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Found 4 results

  1. Hey. Finally decided to start this thing. God knows I should finish one run before I start another... But I love the game so far and am hoping to continue loving it. And I have a bit more free time for the summer so I figured I might as well. Prologue & Table of Contents There's the link to the prologue chapter not much going on yet but there'll be more to come. Hope you enjoy!
  2. Mii's I created: So I decided to make a little thread about this crazy little game called Miitopia. While the game does keep the same storyline, the fact that all miis can be randomized a bit does make this storyline quite entertaining. I am accepting Miis to add into the game if you either have a QR code or give me a pic or request I can make them and put them somewhere in the game. Otherwise, just watch as the chaos unfolds. Our story so far... It was a quiet day for a strange gray haired man: Things did not last so peacefully as the evil Dark Lord Mr. Clean scrubbed all the faces off of the nearby locals, or filth as he called them. Commander got on his big boy pants and gave chase to Dark Lord on a quest to rescue the many faces he had taken. He even took poor little Squidward's face. He was not alone as on his quest he met the might warrior Segata clad in his silver armor and it was bromance at first sight. The two continue on their journey when they come across a strange "male" idol with a lot of swag known as Lucina who countless of fans wish for his hand in marriage. The three teamed up and journeyed on they came across a young energetic girl named Zelda. She claimed to be a commoner who had healing powers. Together, these four were able to recover all the townsfolk's faces and cease the storm of chaos. Dark Lord Clean did try to stop the four heroes, but the Great Sage Amethyst dabbed in to save the day. The four now head on seek an audience with Burger King and his daughter Princess Timmie, but not before having snacktime with Batman. (I'll get a picture of her eventually but here's her QR code) Other various highlights: -Zelda's cuteness overload (it's so adorable when she hops around on the screen) -Segata's and Lucina's hardcore workout session -The Joker being married to Magilou -The King's questionable choice in soldiers (Goomba, Cthulhu, Samwell Tarly, etc) -Commander being forced into saving the world (even though he doesn't want to) -Segata and Commander bromance moments (they are level 7 already in their relationship) Summary of the party members: Commander (Mage): Either hits really hard or does terrible damage before using Segata for cover (Just like the real me) Segata (Warrior): Unfazed Warrior he goes last before hitting like a truck...or Commander coax him into attacking earlier Lucina (Male Performer): She may as well be Michael Jackson because she dodges everything before knocking the enemy down with her lyrics (she can't get rid of her polka dot fever though) [Toon] Zelda (Priest): Either she heals or she trips while attack the enemy. It's hilarious and adorable at the same time. Here's a quick pic of the team (I'll get better ones in later updates now that I know how to get them off my 2ds): I really like this game just due to its wacky nature, but these posts won't be too long or fancy as I'll just point out things I found funny throughout it.
  3. Welcome, welcome! Out of sheer boredom and nothing else to do in ORAS aside from battling and breeding, I decided to move out all my remaining Pokémon from my Y game and start up a Wonderlocke. "But Dashie, what's a Wonderlocke?!", I already hear you thinking- Basically, the concept around a Wonderlocke is the same as a Nuzlocke, but instead of catching and keeping the first Pokémon on each Route, you Wonder Trade them away as soon as you catch them. Does this include starter Pokémon? It does, but for the sole purpose of wanting to keep my starter throughout the entire run (which will probably not happen), I won't Wonder Trade mine away. For more information on Wonderlocke, click this link to the Wikia page; http://nuzlocke.wikia.com/wiki/Wonderlocke As for the rules, I'll be applying the following rules; - Once Poké Balls are received, the "locke" starts. - First Pokémon on each route can be caught and must immediately be Wonder Traded away. - If you Wonder Trade something and you receive something you've already obtained that is in the same species category, I'm allowed to Wonder Trade it away again. - If a Pokémon you've received is too high level and won't obey, I can re-trade it away for something else. - Any Pokémon that faints is considered "dead" and must be deposited in the death box, never to be used again. - Every caught Pokémon must be nicknamed. - If an NPC gives a Pokémon and it's the first Pokémon I obtain in said area, I'm allowed to keep it. If not, it must be Wonder Traded away. (The traded Pokémon may still be used.) Additional rules: - After every 2 Gyms, at least one Pokémon must be Wonder Traded away. - Yveltal/Xerneas may not be used. (They can be caught, but not used) - If I get stuck in an area where a certain HM move is needed, but none of my Pokémon can learn/use said HM, I'm allowed to obtain a Pokémon from wherever for the sole purpose of getting through the game. As soon as said HM move is no longer needed, the Pokémon must be re-boxed. Without further ado.. --- Chapter 1: The Beginning of a whole new journey --- Meet Tails the Fennekin!Level 5 / Male So I've made a start and accepted Fennekin as my partner in crime and I'm praying to RNGesus that Tails won't faint on me. (I've also picked the female tanned character for a change of looks) All's good in the hood- Up until I get to Route 2 and attempt to catch my very first Pokémon. Turns out Tails got the higher rolls on this 'ere wild miniature Bird Jesus (aka Pidgey) and 2-hit-KO'd it before I could even throw a Poké Ball at it. Sure, it's only the first route, right? I'll be fine- Right? Right! So I went on to Santalune Forest with lil' Shauna and the rest of the gang, grabbed all the various item balls and what do I run into as first wild Pokémon in this new area? A friggin' level 4 Metapod. Nothing a few Scratches from Tails couldn't handle, so I went ahead and threw a Poké Ball at it and caught it first try. Now this is where things got real. According to the Wonderlocke rules, I have to immediately trade this Metapod away. (What a shame..) After naming it "Wonderlocke1", I started up the Wonder Trade thingy and select it to be given to some random person in the world. What a nice guy, I was given a Japanese Kricketune- Wait, it's level 36. This thing won't listen to me in the slightest for the next 3 gyms- So I traded it away again and I got a- Whoa, I got a Roselia o-o; That's actually extremely useful, I like Roserade.. Unfortunately, it couldn't be named something else, so I'll have to take its standard name. (I'd have named it Blossom if I could Q__Q) So the team's looking pretty nice, Tails grew to level 8 and this fresh Roselia was level 1, so I leveled it to 7 through the Trainers in Santalune Forest and it learned Growth and Poison Sting whilst doing so. Pretty neat, if you ask me! After exiting Santalune Forest, the gang splits up on Route 3 and I stepped in the tall grass to find my next Pokémon to trade away over Wonder Trade- "Pika-Pika!" ..Oh joy, a Pikachu. Welp, you're gone too. Roselia made quick work of this capturing instance and I named the Pikachu "Locke" and traded it away. To my surprise, I got a male Ralts in return with a Jolly nature! And after a couple of minutes, I was told that there's a Dawn Stone on the same route I got the Ralts in through Wonder Trade. I was so happy to hear that until- It turns out I need Surf to get the Dawn Stone. Sad face. Not to worry, Gardevoir is also a very nice addition to this team. Let's just hope I keep getting good Pokémon over Wonder Trade for this run, right? Of course I won't keep getting good stuff. The squad up to Santalune City; - Tails (Level 10) / Blaze - Scratch/Tail Whip/Ember - Roselia (Level 8) / Poison Point - Absorb/Growth/Poison Sting - Ralts (Level 7) / Synchronize - Growl/Confusion So the squad's looking nice and powerful, amirite? Let's continue on from where we left off- In Santalune City. Disregard me being underleveled, I decided to not waste any time and jumped straight into the Santalune gym, battled all the Trainers while making my way across the spider web and got Ralts up to level 9, Roselia up to level 10 and Tails up to level 11 before reaching Viola. Considering I didn't bother with healing back at the Pokémon Center, I took her on and let Roselia take care of the Surskit- But not before it made a last-ditch effort and used Water Sport before it died on that same turn to a +3 Absorb. TM83 in hand and a Bug Badge in my badge case, I exit the gym, heal up the team and make my way towards the next Route. But wait- I get that oh-so-sweet Exp. Share to make grinding a lot more easy. Yesssss. Wait, wait.. I almost forgot Santalune has an eastern exit too- Oh sweet, a few Trainers and patches of grass- Let's catch a new Pokémon first to trade away. On Route 22, I run into.. A Bunnelby. (Diggers- Nvm.) I traded it away immediately and what do I get.. A friggin' level 1 Bulbasaur with Petal Dance and Giga Drain o-o; That's pretty sweet, but also my second Grass/Poison-type, so iunno how useful he'll be. Turns out this Bulbasaur can withstand quite a few hits by itself, so I got it up to level 10 alongside the rest of the team within a few minutes (with all these weak Trainers) and proceeded back to where I obtained that Exp. Share and went up north to the next area. Route 4! What can I catch here, I wonder? Oh. It's a Flabébé. Goodie. Off to the Wonder Trade heavens you go- What do I get back? A Ralts, which I already have.. So I traded it back again and obtained a friggin' Plusle. It was named P P P for some reason, but I like Plusle. Let's hope this little guy makes it through to the end, aye? Went and battled all the Trainers on Route 4 and grabbed the various items, then proceeded up north into Lumiose City and went to Professor Sycamore's lab, battled him and got the choice between Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. As much as I love Charizard, I already have a Fire-type.. Well, I just recently obtained a Bulbasaur, so Squirtle it is! Meet Leonardo the Squirtle! Level 10 / Tackle/Tail Whip/Bubble/Withdraw Original name, I know, I know. And with that, Professor Sycamore also gives me the Blastoisinite, sweet! But wait, there's more! After battling Professor Sycamore, Tails evolved into Braixen! Amazeballs, this team is looking amazing. So more storyline, followed Calem to some shady café and met with Lysandre and world-famous Diantha and left for Route 5 afterwards. On route 5, I found a Furfrou and Wonder Traded that away for a Machop! ..Too bad that thing won't ever become a Machamp unless I get outside help.. Q__Q Wait- It's Adamant and has Guts.. I might find a use for this thing, actually.. The squad as of now; - Tails (Level 16) / Blaze - Scratch/Flame Charge/Ember/Howl - Roselia (Level 15) @ Poison Barb / Poison Point - Mega Drain/Growth/Poison Sting/Stun Spore - Ralts (Level 14) / Synchronize - Growl/Confusion/Double Team/Teleport - P P P (Level 14) / Plus - Quick Attack/Helping Hand/Spark/Encore - Leonardo (Level 10) / Torrent - Tackle/Tail Whip/Bubble/Withdraw - Ivysaur (Level 16) / Overgrow - Sleep Powder/Giga Drain/Petal Dance/Leech Seed Boxed: - Machop (Level 16) / Guts - Power Trick/Foresight/Low Sweep/Seismic Toss Continuing from where I last left off, it's been a while, right? Right.. I didn't really make too much progress, but what I did do- I'll tell you right now! So I left off on Route.. 5, was it? I made my way through the skate park and trainers and whatnot, found me way to Camphrier Town and re-stocked on supplies and healed up my Pokémon. Everyone was looking nice and chipper like they should be, and I made my way to Shabbaneau Castle, then off to Route 7, only to get stopped by a stupid sleeping Snorlax. Wonderful. The person owning the Poké Flute apparently lived in Parfum Castle, so I dropped by with Shauna and found this posh guy's Furfrou wandering around in his own garden. Did I mention I hate this puzzle? Because I hate it. It's the simplest thing and yet I hate it. Stupid dog. Anyways, we cornered the doge and I made my way back to the entrance and picked up HM01 Cut on the way, followed the cutscenes and obtained the Poké Flute and a TM for Protect. Sweet. Back on Route 6 (from Route 6 to Parfum Palace, that is), I snagged a Honedge and Wonder Traded that away and received a Cyndaquil in return! So many starters.. I left it boxed but eh, I doubt I'll ever use the thing. Some stupid double battle almost killed Ralts. I was about to Q__Q when Ralts had 2 HP left, I switched it out so fast, I didn't even think of using a Super Potion instead. Hell no. Then came the actual capturing of Snorlax, which was my first Pokémon on Route 7. I'm glad I caught it and immediately traded it away to receive a Sneasel in return! I was so hyped- Until I found out it was level 39 and wouldn't listen for another 2 badges Q__Q. So I had to trade it away and I received a friggin' Gible instead! This thing is level 1 and had its Hidden Ability; Rough Skin! That's not all, it came with a pre-bred move; Outrage. You can imagine the look on my face when I checked my box and found out. Sad part is that it's Bold nature, but whatever. I can live with that. The hardest part was deciding who I was going to box, but I ended up boxing Roselia because Ivysaur has a bit more Defense that can be quite important. That leaves me at the Day-Care- Where I saved my game and where I'll be leveling this Gible to around 20-ish, like the rest of the team! Team update will come soon. :]
  4. Yay, first topic. Title pretty much says it all: which Pokémon do you think that deserves more love? This may be in the games or in competitive or in whatever you can think of. The Pokémon I think that deserves more love are, um, Bidoof and Bibarel. Seriously, why does everyone see them as HM slaves? In the games, he packed a pretty good punch, at least in my first Pearl run. And in competitive...well, Moody says it all. Bidoof will take his revenge on all of you!
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