the current development slowdown stretching into next year and, thus, allowing some time for us to get everything implemented. the DLC may also influence this. will it come out after e19? maybe! it's still way too soon to talk about what happens after e19 since a lot can change between now and then, but I don't think there'd be any reason to avoid a DLC-esque update after the game is done. there's some other stuff we may want to do then, too (hard mode, maybe). i feel like there's more that I need to say... but i'm basically out of things to say. in short, don't panic. we're working on it.
  10. s'all good. something that's kinda been on my to-do list for a while is to get a more functional FAQ put together now that we have the new engine/other helpful tools.
  11. the appimage file is an executable. run it.
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