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  1. Persian is also amazing here, because it can constantly use Taunt, Flash and Bite to slowly chip both Spiritomb and Dusclops. Their only attacking moves are Night Shade and Shadow Sneak, and Flash turns the field into a Forest Field, making you inmune to her ghost type moves (since those are super effective against normal types in the haunted field). Boltund is also a pretty good revenge killer thanks to Strong Jaw boosted Crunch and Flame Charge turning into a ghost type move
  2. Try to do it without speed up, and follow the red vines scattered across the labyrinth
  3. So far, I've only noticed Budew, Alolan Grimer, Cherubi and Rockruff
  4. I... What did I just read? Sounds like you REALLY dislike changing your character's position in a map. And what's up with insulting the playerbase anyway? I wholeheartedly agree. Could've spend that time in something more reasonable and less nitpicky
  5. Same. I even got two Comet Shards and three shinies before I even got a single Moon Stone. I guess it was changed, but there's no way to know. However, if you really need one, Jigglypuff also has a 5% chance to hold one (unless it was also changed)
  6. Gastronely


    WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL?! THIS ANIMATION IS SO DAMN GOOD. I just found a new religion.
  7. Obligatory Undertale reference. I love that
  8. Guys wtf. It was a joke... That's what I get for not putting a /s at the end
  9. This... This is o u t r a g e o u s. The rejuv is not h e r e . . . ? It's. Already. Friday. It's. Terrible. It's. Astonishing. It's. Dumbfounding. I'm about to c r y. Yes. Despair. No v13. Give it n o w
  10. Install the debug menu to give yourself an Axew. The AMB mod pack has an option to enable it anytime: For the battle, the best thing you could do is level up your team more. The level cap is 35, not 30. Even if it might seem unfair (since Corey's ace is 30), you're doing a dragon monotype anyway. It shouldn't be that hard from there. You could even intentionally enter the battle with low hp, so Charizard (preferably) can be in Blaze, and sweep through his team
  11. First, level up Charmeleon to 28, when it learns Flame Burst. It might be kinda tedious, considering the level cap, but it will pay off, since it's far more stronger than Fire Fang. Make sure to ev train it in special attack as much as possible. This is important, because you'll need as much hp as possible for when Cradily comes out, and you need to be able to ohko every single one of her pokemon. Also, train your pokemon until they're just below level 26, so they can level up in battle without disobeying you. Lastly, get 5 more Noibat. That said... The first strategy is based on t
  12. You silly sussy imposter amogus boys. It's not a 9. It's just a square with a tail. Stop overthinking things smh
  13. GETOUTOFMYHEADGETOUTOFMYHEADGETOUTOFMYHEADGETOUTOFMYHEADGETOUTOFMYHEADGETOUTOFMYHEADGETOUTOFMYHEADGETOUTOFMYHEADGETOUTOFMYHEADGETOUTOFMYHEADGETOUTOFMYHEADGETOUTOFMYHEADGETOUTOFMYHEADGETOUTOFMYHEADGETOUTOFMYHEADGETOUTOFMYHEAD. On a different note, I don't think the 9— or the puzzle's result, whatsoever— is the release date for V13. They've said countless times that they have no idea when they will finish it. Also, what would we gain? The game would release for everyone anyway, so why bother making this if it's just gonna be a date?
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