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  1. I'm alive again! I had a brief bout with a breakthrough COVID infection that put me down for a few weeks, and then I don't have a good excuse for vanishing for the three months after that so let's get right into it! Bugfixes! Chimecho no longer crashes the game A!Feebas uses the correct sprites Fixed Infernal Parade not burning correctly Hopefully fixed a few crash-prone trainers Blazing Soul now properly gives +1 priority instead of just the flag for having +1 priority New Content! Crests have been reimplemented. Talk to the group of NPCs by the healing machine in Agate Circus to buy them! Several Rejuvenation originals were too difficult to program correctly, including Vespiquen and Probopass. They aren't available yet. I've learned by now not to get too ambitious. Serperior and Emboar have crests of their own, so that Samurott isn't lonely anymore For mons with both crests and multiple forms, the crest effect applies to any version of the mon in question! I will start putting together a location guide for the main post this week if time allows Full Download To update from an earlier version, just unpack the attached zip into the game's main folder Update.zip
  2. Looks like a weird quirk with an unimplemented item rearing its ugly head again. Just put this in your scripts folder and it should be good. This file will also fix the bug that I'm assuming happens where Aevian Ampharos transforms into its normal counterpart after battle, because I keep forgetting the game doesn't normally have things with megas and regional variants coexisting. PokeBattle_Battler.rb
  3. Okay, that was incredibly screwy. Something was going amiss with the handler for abilities nullifying status moves. I don't think I touched it at all. Anyway, here's the fix. PokeBattle_Move.rb
  4. It's time for an update! All the new mons and forms through Crown Tundra and Legends: Arceus have been added, as have the rest of the Aevian forms except for Sandygast and Palossand for now. For the new Hisui forms that evolve from a normal mon, you can get them by evolving them while they're holding a Plate based on the typing of the Hisuian form. So if you use a Leaf Stone on a Petilil that's holding a Fist Plate, you get a Hisuian Lilligant, or if you get a Rufflet to level 52 while it has a Mind Plate, it will evolve into Hisuian Braviary. The new Move Tutors from the Isle of Armor can be found just south of Mosswater Market post-renovation. New mons can be found here: EDIT: Google Drive has flagged the update folder as malicious, so for now you'll have to download the main file, at least until the appeal goes through. No clue why it's doing that, the update folder is literally just the data, scripts, icons, and battlers folders from the main thing
  5. It is HP Atk Def Speed SpAtk SpDef Probably not the most intuitive,but that's the way it's arranged in the game data
  6. Go right ahead with that. Zoroark wasn't breaking anything so all it needs to be implemented is to add an encounter with it. As for the rest of them, @Selesia, I'm hoping to get them out this weekend. They still won't have back sprites since I can't draw, but they'll be perfectly functional nonetheless
  7. The Lapras thing was my bad, I keep forgetting that the cleanup scripts for form changing is handled outside the multipleforms file. So the main download was fixed but not the update file. You can just use this to fix that. And thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it! Edit: Aevian Lapras still thinks it's a mega. I'll take a graphical bug over the thing being unplayable PokeBattle_Battler.rb
  8. Crests were entirely too broken and were causing everything around them to break. This entire thing needed more time in the oven, but I didn't want to scuttle the entire thing just yet. So I've removed the crests for now. They'll be back eventually once I'm more confident in my ability to code them properly.
  9. It was just another formatting error :[ I hate how finicky code is. Anyways I'm switching over to folders like you suggested to make it easier to patch things PokeBattle_Battler.rb
  10. Thanks for the fix! It'll be in the main files whenever Google finishes uploading it. And yeah, the mods folder wasn't supposed to be there. I needed debug to compile it and forgot to remove the folder after. I'm not very good at this yet
  11. No need to apologize! I have a tendency to rush off to get work done without fully thinking things through. I've added a download for that as well.
  12. Good idea! I edited the main topic with an extra link for that version. I did it the lazy way, though. Everything is still there in the data, but every Crest was removed from the maps, the Crest vendor was removed, and every trainer that used one of those or an Aevian mon not named Mismagius had them replaced.
  13. I found the offending code! Just put that into your scripts folder and Monke will finally work and stop haunting my dreams
  14. What a dumpster fire this release has been. From testing it out, it seems like the Relearn Rework mod is responsible for this. It tries to look for previous evolutions to add their level up movelists to the relearn for the current. It's trying to call a species prior to Bulbasaur, which doesn't exist since it's the first pokemon that's coded. I'll look for a fix, but for now you'll just have to uninstall that mod until Bulbasaur evolves. @Guift From looking into it, Galarian Darm is actually coded into base Reborn, it just isn't implemented since there's no normal way of getting it. And by using debug to force in a Galarian Darm and taking it into battle, the same thing happens. I think something strange is happening with some postbattle cleanup script for Darm specifically, since other new forms like Lapras don't have that issue. I'll try to find the offender when I get the time today.
  15. Okay, that was incredibly strange. Oricorio having a crest was somehow breaking Pachirisu. Here's the fix, and the main file has been updated. I think it accidentally fixed the Darmanitan Crest too
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