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  1. Pokemon Radiation Reborn Pokemon Uranium Mod Hello everyone! It is time! Pokemon Radiation Reborn, a Pokemon Uranium mod for Pokemon Reborn, updated to Episode 19! Implementations: ALL Pokemon Uranium Fakemon (From Orchynx to Zephy) Pokemon Uranium moves, abilities and items Changes to various Trainer battles, like Gym Leaders The iconic Nuclear Type with nuclear Altforms of Pokemon and Move Tutors New Field effect = Fallout! Generation 8 Pokemon and Legends Arceus Pokemon (New and Hisuian Forms) Gigantamax made into Mega Evolutions with Mega Stones Edit: Added Eeveelutions to the mod with additional nuclear forms Nuclear Altforms: Inspired by the incredible idea of Bluetowels mod Plates of Arceus, I intend to add addtional nuclear forms of Pokemon out of all Generations to the mod! Around 20 Pokemon per Generation will be implemented over time Pokemon up to Generation 6 are done as of now You get an item that can nuclearize specific Pokemon (Energycore, Peridot Ward) Nuclearized Pokemon have their second type changed to Nuclear / get the additional Nuclear type Nuclearized will NOT be able to breed (They can as of now, but there may be issues with them, so better avoid it!) Pokemon that can Mega Evolve can do so by using Fusionreactor as Mega Stone Important Sidenote For E18 Enjoyer: This mod is a standalone mod this time, so BlueTowels mod is not linked and cannot be combined with this mod! Be careful when using old E18 save files with this mod! They might corrupt mostly due to items (Pokemon SHOULD be fine)! Please consider taking a look into the Excel file (that also comes with the Download)! All locations of pokemon, items, NPCs, events, are listed there! Also a thorough explanation of how to create your nuclear altforms is in there too! ########### Known issues ############################################################## This mod is by far not done yet, there might be more bugs / issues so please save often and be careful! Also please report them here! No egg sprites (team icons) for generation 8 pokemon yet. Fusionreactor (Mega Stone for Nuclear forms) can be used with non-nuclear forms of pokemon that can mega evolve. -> Please avoid using it on non-nuclear forms! #################################################################################### Save Compatibility: All save files of the original game are compatible and should show no issues. However, don't use save files of this mod for an unmodded game version! Do NOT use the save files of this mod for an unmodded version or other mods! Corruption and crashes will be imminent Mod Compatibility (not yet tested with Episode 19): SWMs Modular Modpack Aironfaar's Mod Box mostly Not compatible with Pokemon Reborn Sandbox mod. Not compatibSWMs Modular Modple with BlueTowels Plates of Arceus mod. Not compatible with Memeborn or Pokemon Reborn Redux. ---- Downloads & Installation Pokemon Radiation Guide: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1miPQpxFWHLenZOB5SeIB-De_0mv41Xgw/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=117014621059890777493&rtpof=true&sd=true Full download Episode 19.16: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18iVsi7X7dF_Cb2LZoOf33vLZqbjWpVRR/view?usp=sharing Patch download Episode 19.16 (drag and drop, replace files): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mF806H_vOzBiG4X79bex5lG_KPfY-63e/view?usp=sharing PBS Files for personal use: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16cX77ULHy5bS3rjiBfe1jQjZ-euTMQRR/view?usp=sharing Credits (contact me for missing names, they are all appreciated): Bug Report: Please report all bugs you can find related to abilities, move incompatibility, crashes etc. in the comment section or by contacting me in the Reborn Discord in #Reborn-Mods Channel Have fun!
  2. This mod extends the NG+ capabilities newly introduced in Reborn E19 to some of the game's other puzzles, allowing players to skip said puzzles if they have a save file that has already completed them. Skippable Puzzles: Download (v2.0): Extended NG+ Handling Mod v2.0.zip Installation: Download the above folder and unzip, then copy the "Data" folder into your base Reborn folder, overwriting files when necessary. I highly recommend making a backup of the old .rxdata files in case something goes wrong or you no longer want to use the mod; a list of the files and their functions is in the "info.txt" file included in the download. As of v2.0, the mod has been updated to no longer require a modified version of the System.rxdata file originally needed for the mod to function. For v1.0 users, a copy of the unmodified file has been provided for your convenience; however, keeping the old file should not affect gameplay. System.rxdata To check that you've got everything set up properly, a white shard has been placed in the Grand Hall that should show up if the appropriate files have been added to the game. Additional troubleshooting tips have been added to the "info.txt" file in the download; if those don't work, feel free to ask here. Changelog:
  3. Hello, Reborn! Long time no see. When EP19 comes out I will release a mod that re-balances every Pokemon, move and ability in the game. While the changes I've made here are made to be enjoyable by everyone, the primary intent is to provide a better and more interesting Nuzlocke experience. The PBS editing is already complete, and the files are included below. Note that not everything is functional as of yet, and almost all abilities + some moves still work as they do in the vanilla game, because the scripts have to be edited in the e19 script itself (when it comes out) to work, which is more complicated than simply replacing the PBS files. This is still a work in progress and subject to many changes. Please give your thoughts and suggestions! The goals are as follows: 1) Slightly improve weak Pokemon and weaken some stronger ones. Pokemon are NOT created equal, but each is worth considering for the point at the game it is obtainable. 2) Buff weak abilities and nerf strong abilities to make nearly every ability worth considering. Almost every Pokemon gets 3 abilities, all of them worth considering. 3) Buff underused and niche moves to add more versatility in viable move pools. This is primarily done by buffing signature moves and turning useless status moves into damaging moves with their usual effects as side effects. 3b: Add some important egg moves to the mons' standard move learn pool. 4) Nerf cheese tactics and a few types of annoying randomness. 5) Add more sources of conditional damage reduction, accuracy boosting, and critical hit avoidance. 6) Slightly buff early-game moves to provide a crutch for the first few chapters. 7) Bring the starter choices closer together in terms of power, especially early-game. 8) Add a bunch of unused type combinations to the game, and ensure that mons with the same type fulfill different functions. 9) Replace freezing with Frostbite, which no longer blocks actions but instead functions like Burn, dealing damage over time and lowering Special Attack. 10) Reduce the power of set-up sweeps by drastically lowering the PP of set-up moves. 11) Make some Quality of Life changes that speed up the game and reduce the need for grinding. FULL CHANGELOG Quick reference for Pokemon type changes: Ability Changes (In-game tooltips now include numbers wherever possible: DMG is Damage bonus, DR is Damage Reduction.) Moves Changes: Full List of Changes to Pokemon -Mega forms are not affected by stat changes (I hope) -Mons that get new types will also learn some new TM + tutor moves of that type. -If a move is replaced, it is almost always available through either the Move Relearner or as an Egg Move. Item Changes You will receive an EXP.Share along with your Pokedex. The following items cost $100 and are available at most shops to reduce time spent grinding: Common Candy, Rare Candy, HPUP, Protein, Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Carbos. Other changes Slightly recolors some type icons for better consistency and aesthetics. New Old In-game look Old New movetext.rb montext.rb
  4. Descarga/Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18v5jM6x-7hwjfNEeuZIXrRjfJK5S7i-i/view?usp=sharing Español/Spanish: Inglés/English:
  5. I don't have the patience to breed a whole team of perfects for the lvl 45 poison gym- my gardevoir took all day and still isn't enough to win with. On top of that, my friend wonder traded 3 perfect IV starters. I've gotta beat him or I'll be shamed for life. Is there a mod for a crappy macbook that'll just make wild encounters/bred pokemon max IV or let me edit my IVs/EVs? Shinies are also appreciated ;)
  6. You ever see a strength boulder and thought, "Man, I really wish that was my character." No? Well, I'm sure someone did at some point So have this shitty mod that turns Lucia into a strength boulder and gives it animations If I missed any icons related to her, whatever. Oh, and the icon isn't changed, because i didn't feel like it mattered enough. Because there is zero way you are making it that far as a strength boulder https://drive.google.com/file/d/1i4NoH5SjnJlJQkM1ZslQj7fvpiGMld6K/view?usp=sharing Yeah I have no idea how to make an installer, srry :/ You're gonna have to do some manual ctrl+c ctrl+v stuff Just follow the instructions in the txt file included
  7. Hello ! Being a big fan of double battles (rain team ), I wanted to find a mod to transform Reborn in the Colosseum way (i love this game), to only do double battles. Unfortunately, the ones I found are outdated, not working, or buggy. That's why I decided to make my own files ! Here are some screens to show you what it looks like ! Forces double battles against trainers. No clone, or invisible pokemon. Does not cause a crash when a trainer only has one pokemon. 2v1 when he has only one pokemon. Spawn two wild pokemon at once, in normal wild encounters, without a partner by your side. Send two pokemon too. Partners will still work (like that idiot Fern or that handicap that is Julia :/ ). 2 versions of my mod are available. - The "standard" version will change all fights to 2v2. - The "password" version will leave them in 1v1 by default, but you can turn on the double mode against trainers as you wish, via the "double" and "db" passwords. You will need data ships (you can use debug mode to buy some, or wait for 7th street.) The password does not change wild encounters, which will remain 2v2. Installation mode 1 - Go to your "Pokemon Reborn" folder. 2 - Copy your "scripts" folder to keep a backup version. 3 - Download the "DBE" folder you want (either the standard or the password). DBE - Standard version - By Vilrose.rarDBE - Password version - By Vilrose.rar 4 - Unzip the folder. 5 - Transfer its contents into your "scripts" folder. 6 - Enjoy ! Don't forget to drop a like on the forum and to give your feedback ! I hope you like it as much as I do ! Advice : You can use the password "double" or "db" of the password version, and disable double mode for a boss fight. Since in some boss fights (Garchomp for example), these only have one pokemon, this will keep the difficulty high in the game. For a super fun experience, you can also use the in-game password "pulse2". Opposing Pokemon will have 252 evs and 31ivs in all stats. It compensates for some temporary facilities brought by the double battle mode. Be careful, with "pulse2" and 2v2 enabled, some leaders are going to be very hard to defeat, even if they are initially 1v1 leaders. Some, like Serra, get stronger in 2v2. (Well, I used a rain team against her though, not the best matchup if you ask me.) Note that I am not a developer, let alone a pro with Essential, and that this work took me hours of hard work to understand how it works, find solutions, do tests... I did a lot of tests to correct the many bugs I encountered, but it is possible that there are still some. Do not hesitate to give me your feedback, and to ask your questions. Have a good game ! Vil'
  8. I welcome you guys back to Dankjuv, where the zany Team Crafting comes to life. GET A FRESH SAVE FOR THIS, I DON'T WANT TO BRICK YOUR CURRENT VERSIONS. THANKS! Anyways, I'll be brief and let the Google Doc and Sheet do the talking, with a hint of PBS. All the info you need is there. With that I'll link everything you need. Thank you and have a good night/day. I would like to note I wrote the changelog with varying states of mind and at varying times of day, so I would like to apologize for the scrambling writing styles I've used in the docs. Thank you for playing! Alpha 2 Part 2 will have all the moves I'm making. (No New Megas or Formes or Custom mons for either part) Dankjuv PBS Files.zip
  9. A mod to remove Pokemon disobedience. With this pokemon will always obbey you no matter what level they are. The current version of this mod is compatible with Pokemon Reborn 19.16 Installation: It's recommended to backup the 2 files beein replaced/your scripts folder before installing this mod. Copy all files (except readme.txt) into the Scripts folder. Compatibility: Not compatible with any mod that modifies PokeBattle_Battle.rb or PokemonUtilities.rb. Download: 19.16: https://keinniemand.com/index.php/s/YYmqsnBj3baP37D Old Versions
  10. HELLO AND WELCOME TO GYM'S MOD EMPOREUM IF YOU USE MODS YOU MAY BREAK THE GAME (updated for version 13.0.5) Current Mods: Time Control Today is every day no registered speedups other mods: If you were using my AutoSpeedup Mod (it is in the mod pack), please redownload it. A bug caused new wild pokemon you caught to not appear in your box. - strangely enough, this wasn't caused by my code at all, and the same bug would occur if you copy and pasted the pokeBattle_Battle.rb file into your mods folder. Fellow modders beware! Make sure you are only including class, modules, and functions you are actually modifying. HOW TO INSTALL: 1. Extract the mod (auto speedup used as an example) 2. navigate inside the folder named after the mod 3. Drag and drop the "Data" folder into your "Rejuvination - v13" folder. 4. Double check that you now have a "Mods" folder in your data folder to ensure it is installed correctly 5. Restart your game (your computer if you are using a mac) 6. Enjoy! (that is an order!) Time Control This mod adds a new menu into your cyber nav that lets you set the time of day. I have not tested this with every cutscene so be careful. Default will set you back onto your normal clock. ClockControl.zip Today is Every Day Did you know there are certain events that require it to be a specific day of the week? What if it was always that day of the week? Well look no further! This has not been fully tested. It shouldn't break anything but you have been warned. TodayEveryday.zip No Registered Speedups When you press left alt, it speed ups the game and activates your f3 registered item. This mod stops the speed up part I can guarantee this won't cause any bugs in the game. In fact this mod may be removed later because it might get implemented, or it's reasoning otherwise made pointless. BoundKeySpeedup.zip MOD PACK! This installs all mods listed here and the battle speedup mod on my other page. THIS DOESN'T INCLUDE DEBUG. You will have to install that separately. I hope you enjoy! and more mods to come! I will make them as I have time to. Currently looking at a mod that allows you to skip all non shiny and non new wild encounters. You just can't put a price on convenience. GymsModPack.zip (updated due to having an incorrect file)
  11. Hello, my first post here. I just created an account to share a small mod I made for sorting the Pokemon in your PC. After installing it you will have a new Option in your PC "Sort PC", which allows you to choose how to sort your pokemon. The following options currently exist: Species (Pokedex ID and secondary Level) Name (Name Alphabetically and secondary Level) Level (Level and secondary Pokedex ID) IV Total (IV Total and secondary Pokedex ID) Item (Item ID and secondary Pokedex ID - useful for quickly finding all pokemon with items, they will be in your last box) An additional feature is that if you leave a box completely empty, it won't sort the next boxes, so for example if you want to keep your legendaries separately you can just put them in box 49-50 and only the rest of the boxes will be sorted (provided that you don't have any pokemon in box 48). To install it, just like the other script mods, just copy paste to <RebornFolder>/Data/Mods. Have fun! SortPC.rb
  12. So, I wanted to make a mod for Pokemon Reborn. I would it call the Metronome Infinity Mod, where every battle, every Pokemon, can only have Metronome. But I need some help to make this, can someone please help me?
  13. So, I've been doing a fair bit of online battling in Reborn, and at some point, it became too tedious for me to debug in every individual Pokemon for all those teams. Which is why I made this mod for lazy people which makes it possible to port over teams from the Pokemon Showdown team builder more or less directly into your Reborn game. The mod should be compatible with both the Game and Game-z versions of Reborn. Download: ShowdownImport.rb How it works: - Put the file into your Mods folder. If you don't have a Mods folder yet, go into the Data folder of your game, and create a new folder called "Mods". - Make a team on Showdown, then click the Import / Export button to get the team in text form. - Create a new text file, paste your team into it and save it in your Reborn folder as "import.txt" - Open your pause menu and select the "Import Team" option. You will now receive all the Pokemon your text file defines. However, since the way Showdown and Reborn handle some aspects of Pokemon are pretty different, there's a few things you have to keep in mind when creating your team. If you don't follow these restrictions, your game is most likely going to crash without importing the team, so try to avoid them. What not to do: - These are the things your Pokemon needs to have to be accepted by the Importer: An item, an ability, a nature, EVs and four moves. Everything else is optional but will still be accepted (Level, Gender, Shininess etc.). - If your Pokemon has a changeable form (Mega evolution, Silvally forms, Rotom forms), do not put the specific form into your team, but rather the base form. (Silvally-Psychic becomes Silvally, Alakazam-Mega becomes Alakazam, etc.). Alolan forms however work fine, and the same thing applies to unchangeable forms that have a notable effect on the Pokemon (which is just Lycanroc so far). These can be kept in their alternate form without issue. - Specifying a type for Hidden Power does not work at the moment. Just leave it on automatic type and set the IVs for the Hidden Power you want. - Certain items exist in Showdown but not in Reborn and vice versa. You can still keep them in your team, but they will be changed upon importing: - Electric Seed becomes Synthetic Seed - Grassy Seed becomes Telluric Seed - Misty Seed becomes Magical Seed - Psychic Seed becomes Elemental Seed - Terrain Extender becomes Amplifield Rock Some other quirks of the Importer: - Happiness is set to max automatically. - Importing Z-Crystals will not give you an error, but the imported Z-Crystal will not work. Instead, you need to apply them from the bag like usual. If you get an error message while importing your team, make sure that your text file follows the rules above. If it doesn't, you can send me the error message and text file you were trying to import and I can try and figure out what went wrong. Also, this mod is most likely not going to interact well with other mods that modify the pause menu, so if the "Import Team" option doesn't show up at all, make sure you don't have another mod in the folder that changes the pause menu screen in some way. Update: Alolan forms should work again, High Jump Kick can now be imported properly.
  14. Pokémon Reborn - Looping Battle Music Mod Being the bored person that I am, after having played through the main portion of episode 19 and some of the post-game, I have decided to update my looping battle music mod for episode 19! About This mod, as the name implies, makes the battle music in Pokémon Reborn loop - and not in the same way it already does, starting from the start of the file, no, it makes it loop based on a set looping point. This essentially means that you should no longer notice the point at which the music reaches its end, however, due to some of the music used in Reborn not having a clear point where it is supposed to loop, transistions might still not be 100% smooth on all battle music but I tried my best to make it as seamless as possible. Because of there no longer being any need for the music looping within the audio file, the combined file size of these files went down from ~120MB to ~80MB. This reduction could be even higher but I decided to keep additional loops on music files that have slight differences on their second or third loop whenever possible. Since Reborn's engine already supports looping audio natively and all audio files are in the .ogg format now, this mod only contains audio files to replace the old ones. Installation In order to install the mod, you need to download and extract the .zip file into your Pokémon Reborn folder. Your computer should then ask if you want to replace files of the same name. Click on yes (for all) and the installation is done! Compatibility & Bugs This mod should be compatible with any other mods that do not change the audio files or substantially alter how the game's audio engine works (which should be no other mods!). Regarding bugs, well, it is just music files so there should not be any. Download
  15. The title's pretty self-explanatory; it's a reborn mod where you now have the option to hug people in the nightclub. Download (v1.1): Map827.rxdata Installation: Download the attached map file, then copy it into the Data folder, overwriting the old nightclub map file when necessary (maybe make a copy of the old file in case you want to get rid of the mod for some reason). Features: This mod gives the player the ability to hug several characters as part of their idle dialogues in the nightclub. Note that idle dialogues are random, so you may have to talk to them several times before the option comes up, and they also have to be present in the nightclub for you to be able to hug them. Also, idle dialogue only occurs if all other (non-idle) dialogue options have been exhausted, so may not appear immediately. Characters Included: (contains postgame spoilers regarding the status of certain characters) Changelog: I am currently taking feature requests, so if you have characters you want to hug, just ask! I'm also considering adding the option to hug characters to other parts of the game when I get the time to do so.
  16. Note: This topic is available in both English and German, as permitted by andracass. If you want to say something about this project in German however, please do it via a PM. (PM = Private Message) Hinweis: Dieses Thema ist auf English und Deutsch verfügbar, so wie es von andracass erlaubt wurde. Solltest du etwas über dieses Projekt aber auf Deutsch sagen wollen, so tue dies bitte über eine PM. (PM = Privatnachricht) English/ Englisch: German/ Deutsch:
  17. YOOOOOOO Made this modpack from most of the best works from the composer Hiroyuki Sawano, that is best known for music for games and shows such as Xenoblade Chronicles X, Attack on Titan and Gundam! Was kinda hard to make and put together, but most soundtracks are changed out! The pack changes out overworld music and battle themes. Not something I will keep working on, unless it gets popular by a miracle! Installation Instructions: Put files in correct folders - Files sorted in the correct folders in the music pack Remember to read READ ME file! -- DOWNLOAD LINKS -- Hiroyuki Sawano Music pack: Download link
  18. IF YOU USE DEBUG MODE YOU MAY BREAK THE GAME (updated for version 13.0.5) Please use debug mode responsibly and do not report bugs if you are using it. It is very easy to break the game and your save while using debug mode, you have been warned. Debug mode is not recommended for first time players. If you were using my AutoSpeedup Mod, please redownload it. A bug caused new wild pokemon you caught to not appear in your box. - strangely enough, this wasn't caused by my code at all, and the same bug would occur if you copy and pasted the pokeBattle_Battle.rb file into your mods folder. Fellow modders beware! Make sure you are only including class, modules, and functions you are actually modifying. IF YOU ARE USING MAC YOU MAY NEED TO RESTART YOUR COMPUTER Note: the opening animation isn't sped up. I will be looking to see if I can auto speed up those animations (as well as when using HMs) in the future. Have fun and be nice to the devs. They have enough bug reports to work through, they don't need false ones caused by people monkeying around in debug. I posted this shortly after launch in the discord and decided I should probably post it here. Have fun everyone! HOW TO INSTALL: 1. Extract the mod (auto speedup used as an example) 2. navigate inside the folder named after the mod 3. Drag and drop the "Data" folder into your "Rejuvination - v13" folder. 4. Double check that you now have a "Mods" folder in your data folder to ensure it is installed correctly 5. Restart your game (your computer if you are using a mac) 6. Enjoy! (that is an order!) v13.0.5 Debug: Debug.zip Auto Speed-up: (updated due to including the wrong file) AutoBattleSpeedup.zip I have made more mods! Check them out (like my fix for the left alt speedup):
  19. Ever wanted quicker, easier, and more efficient Pick-Up grinding that you could take along the go? Look no further- this mod allows for pokemon rejuvenation players to immediately and automatically receive pickup items in their bag after the ability activates post-battle. Pokemon with the ability pick-up also no longer need to be itemless for the ability to activate. Installation: - Go to your Pokemon Rejuvenation Folder. - Open up the scripts folder. - Look for "PokemonField.rb" - Rename it to "#PokemonField.rb" - Download and drag the following file into the scripts folder. Do not rename this one. PokemonField.rb Happy hunting! o7
  20. This mod reduces the level of all trainer pokemon by 20% to reduce difficulty. Also increases trainer base money reward to compensate for the lower levels. It dosn't change wild encounters, teams, moves , ... This mod is for 18.4.3 of Pokemon Reborn (latest test build) Incompatible with any Mods that modifiy trainers.dat, trainertypes.dat or trainerlists.dat. Compatible with any mods that don't modify These files like my remove disobidience mod that removes the level cap: Download Link (90% of original level): https://keinniemand.com/index.php/s/wccW5j69ZMZda2K Download Link (80% of original level): https://keinniemand.com/index.php/s/8oCWYfHzX3e4c72 Download Link (70% of original level): https://keinniemand.com/index.php/s/9kgbEC9kSRx5DiE I wrote a program to change the trainers.txt to create this mod so creating a diffrent version of the mod for a larger/smaller decrease in level or even a increase in levels is pretty easy. Ask If you want a version of this mod with a diffrent level decrease/increase. Github link to the patcher program.
  21. Hello Everyone! These music packs aim to add variety to battle music for significant trainers in Reborn and Rejuvenation by giving each of them their own unique and fitting 'Theme' Some of you may know of Jasper Fox's custom battle theme pack for Reborn, but as Jasper has now left the forums indefinitely, I've taken the role of keeping the pack maintained and updates, as well as creating a version for Rejuvenation! 13/8/19 Update: Rejuvenation Pack Updated to V12 Lots of shuffling since the old V10 version, a slightly lighter pack Installation Instructions: Once you have downloaded one of the packs, just merge the 'audio' and 'data' folders with the corresponding ones in the game files, and allow trainertypes.dat to be overwritten when you do so. Simple as that! (don't get the two packs mixed up though!) (Sidenote: If installing a rejuvenation patch too, install this after the patch) Download Links: Reborn E18 Pack: Download Link Rejuvenation V12 Pack: Download Link If you have any feedback or find any problems, post them below and I'll do my best to address them. Trainer Themes (Reborn): Trainer Themes (Rejuvanation): this is a test for a second page
  22. Welcome young and old to the one and (not probably) only Custom Mega Project Have you ever wanted more Mega Evolutions to spice up your game? No. Well they are still here for you to check out. Download: MEGA EVOLUTIONS: Planned Features: If you have any suggestions feel free to make them.
  23. Pokemon Reborn E18 Following Mod "WIP" If this date is more recent then when you downloaded this mod it means it got a fix. 07.04.2020: https://mega.nz/file/L0NX2Koa#y66wEWOXwAo4lb6GPrGkhXH5Ia_ROeaeQEBJnbaqB-4 This is the complete folder you can start the game from it and continue your save. It works the same as the old E17 mod. You can trigger the event at any nures circle through the pokemon pressing "A" and dissable at the silver hair NPC in every PokeCenter. Completly based on his work!!!!!! I did nothing but little things to make it work for E18. Credits go to him and his team: Help to improve: This is also marked as WIP because I did not check every PC or healing station for bugs. Especialy if you die and respawn. If you find any healing station that makes your game crash after fainting please report to me, in this topic, which PC or healing station made you crash so I can fix it. Problems: -The orphanage Event does cause you to get stuck so please disable your follower before entering the Orphanage in Lapis Ward. -There also might be problems in scenarios where you team up with an NPC. But the Commander is working on that! -Talking to you following Pokemon causes a second event with an espeon to trigger. If you just press No, nothing will happen and you can play just fine. If you click yes you just have to click again to continue play just fine. FIXED Also please know that english is not my main language. Im open for every correction regarding spelling and grammer. Hope I did nothing wrong :c
  24. If you're like me, you've probably gotten to Terajuma and were immediately met with tragedy as your early game aces fell off in the face of the massive difficulty spike. This mod attempts to fix the large discrepancy in 'Mon power by buffing many underperformers and adding new options for some that are already good. Maybe Mightyena isn't sweeping Angie, and Dewgong still isn't beating Alain's Volcanion, but now both will stay useful once enemy trainers start using EVs. For the most part, these changes were ripped directly from Pokemon Radical Red, the massive overhaul of Fire Red by Soupercell. As it stands currently, I have not messed with trainers except in cases like with Meganium where the Pokemon functions very differently than it does in a real game. And be warned that, much like Radical Red itself, this mod is in no way balanced and many buffs do not take into consideration when the Pokemon is available in a play through. If there's popular support for it, I can attempt to tweak trainers and encounters and buff weaker crests and add new ones to create something similar to Reborn Redux. The full changelog is listed below: New Abilitties: New Moves Ability Changes Move Changes Pokemon Changes Compatibility: This mod is compatible with all other mods as long as they do not touch the data for moves, abilities, or the Pokemon themselves. Download Link Thank you all for sitting through this wall of text, and I hope you enjoy your time with this mod!
  25. I have been working for a while on a set of alternate sprites and while all of the overworld sprites are my work the transition, the ball throw animation, and the avatar photo are not my work and I will include the links to the original now Wes ball throw https://www.deviantart.com/mid117/art/Commission-PKMN-Colosseum-Wes-Backsprite-842604661 Wes battle poste and avatar https://www.deviantart.com/neosth2001/art/Wes-Pokemon-Cobalt-364693531 How to install These pictures replaces files in graphics section of your rejuv folder go to each section and copy and paste these files in and replace the files there I suggest making backups before you do this incase you want to change the character back. They specifcally replace Aevis (aka dude with the green scarf) so keep that in mind this no way mods the game to change the character it just changes how he looks there are three sections in the graphics section that we will be changing: Characters, Pictures and Transitions Google Drive Files 1) open the google drive folder above 2) download the different png files 3) I suggest backing up the original files incase you like the green male character 4) take the png files from the Character section and replace the files of the same name in the rejuv folder 5) take the png files from the Pictures section and replace the files of the same name in the rejuv folder 6) take the png files from the Transitions section and replace the files of the same name in the rejuv folder 7) it is just replacing one set of png's of Aevis to make him look like wes
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