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  1. Reborn showed that pokemon is an excellent medium for storytelling.
  2. Alakazam ( Its really hard to recall names of pokemon from memory sometimes. )
  3. i just stumbled upon this abomination. 


  4. Humans are very selfish creatures. We value joy,comfort and happiness to efficiency and long-term decisions. So undoubtedly if a system like this is ever enforced, it will be met with resistance. In addition to that, workers and students that have to live in one building and use public transport only might be dis-satisfied with their lives and routine. This unhappiness will certainly lead to lower productivity. As a university/college student myself, I can say that when I am in a bad mood, I can not focus on work/projects. So pursuit of Maximum efficiency or profit should not be the ultimate goal of humanity because lets face it, the Sun will explode eventually, heat death of the universe/big crunch will happen someday and I am 100% sure that not a single living, sentient, concious or intelligent being will witness that. We should live our lives whatever way we want because we will surely face the consequences. TLDR: YOLO smell flower before you die.
  5. What if she actually meant the time when both global ice sheets would have completely melted.
  6. Passion above deadlines always makes great projects, games and stories.
  7. Happy birthday to the best birthday wisher! Enjoy this day.

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      Thank you!! I really appreciate it 🤗

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      You are very welcome!

  8. Mommy Mommy why is there an absol staring at that group of strange looking teenagers?
  9. It could be possible that developers find it very difficult to find time to develop games. Most developers also have jobs and responsibilities such as rent and school. That might add another layer of difficulty.
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