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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  2. Happy birthday fellow fanart enjoyer 🥳

  3. It brings joy to my heart to see other people mad enough to save and try to catalogue all of these. I've been doing the same thing though I started around June 2020 so thank you for the insight on the 2019 sidebar shenanigans. Pretty much same only my first reasoning was more or less "eh I check this page often so ig I'll save some if I feel like it". It went downhill pretty quickly and now look where I am. But let's get down to business and enlarge your upload section shall we? Here are some that you may have missed: 2020 13/07: Link redirected us to the omnipotent boop: 19/07: 22/07: 2021 14/05: ferngus v0.1 I kept the progress bars in case someone never saw them. I'd post more of these but unfortunately I'm lazy af, so I'll pop in sometime later when I find something new. Don't worry Dreamy, you're not alone in this.
  4. Hi Pedro, welcome back. Octillery
  5. Finished the main story about a month ago. Not even close to completing the tier 1 postgame or starting a new playthrough . I'll be matrix-dodging all the spoilers and hopefully I'll finish by the autumn. Shoutout to all the slow players out there.
  6. Welcome to the Reborn forum fellow Tyranitar enjoyer.
  7. Yea I got it right away, that was awesome. There were some references before so I was pleasantly surprised to see another one.
  8. I started playing Reborn around the same time you did. It does feel like a long time ago but it's not much compared to how long some others here have been waiting for this release. I hope y'all have large stock of healing items and a decent team prepared. Good luck and have fun!
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