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  1. *puts on hazmat suit okay, we can look into that
  2. hi also. if you've been following this thread then you might notice that there are some things hidden. stuff got a little bit off topic/out of hand. i like how ame is in the picture because he has no idea what's coming
  3. her garchomp uses the field really well. first, the physical/special split change weakens your team pretty significantly- gallade loses some STAB, alolatales loses dark pulse and dazzling gleam, noivern loses boomburst. the type effectiveness changes also helps it a lot: dragon hits it neutrally, fairy is normal type, and its ice weakness is mitigated by its assault vest, which also gives it infinite draco meteors at full power. i'd suggest maybe a pokemon with knock off to get rid of its vest (https://www.serebii.net/attackdex-sm/knockoff.shtml) a little more ice coverage would also do you some good. i'd also say, in general, that iron tail on noivern basically wastes a moveslot. flamethrower would probably be more useful there (though not necessarily for this fight in particular) edo's idea is also pretty good. it might also be worth swapping out meowstic if you do that.
  4. andracass

    LOL random XD

    here! also added this to the post
  5. this sounds like how wondertrade dies
  6. it is the room that has the starters
  7. we actually thought we fixed that. essentials sucks.
  8. hey everyone! so we know that y'all out there (and, frankly, us in here) have been having a rough time lately due to the massive social upheaval brought on by the corona virus. and we thought we'd do a little something that could help y'all get through it. a while back, we mentioned that we made a randomizer for e19. we've decided to turn it into a patch and release it now! you can grab it here! To Install: Unzip the patch and drop the files into the data folder of your game folder. You'll have to overwrite the files that are currently there. and that's it! just talk to the NPC in the starter room to turn the randomizer on. this way, you can still play the game normally on the same installation. Hope you all enjoy! Download link: http://rebornevo.com/downloads/RebornRandomizer.zip (also, for all intents and purposes, issues with the randomizer are considered "quirks" for funsies)
  9. andracass

    LOL random XD

    omg you're right i actually did not realize i did that this is so much more boring now they won't, unfortunately- it's not- the shift is the same for all of them
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