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  1. You can try to go back to an old save file. I hope this guide helps you out
  2. Although Froslass may seem appealing due to it's high speed, it's a really mediocre pokemon. Although it's UU by smogon standarts, that's because it's serves as a spikes setter. However, that utility isn't all that useful in Reborn, since no one is changing their Pokemon a lot, and Froslass doesn't hit hard. If you need an ice type, then I can recommend you 4 options: Ninetales: Although it has almost the same speed and special attack, it can boost it's offenses via Nasty Plot. Snow Warning is an amazing ability, since it makes Blizzard 100% accurate, enables Aurora Veil, and can trigger Slush Rush for Pokemon like Alolan Sandslash. Fairy is also a good offensive and defensive typing, but you'll need to breed Moonblast onto it. Vanilluxe is another good option for a Snow Warning user that can hit harder, but it doesn't have access to Aurora Veil, or a high speed stat. Mamoswine: I don't think I have to explain this one. Ice + Ground is an astonishingly good offensive typing, hitting at least 9 types super effectively. Coupled with a beefy attack stat, Mamoswine is sure to nab a KO onto almost anything. Thick Fat is the preferred ability, since it helps it check Fire Types far easily. You'll need to breed it Icicle Crash from an Alolan Sandslash, i think Jynx: It has access to dual STAB in Psychic and Ice, not the best, but it's always useful if you need to diversify your team a bit. Since it has access to Nasty Plot, it can serve as a late game setup sweeper, and it will hit sooo damn hard after just one. It may be PU in Smogon, but that doesn't mean it can't do well in Reborn, thanks to its high speed and special attack Weavile: Another one that I don't need to explain. Same as Mamoswine, but it has higher speed, and different STAB. Weavile hits hard and fast, and it has access to priority in Ice Shard. Again, you'll need to breed it Icicle Crash via Alolan Sandslash/Sandshrew. All of them are good options. Choose one that fits onto your team. I like A LOT the utility provided by A-Ninetales, but i may be slightly biased, since it's overall one of my favorite Pokemon ^~^, but i can't deny it's usefulness, but if you need a hard hitter, then DEFINITELY go for the other options, specially Mamoswine.
  3. What's a Fletching? I only know of our holy savior p i d g e y
  4. Interact with the piece of paper on top of the table you encounter at the start of the mansion (first floor)
  5. Way too complicated. It's better if they just Mega Evolve as any normal Pokemon. Why should you implement any whacky mechanic when you can just use an effective mechanic that ALREADY is in the game (and it does the exact same thing)?
  6. Teach Noivern Whirlwind trough move reminder, that will negate the effect of the Synthetic Seed. Also, a grass type can take care of Quagsire and Pallosand. Go and catch an Abomasnow, since it provides Hail, and that would help Sandslash outspeed AND kill Garchomp (if Electric Terrain is up). You can catch it at Route 4 at a reasonable high level, and knowing Wood Hammer, I think. Turn 1: Take down Nidoking with Swampert Turn 2: She will most likely go for Quagsire, switch into Noivern and then Whirlwind Turn 3: Reset for the Exadrill switch in, since it will go for Rock Slide, switch into Swampert and weaken it with Earthquake (if Swampert got hurt during the Nidoking battle, try giving it a Sitrus Berry to restore it's health, or just sacrifice Noivern, because it most likely won't be useful again) Turn 4: She will go for Quagsire, switch into Abomasnow and defeat it. Turn 5: Use a Pranster Cottonee with Stun Spore/Cotton Spore to reduce it's speed Turn 6: Zebstrika uses Ion Deluge and then dies. (Make sure to give it an Amplified Rock, if it doesn't have one, try mining for one in the rocks at Citrine Mountain) Turn 7: You should have Hail turns, so Switch into Alolan Sandslash to OHKO Garchomp with Icicle Crash Turn 8: She will go for Pallosand, but Ion Deluge should still be up, so you can weaken it with Icicle Crash. Turn 9: Hippowdon isn't an issue, so it should die easily.
  7. Remastered Edition? More like... Reborn Edition
  8. Pokemon Unite? Oh! You must be talking about the new DLC of League of Legends! Here, an accurate representation of my reaction to the direct:
  9. Amazing as always, my favorite one, by far must be the Rift Aelita, amazing details, amazing colors, and amazing, friggin, EVERYTHING. I must ask something... Why are there some gray Arceus thingys around Melia? I know that her power has been awakened, and that shes directly related to Arceus, but... Why are those gray, "corrupted" Arceus rings are around her?
  10. Minimax. Just dinamax but it makes pokemon s m o l
  11. If the puzzle is still a 4x4 kind of puzzle, this guide can be helpful. It's for the Timburr puzzle in Pokemon Reborn, but the instructions can be applied for Rejuvenation
  12. Level up with the clown (the one at the right of the Main Tent) in Agate Circus, and buy Rare Candies with the gained money
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