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  1. oh boy its help quest time again and boy is it going to be interesting your take on that house questline probably coming up soon glad youre back
  2. yeah uranium is certainly a smaller/easier game than reborn so it certainly will be quicker to complete also where the heck are you ttar youve ghosted your community for almost two weeks XD
  3. man comparing ttars nuzlocke to the pentaop version again i wonder how hes going to do at the gym leader i remember that being a massacre.
  4. yeah its been a while i forgot if it wasnt for the fact that he found out that his starter resisted it he would have been in for a world of hurt
  5. i was panicking so hard when he had his starter out against chimacel last episode not knowing pokemon types and learnsets are also pretty big in this game i wonder if he will get any deaths by final gambit like the pentaop group did XD
  6. Its not Pokemon reborn but i wanted to start this thread for ttars newest nuzlocke while it probably wont be as popular here as his reborn one i felt like deserved a thread for it for those unfamiliar with pokemon uranium its a pokemon game that features a mix of real and fakemon. However what makes it a really scary nuzlocke is that there exists a new type nuclear which is super effective on everything and weak to everything so if youre not careful a nuclear pokemon that outspeeds you can do 4x to duel types basically every time
  7. hes also apparently has done the secret boss of delta rune for several weeks after the latest episode but never actually edited it which would have prevented people from badgering him about it. last i checked were less than 60 percent done with episode 19
  8. hi yall wanted to give an unfortunate possible update ttar read a reddit post/comments that reborn is actually unfinished and he talks about possibly playing it again when it happens.... Dude just make an update video
  9. you can return to the dreamscape whenever you finish the main content of the current version
  10. sacred is a chill dude he plays what he wants he doesnt really care about how popular it is for youtube though he did lower the difficulty of pokemon rejuvenation because he couldnt handle the base difficulty which somewhat upset me but its understandable he does a good job reacting to story beats like tyranitartube. I like voltsy and sacred but they both unfortunatly do a rather poor job exploring the side content of both pokemon reborn and rejuvenation
  11. omg i thought it was doing less than usual despite being buffed glad you clarified also i never noticed any ghost type moves when i used Mightyena in episode 4 was i really that clueless because i think i would have put them on my move set
  12. Unlike shofu ttar doesnt really have any real problem with the story from what i remembere also while he has gotten upset about battles ever since the main nuzlocke ended he seems like hes been enjoying the game more since he hasnt had to worry about members dying as much. He has shown no signs of being burned out by reborn. The fact that he explicitly called it out as the only series he will actually come back amongst the many others that people want says a lot
  13. with animal crossing he says he wont go back because theres no ending for the game. Im also upset about mystery dungeon theres so much more post game stuff to do but he dropped it as well and refers to it as being done
  14. ttar is really bad about youtube series communication reborn could easily come back any day he doesnt need to pad out his content with filler waiting for extreme to update
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