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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome, one and all, to the (slightly late, I'm sorry) nominations for the Reborn 2020 Member of the Year awards! If you've attended our Winter Revels before, this should be familiar to you! But if not, I'll explain briefly. Every year, we open nominations for a variety of categories. You can nominate as many users as you like, for as many categories as you like. However! Different from past years, we have three changes: -Please no nominations that are just "____ for everything!" -Winners of last year's awards are not eligible to win this year for the same category. You're more than welcome to nominate anyone for any other categories, however- while Azery can't be nominated for Smelliest Auth this year, you're all free to call him a big memer! -In past years, we've had an Artist Of The Year and Writer Of The Year award. This year, we decided to do something different. On the day of the party, we'll be opening a Creative Gallery where everyone can post 1-3 things they've made this year that they're most proud of. We're hoping this encourages more people to contribute- there are more forms of creativity than just writing and drawing, and we want to celebrate all the many creative people in our community! Nominations are open as of this posting, and will be open until December 17th. Voting will take place all day on December 18th, and at the Winter Revel on the 19th we'll announce the winners! Voting will take place on Reborn's Discord server, so please join up if you haven't already! Categories are as follows, and this post will be updated as people are nominated! Member of the Year The big, the classic-- this is for the member who's made the biggest splash with the sharpest shine! Nominees: -Cass -Brave -Adrian -Caz -Nicki -Ceratisa -Posty -Crim -Chxxo -Newt -Khrona -Bluetowel -Azzie -Ceri -Arnie Rookie of the Year For the most upstart and standout member who arrived this year! Nominees: -Arnie -Crim -Yume -Cerise -Ceratisa -Toothpastefairy -Newt -Goose -Mercury -Storm Comeback of the Year For the most beloved member who returned to us this year after a long absence! Nominees: -Brave -Sini/Hexagon -Caz -Huggy -Kaito -Soloclus The Carmen Sandiego Award For the face since missing in action that we'd most want to see in the crowd once more! Nominees: -Chubb -Trevore -Kaito -Ice -Skitty -Maelstrom -Neil -Rosesong The Sugarpop Sunbeam Award For the member this year who's been sweeter than any candy store could hope to be! Nominees: -Crim -Nicki -Ruby -Candy -Kyle -Chxxo -Amethyst -Newt -Cera -Starry The K-K-K-Kawaii Award For the super-cutest member who's been around this year! Nominees: -Kyra -Everyone's Pets -Chxxo -Ruby -Crim -Yume -Cerise -Azzie -Ceratisa -Hellscythe -Ama (ZEL) -ICSW -Caddy -Drago -Hexa -Nicki -cass. The Auspicious Auth Award For the most helpful staff member who's been around to help out this year! this is definitely not a thinly veiled performance review. Nominees: -Starry -Ceratisa -Posty -Cass -Abyss -ICSW -Marcello -Amethyst -Cera -Azzie -Brave The Smelliest Auth Award For the auth member who, regardless of conduct, most desperately needs to take a shower! Nominees: -Posty -Brave -Marcello -Zumi -Godot -Azzie Most Helpful Content Creator Award For the member whose mod/videos/walkthroughs have rescued you through the most sticky situations! Nominees: -Icy Tails -Bluetowel -Cass -Lostelle -ICSW Memer of the Year For the member who's posted the freshest, most crispy clean memes this year! Nominees: -90skid -Robotnik -Caz -Ame2 -Kyle -Quinn -Azery -Hellscythe Dorkiest Dork Award This description has been removed due to creative disagreements among the writers of this thread. Nominees: -Bibs -Khrona -Nicki -Soloclus -Cass -Azery -Brave -Ceratisa -Crim The Profile Picture Perfection Award For the member who's had the best avatars around this year! Nominees: -Bluetowel -Posty -Kenneth -Adrian -Hellscythe -Ikaru -Ruby -Fezz -Nicki -Crim -Azzie The Craziest Conspirator Award For the member who just knows, man. Nominees: -Nicki -Node15 -Ricki -Bibs -Ame2 -Azery -Cerise -Soloclus Emoji Excellence Award For the member who's wowed us all with creative use of emoji this year! Nominees: -Sleepy Goblin -Punch -Ruby -Newt -Crim -Candy -Cad Smollest Bean For the member who is just so smol and pure. Nominees: -Azzie -Cerise -Ruby -Chxxo -Bibs -Crim -Caddy Archbishop of Banterbury For the member with the best banter on the block! Nominees: -Nicki -Newt -Brave -Ceratisa -Bibs -Amethyst -Rotherfucking Jorcerer Biggest Grumpy of the Year For the >:(est member around this year! (All in fun, of course!) Nominees: -Cass -Kyle -Godot -Khrona The Pointedest Poindexter Award For the biggest NERD this year! Nominees: -Azery -Kyle -Adrian -Ame -Mindlack -Arkhi -Cass -Swamp -Mercury -Wendel The Hippest Himbo Award For everyone's favourite himbo (or herbo, or thembo)! Nominees: -Alex -Psosty -Kyle -Jarred -Huggy -Brave Coolest Clown in Town For the member that's the entire circus! Nominees: -Zumi -Bibs -Posty -Crim -Hexa -Marcello -Khrona -Jan Most In Need Of A Hug For the member who just really needs a hug right away! Nominees: -The Emotional Support Channel -Cass -Ruby -Crim -Ceratisa -Nicki -Mercury -Cerise -Brave -Khrona -Amethyst -Newt -Bluetowel -Yumi -Tim -Arnie -Ikaru Supportive Cinnamon Roll For the member who is an actual cinnamon roll and always tried to support others! Nominees: -Starry -Bluetowel -Azzie -Cass -Kyle -Mercury -Ceratisa -Crim -Ikaru -Posty -Ice -Amethyst -Gardevoir Most Likely To Be Madame X For the member who has secretly been the primary antagonist of Rejuvenation this whole time. Nominees: -Kyle -Ruby -Azzie -Jan -Zumi -Cass -Caz -Caddy Most Likely to Become Auth For the most helpful member who should totally be on the team! this is definitely not a thinly-veiled screening process. Nominees: -Bluetowel -Huggy -Arnie -Crim -Ama -Bibs -Ikaru Most Likely to Become Champion For the member most likely to take the ranks when another gym leader champion inevitably dies or something! Nominees: -Quinn -Bibs -Brave -Goose -Adrian Most Likely to Take Over the World For the member most poised to overpower society as we know it! Nominees: -Ama (ZEL) -Bibs -Ceratisa -Posty -Brave -Cass Wonderfullest Wallflower For the member whose presence is quiet, but beloved. Nominees: -Caddy -Hellscythe -ICSW -Azzie -Yume -Candy -Punch -Dream -Ikaru -Soloclus -Cerise -Drago -Hexa -Ceratisa -Crim -Starry -Bluetowel -Mercury Most Likely to Start a Religious Cult For the member you'd most quickly offer your soul to in a ritual of deepest darkness! Nominees: -Cass -Sleepy Goblin and Storm -Brave -Bibs -Evi Crystal -Wendel -Godot -Ruby (about Douma) -Caz -Nicki -Khrona -Ikaru Apocalypse 2020 Superstar It's been a year. For the member who's managed to make the most of it! Nominees: -Ame -Kyle -Brave -Ruby -Crim -Caz Most Likely to Have Just Been A Dream All Along What is a dream? For the member who's what dreams are made of. Nominees: -Dream -Mercury -Ice -Bibs -Caz (Jarred) Most Likely to Win the Reborn Hunger Games For the member who's most likely to escape the wrath of Tree! Nominees: -Cerise -Zumi -Tree -Kyle -Chxxo -Aeodyn -ICSW Most Likely to Be Impostor For the member who's pretty sus, tbh. Nominees: -Bibs -ICSW -Caddy -Khrona -Punch -Abyss -Aldo -Kiet -Posty -Ruby -Caddy -Ceratisa -Wendel -Nicki -Goose -Fezz Most Likely to be Adopted by a Staff Member For the member who's likely to find a new parental unit in Reborn's auth team! Nominees: -Cerise -Chxxo -Mercury -Yume -Everyone Who Already Has -Crim -Arnie Most Likely to Win Third Place Self-explanatory. Nominees: -Dream -Azery -Posty -Ikaru -Bibs -Khrona -Storm -Bluetowel -Hexagon Member Most Likely to Never Give You Up For the member who would never let you down, nor run around, nor desert you! Nominees: -Caddy -Bibs -Cass -Skid -Brave -Arkhi -Azzie -Posty -Hycrox -Crim -Nicki -King -Goose I-it's Not Like I Wanted to Win or Anything Award This member isn't tsundere or anything, b-baka!! Nominees: -Nicki -Alex -Cerise -Bibs -Posty -Caddy -Amethyst cass Cna't Spel Awrad Fro thh menber taht jsut dosnt kno hwo 2 wrods! Nominees: -Alex -Storm -Adrian -Lia -Nicki -Wendel -Kam -Cass -Goose -Amethyst Award Award Award Award award award award award award award award award award award award award award award Nominees: -Hellscythe -Mercury -Arnie -Jan -Abyss -Every Staff Member Ever -Ame -Crim -Caddy -The Entirety Of Reborn -Kyra -Bluetowel's Cats -Newt -BIGFriv -Glow -Lumi
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