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  1. there's a battle where i managed to work in every single all-adjacent hitting move it makes sense in context
  2. anyone who claims to know the release date is lying to you but i think that march would be nice. well, postgame is technically optional.
  3. ooh me me i wanna test

    1. Dreamy


      lets see if replies set it off too

    2. Dreamy


      guess not.

      (ily cass)

  4. can't believe we got the rights to furretwalk.mp4
  5. andracass

    v13 and MKXP

    there is a mac version! try it
  6. andracass

    v13 and MKXP

    you should be able to go to your save folder on windows, copy your save file, and drop it into the folder on mac.
  7. i wish. ame doesn't like that game
  8. andracass

    v13 and MKXP

    idk. joiplay isn't my problem.
  9. so here's the thing, right i'm not here to say that you're wrong. the system isn't the most effective. i'm here to say that this is not worth dedicating an essay to. for one thing, this is optional content. moreover, and i think this this is what some of the others here are saying, the extent that the system is inconvenient is not worth a dissertation. some quests involve excessive backtracking. it's frustrating that you can only take one quest at a time. progression is occasionally unclear. there we go! i summed up your entire post in one line. you're sitting out here arguing like there's a case that has to be made and that the person who has to make it is you. i am, i suppose, one of your so-called "superfans" (which, from my perspective, seems to just be someone who enjoys the game, but i digress) and i have misgivings about the current system. you can enjoy things while acknowledging that they are not perfect! as i said already, we already had plans to work on this, but they were pushed back because we haven't released anything in ages and really just needed to put something out. there's a lot of noise in this thread and none of it is worth the time. the system isn't perfect; it is incorrect to say otherwise. however, to say that it kills the entire game and puts the content on a level akin to sonic 06 is equally incorrect.
  10. i rarely state that i'm certain about things but i'm 100% sure that's not what those are.
  11. so, like, i don't want to tell you that you wasted your time on this, but updating the quest system is something that was pushed out to v13.5. that said, i'd still like to congratulate you for taking a molehill and turning it into mount everest. i'm with this comment.
  12. you know, maybe dev blogs were a mistake.
  13. hi! we're still here. still going. i don't want to write a post though, so take some pics and have a nice day
  14. andracass

    v13 and MKXP

    no idea. i haven't heard much about this happening before, so it might be a specific issue with your computer
  15. andracass

    v13 and MKXP

    https://sourceforge.net/projects/geminieditor/ the scripts are compressed text files in a ruby array, and this basically just unpacks them. we're considering going to external scripts, though, in which case you can just use whatever text editor you want to view them.
  16. andracass

    v13 and MKXP

    yup! you can just play on a mac. unfortunately it hasn't been tested a whole lot, but in theory it'll work fine. if you can run either of the other versions, you're fine. this is going to depend on how we ship the game out. they'll be editable somehow, though. (also i'd recommend using gemini or a similar program. the rmxp script editor is awful)
  17. andracass

    v13 and MKXP

    okay, so, if you zoomed out slightly on that image you'd see my name on it so that's awkward! but my entire post here is basically an explainer on how this didn't work out; hardware requirements are higher than i originally anticipated due to circumstances that are not in my control
  18. andracass

    v13 and MKXP

    this is still something that may still be able to be fixed without major purchases but, also, I'm sorry things worked out like this.
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