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  1. depends on how much i want ame to commit die
  2. who's ready for a five year testing period
  3. i'm not really planning to change teams a whole lot; partially because it preserves a kind of in-game "canon", partially because rebuilding teams would be a huge amount of extra work, and partially because y'all are out there doing your thing and i don't want to encroach on that. also, new chart update!
  4. you mean, of course, gen 173
  5. hard maybe for late game, probably yes for postgame. battle tower's gotta have some kind of prizes.
  6. same my general guideline for lite is that it should be more nuzlockable
  7. update! fixed some omissions and added notes for meteor bases and followers
  8. uhhhhh idk? i don't actually play difficulty mods, so that'll probably be worked out in testing? er, well, i guess i did intense rejuv. idk? frankly, reborn dark is still somewhat limited because i'm not designing the teams based on the difficulty but rather the difficulty based on the team but there's some gray area there.
  9. i mean it'd sure be cool right but no; when i first put it in, the transparency was messed up, and it just kinda....took on the colors of the background i didn't feel like fixing it, so i just put in the shiny
  10. i feel kinda bad about it since we're still far from a release....................... right that one there are some decision branches that i've never really seen so i don't know them too well
  11. why would we get rid of regular
  12. it has been pointed out that the first aster/eclipse fight is missing aster's sprite. would someone please grant me death.
  13. i made an edit right after i posted and didn't want it there :C
  14. to continue our blitz of devblog posts, imma talk about difficulty modes. but first, I would like to present you with this: this is a chronologically organized list of every major battle up until e18. if you think it looks cool now, wait until the e19 stuff gets added. this was inspired by me trying to edit trainer pbs data while having absolutely no idea where/when you'd fight people who appear more than once. it's nice if you want a quick reference for when/where you fight people throughout the game. i'll probably add more data in as i need it, but for now it's just a neat little v1.0 version of a nice reference banner. but this came about as i was working on difficulty modes! which were another thing i just...suddenly decided to do a few days ago. some people tend to have a hard time with reborn. other people think it's too easy. i am really going to try and make both of those groups happy. details are kind of scarce at the moment, but i can at least talk about the general idea behind them. the easier mode (which i've taken to calling reborn lite) is effectively your standard reborn playthrough but with a little bit more leeway with how you play. trainer levels aren't quite so high. their IVs aren't quite so good. you aren't quite so money starved. it will still be significantly harder than a canon playthrough, but if you're particularly in it for the story, lite mode should help smooth over some of those harder fights. the harder mode (which ame cheekily called reborn dark) is the standard reborn experience but with the difficulty knob broken off. it basically takes the rate at which things like IVs, EVs, etc are added and pushes it way forward, adding in some additional bullshit when you get to the late game. i really want to emphasize that regardless of the difficulty, the game isn't really changing: team composition is staying largely the same, with any modifications being minor at best. the difficulty changes are more about how hard the game pushes back, rather than what the game pushes you with. i've also been working for, like, 11 hours today and feel like i'm just rambling. if you have questions, ask 'em. gosh, this post wasn't even funny. what am i doing out here. hi also i edited the pic up there with an updated version
  15. i am actually mr. gameshark creator of gamefreak and saphira has a special power that changes all of the numbers in your life to 173 all of them
  16. ugh it's ifunny but https://ifunny.co/video/they-tryna-be-IFJqi6NN7
  17. hold on let me check something *flips through notes *flips through a complete log of everything ever said on the internet *flips through a compendium of all recorded thoughts in human history huh, i don't think anyone's ever said that before.
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