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  1. Make sure you followed these instructions by jan. You can read the complete post in dev blog.
  2. Some stuff that you can try: 1. Install the patch from the rejuv website. Extract the contents of that folder and drag them into your maingame folder. This might help. 2. Delete the game and redownload the game and then implement the patch. Make sure to backup your savefile if any before doing this. If nothing works. Contact the devs and post this issue in the bug reporting thread.
  3. About to go home from work. Then it’s rejuv time. 

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    a super secret ultra theory.
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    Thank you all
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    Sorry what is libero. I’m a Pokémon noob
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    What is your opinion on scorbunny.
  8. I want to thank all the devs. Jan Zumi Cass and everyone else. Thank you for enchanting us with your beautiful stories, stunning art and challenging gameplay. You have inspired countless individuals to tell their their own stories. In the future I will try to support you guys financially through patreon. Once again too everyone who works and worked on this project. The world builders, the testers and the spriters, thank you. Very VERY much. i should also add that the devs are human like us. They have personal lives in addition to careers, education and responsibilities to pursue and fulfil. But they take time to make this beautiful game.
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    He'll be fine as long as he didn't peak into the boxes.
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    2 years of hard work and development. I want to thank all the devs for this game. The passion in the intro speaks for itself.
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