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  1. So recently I started a nuzlocke of Pokemon Reborn. I already lost a few times and redid the nuzlocke. I wanted to know if anyone wanted to give any advice on what I should do during the playthrough? - Game starts at pokeballs - One Pokemon Per Route - Special Encounter Pokemon are allowed -If all Party Pokemon die game is over -Max Use of 10 Items in Battle -No Duplicates -No over leveling Any tips on if I should add or take away any rules, or anything like that?
  2. Its not Pokemon reborn but i wanted to start this thread for ttars newest nuzlocke while it probably wont be as popular here as his reborn one i felt like deserved a thread for it for those unfamiliar with pokemon uranium its a pokemon game that features a mix of real and fakemon. However what makes it a really scary nuzlocke is that there exists a new type nuclear which is super effective on everything and weak to everything so if youre not careful a nuclear pokemon that outspeeds you can do 4x to duel types basically every time
  3. Hi everyone can anyone trade with me so I can evolve my haunter so it evolves into gengar, I'm doing my first ever playthrough through this game (aswell as it being a nuzlocke), and will need it for shades gym. I hatched it from the egg you're given by the police officer after the growlithe story line, so if anyone can help me that would be great. Thanks all!
  4. Shofu disappeared after the gauntlet, a new challenger enters the pokemon reborn ring, it's Tyranitartube
  5. It's finally here! Pokemon Black 2 Squadlocke! I've been wanting to do something like this for a LONG time and I've finally done it. So here we go. Episode 1. Ohh. Before I forget, this will be the only episode I tag in the people that have "helped" me in this. You'll see what I mean when you watch the video. If you want to be tagged every time I upload a video (the 5 people that helped me I mean) then please let me know. That way, I know I won't be annoying you if you don't wanna be tagged. So yea! Here we go! Episode 1 is here! @The Swordsman @Q-Jei @Candy @MegaMew @Amethyst For the people who don't know what a Squadlocke is, here are the rules for it. 1. Squadlocke follows regular Nuzlocke Rules. -Catch the first Pokemon on each route/area (if you fail to capture it you can't catch anything else) -If a Pokemon Faints it is considered dead either release it or put into a "Dead Box" 2. Choose a few friend's you would consider your squad, and get a full team of Pokemon of each friend's choosing. You would generate each friends team into a separate box in the PC. 3. After each encounter in the Nuzlocke head to the PC Box and load up a box containing a Squad Members Pokemon Team you have not drawn from (preferably cycle through the boxes in order) and random number generate to decide which Pokemon you will exchange for your encounter, to use for the Nuzlocke.
  6. Deathrun A Mercylocke for Reborn and Rejuvenation Mandatory Rules 1. No editing, modding, glitching, hacking, or cheating. (Unlimited Money, 100% Catch Poke Balls, Illegal Moveset, etc.) 2. The player can soft reset to get better stats on their starter. However they can't reset when they have lost a battle, a loss is a loss. 3. The Deathrun only starts once the player has obtained Poke Balls. Basic Rules 1. If a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead and must be put in the PC. When all Pokemon have fainted, in the player's party and PC box, the game is over. 2. All Pokemon must have nicknames. Additional Rules 1. One Pokemon may be revived after defeating a Gym Leader or Reverse Leader. 2. Any battle that forces the player to lose, is exempt from killing the player's Pokemon, like the Garchomp fight on Pyrous Mountain. I'm still working on this. So, any feed back you may have will be appreciated.
  7. Hello everyone! I wanted to do either a Pokemon X/Y or a Pokemon Soul Silver Random Nuzlocke but will need an emulator to do so. I would really like to be able to play the game through regularly with only slight modifications. I would like to have the option to randomize at the beginning as well as the option for trade evolutions to occur naturally for pokemon through leveling up. Does anyone have any good recommendations for this?? One that wont put a virus on my laptop? Please and thank you!
  8. Ice Cream Sand Witch's edit (since 3 people have been warned for this in the thread): Just because the Penta-op crew uses the n word to refer to themselves doesn't mean you can use the word in this thread. It's still considered derogatory language under rule 4. Hi and welcome to the official thread for the Pokemon Reborn Pentaop. A five player simultaneous nuzlocke of pokemon reborn featuring the following Youtubers. King Nappy Jayytgamer NumbNexus The HeatedMo Twitimtwit Here I will be attempting to keep track of all of their encounters for each area of the game as well as providing an accurate death counter. Feel free to provide any feedback on what should be done with this forum and I hope you enjoy the chaos I know I will. episode one In progress as I watch episode Deaths: discontinued Nappy 49 Nexus 63 Heated Mo 71 Twit 78 Jay 79 Double deaths discontinued Nappy 4 Nexus 3 Heated mo 3 Twit 1 Jay 3 Whiteouts/resets one max per battle: as of episode 82 Nappy 10 Nexus 25 Heated Mo 20 Twit 26 Jay 27 alive mons that are supposed to be dead. 3 Nappy julias voice XD 10:30 next episode monday
  9. Hello there! It's General Nick. I decided to run a Nuzlocke in the most lighthearted pokemon game there is; SPORK For the 1-2 of you who don't know the nature of the Spork universe, death is nonexistent. What better a place to make a run in which a fainted pokemon supposedly dies? There are going to be a lot of screen-snips, and hopefully it's going to be as fun for you as it was for me. I have to say, it was a blind run. And now that I have completed it, I am going back and forth adding pictures so you guys get a better... picture of what's happening. Oh, and btw, if you see me make a pun here, know it's intended. The game is so full of puns. In fact, it's the Kingdom of Puns You'll never get sick of them, and the pop culture references. Before I start, I just wanted to say that Spork is an incredibly detailed game, and I still haven't finished the post-game content. It's a full 18 gym + E4 game, with a lot of pokemon to capture, a fun story, and villains you might sympathise with. Of course it doesn't go into too much depth and has its flaws (like endless exposition), but the whole package is great. Icy did a good job in it, and she deserves all the praise she can get. A few words about the place Spork takes place in Ceolis. That's a place of wonders, where humans and ??? reside. It took it's name from [Redacted] who [c0R.38p] and that remains a mystery because he 9[28dis29$]. There's also a threat to the locals, Team [p0RRRyg01n] who wish to change things in the area, as well as [00HBm]. Your job is to do as every adult 10-yo would do in a pokemon game. No it's not becoming champion. No it's not beating the bad guys. It's having fun. Because you're 10 and concepts like global economy, prosperity and safety are above you. It's also that you want to use your pet slaves to battle each other. Anyways. Here's Ceolis and Pokemon Spork for ya. And here's an early map because I don't want to reveal all locations yet, like Party City. // How the hell did this miss my ultra redacting powers] This is not the best Nuzlocke there is. It's just a tribute Nuzlocke Rules + Personal Rules I'll let this gain some interest before beginning the episodes. Consider this... Episode 0
  10. I must really hate myself to be doing this, but I want to give it a try. I've been following this game for a while now but I wanted to wait to play it till it was mostly complete. Now that pretty much all Pokemon except legendaries have been made available in one way or another, I'm finally going to attempt to (semi) Nuzlocke this extremely difficult game. I say semi Nuzlocke because I won't be super strict with the rules. This includes: > Fights which are meant to be lost will not have Nuzlocke rules applied to them. Any Pokemon who faints in these battles can still be used. > Gift Pokemon are endless. Any static encounter/gift Pokemon can be used no matter what. The only time the 'first encounter only rule' applies is in grassy areas, caves, etc. > Because I will need to train up new teammates quite frequently, I will be using the Grand Hall trainers to gain levels quickly. These trainers can be quite strong especially early on so any deaths that occur here will not count. I will however, count any deaths that occur when I'm just grinding up in the grass. I'm also not playing blind because that would be suicide. ____________________________ Since I assume most of you here have played the game or are playing the game, I won't really be going into detail about the plot itself. The updates will mostly consist of important fights and how I handled them. At the end of each part, I'll also put an updated list of all of my alive and dead Pokemon. Since this post is more so meant to explain the rules I'll be using, I won't get very far into the game yet. When the part of choosing your starter came up, I decided to give myself somewhat of a handicap to make up for the looser rules by randomizer which Pokemon (Number one would be Bulbasaur and number 21 would be Popplio) I rolled a 4 which gives me everyone's favorite Grass starter, Chikorita. (Sarcasm included) All joking aside, the Chikorita line is one of my favorite starters of all time so I'm not too upset about this. Grass typing resists the first gym and it's a bulky Pokemon who has potential to become a great support mon with status inflicting moves. I can work with this. Little Foot (M) - Lv. 5 - Leaf Guard - Impish nature (+Def -Sp. Atk) IVs: 13/2/31/4/25/14 Tackle / Growl Capable of taking hits. Thoughts: Pretty much a mixed tank, especially with those IVs. I don't expect much out of Little Foot when it comes to dishing out damage, but that's okay because I can get a great special attacking Grass type in Budew before the first gym anyway. While he probably won't be on my team throughout the whole Nuzlocke, I think his bulk will definitely come in handy during some fights. Current Team: Boxed: None Death: None
  11. I am stuck on Shelly in my nuzlocke and only use the pokemon that I get from Eggs, as a gift in trades, or in events like using pokesnax. I am having a difficult time beating Shelly even when I change my line up and use a fire type like Arcanine to try and change the field, but that Masquerain keeps out-speeding me and using rain dance.
  12. So here is my idea for a nuzlocke variant. Try it out see how it does and pls give me feed back. POKEMON REBORN BADGELOCKE. RANDOMIZER (Note you need the reborn sandbox mode in order to do this so that you can manipulate your starter and such, made by the wonderful DerxwnaKapsyla) !!!!RULES!!!!! #1: after you get your starter before leaving the grand hall talk to the guy in the top left corner to enter the sand box zone. Then go to the pokemon generator guy and choose three random pokemon set at lv five( preferably shiny) if its an evolved pokemon use its least evolved counterpart (ex: your random pokemon is charazard thus you will pick charmander) https://randompokemongenerator.com/app/#/ Then either permanently box or release your starter. #2: You may not catch any wild pokemon exept event pokemon/ given pokemon/ legendary pokemon.(thus you cannot catch a bidoof to evole it into bibarel to trade it unless your random pokemon happens to be a bidoof) #3: You may not generate pokemon from the sandbox zone exept when following rule #5. #4: You may not use any of the sandbox zone except anything inside of the daycare room. #5: After every badge you win you will generate three more random pokemon set at any lv up to the max lv of the gym leader you just beat. Then you may buy/use any TWO item/service of the sandbox zone, and use the girl who gives you money ONCE. #6: If a pokemon faints you must put it in your last box and never use it again as it got crippled exept after every THREE badges you may revive ONE of your crippled pokemon (as i hate losing a pokemon i have gotten attached to permanently but it still limits the number of pokemon you can get back) #7: No resetting to a previous save if you lose a pokemon Please try it out and give me suggestions and feedback
  13. Hello, all I am restarting my nuzlocke. I would appreciate any tips you can offer, such as which starter to pick, which mons to try and catch and any other tips I plan to start in an hour or two. Any tips tricks and advice is appreciated. Also, what do you all think should I breed? Should I wonder trade off the trade evolution mons? Let me know your opinions
  14. Hi and welcome to the pre-hype thread for the Pokemon Reborn Pentaop. A five player simultaneous nuzlocke of pokemon reborn featuring the following Youtubers. King Nappy Jayytgamer NumbNexus The HeatedMo Twit The reason why I made this thread is to get help from the reborn community about the various locations for event encounters so I can provide an accurate guide in the youtube comments sections so they can get every pokemon possible. As well as get feedback for ideas for what I should do with the general thread which I will release as soon as the first episode gets released At the moment there is no official confirmation from any of the youtubers about if the game is randomized or not. The first and third pentaops insurgence and light platinum were randomized while the second uranium was not. Is it currently possible to randomize pokemon reborn because I currently do not know and would wish to find out. Also feel free to provide general thoughts about expectations about how well they are going to do or special nuzlocke rulings that should be made for pokemon reborn. Example: as said in the general nuzlocke page for pokemon reborn should fights like garchomp/arceus count for deaths
  15. Currently I am training roughly two boxes of pokemon! And I've caught up with the most current release! I'm only on collecting items and stuff right now, but that's not interesting, here is my current team! (* = Shiny) In Party (When I turn the game on, will probably change) Klepto, Serperior, Female, Contrary, Rash Axelia, Aegislash, Female, Stance Change, Lonely Telem, Charizard, Male, Solar Power, Adamant Glitch, Porygon-Z, ???, Adaptability, Mild Rune, Gardevior, Female, Synchronize, Quiet Casimir, Metagross, ???, Clear Body, Lonely In box (I give up on abilities and natures) Julius, Ariados, Male Malik, Delphox, Male Bakura, Floatzel, Male Lucan, Silvally, ??? Tempest, Swampert, Female Talon, Absol, Male Decibel, Espeon*, Male Lillith, Lilligant, Female Kilio, Lucario, Male Zili, Chandelure, Female Casey, Primarina, Male Hope, Garchomp, Male Oleander, Nidoking, Male June, Alakazam, Female Toby, Rotom(Ice), ??? Soran, Zoruark, Male Loki, Mimikyu, Male Pyralis, Typhlosion, Male Zale, Scrafty, Female Guardian, Ninetails, Female Yami (Probably going to change name), Sceptile, Male Dalit, Feraligator, Male Kim, Toxicroak, Female Marionette, Banette, Male Wythe, Toreterra, Male Yuri, Skuntank, Male Ward, Mismagius, Male Goldie, Mienshao*, Female Akemi, Arcanine, Female Dazi, Aerodactyl, Male Felicia, Roseraid, Female Amara, Honchkrow, Female Locke, Raichu, Female Lyrica, Mamoswine, Female Asriel, Infernape, Male Leon, Meganium, Male Hecate, Nidoqueen, Female Mac, Hariyama*, Male Grey, Blissey, Female Thunder, Ampharos, Male Titan, Aggron, Male Lance, Golisopod, Male Grif, Kabutops, Male Ryker, Crobat, Female Myles, Emboar, Male Ysuelt, Empoleon, Male Church, Omastar, Male Zenna, Lopunny, Female Cecil, Gallade, Male Hero, Rhyperior, Male Zane, Walrein, Female Tucker, Armaldo, Male Eternal, Florges, Female Leaf, Leavanny, Female Jason, Goodra, Male Lynne, Gyarados, Female DEAD Echo, Whismur, Female Junebug, Teddiursa, Female Nate, Kricketune, Male Scavenger, Tranquill, Female Comet, Ledian, Female Lora, Swoobat, Female Static, Emolga, Female Starlight, Meowstic, Female Sparker, Manectric, Male Annabell, Swanna, Female Shade, Persian*, Female Ashley, Pyroar, Female Kin, Fearow*, Female Lava, Magcargo, Male Nikki, Ludicolo, Female Magma, Camerupt, Female Yusei, Pelipper, Male Verox, Scolipede, Male Drifter, Drifblim, Female Victor, Pangoro*, Male Sylver, Avalugg*, Male Max, Houndoom, Male Ace, Bisharp*, Male Gemini, Reuniculus, Male Spike, Cacturne, Male That took forever, and it made me realize that shiny pokemon are not safe with me... I loved all of them
  16. Hey guys! Been playing Reborn for a few years now, figured it's finally time to do an Egglocke. I'm looking for 12 egg donors (or 12 eggs from any amount of donors). My Online Play name is Candelabrum, and I'm on 'Waiting for Request' under Trade, so hit me up! Looking for any eggs, no dupes, and no eggs that you get through story (ducklett, growlithe, etc.). Just hit me up in trade or let me know here if you'd like to help me set it up! Thanks! -Candelabrum
  17. Hiiiiiii So, yeah...while I wait for the next Full Moon update I have decided to do something I haven't really done before. I am going to do a randomized nuzlocke and on top of that I'll be recording it here. I hope ya'll enjoy. Chapter One: If You're Redi Come And Get It Chapter Two: What Is Love?
  18. This is something I've been looking forward to for a very long time! I was inspired by @Candy to do this story, so before I begin, I just wanted to say thanks to you for inspiring me to do this! The rules of a traditional Nuzlocke are simple: you must catch the first Pokemon of each route, and when a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead. I will be nicknaming every Pokemon I catch. Since this is my first Nuzlocke, and this is ongoing, I thought it would only be fair if I created an ongoing story out of it, such as a journal entry. I've had a plot in my head for a long time, and I am looking forward to telling it. I would love your feedback, but if you have any, please send it to me through PM. With that being said, let's get started!
  19. I feel I'm doing too many of these things, welp A new semester opens up, promising a Sawsbuck-load of work (kay, I'll stop) and tons of new responsibilities! But does that inspire me to become productive? Nope! On to another run! Even though my Grass monorun is incomplete and I've planned to a Dark monorun, yayy Also I'm easily carried away by new and fancy stuff so pls 5giv On to it! The Rules (totally not copy-pasted from Bulbapedia): The no soft-reset rule makes me shudder. However, an exception to all these rules, in my case: Battles against major 75 lvl bosses (Solaris, Arceus, etc) will not be counted: meaning I will actually try to beat them, but any deaths occurred throughout the battle will be dragon-ball-wished. Tbh, I don't expect to get very far, but I'll see where I reach. In any case, I've already started it, and this is as far as I've reached (I've just beaten asslord Fern): Mah bois and grills <3 No deaths up till now. Although I must admit of some slight grievances: The posting rate will be much slower on this thread than my grass mono cuz i'm a wuss
  20. A discussion forum on what is one of my favorite nuzlockes of all time Most recent episode first episode
  21. Hello i am here to attempt a locke of this wonderful one i need help to decide if i should do a wonderlocke or nuzlocke and then i am going to need advice on doing it(i have tried 5 or 6 times in the last two days) i can not seem to keep my mons alive thanks for the tips
  22. Welp, I pretty much lost interest in how badly the last one was gonna go. Let's see if I can't win this locke. 1:No mons can be kept that have already been caught(including common/tall grass mons that i catch naturally heehee). Can't have a team full of Bidoof. Moody would make it too easy. 2:have to wonder trade everything but said wonder traded mon has to be a level where i can use it. 3:Not counting Solaris' Garchomp and other bosses. If ya can't win it, no point in trying. 4:Having 0 fun. 5:Lets just start this already you know standard nuzlocke rules and ive explained the weird ones. This is my character: Soooooo Who's the first wonder trade gonna be..? Goodbye Froaks. yaaay i got a swirlix. This is actually one of my favorite mons. Lets see how it'll do. Ivs aint perfect but it'll do. Gotta get that Exp share and lucky egg. Whats the first encounter gonna be. A birb. Please become something good. It became a rat. Not that bad if i can get it to raticate. Lets skip over to Reborn City. Beat up some grass trainers pichu. She also had a Tangela and a Budew if you're wondering. ...Gotta get into the alleyway somehow. His sewaddle did ok damage, but everything else was easy. I'll probably skip most boring battles. Why cant i use a trubbish uggghhhh Caught it. Named it Bag. What'll it's wonder traded equivalent become? Ey, a Drowzee. Not bad. With pokerus, it should become pretty tanky. Welp, onwards. Stop missing Rattata. It's getting way too close. Might as well get my Old Rod encounter. We're back on another epsiode of Deadliest Flop and we found..! Caught it. Named it Feesh. it had pokerus as well. Must be running rampant in this city. What'll we get for it? A second piece of cotton candy. Welp, might as well go do a few more encounters and wrap this up. Darn, Whismurs overworld sprite is adorable. Caught it, called it neat. ...Wow this is a bad slakoth. Cute though. After cleaning up the bridge, some of reborn city, and a couple of other trainers, it's time to get our Zigzagoon. It wasnt very hard to win. Got Zigzagoon. Called it Ziggy. I deserve a medal for original names. What'll we get for it though? Well, I got something "sweet" out of the deal. Let's get one more encounter and finish off this opening part. Got a cute lil espurr. Called it Reekum. Don't ask why, that's just how the cry sounds to me. What'll we get for it. Welp, this ain't a bad start.
  23. Welp, I was incredibly bored, and I'm sure most people are these days. wait didnt episode 16 just happen So I decided to make a Hardcore Reborn Wonderlocke. Here's the rules! 1:No mons can be kept that have already been caught(including common/tall grass mons that i catch naturally heehee). Can't have a team full of Bidoof. Moody would make it too easy. 2:have to wonder trade everything but said wonder traded mon has to be a level where i can use it. 2:I'm keeping the starter and kind of making it unkillable, mostly to make sure I have something not totally worthless. Kind of cheap, but I don't really wanna give it out after it got exp (ESPECIALLY SINCE THIS IS HARDCORE). However, there's a catch. If the starter dies in battle, I'll not only have to reset the battle, but all mons killed in the battle will stay dead. We'll see how bad this can end. 3:Except Solaris' Garchomp and other bosses. If ya can't win it, no point in trying. 4:Having 0 fun. 5:Lets just start this already you know standard nuzlocke rules and ive explained the weird ones. 6:im gonna be crucified for keeping my starter arent i Welp, considering my avatars name, I'd say that this run is looking to be very.... I'm not sorry for that joke. Ill probably die for it anyways Anyways, only member so far is Froakie. Not that bad actually. knows Quick Attack, Growl, Pound, and Bubble. I think he'll be fine. Standard First Encounter honestly. Rattata isn't that bad in hardcore actually...Maybe i'll get one- a F***ing quick attack crit. Thanks froaks. Should be easy right? >level 6 patrat >level 6. And this is just his first mon. Yikes. Second mon was a level 7 rattata. hit really hard with quick attack, but froaks took it- If Froakie didn't have protean, this run would be over. HC devs, why do you try to ruin lives so. That was a little too close for my liking. but hey, froakie learned lick! Whats in these? Well.... sweet, sweet loot. This was put here for a good reason, TRUST ME. Back to the center but first... You all know what happens next. *Sigh*..... Bought 6 potions, 2 antidotes, and 5 balls with the remaining money. Might as well enter the city. But first, i gotta get the free zigzagoon. SMACKDOWN TIME!.... Froakie actually gets smack down eventually. Look it up. Anyways, a level 6 starly, a level 6 rattata, and a level 7 bidoof later, he's done. On to the rest of the bridge! So one of the trainers says "Guess what the cat dragged in.." And what does she send out? ....Best Writing 10/10. She also had a level 7 Glameow and a level 6 Skitty. At this rate, Froakie might evolve into frogadier by the time I reach where Budew is at. Just another day in reborn... Drowning a random squirrel. Se Jun Parks would be mad. Anyways, dont mind me.... Just cleaning out the trash I actually don't hate the trubbish line to be honest. Maybe I'll get a garbodor sometime. ....fml we can't battle them till we get another mon. We'll have to save pachirisu some other time i guess. TO REBORN CITY! Entered the City and Beat this person: Had a level 6 pichu, level 7 tangela, and level 7 budew. Really low levels so far....was reborn hardcore nerfed or am I glitched...? Im probably just imagining things. Ill get my butt wooped soon enough. ...Oh boy will i lose soon. Anyways, with the rose incense, I should be able to find a budew now... Might as well speedrun through some more fights. -To be continued..
  24. Greetings! My name is Mr. SU.(Thunder45 was my old name I had back in 2013, disregard that) I'm starting a grass type monolocke! it's been a very long time since I've played Reborn, now that I've been doing videos with my friends, I've decided to do my first LP alone, my commentary isn't the best on the first episode, I mess my words up a lot and I made some questionable decisions. But I assure you this will be a learning experience and I hope to get better at commentating as I go along. I haven't been keeping up with this game at all for the past few years so I'm looking forward to playing through it, to my understanding it seems to be close to completion (or it already has, I don't really know). So I'm looking forward to playing through it, I hope it can be as challenging as I remember it, it'll be even better since I'm using a team that has several weaknesses! Here's the first episode, I plan to post each episode in this thread as I continue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVKtd6nS6Mc Here's a playlist, I put each episode here a day after they are out
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