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  1. My guess is that she needed to keep it secret, since revealing that she was giving away free haircuts would make her look bad, or something. That or a child slavery service, and the haircut part was just the start of it
  2. This is absolutely intended. You can always quicksave when there's absent dialogue or a battle transition
  3. I always say this when people ask for a certain pokemon, but Sylveon is one of the best pokemon in Reborn. It has Pixilate, good special defense, Wish support and Misty Terrain, very good in both utility and offense, and a good choice for Sapphira. You may need a Tailwind/Trick Room user, mainly for the Lin battle, since the New World Field halves the speed of grounded mons', but overall, some way of speed control is always useful. Examples are Talonflame, Whimsicott (this one has been a crotch for me in Reborn, Prankster is OP with Nature power and other utility!) and Carbink (Sturdy + Trick Room + Stealth Rock + Explosion is really good). PD: if that Scizor is a reference to Fullmetal Alchemist, then let me say, what a good taste you have
  4. Also the way things happen in Agate City, it doesn´t lead to any major event, tho
  5. And what if it's just a trait of it's race? Are you shaming that Charizard because of it's race? Races are not diseases, races are culture, and culture keeps the world together, so it's obviously clear that all of you have serious problems regarding to acceptation of other different beings...
  6. Are you body shaming his Charizard? Are you that vain of a person? Don't you know that pokemon may have disabilities? Not everyone is perfect, but we could live together if we just learn to accept everyone. Just because his Charizard doesn't have an eye doesn't mean it is a worse pokemon, it just means that is different...
  7. Alolan Muk, you can get it after you defeat T3RR4, great tank with good attacks and support moves. Whimsicott is great for priority Nature Power and Tailwind
  8. I can give you some recommendations: - Flygon: Ground type to cover electric weaknesses, also Dragon Dance as a superb boosting move - Arcanine: You have to rescue all police officers in Beryl Ward to get it, once you rescue them, make sure to get back to the police station before facing Arcanine is a great attacker, and it's very bulky, alongside good moves like Close Combat, Extreme Speed and Flare Blitz - Roserade: You get it as early as 1st gym, though you can access it until later, but Roselia is still a fine choice. Roserade hits super hard, can change terrain with Grassy Terrain, and can use Toxic to help with difficult battles - Vivillon: Quiver Dance + Sleep powder is a deadly combination, and it sweeps most of the circus battles. It is mandatory to get one with compound eyes. You can get it really early, after finishing the 2nd gym. - (Another bug type) Escavalier: Steel typing alongside great defense is great, and it had good attack and good moves to make up a deadly sweeper with Swords Dance. Really great for the Ice Gym, (the 8th gym) - Espeon: Fast and strong special attacker, nothing much to say, Psychic type is really useful for the variety of Poison and Fighting types - Eelektross: One of the best pokemon in reborn, thanks to it's good stats in both offense and defense, and great movepool. Make sure to get Acid Spray on Eelektrik before evolving it, though. You can get a Tynamo for the 1st gym, but you wont have access to a Thunderstone until the 4th gym. - Vanilluxe/Alolan Ninetales: These two can summon hail, making Blizzard 100% accurate. Vanilluxe is more easily accessible, as soon as the 2nd gym, and it's way more strong, but Ninetales can bring Aurora Veil, and boost itself with Nasty Plot, but you get it later, at the 12nd gym, so make sure to get an Ice Stone in the Aventurine Woods. - Zoroark: Fast and strong, is a good Dark type to help with pesky Ghost and Psychic types. It can boost itself with Nasty Plot, use Sucker Punch for priority, and mess with the AI via Illusion. Alolan Muk is another great mon, but you also get it too late. I highly suggest adding it to your team once you come across one, it makes for a great special tank. - Bewear: Another great mon, is really bulky, with good attacks, fighting types are really useful in reborn, honestly. You can get it once you complete the 1st gym, though it varies depending on the Pokemon that ran away from the girl before entering the Grand Hall for the first time. Otherwise, you may get one after the 9th gym, in the woods. And that's it! This took a long time, i hope it helps ^-^. If you need special instructions to where get an specific pokemon, you can search for guides in the forums
  9. I highly suggest to teach Manectric Electric Terrain. You won't take advantage of electric moves, for obvious reasons, but it will at least prevent her for changing Quagsire's type. Also, get yourself a grass type, since it's the only thing to hit Quagsire for x4 damage, though i think Meowstic can learn Grass Knot, you can get it where you face Aster and Eclipse alongside Aya
  10. Well, i had two problems/methods. The first one happened when i added the game following your steps. I clicked the "+" button, then added the name and the version, and i went to the direct storage in the settings, and selected the Game.exe file from the zip folder, and then the add button wasn't working. The second one occurred when i loaded the game directly from the downloads section, and when i selected it, the app crashed. I tried testing the app with a replay from showdown, an HTML file, and it played perfectly. As i said, the reborn file is compressed, may that be an issue? PD: the text in the second screenshot says that "Joiplay keeps crashing", btw (the picture isn't uploaded, for some reason) PD2: i changed the name of the game in the first picture, but in the first time it said something like: "reborn18.2.zip reborn18.2"
  11. Hey. I've downloaded both APK's, and the game itself, but the app says that this game isn't supported, you had this issue in testing before? If so, how can i solve it? When the app opens the downloads carpet, it only shows the Game.exe file, without the Reborn carpet, may this be an issue? Edit: now the reborn carpet isn't even appearing, as you said in the description, and when i load the exe file, the app crashes, help :[
  12. What got me into Reborn was actually my displease with each new introduction of the mainline pokemon series. I started playing fan games, like insurgence, and some rom hacks. I have a tendency to search for challenging things, and Reborn gave me just that, a good well thought challenge. I really like the field effect system, it makes room for unique battle styles, and ways to improve the experience in the game, really helps with the immersion, since you actually feel like battling an unique leader, it even gives them personality, like the Mirror Field for Serra (since she is both obsessed with appearance, while also having a fear of breaking appart), or Charlotte, which is something newer games are really bad at, making interesting characters. This leads me to your next question, the story. Reborn's story relies heavily in it's characters, and it shows. Not saying in a bad way, the story itself is really interesting, with the events surrounding the keys, and the meteor, but the characters makes the story unique, it gives it some sort of reality, since most of them have very clear psychological models, they feel like real people, so it's way easier to feel attached to them, even developing feelings of empathy towards them. Since most of them have really pronounced depressive tendencies, like Aya, who haves feelings of guilt about her family, or Serra, as i mentioned before. I could connect with these people (yes people), because i, myself, suffer with that. I could understand their struggle, because i know their struggle, and it wasn't just empathy, Reborn even gave me a way to cope with myself, though it reminded me of things that i don't about like myself, it also gave me a way to canalize all of that into the effort put in the game. Regarding the queer characters, they're very well implemented, many games, and i general media fails to make this inclusion, it feels more like following an political agenda to make a group o people happy, but Reborn manages to include this characters in a organic way, it is really natural, from minor characters lile the Name Rater in South Peridot Ward, to major characters like Adrienn and Cain. This one is very important to the next point, he's my favorite character in the game, i really like his innuendos, his lines, specially his design, I love it. But what i most like about it, it's the fact that i worked as a way to release my own prejudices and doubts about myself, specially those regarding to sexual tendencies, i can consider myself to having bisexual tendencies, and Reborn served as a way to clear my mind about that. To resume, it helped me to realize that it was okay being who i am, that it's normal having those tendencies, playing Reborn was a way to feel more comfortable about myself, and it shows. I decided to grow my hair even longer now, without the fear of people thing bad stuff, I'm even considering painting my nails, even if my family doesn't like it. Reborn is a way of people to liberate themselves, it's a psychological story that emphasizes in the characters and their struggles, their stories, which involves the player naturally in the story. This got really long, sorry if i talked about myself too much. I wish you the best of luck in this thesis, i hope you can share it with this weird and wonderful community that is the Reborn world!
  13. Hey, this is really nice! The article itself is really well constructed, and it's ideas are very clear. I'm glad to find this kind of stuff in professional works, specially those relating to videogames, since it's not a usual topic, you can make very interesting analysis and studies about it ^-^
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