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  1. is it an oversight to lock the player character out of the ev training rooms during certain spots of the story? unless the go through the daycare to get there edit its fixed by going up the stairs to main section of manor edit not permanent
  2. yo caz im using imposter ditto and i think its broken no way should brick break from ditto to an opposing mienshao do less than 25 percent
  3. the game becomes frozen if you lose the the battle to see the mural
  4. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  5. man what a great gym battle was so close he got so lucky the gardevoir hit the slot of the dark pokemon who knows what would have happened if it killed belly turn 1. completely missed the fire immunity as expected its wide guard thamill not quick guard XD
  6. we can actually get that one how I thought the only read out I managed to get there was for magnezone
  7. random fact aurorus is currently the only snow warning pokemon that doesn't have access to the move since vanilluxe gets it the next game that has aurorus I bet will add it
  8. I would understand not getting the moving tiles but the electric tile part he literally did before the battle with Victoria also I never understood the heal shard in the middle of the puzzle for the electric maze and not at the end he still has to face zel I don't think he has enough x items to survive
  9. goes to floor 10 of department store with the best potions goes into devon with highest healing item being hyper potion update end of episode 1 hyper potion to his name and the rest lemonades or worse
  10. rip beartic wonja evolved time for it to finally die
  11. the description does not give me hope for him getting out without a loss
  12. you know how out of the way that pidgeotite is and the steps involved in getting it XD unless someone tells him he will never get it
  13. Since his new nuzlocke rules he hasn't wiped more than twice for the same battle
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