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Found 4 results

  1. Alright so I'll probably make a few of these topics as writing is a fun little thing, but it can be a bit daunting on what and where to begin. Those might all be in one place, but I feel this one deserves it's own topic as it's one of the more important ones. Anyways here we go: So writing is one of those simple things with zero rules, but due to implied rules is overly complicated to figure out where your boundaries and strengths lie. So the obvious answer is that you want to ask people how good of a writer you are. I really like being an anonymous writer as people are more willing to be honest which is a good thing about communities and writing communities. A friend might just say it's good to not hurt your feelings or he's not an experienced writer. Why Feedback is so important When reading a story online that you like, the number one thing you can do to hurt them is not comment at all. The second worst thing you can do is say something along the line: "I liked the story. Will keep reading." Those two things are just as bad, if not worse than: "Ermagawd! You're story is so bland. Couldn't you write deeper characterz or sometingz!" Now that you're done looking at me with a funny face, I'll explain myself. Saying nothing is almost no different than saying you didn't like the story. It more or less means you didn't care for it and don't feel like it's worth the effort to say anything. Silence is the worst thing for a writer as it fills them with doubt and kills their self esteem and motivation. Short one lined comments are a tiny bit better, but not that much. To me, it feels like I failed as a writer for not getting you engaged to say anything more than you liked it. Why did you like it? If anything, it could be that you didn't like it and wanted me to feel better. You don't have to be a critic or even really good at giving feedback to really motivate a writer. A little bit goes a very long way. I love it when people give me a small paragraph and reasons why they liked it as it makes me want to do more. Seriously, 3-4 sentences to the writer goes a long way and more is better. As a writer, I've gone back through both criticism and feedback many times when I feel down or I am struggling to write. Both are just so important and make me feel like I'm not wasting my time. I suppose I can give a comment someone gave to me a while back to show what I mean:
  2. Yep, it's back, and this time I'm not faking it. PokéNations, one of the community's favourite (and most controversial) events! And it's back for its third season! Now let's get right into it! So, what's PokéNations? PokéNations is a battling competition for all of reborn, where anyone can enter! Participants are divided in six groups, the Nations, and they'll get to vote on a leader! After that, they'll go into the PokéNations 2018 Type DraftTM (more on this in a second). After the types are chosen, the Nations will get to pick their name. The goal of PokéNations is to have participants work, teambuild, practice, and strategize with their Nation comrades members, in order to lead their nation to victory over the others as often as possible. The competition will go on for 10 weeks, and after those, the 2 Nations that won more weeks will face each other in The Grand FinaleTM , and the nation that comes out on top will win this edition of PokéNations! The rundown The Draft After all nations voted for their leader, the PokéNations 2018 Type DraftTM will begin. This'll be a snake draft until 12 types are picked. For those of you that don't know, in a snake draft, after all the sides have made their first pick, the picking order is reversed. So in this case, every Nation will pick one type, in a randomized order, and after all Nations made their pick, the picking order is reversed, and the Nation that was the last to pick will be the first to pick their second type. The picking order will be changed after every Nation has 2 types, to an order picked by the committee. This order will take the types that were already picked into consideration, and will be made in order to balance all Nations. The Challenges Every week, the same teambuilding challenge will be issued for all Nations. The challenges will be revealed every Saturday at about 6 PM (GMT +1): a thread will be posted, and there the challenge of the week will be explained, and every Nation will know who they're facing, in the following format: Nation A v. Nation B Nation C v. Nation D Nation E v. Nation F The challenges are designed for you to carefully build your team, in order to have the best possible matchup against your opponent, and, of course, for every face off to be equally fair for both sides. Committee members and leaders should make sure every battler follows the challenge's rules. Each nation has to come up with the required number of battlers for every week. After decided, the leader must submit the rosters to each Nation's staff member. The matches will be randomized, and the challenge thread will feature them the next Sunday, at 6 PM GMT +1. Any questions about the challenge go in the thread, but they have to be highlighted in green, like this. The questions must be highlighted, since replays of every match will be posted in that thread, so they can be reviewed by staff, to keep track of each Nation's wins/losses (this will be added to the thread), and for staff to judge whether all rules were followed. So make sure you save those replays. The staff There will be at least one staff member in every nation. The staff members are the following: myself (Hycrox), DW, Personthing, Nick Crash, pyrromanis, Kurusu, Odybld and Xiri. Now Ironbound too. Feel free to contact us on forums, or on Discord (more on that in a bit). Rules All Pokémon used by a Nation must have at least one of the Nation's three types. If a Pokémon is a dual-type with only one type belonging to the Nation in question, it's still allowed. Teambuilding should follow the rules of the weekly challenge. All players must abide by the deadlines. If a player is unavailable for a week in which they're on their Nation's roster, they must be replaced by a sub. All players may battle three weeks in a row ONCE, and after that they're cut to two weeks in a row. Breaking any of the rules above may result in disqualification of the battle. Be nice, and have fun! (Yes, fun is mandatory) FAQ Are Megas allowed? As long as the mega maintains a type your Nation controls. Example: A nation with the Flying-type, but without Water or Dark, can use Gyarados, but can't use Mega Gyarados. Similarly, nations can't use a mega that has one of their types, but with a base form that doesn't have any of their types. What about Pokemon that use nonconventional means to change types? Transform, Protean, Color Change, etc. They'll be counted as their base type. What does being a Nation leader imply? The leader will speak on behalf of their Nation during the Type Draft, voicing the final decision on each type. They also have to submit their Nation's roster, and contacting the committee, if there's ever a need to. What's the prize? Brag rights. And a multitude of nice boons in the future! So better wait and see Wow, this is so cool, and you're so cool Hycrox! Where do I sign? Soon enough, a sign up thread will be up. There will be an initial period of about 2 weeks that's exclusively for sorting players by Nations, according to their interests type-wise. You can sign up even if you're not sure whether you'll have time for this every week, due to the flexible nature of PokéNations. Signups will be open until the grand finale, so newer members to the server and forums are able to participate as well. The battles will occur on Reborn's Showdown server: reborn.psim.us . There's also a dedicated Discord server for Nations talks: https://discord.gg/CX54mtg Lastly, you CANNOT select the Nation you're placed in. The participants will be sorted to above all ensure equality and fairness across all Nations, so there are no guarantees of you being on your bestie's nation. Signups are here:
  3. Some of you may have been here for the Spookening's first arrival, but some of you may be new. If that's the case, prepare for the Sp00kiest time of the year, because October 1st is official here (maybe not for everyone yet, but it will be soon!). As such, the Spookening is back and ready for action. This thread is the Halloween version of the Hattening, which basically means that you post here if you want me to edit your avatar and make it extra sp00ky for the Halloween season. I like to think I've improved my editing skills since last year, so things will be extra sp00ky now. Last year I was unable to finish all the requests before Halloween, so this year I'm starting the thread earlier. I'm going to shoot for editing at least one avatar per day, maybe more if I have time, but I make no promises. That being said, I'll do my best and look forward to seing some spooky avatars around this place! Last year's edits (Example Projects):
  4. I bring to you all greetings, cookies and cupcakes, Pinkie Pie special recipe baked! A certain gemstone was going to make this topic to introduce me as latest Reborn Staff member- But when she actually logged on, she was more then overwhelmed by the awesomeness that shines in my manes- Nah I'm kidding. So hi, I've been around, you've probably seen me do my thing in the Bug Reporting/Troubleshooting section lately and was recently approached to be appointed as designated Staff member for this section, so here I am! No, I'm not an actual Global Moderator, I'll only be doing things around Bug Reporting and Troubleshooting. If things pop up in other sections, I'm not your pony-to-go-to. With that all being said, I hope we'll all have a great time together and if there's anything broken with your save or if you've found any bugs and/or glitches, you know where to find me! ~Dashie
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