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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  2. ZEL

    happy birthday you're the coolest bf ever thx for existing :]

  3. Agreed. I do wish to see more.~
  4. Thanks for the league thread.

    It was quite informative.

    1. Ice


      Still updating it too~

    2. Chickens


      And boy you have been here for a long time.


      I'M BEANNY

    3. Ice


      Yeh its been a pretty long time~ Nice to meet cha~

  5. Reborn Devolved League
  6. General Info: Known as: Ice/Prasiolite Icey-kun/Frosty to some and Im sure there are more I just dont recall Age: 26 Gender: Male Birthday: February 8th Location: Massachusetts Height: I think im 6' Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Lives with: Family Pets: 3 cats, dog, turtle, squirrel, duck and some fish Relationship status: @ZEL~ Favourite Food: Watermelon Favourite Drink: Chocolate milk or maybe Vanilla coke Favourite Color: Blue Favourite kind of Music: No favorites Favourite Band: Reel Big Fish Favourite Album: Fame, Fortune and Fornication Favourite Song: This right now DREAMERS- Sweet Disaster Favourite Game: If I had to choose right now Blazblue Centralfiction Favourite Genre of Game: Cant decide Favourite Hobbies: Gaming/Making Sprites/Collecting things Favourite Movies: I dont know Favourite Shows: I could probably place a bunch of anime and cartoons here Community questions: So, who are you?: Hiya, Im Ice~ I joined Reborn during the Poke-place days thanks to a friend I made on a DS chat who no longer comes here Its been what like 10 years or so now yeesh. I was once an auth back when Pokemon Online was the chat/battle server, but now I just lurk allllll the time its cool tho I dont know what else to say so meh Anything you're responsible for? << Does this count? I started the What do you look like thread Still havent ever posted a picture of myself Im responsible partly for the creation of Team Meteor More so ZEL and Taka tho I also did more than just make only them as well as world conception not sure how much thooh and lets not forget Mr Bigglesworth~ And the last thing I can think of was starting the first run of Excessum League tho it died If you had to choose one of your posts as your way to introduce yourself, which would it be? What? I make posts?!?!? I mean I guess there is that reintroduction post I made What can I talk to you about? Well you could probably talk to me about anything Im pretty chill~ Closing statements? Please give Mr Bigglesworth the love he deserves~
  7. Redemption League
  8. Magnitude League
  9. Reborn/Monkey Pro League Neat Chart
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