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  1. Ice

    Ask Ice Stuff

    Great mon super pretty and cool And It was probably feeling a little burnt out
  2. Ice

    Ask Ice Stuff

    I just felt naked so I became the cupcake man instead
  3. Ice

    Ask Ice Stuff

    1: 2:ororrr 3: uhh 4: Probably a tie between mint chocolate chip and coffee 5: Cant really remember any too fondly tho I guess I do get some laughs out of being lightly involved in Reborn convos 6: What if I was the Muffin man?
  4. Ice

    Ask Ice Stuff

    I aint too into the competitive stuff So idk what id change But there should totally be more ice types
  5. Ice

    Ask Ice Stuff

    Nice colors and good arts~ Because those cursed foods are a work of art Kahstrix is top tier Bibs you can name the creatures why cant you finish it punk D< How ever could you think about it like that its clealy an AIS thread
  6. Ice

    Ask Ice Stuff

    < Hellions are cool also hilarious to think about when given equipment Yes there are alot of songs people should hear I dunno havent been watching alot of TV Shadowbringers cause like its good and the music is amazing Watermelon very tasty also refreshing~
  7. Ice

    Ask Ice Stuff

    Ive only learned alittle sadly Its cool clearly but hmm aesthetic is nice She wanders or sleeps in a dog cage Hopes hmm hopefully the grenade launcher will just be in at launch I mean the story is feeling alittle stretch tho if they wanted to do side content thatd be neat too Games im looking forward to hmm Ghosts of Tsushima is probably one of the only ones i can think of off the top of my head right now. Add On: Kindred Fates Dark Souls and Pokemon seems neat Blinx the Time Sweeper and Glover Worst part of a job hmm probably my boss being so dumb at my current job Hmm I dont think I really had a fav for school reading
  8. ZEL

    happy birthday you're the coolest bf ever thx for existing :]

  9. Agreed. I do wish to see more.~
  10. Thanks for the league thread.

    It was quite informative.

    1. Ice


      Still updating it too~

    2. Chickens


      And boy you have been here for a long time.


      I'M BEANNY

    3. Ice


      Yeh its been a pretty long time~ Nice to meet cha~

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