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  1. Boo! No. I ain't dead. Imma outlive you all, just you wait.

  2. Imagine someone said Cass set herself up as ame's girlfriend so that she would take over ame's spot because clearly ame's about to kick the bucket so second lady in command would make all the rules when she does... and you called that person stupid for believing some obviously dumb shit. "it's fine because they're obviously setting up cass to be owner anyways" is basically what was said. which has all the connotations spelled out already. Do you feel this person has good or bad intentions? Where does this information come from and why is it being spread about? 

  3. Grew out the rest of my beard during quarantine. It seriously took 3 or 4 months to grow out long enough so it didn't look terrible anymore. Took this picture right after I got my second haircut since quarantine started.
  4. If it's supposed to be SE against water types, I'd suggest the move name be Boil.
  5. Just something quick and fun I made when Azzie mentioned making a New Horizons journal. I may or may not add more, or flesh it out a lot more. ---- Day 1- I escaped prison only to be caught and stranded on a remote island with a bunch of strangers. I feel sorry for the others, but I’m gonna win this death game. Day2- crafted a shovel first and started planting pitfalls along the river. Everyone's gotta drink sometime… Day3- Stuck in the dirt, poor Cherry never knew what hit her. I put my shovel down. I took the axe from her unconscious hands and finished the job. 9 more to go. Day4- Apollo almost had me with that first headshot from behind an apple tree. He really does have eagle eyes, doesn’t he? I blocked a few shots with my shovel, dove behind a tree, and dug myself a foxhole. He gave up eventually, unwilling to close the distance, but most of the daylight is already gone. Too late to do much but dig my foxhole deeper and plan out my revenge… Day5- The wild bamboo near the river has finally grown long enough to suit me. I spent some time upgrading my pitfalls and fortifying my foxhole. Luckily, there’s a mango orchard and a river on two sides to provide protection and sustenance. I was fishing with a bamboo pole when I heard the snap, the yelp, and the shrieking. The glorious shrieking. It was a long lullaby that worked its charm quickly, after my productive day. I decided to give ‘em till morning to regret the life decisions that put 'em in my way… ------ To Be Continued..
  6. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  7. You are 22 ancient now. =3

    1. Zumi


      ya....... am old............... 😔😔

  8. tfw you've dreamed about being security forces for an ark ship holding everyone from the planet fleeing a dying one and heading out for a new one to colonize. twice.
  9. I remember farming ash to that track. Max repel investment was worth it on so many levels. kinda ambivalent about this song. Great but maybe a bit overused...
  10. ... special things I compile, each one there to make you smile, on a rainy day~~

  11. Your avatar has my stamp of approval. js. 

  12. Look at you, skinny legend. Giving kyoyo a run for his money. You should cosplay as a psycho or Krieg from Borderlands. Oh yeah. Here's a new pic of the resident old guy. Cuz. except since this pic I shaved the beard off and left the mustache. Now I look more like Mario, but honestly I look goofier now, so no picture of that. might just shave that off too and just let it all grow back. Odd to think that this is the first time I've shaved that all off in 4 years.
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