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  1. I don't like all this celebration of April Fools. When do us September born fools get our recognition?

    1. Mindlack


      From my owl experience, at least once a week and up to several times a day, depending what you are doing or who you are interacting with.

  2. Oh whoops. I should update. I managed to beat Shelly by subbing my Decidueye for a Graveler. It was pretty close, but I did it. Still appreciate the assistance tho.
  3. Well I've got A Telluride Seed. I'm probably gonna bench my Decidueye in that case. Maybe catch a Graveler in the cave beneath the stairs. I'll probably go with Meowth then. If I can Fake Out that Illumise and hit it with a Rock Slide from my Graveler, that could knock it out. And if I give it the Telluride Seed, it'll counter Masquerain's Intimidate
  4. That would work, but both her Illumise and her Araquanid have Rain Dance and I'm pretty certain they're holding Damp Rocks. Meaning I gotta survive 8 turns of her. And once that rain's going, she can blast through my team at top speed.
  5. Yo I haven't played since like Episode 13, but did Shelly get way harder? I feel like I can't get anywhere against her. Anyone got any advice? For the record, my current team is: Vanillish Lv35 Galvantula Lv35 Decidueye Lv34 Growlithe Lv35 Klink Lv 35 Meowstic Lv33 I stupidly got rid of Fake Out on Meowstic too, so is there a move reminder I can access or should I just catch another one? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  6. So Reborn Rupees aren’t a thing anymore? Aw man, those were fun! Oh well.

  7. I’d like to say I’m ALWAYS wearing a top hat, but nah, this is just me during a convention. I was cosplaying as Professor Layton. Built the costume myself.
  8. Being back in Reborn after like 4 years feels weird. It’s like a whole different site now.

  9. Greetings. I am ReturnOfJacob. But please Jacob will do fine. I once was a member of this fine site, but the stress of finishing high school and the frustration of university caused me to drift away. So let’s take another crack at this, shall we? I’ve been a Pokémaniac since I was 6 years old. And now, 16 years later, my love of the franchise is unshaken. I’m a fan of monotyping and my ultimate goal is to create a monotype of all 18 types! As for stuff OTHER than Pokémon, I’m a Nintendo fan across the board and a fan of indie titles (with my personal favourites being OneShot, Undertale, LISA: The Painful and Viola). Not much more to say other than “it’s good to be back”. I made a lot of memories in the past and I hope to make a lot more in the future!
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