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  1. Either Castform or Claydol crest. Those are one of the most creative and fun crests, and they make two of my favorite Pokemon much more viable.
  2. True, haha. I just assumed you already knew about the save file trick lol
  3. Just evolve Combee to Vespiquen, and level up Geodude and Swoobat. You should be fine by that point
  4. Are you playing on the latest update? If not, you can download it from here:
  5. What I meant by that is that it wouldn't help because it's way too far into the game to just reset for it
  6. For real? That's good to know, though it would not help with the jasper egg
  7. Actually, it's a variable assigned at the start of the game, so you would have to reset your whole game to get a special Pokemon, or use Debug mode, which is kinda fair
  8. Game-z only renders the emerald font, so you can't change it. As for the backup and size problem, changing the font back to emerald should fix it
  9. Damn, you're right. I could've sworn mine had swords dance. So, that makes it even worse
  10. It learns swords dance through level up, though. The thing is, even with the attack boost, it won't do that much damage. And also, you're comparing it to Roserade and Ampharos, two offensive threats with access to terrains, so there's no need to replace them with a sub-par Pokemon.
  11. Silvally is a mediocre Pokemon, so you're better off just using Ampharos and Roserade
  12. Replace Noibat with Skorupi. You can find one in the Railnet, and it evolves super early at Level 40. Also, if you're having trouble with his Mimikyu, try to catch either a Mawile or a Klang
  13. If you come across more of these problems, it would be better to just check the Trainers file in the PBS
  14. You have to go to the Malchous Forest first, and after battling the vines will disappear
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