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Found 8 results

  1. Pokemon Reborn E18 Following Mod "WIP" If this date is more recent then when you downloaded this mod it means it got a fix. 18:08 14.07.2019: https://mega.nz/#!P8cRAKgJ!0RwtDbQ7wRihwQy6cD3XVablguwkAH3_emzgO-hhWYI This is the complete folder you can start the game from it and continue your save. It works the same as the old E17 mod. You can trigger the event at any nures circle through the pokemon pressing "A" and dissable at the silver hair NPC in every PokeCenter. Completly based on his work!!!!!! I did nothing but little things to make it work for E18. Credits go to him and his team: Help to improve: This is also marked as WIP because I did not check every PC or healing station for bugs. Especialy if you die and respawn. If you find any healing station that makes your game crash after fainting please report to me, in this topic, which PC or healing station made you crash so I can fix it. Problems: -The orphanage Event does cause you to get stuck so please disable your follower before entering the Orphanage in Lapis Ward. -There also might be problems in scenarios where you team up with an NPC. But the Commander is working on that! -Talking to you following Pokemon causes a second event with an espeon to trigger. If you just press No, nothing will happen and you can play just fine. If you click yes you just have to click again to continue play just fine. FIXED Also please know that english is not my main language. Im open for every correction regarding spelling and grammer. Hope I did nothing wrong :c
  2. Once upon a time, there was a simple fan of Pokemon Reborn named Lord Chespin. One day, he discovered that another fan, named Commander, had created a mod of Pokemon Reborn called Pokemon Reborn Redux, which made the game harder and added additional subplots. Amazed by the effort, Lord Chespin decided he wanted to give back to the community in the same way. Around the same time, Lord Chespin discovered a mod for Pokemon Showdown called Cool Funky Mode, which changed several mechanics, rebalanced several Pokemon, and made the game more interesting in general. With these two mods fresh in his mind, Lord Chespin knew what he had to do. And so, after two years of on-again off-again work, I, Lord Chespin, introduce you to... POKEMON REBORN: COOL FUNKY MODE So, what does this mod entail? This mod is a mechanics overhaul mod. If you've ever played a Drayano hack like Pokemon Volt White / Blaze Black or Pokemon Sacred Gold / Storm Silver, you know what to expect. If not, let me break down some of the changes: - Buffing Underwhelming Pokemon! Pokemon like Castform, Silvally, Luvdisc, and Kricketune are actually useful now! - Buffing Underwhelming Moves! Multi-hit Poison Sting? Dual Chop never misses? 10,000,000-Volt Thunderbolt and Catastropika are regular moves and not Z-Moves? All this and more! - Buffing Underwhelming Abilities! Ice Body works like Flame Body but with Freezing! Clear Body prevents self-inflicted stat drops as well! Rock Head additionally boosts the critical-hit ratio of all recoil moves! Why the heck not?! - Buffing Underwhelming Mechanics in General! Paralysis is returned to its pre-Gen 7 speed reduction! Hail additionally weakens Water- and Fire-type moves! Regular Poison is actually viable, as Toxic Spikes isn't a thing anymore! - Restricting Common Polarizing Moves! Tired of Toxic, Scald, and Stealth Rock being spammed everywhere? Then look no further! - INTRINSIC LEVITATION! This is the big one! If a Pokemon is physically shown to be levitating or flying, it doesn't need Levitate to avoid Ground-type moves! While some Ground-type moves like Drill Run can still hit levitating Pokemon, they can only hit for Neutral damage or less! About 99% of the changes can be found here: http://cancerfairy.weebly.com/ (Yes I am aware of the website's title, it's named after the mod's creator, Papa Cancer; he didn't mean to be offensive) Additionally, we've got some other stuff, too! - A New Subplot! Join the CFM League, an offshoot of the Reborn League, and work with its quirky staff to unravel the new mechanics! - New Events! Wynaut with an exclusive move before the first Gym? Chinchou before Shelly? Sure, why not! - New Sidequests! Recruit every single member of Corey's team, for example! - Gym Leader Rematches! Track down special CDs to take another swing at Gym Leaders! - Three Different Possible Battles per Leader! Ripped straight from Inspired by Pokemon Reborn Redux! Choose from a Singles, Doubles, or Masters battle, and get special rewards for beating the Masters battle! Pictures: Download Link: And One Last Thing: And, uh, that's all, I guess. If you enjoyed the mod, just comment below, and thank you for taking time out of your day to humor me!
  3. So basically, I love this game to death. I've played it countless times all using my own little twists on how to play it. Recently though, I've been getting a lot more complicated on how I play now, even as far as to go into essentials and buff really bad mons, and even already good mons (mostly gym leader pokes) to make the game harder for myself. Now, all of this has got me thinking if anyone else does stuff like this too if they know how, or if anyone would be interested in a mod that does this? just adding strikethroughs here because im lazy and dont feel like rewriting the post lol So first i guess i should ask if im even allowed to do this and release it here on the forums, because i have no idea. And second, If everything works out and I'm allowed to do this, the game is gonna be heavily modded with EVERY mon having some sort of buff, meaning that a lot of things are gonna be overpowered... But if EVERYTHING is broken, isnt it balanced? I find a lot of fun in that, but others may not, they may just see it as really dumb... Which is why im making this post to see if people want it So basically this mod will be: *Heavily modded, every mon is "broken", along with moveset buffs, ability changes/improvements, stat buffs, type changes and maybe changes to evolution methods (basically every mon will have AT LEAST a BST of 550-600+) *Will be pretty difficult, I would put this on the same level as Reborn Hardcore if not even harder. If you don't like this git gud I'm likely going to make this compatible with Sandbox mode, so you can choose how difficult you want you run to be.. By cheating! *Update to Gen 7. *A ton of new encounters, basically reworked the entire encounter list *Legendary Mode: A mode thats basically just there to show off the legendaries I edited by putting you against them in battle in various spots throughout the game, all part of a game-long event I cooked up. Will be completely optional at the start of the game. *Will include/be compatible with most if not all current Reborn Mods (Reborn Hardcore will likely come after the official release because it will be insanely time consuming, basically remaking the entire trainer list which will take a few weeks if not more) *There will be a seperate download for a Randomized version, complete with a custom PBS so that trainers dont have weird items and EV's on random pokemon. *If I get permission from Jan, there might eventually be a port to Rejuvenation, including everything listed above! And if anyone is worried about online functionality, it wont work with any mons that have been edited like this, although i might just break the functions for online just in case so i dont get in trouble or something lol. Edit: So i guess i didnt really think of how long its gonna take to go through ~700 pokemon and tweak each and every one of them... Im only up to Spearow so far lmao. SO. If you would like to help in creating the mons, please PM me with a mon that you have buffed =3 I'll add your forum name to the credits list when the mod is done! Preferably in this format example: Pokemon: Venusaur Stats: 102/82/115/127/125/90 hp atk def spa spd spe Abilities: Regenerator/Chlorophyll (You dont have to give the mon a new ability if its abilities already fit it well) New Level-Up Move Suggestions: Sludge, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb And yes, this is actually the Venusaur I've already edited so YAY SPOILERS! Although, i guess i should spoil something every now and then so people know what they are getting into... This is what every mon is gonna be capable of lmao. But please, if you do submit something make sure it makes at least some sense. I dont wanna see a 250 speed Sceptile just because its fast lol. im saving that for ninjask Also, please try not to make things that are just in another league of broken... Basically if its not a legendary and its BST is over 750, you're doing something wrong ^This is all done WOOO That being said, I'm not normally a fan of NPC's using legendaries, but I think maybe in this mod it would be more acceptable for a few late game NPC's to have a legendary... For example: (e16 spoiler) In Pokemon Rejuvenation a few late game NPC's have legends on intense mode, and i feel like it actually fit well due to the games difficulty, and i feel like it will fit here too because i have a feeling this is going to be the hardest reborn hack just based on the starters ive done and the ideas ive gotten so far... lol. But yeah, please give me some feedback if you like these ideas. I'm mostly doing this for my own playthrough but if im gonna put this on the forums when im done with it, I wanna make sure im not being an idiot or something xD.
  4. I used the walk through walls mod by Aironfaar and went up too many waterfalls, ended up crashing the game and when I reloaded I was stuck walking through things. Pls help... This is my file: Game.rxdata
  5. Hello Everyone! These music packs aim to add variety to battle music for significant trainers in Reborn and Rejuvenation by giving each of them their own unique and fitting 'Theme' Some of you may know of Jasper Fox's custom battle theme pack for Reborn, but as Jasper has now left the forums indefinitely, I've taken the role of keeping the pack maintained and updates, as well as creating a version for Rejuvenation! 13/8/19 Update: Rejuvenation Pack Updated to V12 Lots of shuffling since the old V10 version, a slightly lighter pack Installation Instructions: Once you have downloaded one of the packs, just merge the 'audio' and 'data' folders with the corresponding ones in the game files, and allow trainertypes.dat to be overwritten when you do so. Simple as that! (don't get the two packs mixed up though!) (Sidenote: If installing a rejuvenation patch too, install this after the patch) Download Links: Reborn E18 Pack: Download Link Rejuvenation V12 Pack: Download Link If you have any feedback or find any problems, post them below and I'll do my best to address them. Trainer Themes (Reborn): Trainer Themes (Rejuvanation):
  6. Pokemon Revuvenation V12"WIP" If this date is more recent then when you downloaded this mod it means it got a fix. 18:56 14.07.2019: https://mega.nz/#!Dg9GkYqb!ri-W7BC1fWK9Ox2DCq1BLjABrCQejllHrgbQd3gSASY This is the complete folder you can start the game from it and continue your save. It works the same as the old V9 mod. You can trigger the event at any nures or Healing Machine, circle through the Pokemon with "A" and dissable it at any silver hair NPC in every PokeCenter. Completly based on his work!!!!!! I did nothing but little things to make it work for V12. Credits go to him and his team: Help to improve: This is also marked as WIP because I did not check every PC or healing station for bugs. Especialy if you die and respawn. If you find any healing station that makes your game crash after fainting please report to me, in this topic, which PC or healing station made you crash so I can fix it. Im also on discord. Problems: Non known to me right now. Also please know that english is not my main language. Im open for every correction regarding spelling and grammer. Hope I did nothing wrong :c
  7. Note: This topic is available in both English and German, as permitted by andracass. If you want to say something about this project in German however, please do it via a PM. (PM = Private Message) Hinweis: Dieses Thema ist auf English und Deutsch verfügbar, so wie es von andracass erlaubt wurde. Solltest du etwas über dieses Projekt aber auf Deutsch sagen wollen, so tue dies bitte über eine PM. (PM = Privatnachricht) English/ Englisch: German/ Deutsch:
  8. Byxbysion Ward "In memory of what this place was, so that it may never be again." a content addition mod by AiedailEclipsed In the Episode 16 release of Reborn, we see Reborn City brought up from its previously squalid conditions and into a bright and shining new era. Well. Most of Reborn City. Arguably the area most physically affected by the machinations of Team Meteor -- inadvertently at that, -- is the Byxbysion Wasteland. It is a festering pit of filth and toxic waste, unable to provide refuge or home to most city residents in a time when they need it most. And during the player's absence and subsequent return to the city, many surely thought that we might see a restored Byxbysion area. Unfortunately, no -- during the development period, Ame did contemplate giving Byxbysion a fresh coat of paint (read: completely and totally gut the place and start over) like the rest of the city, but the effort required would likely have drastically pushed back the release date even further. We can see nods towards in-game acknowledgement that the Byxbysion area is the next major project to be undertaken in restoring the city, but it likely wouldn't be something that we could ever actually get to see. Well, I decided to change that. What this mod aims to do To put it simply, I aim to add in the Byxbysion Ward mentioned within the game's files. I plan to do this very, very carefully so that it could hopefully be able to be "dropped" into any current Reborn game and picked up without noticing any in-game weirdness or conflicting with the core Reborn game information. In order to do this, I've "set aside" the last 25 maps that can be created in an RPG Maker XP game in order to avoid conflicts with the core Reborn game for as long as possible (if it may ever happen). In addition, any events that will be created will be leaps after the current Reborn switches and variables. I'm hoping to minimize my impact on the core game as much as possible, in respect for what Ame has created, while adding my own flair and creating an experience congruent with the world it inhabits. I will also only be utilizing previously existing Reborn assets (minor edits to those not withstanding). What this mod will NOT do This mod will not add encounters of any kind that would happen before the "canon" location is available to you (ie, you won't be able to find a Scyther in the tall grass or through a gifted encounter). Further along those lines, you won't be able to find or buy items that would otherwise be inaccessible to you within the limits of the current canon game. Frequently Asked Questions Screenshots Click here to follow along with development snapshots arranged by date! Progress Report Change Log
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