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  1. nope, the quest for it starts in labradorra
  2. yeah i think this would only piss people off you'd have to be stuck with that team for the whole e4
  3. no please report it here if you want to take a better peek at the code, we basically run off of this: https://github.com/inori-z/mkxp-z because i don't really have any idea what's going on here.
  4. so i tried this out and it seems to work fine for both exes. i am confused. granted, the fonts look janky, but, like, that's minor.
  5. so i actually don't know for a fact that it isn't compatible with game.exe might be worth a test?
  6. you'd need to install all of the fonts. the game uses other fonts for the text that looks bad.
  7. i only finished it and put it out a few weeks ago. this is the first time i've heard of this bug.
  8. struggle is busted. we haven't had a chance to fix that yet.
  9. then i'm not sure that there's a fix for this
  10. please try replacing the file.
  11. i don't actually own a mac but anyway. if you open up the reborn app itself and get to this folder: Pokemon Reborn.app\Contents\Resources there should be a file called MKXP.json try replacing it with the one i've attached and see if it works mkxp.json
  12. ..............huh. your computer is definitely not so old that it can't run 18.3... but it is definitely acting like it is. my guess for this is that you're missing some opengl drivers? but i'm not exactly the most knowledgeable about mac hardware, though. maybe see if those can be updated somehow?
  13. hi! so, first, what the fuck. what mac do you have?
  14. interesting. we'll have to take a peek at that
  15. there's an option for it through the debug menu
  16. you can eject all the text in the game and then go through line-by-line and manually translate it
  17. a fuckload of time probably also rmxp -actually i recall there being a tool out there somewhere that made translations slightly easier.
  18. i feel like we should've expected this. locking this thread down too. please learn to read.
  19. brb gonna go not be real

  20. 18.2 native mac app does not exist. you are running 18.3. the mac version only works because all the Win32API calls have workarounds in place. fontinstaller in particular shouldn't even be used because MKXP uses an entirely different method to install. this leads me to believe that you're running the wrong scripts/version somehow.
  21. you are really asking a lot from a game that just came back from the dead
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