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  1. You can get one right before the battle for your 7th badge if I remember correctly. By that time, you'll most likely have a team around/over level 50. So yeah, you'll have to wait for a bit.
  2. How dare they I'm pretty sure I've read every update on AI, cleaning code and stuff and while I understood roughly half of it, I remember you saying that you were working more than sleeping. Hope you're chilling right now. And, um, pls no gen 8?
  3. If, after reading the title, you think I am a Terra's fan, you are sorely mistaken. Hi! I wanted to properly introduce myself even since I saw someone's post in ep16 hype thread (just digging through archives) encouraging to introduce yourself in the grand hall. That was like 2 months ago. derp. Me being a little lazy + a lot of university stuff + my laptop dying + add some more excuses. Well, here I am now. Better late that never amirite? So, uh, I jumped on reborn train september last year. Honestly, it makes me feel like i'm really really late (though im glad the next episode concludes the story and i won't have to wait for it for as long as some veterans here). Although I haven't really gotten into fangames much I remember playing Pokemon Rocket Edition shortly before Reborn. I guess interesting story and mature content is what keeps me into the game. When I started my RebornExperience™ I immidiately fell in love with aesthetics and the soundtrack, opal ward OST was my fuel, it's still one of my favourites next to titania's gym and mirage tower. All hail glitchx. I didn't mind getting wrecked multiple times. In fact, I think that's one of reasons why I sticked around long enough to complete the game. Now something about me! Huh? Wow you're still reading this? You must be incredibly good-looking and extraordinarily intelligent. Thank you. I have to tell you, I developed a habit of starting multiple things at once. The problem is, it's difficult for me to see them through to the end. Literally now I'm reading a book I was supposed to finish long ago and I already want to start the next 2. Same thing happens with games or tv series. I've been watching Breaking Bad for I-dunno-how-many-years-now. I'm somewhere in the middle of 4th season and I think I will stay at that point for a while. I'm also in the middle of replaying Reborn for the second time almost a year after discovering the game. Damn time flies fast. That's why I don't want to get ahead of myself too much now and that's why I don't want to touch games like Rejuv. Sorry. I had some kind of Reborn fever for about a month. I've seen so many threads on this forum and so many posts on Ame's tumblr that I was seriously starting to worry about my mental state. Sometimes when I find a gem in the abyss of Internet, it's hard for me not to go balls deep. I watched some animes growing up and there are several I hold dear to my heart. Those are Bleach, Eureka Seven, Trigun (my avatar ^^) but all time favourite is HunterxHunter. Currenlty I'm following One Punch Man (Webcomic). Also I like listening to music, playing basketball and watching combat sports, mostly mma. I've tried taekwondo and muay thai and while I loved training I found out I'm not fond of hurting people. Because of the pandemic I gained a few extra kilos :pp so I plan to work out a little. Hopefully I didn't bore you to death with this introductory post. Stay safe and have a nice day/evening
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