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  1. they're all 31IV and full EV spreads. the exception to this is the serra/rado fight, which has a few mons with lower IVs.
  2. they are not nature locked, you're just unlucky
  3. andracass


    just the imagery- your mon summons up a swarm of weasels and throws them at the opponent
  4. andracass


    i'll let santa know you're getting coal this year
  5. andracass


    dude are you okay
  6. andracass


    and all of those buizels are riding an yveltal which is, itself, summoning more buizels
  7. andracass


    this is terrifying they would have too much power
  8. andracass


    update: it's azery. azery is the mole person.
  9. andracass


    wow. really feel like the author is grasping here. post has the flow of someone clumsily explaining a joke. 0/10 did not release e19
  10. wow it has been nearly 6 months from my last post. well, if you're new here: hi, i'm cass. i get mad at the scripts. sometimes i even post about it! lately, though, i have not. grad school kinda showed up and kicked my ass, and the two primary things i've been working on are suuuuuper big and not ready for prime-time. those two things are a rewrite of the AI and a more organized method of handling field effects. the AI isn't ready because the AI has like 40000 lines of code and if i think about that for too long i lose my will to work, and the field effects aren't ready because the f
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