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  1. You can't get Magneton until later, though. After beating Luna, I believe
  2. You can also get a Klinklang with Mirror Shot at the railnet
  3. Personally, I think you should continue the run, BUT, start a new mono run after you completed V13 content. That way, you won't lose your progress AND you get to experience V13. You'll kill two birds with the same stone!
  4. You need to go back to the present time, and then onto the Darclight Manor at the south west side of Darclight Forest. I don't exactly remeber where you get it, but it's a small mantion, and i think there's a Clefairy doll involved? But yeah, Darclight mansion it is. Narcissa's sidequest can be a little tricky at some times.
  5. Me after seeing the results:
  6. Welp. Guess it's time for the good ol' advice, huh? Try to go back to an old save file. Here's a guide that might help you out: Someday, that fabled Garbodor glitch will be fixed. I still hold onto that hope.
  7. Do you have any backup saves? Because then you can go back before you fought Garbodor. Here's a guide that might help you out: https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/18748-a-guide-to-using-your-backup-saves/
  8. Enter the new building that replaced the slums, and talk to the black kid with the pink cap
  9. Route 3 is great for Attack, but only in the morning, that's when Hawlucha appears at a 31% rate, and everything except Rhyhorn, Meditite and Rockruff yields Attack EV's. For Special Defense is a bit more complicated, there's not a lot of places to grind... But, since you wanna make Muk bulkier, you could invest in HP at the Water Treatment Center.
  10. DON'T START A NEW SAVE FILE. DON'T DO IT. Try to go back to an old save file. Here is a guide that might help you out: https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/18748-a-guide-to-using-your-backup-saves/
  11. There's plenty, actually. Rescuing the Day Care couple on the Warehouse at Coral Ward activates an event on Onyx Ward. A girl on the house close to the Arcade will give you an egg, it has a chance to be Clauncher, Frillish or Spheal. You can also get Vaporeon, since there's event Eevee at the Lost Railcave. At Apophyll Beach, via Rock Smash, you have a chance to get Binacle and Corphish. And summarising: CLAWITZER: Great special attack, and essentially 4 STAB's with Mega Launcher Jellicent: Bulky, kinda strong, can Recover, it's great, but not THAT much Vaporeon: Bulky, strong, can use Wish to recover itself and it's teammates, also a good option, but there are better eevelutions, like Jolteon, Espeon or Sylveon Walrein: Bulky and decently strong, can stall the hell out of everything with Hail and Ice Body, but it can also hit hard thanks to it's good STAB combination BARBARACLE: Tough Claws + Shell Smash. Do I need to say something else? CRAWDANT: Adaptability + Swords Dance. Yes. S T R O N K
  12. First thing is that you can't evolve Pikachu into A-Raichu until the 6th gym i think, pretty late into the game. You'll have access to an Solrock pretty soon, actually, before the 2nd gym. Not kidding, Solrock is amazing, it carries so much battles thanks to Rock Polish, great attacks and Cosmic Power, give it a try, as it can fill the Psychic spot (it's part of an event in a house east of Sheridan Village). Also you'llhave access to an Eevee preeeeetty soon (help center, battle me again, you can give a try as soon as you get into the village, but it's a HARD battle, so better wait until the 2nd gym). i recommend evolving it into a Sylveon. Great bulk, great special attack, has access to misty terrain, it's amazing. Since you are pretty weak to ground attacks, you could try to catch a grass type to swap Buizel (it has redundant coverage, and it sucks). Roselia it's pretty good, even if it isn't a Roserade. Although you can get a Shiny Stone as soon as the 2nd gym, only if you're luck, though, 1/3 chance, believe, it's through one of the quests on the Help Center. Budew is obtained at the garden on East Gearen, daytime and clear weather, I think. Also, if you struggle with the 2nd gym leader, catch a Vivillon on Route 1. Great speed, and Compound Eyes is BROKEN, since it's basically guaranteed sleep, try to swap it with Nidorino, considering it's very useless until it evolves. TL;DR: Your main team should look like this by the time you get into Sheridan (2nd gym): Quilava Sylveon Roselia (Or Vaporeon) Solrock Vivillon Loudred On rotation: Electrode Nidorino Pichu
  13. My computer is currently on repair, and I expect it to be repaired by tomorrow. By then, I'll be able to trade you a Honedge. I will message you on Discord when I'm ready. Please be patient!
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