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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

    1. nepeta100


      well not june 3rd for me yet lol but thanks anyway

    2. LykosHand


      Haha yeah timezones! You're welcome 😄

  2. when you sneasler does not exist do you mean that sarcastically or is the only one you wont add
  3. so about skitty line being useless i always loved its unique ability to give all its moves normal stab just that its stats are mediocre i find it funny that all it got as part of the pokemon in gen 7 that got base boosts only 20 speed for a whopping 400 overall
  4. i actually did the calculation and was really confused and then realized machamp wasnt at full hp and then i saw i forgot to factor in the plus boost when you mentioned it f bluster
  5. speaking of voltsys playthrough he has to start over since he lost his save fille due to computer switching lol also he isnt playing again til march 2022 at the earliest lmao. Who knows if he will do enough to get bad ending but he does tend to miss optional stuff
  6. i dont know if you were the one that posted it but someone reported the screenshot issue for v13 so hopefully that gets fixed me for me myself its super annoying f3 and f4 are literally broken for item registerting for me f4 does nothing and f3 still controls my audio...
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