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  1. That would be OP. I think it will only apply to some of them, like Misty, for example
  2. Hi again. It seems that i can´t interact with any of the strength boulders in the game, it shows me this message.. . I can't advance further in the game if the rocks can't be moved, send help pls. Sorry if I'm being impatient, but I'd love to keep playing :[
  3. You can put a picture of your favorite pokemon, or something like that!
  4. Also, depending the gang you choose, you get an Oshawott with a Choice Band (Magma Gang) or a Litten with Choice Specs (Aqua Gang)
  5. I think Umbreon isn't that useful, since defensive pokemon as a whole aren't that good in the hyper offense of games like Rejuvenation. You'll go A LOT better with something like Weavile, Spiritomb or Honchkrow. Ground types are also super useful in the team, like Gastrodon, Nidoking (you get it as early as 4th gym, i think i said that before) or even Dugtrio. Since you mentioned Nidoking, I'd say go for only special, it doesn't get a lot of pshysical moves that can benefit of Sheer Force. Depending on where you are, it gets a lot of special moves, and it can get Earth Power via level up.
  6. Ok, here goes nothing. MMMMMMMMMMMURKROW
  8. Alolan Muk is also a fantastic choice, it's available really early on as a Shadow Grimer, it has an amazing stab combination, and it serves as an overall good special wall, also, it has great utility with Memento, Toxic and Screech to help with some harder battles. Another good choice is any pokemon with access to Tailwind, like Noivern or Whimsicott, it comes greatly appreciated. Lastly, i found Alolan Marowak wonderful for a beastly physical sweeper. You'll have to get a Thick club, though, but the benefits are incredible, that thing has great defense, and Ghost/Fire is a good stab combination. It can be found as early as the 4th gym, so you'll have an offensive juggernaut by the start of the game. Oof, this got long, hope i helped Yes, yes, yes, this thing is also good. You can do better if you get a Midnight form, thanks to Tough Claws, and priority in Accelerock
  9. It mostly depends on where you are in the game, you need more than 6 pokemon to succeed. Anyways, Sylveon is the best eveelution in the game, it's very tanky, powerful, and has access to Misty Terrain.
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