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  1. Iirc, there's a Poliwag east of Akuwa Town, and another one at Aquamarine Cave
  2. I second that. Pair it with teleport, and Clefable becomes one of the best partners for sand teams because of Magic Guard, Fairy typing and huge special bulk
  3. To name a few: - Claydol crest. I love Claydol, and spamming hyper beam without recharge is fun as hell - Stantler crest. Stantler has pretty diverse movepool, but it lacks the stats to actually use it, so the crest makes up for that by giving it insane attack and a sleep move - Ariados crest. I actually really love Ariados, and with sticky web, it turns into an absolute beast - Dedenne crest. Idk, I just love the lil guy
  4. Wdym you got rid of the cut tm?
  5. Masquerain crest: STAB on water types and water type resistances. Boosts special attack and speed by 1.3 Wormadam crest: All of them get leftovers, and STAB on psychic moves and resistances, but every form gets different changes: - Grass: Defense and Sp. Attack now use Sp. Defense stat. Now resists Fire and Flying moves - Ground: Attack and Sp. Defense now use Defense stat. Automatically sets up Stealth Rock when hitting the field. - Steel: Uses its Defense as Speed, and boosts Attack and Sp. Attack by 1.5. Uses Metal Sound and Screech when hitting the field. Alternatively... Once it reaches 50% hp, it gets different changes depending on the form - Grass: Swaps Sp. Defense and Sp. Attack, and doubles its speed. Gains STAB on Psychic moves and Quiver Dance's now boosts Sp. Attack by 2 stages. - Ground: Swaps Defense and Attack, and doubles its speed. Gains Technician, and quiver dance boosts attack by 2 stages. - Steel: Swaps its Defenses with Attack and Sp. Attack, and doubles its speed. Gains Sheer Force and Quiver Dance boosts Attack and Sp. Attack. Mothim crest: Gains simple, alongside STAB on Psychic moves and Psychic resistances and 1.5x speed. (Probably wasn't as broken lmao)
  6. Are you sure your pokemon don't have Scrappy?
  7. If you manage to lower its speed enough, Vigoroth—which you should be guaranteed to have, since it's a shadow pokemon—can singlehandedly wall it by switching into a Lovely Kiss and then using Encore. Bonus points if it has work up too to set up
  8. Yeah, it's definitely intended. NPC's will often have illegal moves, like Ice Fang on Melanie's Boltund
  9. It's an intended feature, but you can use this mod to fix it:
  10. Swanna is a pretty decent counter to M-Lopunny. If you delay Ducklett's evolution until level 41, it learns Brave Bird early. The most damage it can do to you is via a weak facade, so you can probably set up Tailwind and then either kill it or weaken it enough for another teammate
  11. You don't really need essentials, so just using rpg maker xp will do fine. And I believe you don't hace to worry about "converting it" to game-z. Though, I've only edited Reborn a few times, so don't quote me on that
  12. Amazing! I'm really excited to see how Ana's quest develops, using fun Terrain Pulse gimmicks and probably going to Amber's concert (maybe?) Though...
  13. A girl at Obsidia will ask you to trade a Furret for her Castform. 1. Sunny day. 2. Rainbow field. 3. ??? 4. Profit Other than that, Emolga, (which you have), Ampharos, Jumpluff (because of acrobatics), any pokemon with Sonic Boom (specially floatzel if you joined the magma gang), and even Pachirisu do really well against her
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