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  1. Thanks for the update hopefully he forgives you for the crash
  2. I hope he takes the time to get someone to fix it relatively soon
  3. He has the same team as his last terra attempt I have no faith for his 1st try
  4. he isn't aware of the ring situation and zel so I presume not
  5. To give some credit porygon would have died just as easily had he not rage quit also he killed karen and wont have perish song for the next pulse monkaS
  6. luckily he had karen otherwise he would have blacked out to mewtwo
  7. day 413 of thamill having very little healing items before a boss battle
  8. I personally didn't spam x items until the 12 v 6 gauntlet
  9. thamill brings a level 49 quad week to fighting to the fighting gym in the 60s
  10. Speaking of mods can we pls mod the process to speed up getting multiple moo moo milk
  11. runs away from a breakable wall 20:14 anyone remember whats there? and he checks it a few minutes later XD isn't porygon legal?
  12. He would have had a much better time if he got potions for the 2nd battle
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