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  1. Brought upon by something my co-worker said at work the other day, I've been listening to a lot of Mumford & Sons. Particularly, right at the moment, Little Lion Man. Gotta love the bluegrass influence. mmm
  2. Recently I went all the way to Seattle to go to Bumbershoot to see The Decemberists, Neko Case, and Bob Dylan. The Decemberists played this, and it's sooooooooooooo good. It reminds me of their older stuff and Tarkio (Colin's college band). So I've just been listening to this and their 5 Songs EP on repeat recently. With: http://dominorecordco.us/usa/news/07-09-10...with-no-ankles/ In between. Because I just loves me some Owen Pallett.
  3. Did I not come on yesterdayish? HAPPY BIRTHDAY NYU!
  4. It's Knives Chau. It is my favorite hat, I've had it for a while now.
  5. Stars is so sexy. And I really didn't know you were THAT young until you posted pictures, N8. Makes me feel old. New coat~ (in August, I unno)
  6. That and Metric's original version. Both are wonderful. The album it's off of...is kind of meh, though. I understand what Beck was aiming for, but it just makes me wish Beck would have polished the songs more. Oh well. It's a decent album, especially for a movie. But very underwhelming for the likes of Beck, Broken Social Scene, The Black Lips, and Metric under the guidance of Nigel freaking Godrich!
  7. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll Aww, thank you mashew.
  8. Photo whores gonna photo whore or something.
  9. ^ I'd have sex with that woman. Right now: Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) Argh, I love this song. I have so badly (re)fallen in love with this band after The Suburbs had finally clicked in my mind and their recent live Youtube performance from Madison Square Garden with Terry Gilliam. I think it took me a while to really like The Suburbs...just because it's not what I really wanted from the band, I wanted more Funeral. More No Cars Go and Wake Up, less Month of May and Modern Man. But whatever. The Suburbs is fantastic. I think the band realizes they may never make a m
  10. Iiiiiiiiiiicccceeee you look good! Although I do prefer your longer hair (from the few pictures I saw of you) Your art is greaaaaat. They're all real, right? Like you painted them on a canvas? How'd you get them so clear as an image? http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/9772/picture68f.jpg New hat~
  11. Every time I see this topic title I think the numbers at the end are supposed to correlate to today's date. It hurts my head every time.
  12. Nick, your shirt makes me laugh. Also the fact that I don't think you've ever looked any different to me in the past...like...7 years, except now you have facial hair. ALSO NO. I'M THE UGLIEST. (That's a lie, I'm fucking beautiful)
  13. The only bad thing about Hearing Damage is the album it's on. Argh. Twilight ruins everything. I recently discovered that The Smith's Rubber Ring runs right into Asleep. And oh my god I loves it, so beautiful, especially Asleep. sigh~ They play a Stars' cover of Asleep at work sometimes, and it just utterly memorizes me and makes me utterly depressed. Not a good tool for productivity.
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