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  1. damn how'd i miss out on epic mael beard pics looks good, man! anyway hi espeon's still the best eevee tho
  2. Nominating @Cerise as my noble successor for Sunlit Sovereign and @Azzie for Midsummer Queen uwu
  3. well you know what that means, lads we can nominate azery again that aside, reborn risk sounds lit, count me in
  4. I went thru the struggle of remembering my password for the forums just so I could log on and tell you that I'ma kick your ass ...Which actually is to say ily and fully understand what you mean about feeling the need to detach from this place, so you do you, I respect your choice, whether it'll end temporary or permanent. You're one of a kind in the best (but also slightly cursed) way possible - I'll sorely miss the frequent interactions with you on lobby. But for what it's worth, I know where to find you. That's a threat and a promise.
  5. It must feel anxiety inducing to work on the episode for so long and knowing that people are waiting without really seeing as much of the work as you do. But bar the odd person out, I'm sure most of us are perfectly patient waiting for the release ♥ There's a lot of content to be done and we know it's gonna be worth the wait - especially if it means you guys can do it at a reasonable pace. Game's been in development for a long time, we can take whatever time is left. Thanks for y'alls hard work, really~ gib magnezone next
  6. Tfw your state temporarily prohibits class trips one day before you were supposed to go on one. AND it means I have to go to work instead, bah.

  7. I mean, ZEL the Magnezone is actually a member of my main reborn team. ...Minus the PULSE item, that is. That's just for the rule of funny. Also Re: the whole Heather thing, that's actually a pretty common opinion I've seen in the community, somehow. I think people play the game and kind of forget to take into consideration that this angry, bratty child was - raised by a single father who was unable to keep his grief for his wife from interfering with his care for their daughter, resulting in a mixture of emotional neglect and overprotectiveness - then had to witness as said father was revealed to have worked for a terrorist organization - then live through said father taking his life, without ever even revealing to Heather why he did any of what he did, pretty much leaving her with the above revelation as her final memory of him - then was taken into the orphanage against her will and subjected to unwarranted and poorly executed electroshock "therapy" - and finally, tricked into believing she found a guardian in Blake, only to find out he's the one causing the suffering in Ametrine that she was working against, and get kidnapped and locked in a freezing shed She's 12 years old. She's a literal child whose brain isn't equipped to deal with this much trauma, especially not without a therapist and supportive guardians. Shoutout to Cain for volunteering to be that, but it's not exactly a surprise she doesn't trust some random stranger. (And, y'know, then she does decide to trust someone and he turns out to be another Meteor member, lol.)
  8. Savage was a challenger from the old RL reborn league who became something of a meme for trying repeatedly and failing to beat Shade - because his team couldn't touch Shedinja. (The league had restrictions on changing your teams, especially mons and moves, so unless you were willing to restart at badge one, you were stuck with a team.) He eventually did actually beat him, but it took him a lot of tries and he's not actually some Important Plot Point in the game or anything, it's just there for the joke. But if you remember, Ame talked in a patreon post about a promise she gave the champions of the old league~
  9. Wow I can't wait to find out who that diary was about
  10. Hi I just wanna let it be Known that Bibs is good thx for listening

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      Imagine thinking I have anywhere near enough emotional self-control to even be made a padawan
      No, you will have to face the fact that I'm a trustworthy individual and accept the truth of my words into your heart >:[

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      Ojama Yellow

      how unfortunate that you are attempting to DECEIVE ME

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      I’ll allow it

  11. Yeah I sure did that It was me the aam collective sends its greetings
  12. See, this is how you know someone hasn't been around when we had our Hunger Games hype a few years ago :]
  13. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you're having a fun day 😉🍰

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