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  1. Well this is a reoccurring thing. I rarely log on the forum but you still see me elsewhere >_>.

  2. Due to many asking, I am opening up a 2nd Yugioh League! If you want to join it, post in here http://www.pokemonreborn.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=21683 and you will be added accordingly..

  3. To all participants in the Reborn Yugioh League, this week is double points..

    1. BlueMoonIceCream


      If only I knew that before hand! *Flips table*

    2. Sir Flash™
    3. Nhadala


      What reborn yu gi oh league... please pm me some details. :P

  4. Let the party begin! Ayyyy!!!!

    1. BlueMoonIceCream


      I am super excited :3

  5. You've got to press it on you, you just, think it. That's what you do, baby, hold it down, there. Jump with the moon, and move it, jump back and forth. And feel like you were there yourself, work it out!

  6. Thank you very much . I worked hard to make an dark eerie sound that was befitting of the Dark Brotherhood. I am glad you enjoyed it! :feelsgd:
  7. To all my friends on Reborn who have not gotten the memo yet, I am engaged and will be married officially August 5th, 2017!!

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    2. Cool Girl

      Cool Girl

      Congrats! :D Hope you two will live happily ever after! :D

    3. Fumble
    4. Sir Flash™

      Sir Flash™

      @Everyone thank you so much!!

      @Sinikuro013 it will be in either New Orleans or we will go on the cruise ship out of Mobile, AL. I think it's called the Carnival...

  8. I thought I should post this here for you guys! I hope you all enjoy it, all authentic and created by me.. The actual link, if the hyperlink does not work Edit: Forgot to add, that it is a free download, just click buy and type 0...
  9. Well it's been awhile hasn't it?

  10. Wow so my schools firewall blocked PS, lol, smh

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    2. Sir Flash™

      Sir Flash™

      Neo don't make me hurt you ;__;

    3. Neo


      Just cozy up to your school IT person. They'll let you get away w/ shit. Maybe, if they're like I am.

    4. Sir Flash™

      Sir Flash™

      I am in IT lol, they won't do it because the school prez apparently hates browser based games.

  11. My birthday was awesome!!! But now it's Cowtao's bday, happy birthday!

    1. Reignited'Light


      And you didn't tell us? :[

    2. Raindrop Valkyrie

      Raindrop Valkyrie

      If your birthday was yesterday, mine was alright too XD.

  12. RIP old PO server. You've been good to me for 3 years but it is time to have a SHOWDOWN!

  13. Listen to the melody... And every single word I sing!

  14. This is the way I live! Lil' Boy still pushin' big wheels... I stack my money, lay low, and chill... Don't need to work hard, that's the way I feel, I feel, I, This is the way I live!

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