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  1. Hey. Finally decided to start this thing. God knows I should finish one run before I start another... But I love the game so far and am hoping to continue loving it. And I have a bit more free time for the summer so I figured I might as well. Prologue & Table of Contents There's the link to the prologue chapter not much going on yet but there'll be more to come. Hope you enjoy!
  2. Alright so I'll probably make a few of these topics as writing is a fun little thing, but it can be a bit daunting on what and where to begin. Those might all be in one place, but I feel this one deserves it's own topic as it's one of the more important ones. Anyways here we go: So writing is one of those simple things with zero rules, but due to implied rules is overly complicated to figure out where your boundaries and strengths lie. So the obvious answer is that you want to ask people how good of a writer you are. I really like being an anonymous writer as people are more willing to be honest which is a good thing about communities and writing communities. A friend might just say it's good to not hurt your feelings or he's not an experienced writer. Why Feedback is so important When reading a story online that you like, the number one thing you can do to hurt them is not comment at all. The second worst thing you can do is say something along the line: "I liked the story. Will keep reading." Those two things are just as bad, if not worse than: "Ermagawd! You're story is so bland. Couldn't you write deeper characterz or sometingz!" Now that you're done looking at me with a funny face, I'll explain myself. Saying nothing is almost no different than saying you didn't like the story. It more or less means you didn't care for it and don't feel like it's worth the effort to say anything. Silence is the worst thing for a writer as it fills them with doubt and kills their self esteem and motivation. Short one lined comments are a tiny bit better, but not that much. To me, it feels like I failed as a writer for not getting you engaged to say anything more than you liked it. Why did you like it? If anything, it could be that you didn't like it and wanted me to feel better. You don't have to be a critic or even really good at giving feedback to really motivate a writer. A little bit goes a very long way. I love it when people give me a small paragraph and reasons why they liked it as it makes me want to do more. Seriously, 3-4 sentences to the writer goes a long way and more is better. As a writer, I've gone back through both criticism and feedback many times when I feel down or I am struggling to write. Both are just so important and make me feel like I'm not wasting my time. I suppose I can give a comment someone gave to me a while back to show what I mean:
  3. Hello lads! I'm curious about a thing. Our favorite little sharpchess piece is said to be in Route 4, right? I'm running around and that boy is nowhere to be seen. Then looking at footage from past episodes and what not, I noticed different encounters. Did Ame delet Pawniard from Route 4, or is my luck just that bad?
  4. COGA: Special Edition On Copyright Infringement So hello there. I decided to make a little sub series of the COGA's called Special Editions. Special Editions are articles that relate either to current news or focus on something outside of the game making factors. So now we get into one of the biggest can of worms when it comes to fan-games: misuse of copyright. Unless you are relatively new to the hack and fangame world, I'm sure you've seen a case or two about the C&Ds to these type of games to shut them down. Just recently, I actually got a copyright infringement claim on one of my old version of my mod. I had to figure out what exactly happened and finally started to lightly piece together what happened. The led me to do some research and actually find a rather recent analogy that works perfectly to describe it. Hopefully, this article will be as little bias as possible but no promises. This is also based on my own knowledge of the subject so I ask people to fact check to prove me right or wrong. Before I can even jump into the subject, I must define what the copyright law is. A copyright law is, according to the U.S. copyright law, a law that is used for creators to sell their product and is used to preserve creativity and advancement in the arts and sciences. That's fancy for promoting creativity. In order to keep achieving this, there are standards set to prevent the use of others stealing a person's product. There are ways to use these products legally called licensing which a user of a product agrees to a term, and possibly money, to which the user is able to use a product under certain conditions. I have a manual of a Nintendo game around here somewhere so I'll post the phrase in it later. [Insert Notice Here] The very moment you have announced that you are making a fan-game, you have committed copyright infringement. You are using someone else's product for your own gain. Nintendo actually has the right and the power to shut down your game the moment you announce it. Obviously, it'd probably be a great laugh seeing the headlines "Nintendo shuts down something that doesn't exist" because in a sense it really doesn't. I do know fan-fiction actually falls into this category as well, but I'm not really sure if fan-art does as well. The point is that there's a lot of things that can be considered part of this copyright infringement range. So why do things get taken down? I'll actually start with my situation with Hardcore. You may think Nintendo struck me, but I actually think it was somebody else. You see, I got a takedown notice due to a third party claiming I infringed the copyright law. The puzzling thing is that they took down something made almost two years ago. I would have guessed a bot, but a bot would have a hard time detecting only just that when the same download was available on a mirror uploading site. Basically, bot or human found that download link and ordered a takedown due to them finding keywords related to one of their IPs they are meant to protect. Let's just say that I would not hire them if I needed to protect IPs because not only did they make a mistake, they overlooked 12 files in the same exact area which should have triggered them as well let alone the fact that this file was well expired and no longer being passed out. Someone made some money out of it and I can't fight it due to possibly digging myself into a hole. Anyways, this is a claim of copyright infringement which is nothing more than just asking to take a file down. It happens to Youtube videos all the time so if it happens to you it's not that big of a deal (unless multiple offenses occur which will get your account banned). Edit: I just did some research and indeed it was a bot who found the content and flagged it. There are some other company names I discovered from reading this article. If Nintendo had been involved in my scenario, I would have been given a C&D notice. A C&D notice is merely a letter demanding someone who is committing copyright infringement to remove all use of the copyrighted content and to never commit the infringement again. It's just a letter sent to you which gives you a certain time period to act before legal action is taken. You don't need a lawyer, but usually one is used to be sent to the culprit of the act. It's not something that'll appear on your record nor is it something that means they'll press charges. Think of it merely as a notice and warning. If you see this, immediately take action because things will only get worse from there. If charges are pressed, you're probably going to want to contact a lawyer (I seriously doubt Nintendo would ever go that far though). So why would someone ever want to even consider making a fan-game or hack with those kinds of risks involved? Your only risk is actually losing all that hard work you put in...and probably never getting a job at Nintendo. Though from my point of view if someone is able to get 3 or 4 million players due to a well built game, I would actually consider hiring him as not only would he be really good at making games, the publicity level would also be quite high. Pokemon Reborn is a good example as if Ame started with Starlight Divide over making Pokemon Reborn, she wouldn't even have half as many gamers interested in her next game. You also gain experience in the Indy gaming industry. So there many things I learned about gaming from making the Hardcore mod of Reborn I never even knew about and learned from both my success and failures. The main reason so create a fan-game is that you're passionate about your idea. There's a chance, no, your game will be taken down in time, but that's a risk you have to accept to see your dream come true. Now we get into the "source" of this issue: Nintendo. I want to remove one fact or idea people may think the official Pokemon game developers have on fan-games. Developers do not necessarily hate fan-games. It'd be the same thing as hating a third party making a game based on their franchise. In one sense, you could view it as someone trying to steal their ideas to make a profit. In another sense, it could be viewed as flattery as imitation is the highest form of flattery. Many of these fans who make these fan-games are inspired by the Pokemon series and love them so much they are inspired to make their own fan-fiction of them. I tend to view developers are the ones passionate about making games as an art (not all are in it for the passion though) and believe the developers of Pokemon fit more into the second option over the first. So if it's not the people making games, who's the one trying to stop the creation of fan-game? There are people who are more keen on making a profit off of video games who we call publishers. I'm sure the name Nintendo of America is one of the ones you can recognize. Publishers are generally the ones responsible for the marketing and advertising for games developed by developers. Their input does influence how a game is altered or changed so that it can sell better. This ranges from the creation of a game like Xenoblade Chronicles all the way down to censorship in a game so it's not all good or bad. Now let's take a step in a publisher's shoes. You have a franchise you spent years helping a company reach the point they are today. On the web, there is this game using the same elements to their game that you spent a long time working up. It's very, very popular and getting a lot of praise. What would you do? Maybe this will help you understand: have you ever heard of a fan-game called Pokemon Full Moon. As a fan of either Reborn or Rejuvenation, didn't it kind of irk you that this game was using assets straight up from both games to create their own. Yes, they could get away with it whether or not they asked Ame or Jan for permission. I think they were heavily inspired by those games though in reality and wanted to create their own despite lacking some skills to create a game. This is the cycle I feel publishers are experiencing and I'm sure they are aware of many fan-games including Reborn. I'm sure someone is aware that Pokemon Insurgence is completed. So why haven't they acted? I had to dig up some legal information regarding C&D. From a little bit of research, I calculate that it probably costs Nintendo of America $1000 just to send a single C&D letter to a fan-game or hack creator. I did a bit of research that it's $500 for a lawyer to write one so I doubled it assuming some research may be done looking into the game and how to approach it. So if you get a C&D letter, you could consider it an honor that Nintendo noticed your work and it's worth $1000 to stop. This could just be $500 or it could be more, but it does cost them money. The bigger reason most fan-games and hacks don't get affected is just in case Nintendo has to press charges. If they need to press charges, I did a search and it costs $325,000 just for charges of something worth less than a million bucks. Since it's Pokemon, it would probably cost them one million dollars just to sue. These aren't exact numbers, just enough to get an idea. So Nintendo has to decide to pick and choose which battles to fight. This also serves as a scare tactic as an attempt to stop other people from using their assets. Just know that they don't have enough money to take down every act of copyright infringement on the web (nobody does). Also, a C&D case from Nintendo happens every year and I think this year it was Pixelmon. And if anyone says Nintendo is the only video game publisher to file C&D letters, Square Enix also has done it in the past: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chrono_Resurrection Now the biggest thing going on is the whole "Nintendo is so evil for doing this" or "Fan-game creators are uncreative as they can't make their own content and have to steal it" trying to label either side as the bad side. If I had to label a bad side, it would be the people saying those thing thus is where the analogy comes into play. Something that happened rather recently was NFL players kneeling during the Star Spangled Banner. They did this in order to help bring awareness to police abuse against blacks across the nation. Trump responded by saying this: I do agree with one thing Trump said: it is disrespectful to not stand during that National Anthem as it is a form of respect to those that serve, have served, and died in order to preserve and protect our freedom. Those players took a knee to stand, no pun intended, up against police officers who do not properly do their job. In a sense, I could see how police could be categorized as military as they do serve and protect this country. And they do have a right not to stand for the anthem which they were exercising. Now replace Trump with Nintendo and Fan-game creators with the people who kneel. You can see how both sides here performed a wrong. The people I'm probably the most upset (more disappointed) isn't Trump of the NFL players. I'm most disappointed in the people who went out and burned their jerseys usually on video. I know it's usually for publicity, but it doesn't matter. The moment you burn a jersey you are labeling the entire team that due to a few men expressing their freedom by unintentionally disrespecting the nation, as people who don't support, respect, or even love our nation. It's hard to explain, but it's like burning a copy of Sun and Moon due to Nintendo taking down Pokemon Uranium. If you don't agree with it, don't support it is all. Though if I was actually in the shoes of those football players, I'd be thinking about all the people I may be disrespecting such as the police officer or soldier somewhere who may die before the end of the Anthem. Two days ago a Police Officer died trying to protect citizens in Los Vegas. I'll admit that upon doing the Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem, and the moment of silence thousands of times, my mind tends to drone off not thinking about the purpose of why I'm doing them. It makes you then wonder if it's more important to remember them and what they've done or simply follow a procedure thousands of times. Imagine burning a jersey due to a few individuals disrespecting a flag when it's possibly that they couldn't get the people who fought for the flag out of their head. Don't get me wrong, I still believe it's very disrespectful not to stand for the anthem and shouldn't be tolerated, but I don't think it's justified to publicly burn jerseys due to it. It's just like pointing fingers at fan-game makers or Nintendo for doing what they're doing about them. Yes, I believe taking and using Nintendo's property is very wrong, but I do understand and respect people who put so much effort and passion to create something using them. I also respect Nintendo wanting to shut them down due to the need to make money. You can't make Pokemon fan-games with next Gen content if Game Freak doesn't have the money to do it. People can't or shouldn't get away with doing this so while I hate seeing C&Ds, they do serve as a reminder that people shouldn't be making a profit off of Pokemon, their creation. Also, profit doesn't always mean money. Hopefully I helped clear up a few things regarding copyright infringement. Now I pray that a war doesn't break out and I have to lock the thread. Also if anyone is interested in editing to correct grammar, typos, and spelling errors, please let me know. I am going back through and starting to edit older ones, but it takes me about an hour to edit so yeah...
  5. So hello and welcome! You are probably wondering what this is. In my Pokemon Rejuvenation playthrough I played the game very differently than most people as instead of a focus on beating up and showing off my skills against the leaders, I actually focus more on the game as a whole having screencaps of huge sections of the plot. One of the most famed things is my rants where I go off on some incident or writing sin I see in Rejuv. Occasionally talk about other games, usually outside of Pokemon. This is a little bit different as I want to take on something in a more positive tone focusing on stuff that normally doesn't get talked about or often gets glanced over. I'm never going to do something generic such as "How to make a good character" as that's just written instructions and not something for people to think or talk about. I put opinionated in the acronym as these are my views or ideals and not everyone is or should agree with everything I say. If you disagree with them, I strongly encourage to speak out as it helps people broaden their horizons. Now let's kick this thing off with a bang! Commander's Opinionated Gaming Articles Pokemon's 1st Generation - The Forgotten Foundation I remember when I was around the age of five, I began discovering the beauty of video games. I didn't really enjoy them as the ones I had did not suit my tastes. When I was five, I knew I was a jrpg gamer as the only game in my five game collection that I connected with was Pokemon Blue on the Game Boy Color. Funny how I only got to Brock until a year later when I finally became the champion. I'd consider Gen V the best Gen in the franchise, but now that I look back, Gen I is my favorite and while the nostalgia talking, it's those experiences that keep me as a Pokemon fan. I understand why people could say Gen I is terrible to today's standards or that it's the worst generation, but maybe after reading this article many of you will have a different perspective on the origins of Pokemon. I'll start out by explaining what games were like back then. Video games were viewed by parents as being a sin or evil contraption so parents were against buying them for kids. Most games were designed for short sessions as well due to technology. I know around the N64 and PS era they were getting quite popular with Nintendo being the kid friendly console and the one parents jumped to. Most game I had were action or platformers based off popular shows and such which...actually weren't that bad. Most of them were a "get game over and start from the beginning again." I can't remember too much about the games as we had very little play time. I do remember when I got Pokemon Blue Version. Little me loved it since I didn't have to worry about dodging hazards and pits to keep playing. My fondest memory of my first journey wasn't getting my first mon, wasn't meeting and fighting Gary, nor was it catching that Pidgey. We have to forward a little bit to a little place called Viridian Forest. As a five year old, I was overwhelmed when I saw I could go three different ways and had no idea which way to go. I went right and somehow made a loop back to the beginning. Over time I figured it out and on repeated playthroughs I love figuring out the best way to get all the stuff and fight all the trainers (and to this day I still believe the isolated patch of grass directly to the left of the field is the only place to catch Pikachu). Nobody told me anything about it or gave me directions through. I breathed a sigh of relief when I finally made it to the end. When I reached Pewter City, I didn't know much about it so I walked around a bit until a guy told me about a gym leader and showed me the gym. It was then and there my journey as trainer stopped as a man named Brock destroyed me time and time again until I gave up. I could see why people wouldn't like Gen I due to its story, but it's a game designed around the fact it doesn't have a story. It works quite well. The game only forces two tutorials: how to catch a Pokemon and battle a gym leader. The rest of the game pretty much is you going on an adventure and exploring new places. Viridian Forest is actually a tutorial of how the game works. You have many different paths that eventually lead to the same destination. You can choose to go to a linear path by the number routes, or you can simply and see if any new places opened up. If you removed Pokemon Reborn's plot, I feel it recaptured this sense of Gen I perfectly even if you do not enjoy bits an pieces of it (who actually likes riding upwards through cycling road). This is a really old RPG mechanic that dates back way, way, way before video games were a thing from a little thing called DnD as your adventure changed based on your choices and no session was ever the same. Now we jump into modern day where I want to talk about Gen VII for a minute. I just barely got past the first island in Pokemon Sun before I just stopped playing. The game had some charm, but honestly I felt it was just not very good if I could get that far into the game and not enjoy it. You go through three hours of tutorials and on the second island they still find ways to block you off. I want to say the first island had 10 or so road blocks stopping you from progressing. Gen I had two road blocks from the start all the way to Misty. If I actually counted all the roadblocks on the first island of Gen VII, I'd probably be undershooting it. The freedom to explore is a very important element in game design and it feels like it has been neglected more and more over the years and it's not just with Pokemon either. Now I want to talk about gym leaders. I want you to take a moment and think of as many of the original Kanto leaders you can think of. Now I want you to think of as many of the Unovan leader. This is an assumption, but you probably thought of the first three Kanto leaders before you thought of the names of the first gym leader(s). The real kicker is that the Unovan leaders are more fleshed out characters than the Kanto ones. Heck, all but one gym leader in Kanto are not even relevant to the game's plot which you don't meet any of them outside the gym...except one. Something Gen I did was rarely have gym leaders drive progression forward. I believe you could even do events out of order. Misty was a tough gym leader and you were supposed to go through Nugget Bridge to be strong enough to face her. There was no man outside her gym stopping you so you could defeat her before even meeting Bill. I also believe you could fight the rival twice before being forced to challenge her in order to reach Surge. You can even explore Rock Tunnel without flash. I don't even think you had to face Koga until Victory Road. So why on earth are gyms that could be easily skipped so remembered? Their characters didn't need development nor much screentime to give insight to their character. Surge was an army veteran which we haven't seen anything regarding this since. Brock was a shirtless guy with that Onix. These small little things left such an impact onto us it's why you can recall these people. Outside of Gen I, I feel the leaders who have small quirks or little things to them that really stick out and are remembered, but it won't work as well on post-gen I since we were expecting it or take it for granite. It's the more relatable ones like Flannery or Norman who are remembered. Now you're probably thinking: what does this stuff relate to fan-games? And I'm about to give you your answer. I understand linear paths and designs are a necessary evil as non-linear designs take much, much more time to develop. My issue is regarding the increased importance of gym leaders since Gen V came out. Pokemon, at its core, is about the player going on an adventure and immerse themselves in the world. Reborn styled games do the complete opposite. Actually, I could group a large amount of Pokemon games for doing this. Leaders in these games are anything but just someone who was given a job to test and train trainers. Many of them are involved in the plot on numerous occasions. They sometimes even team up with you to stop the big bad. Most are also regarded in high authority and take action when issues arise. I definitely could understand why a writer may think it is important for gym leaders to be relevant and incorporated into the plot, but we go back to the Gen V vs Gen I argument before. It does not make the leader a better character. Making gym leader active in the game's plot may actually be hurting more than helping. This goes back to the repeated cycle that Pokemon is about "A player going on a journey." I feel this process is lost as there's always a character around driving you one way or another or telling you what you need to do. Often the segment you're in is about them leading into a gym battle with them in order to progress and learn about another leader. I sometimes have wondered if the protag was even relevant at points as all they were there for was to beat someone in a Pokemon battle before another character and the villain act upon each other trying to defeat each other sometimes in a battle of wits. This brings up the blame that this is the fact that it's a silent protagonist why they are irrelevant. I want to remove this from the equation as a silent protagonist in a group could be very relevant, but it requires tactical writing. Some games like Persona do it by giving you choices to be able to use your voice throughout the game without forcing a certain personality onto the protag. Others like the Paper Mario series have Mario use expressions and emotions (which Golden Sun you get to choose them) to feel more alive. The best method would be to move the perspective back to the player and not the conflict. In other words, make it so the player has to act in a scene instead of a focus on building the characters. The best way to do this is to remove gym leaders from the plot. I am not saying that gym leaders can't be active in the plot, but I'm merely saying don't include them there because they are a gym leader. I can think of numerous side characters who were memorable and fleshed out who never appeared in the main plot scenarios. That reduces the amount of characters you need to use and focus on. You also open up a window for more freedom and design of how the fan-game will work. Actually, could you just picture a Pokemon game where you never had to face a single gym leader until the very end of the game? Having the first gym leader use level 40s when your team is level 20s could just add a layer of exploration and discussion. The game also wouldn't be about defeating a gym leader to get past a segment but like most RPGs defeating a boss to progress forward. Maybe when you get to a town, Ho-oh has gone crazy and is attacking and burned down a couple houses arrived. With gym leader relevance: you gotta beat a guy to even climb the mountain to face it or have to face it, then defeat the gym leader to get to the next town. Without their relevance: you'd be climbing up the mountain ASAP due to the urgency to help these people. The gym could be locked, but it wouldn't stop you from adventuring forward after defeating the Ho-oh since that event is what progresses the story. Actually no, that's not a good enough example to understand this. I need to give a scenario. Scenario: An evil time has an Ice Artifact that they plan to use freeze a temple which many call their home Case 1: You make contact with a girl outside who tells you that they need to stop this group in order to save her home and her people. You continue forward in which you have another conversation mid-way through where the girl wonders what has happened to the civilians where she thrusts a guy up to a wall to tell her. The man responds that they were ordered to escort all civilians outside the temple from harm's way by his boss's orders and begs for her to let go. She does but threatens she would not be so friendly to his co-workers if a single wound had been caused by one of them. The two of you then make it to the top in which the leader and girl get into an argument. The leader tries to explain that what they're trying to do is for the good of all man-kind, but the girl interrupts calling them out on their lies forcing you into a battle. Afterwards, they retreat in which the leader drops a contact card which the girl picks up. The girl then thanks you saying that she'll be ready to battle you on the first floor for a gym battle. Case 2: The player has heard from the village elder outside that her people have been booted out of the temple. The player then explores and battles grunts of the evil team one of which is having an argument with a civilian. The player can intervene in which the civilian thanks them and serves as a healing spot for protecting him. When the player reaches the top, they meet the evil team leader who sees that you may be reasoned with unlike everyone else. She explains that what they're trying to do is create a special field in order to draw out Kyurem who has been terrorizing and freezing people to death in their nearby village. She then asks if you still wish to stop them. If you answer yes, you are forced to battle her in which she flees dropping a key card. If you choose no, she thanks you for understanding, but when she attempts it, it's a dud. While the plan failed, she is glad you understand their goal and gives you a card and how to find their base if they ever need anything from them or wish to join their group. The player then can go downstairs and talk to the residents and even challenge their gym leader or just move ahead. No matter which option you pick as a favorite, the same exact scene occurs with the same exact outcome with the only difference being adding one more person to the scene. The biggest difference is that the player makes the decision and not a different character. Now you can't always have the player alone as sometimes characters are needed to drive the plot or make things interesting but they should be well thought out. I guarantee that one person is going to try this and then say "These scenes aren't very good or work well since no extra character is there to respond" in which I will simply respond "Then why did you use a silent protagonist?" You can make a silent protagonist in a very good story, but it requires you to make them all the more active. So Gen I had some ideas that GF stopped using or backed away from for valid reasons, but can a modern day game really used the concept of freedom and exploration and have a very solid plot? Yes it can and its name is Xenoblade Chronicles. I could name other games, but this is one that's easy to recognize (if you don't and have a Wii/Wii U, it's become really cheap on Amazon). The game does go a certain direction but there are so many paths and secrets to find. Many of the side characters also don't overstay their welcome. In fact, some games have taken inspiration from from Xenoblade as they opened up their worlds and made them with the focus of exploring and many ways to get to one destination. The solo silent protagonist isn't as easy to think up of an example for. I can think of solo protagonist in RPGs who were successful, but silent is harder. Drakenguard isn't an RPG...Metroid aren't RPGs either...Dragon Quest IV might count. Someone let me know of an example of a game that isn't Pokemon as most of the ones I've come up with have party members with them. I could name plenty with the gym leader concept serving as a side thing such as Paper Mario, Tales of Symphonia, and who could forget Pokemon Colosseum. As time passes, the quality of game will ever increase and do things would could not imagine, but sometimes it's important to journey back to the origins so that what made a series great isn't truly lost forever. I feel that games are pushing to make characters relevant and active to make them memorable, but Gen I showed us that you can make a memorable character even if they appear only for 10 seconds. It's not about how good or strong the plot is when it comes to Pokemon, but the journey getting there to the end. As a very famous Pokemon Professor once said: "Your journey is about to unfold. A world of dreams and adventures with Pokemon awaits. Let's go!"
  6. This is the question that intrigued me for over 70 years so, what kind of bird is a butterfly?
  7. Worst decision Jan could ever have made. He's the devil. He killed off the best girl.
  8. So just like the Dogs vs Cats thread, basically this battle is between Coffee and Tea. Dogs vs Cats took too long so I shortened the points by a thousand so we know what kind of people dominates this forum. So here's how it works: ~It is simple you vote for your favorite like this: -To vote for Coffee ADD 1 to the number -To vote for Tea SUBTRACT 1 to the number -The start number is 0 -If the number reaches 1000 Coffee wins -If the number reaches -1000 Tea wins -You cannot vote twice in a row -Staff can ADD 2 points or TAKE AWAY 2 points Example: COFFEH<3: DRINK COFFEH!!! Up by 1 point!!! OMG TEA: CONSUME TEA!!! Back to 0 points!!! So get the drift? Well I hope you'll have fun. I'll start. -1 TEA.
  9. I've seen the ongoing power struggle in this land, and only desire peace. That is why I have come to end the battle. I ask of you: Who do you follow? *Makes popcorn*
  10. A man who gives no flux... A man living in constant flux... This wordplay fluxin' sux... It's Flux! Happy birthday dood! Hope you have an absolutely fantabulous day, filled with liquid physics and fluctuating variables that contribute to a better birthday or something, idk, I take physics next semester. Have a kickass day! You're awesome! Complimentary Atok & Song
  11. H̶e̶y̶ H̶i̶ H̶e̶l̶l̶o̶ O̶i̶ S̶a̶l̶u̶t̶ K̶o̶n̶'̶n̶i̶c̶h̶i̶w̶a̶ ̶ Damn, I never know how to start these things I'm Kuma, nice to meet ya! In April I discovered that amazing game called Pokémon Reborn I've finished it about five times, I love it. The time passed and I realized that the site is a forum too lol I̶ ̶a̶m̶ ̶v̶e̶r̶y̶ ̶i̶n̶a̶t̶t̶e̶n̶t̶i̶v̶e̶̶ Not just a forum but a community. And I hope I can be part of it [: Also, if you guys don't know: Kuma = Bear in japanese Bears ftw Specially Pandas My first Pokémon Game was Platinum That's how I went in this wonderful world of Pocket Monsters I'm currently playing Super Mystery Dungeon I play volleyball at school, sleep more than a normal person, and in the free time I like to play videogames d̶u̶h̶ ̶s̶r̶s̶l̶y̶ ̶b̶r̶u̶h̶ ̶i̶ ̶w̶o̶u̶l̶d̶ ̶n̶e̶v̶e̶r̶ ̶k̶n̶o̶w̶ I don't think I'm really special in anything, I'm kind of versatile, I guess? Disregarding the fact that I'm new, I'll try to help anyone when It's possible. Cya ~
  12. I would say charlotte would be the hardest gym leader so far.
  13. "Messiah Complex" I am the Way. Lay upon me all your sorrows and burdens. For you who thirst, drink, and never be thirsty again. For you who knocks, the door will be opened; Ask, and receive Seek, and find Comfort, for you, who are laden with troubles. For I feel that my existence is worthless if you have no need for me I only wish to be by your side.
  14. So I've done a few of these types of posts now (check my page for them if you'd like to check them out!) and I've done not one in a while, so I think it's about time I did! Today, I'm going to be asking "What if YOU were a member of the Elite Four?" Relatively simple this time around, no need for a whole story or anything like my last one suggested. Just back to the basic question answering, moveset detailing stuff. So what am I looking for you to answer exactly? Well first off, what's your trainer title? This is like with the Gym Leaders, you could just be "Elite Four (name)" OR you could have a proper trainer title of your own, similar to the Reborn Gym Leaders, like "Normal Master (name)" or "Wave Tycoon (name)" or something along those lines. Obviously, the name you use is up to you, as is the trainer title, so feel free to do whatever you like! Next, there's obviously 4 members, and only one can be fought at a time, but if we think back to the days prior to Gen V, when the Elite Four actually had a sequence, where would you come in line? Would you be first, second, third, or last? Obviously last is the top dog of the Elite Four because they are the strongest, but the other three pretty much share the same role as members, just slightly different strength variations. It's your choice, so feel free to choose whatever you like! Where would be a member? The Hoenn region, the Orre region, the Reborn region? Would it be canon or non-canon? Is it a place you came up with? It wouldn't hurt to know where people can find and battle you, seeing as you ARE one of the best trainers in the region and what-not! What type do you specialize in? You've never seen an Elite Four member (other than Koga, and Flint before he got his act together) who's not stuck to a single type, and there's no reason to break that trend now, because that's the Champion's opportunity! So tell us - do you shock people with your Electric-types? Do you wash them away with your Water-types? Do you scare them away with your Ghost-types? We must know! Lastly, the most obvious question of all... What Pokémon do you have? These are the Pokémon that helped you rise to the level that you're at. These are the very same Pokémon that people will battle when they finally challenge the Pokémon League and have you in their sights. The people have to know! Feel free to include as much detail as you want. It could be just the Pokémon's name, you could have levels, you can have whole movesets if you want to! It's entirely up to you! There is a cap on legendary Pokémon and Mega Evolution though. I am only allowing up to ONE Pokémon for either role. So you may only use one Mega Evolution and one legendary on a team. However, I am only allowing Pokémon that can enter into places such as the Battle Tower and Battle Maison for the legendary part. So, Pokémon such as Mewtwo, Kyogre, Zekrom, Ho-Oh and Xerneas will not be allowed. You may use the Latiasite or the Latiosite, but this is still one legendary and one Mega Evolution, so this won't get you a ticket to use another Mega Stone or another legendary. It still counts for both even if the roles apply to the same Pokémon. Please bear that in mind. You may be strong, but you are not a complete God that controls fate and stuff like that. Your power is limited, so please bear that in mind when you write your team down. (If you don't know if your legendary is allowed, then you should look it up on Bulbapedia or Serebii. I can also answer for you if it is allowed, but don't just put it down without asking if you don't know, because if it turns out to break the rules here, you'll look like an idiot.) Now that I've listed all of the questions, I shall answer them for you as a template to show what I'm expecting! Draco Knight Shadow Elite Four #4 The Orre region. The Orre region appears to be lacking in an Elite Four, so even if there are no Gyms, having some top trainers to look up to and look over the region (especially with the amount of mayhem that goes on there) would be quite necessary. So I'm gonna travel there and begin the Elite Four there, claiming the role of the master of the Elite Four! (Well, at least until there's more members and they actually have the power to take over my position.) My trainer title heavily suggests that I use Dragon-types, and that would be correct! Dragonite - Level 75 Item: Weakness Policy Ability: Multiscale Moves: Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Fire Punch, Extreme Speed Salamence - Level 75 Item: Persim Berry Ability: Intimidate Moves: Outrage, Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Rock Slide Tyrantrum - Level 75 Item: Sitrus Berry Ability: Strong Jaw Moves: Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Head Smash, Poison Fang Hydreigon - Level 77 Item: Life Orb Ability: Levitate Moves: Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse, Surf, Flash Cannon Garchomp - Level 77 Item: Expert Belt Ability: Rough Skin Moves: Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Brick Break, Stone Edge Latios - Level 77 Item: Latiosite Ability: Levitate Moves: Draco Meteor, Psychic, Recover, Thunderbolt And that's me! So what about you guys? I like forward to hearing your answers in a response!
  15. In my opinion I would say kiki I had no problem beating her.
  16. I would say my favorite would be crossy road and clash of clans
  17. Is it possible to get a elekid and gible? I'm pretty sure you can't get gible but I think you can get elekid because I have seen people with it. Let me know if you know how to get a gible or elekid
  18. Just to let you know if you don't want people cheating with rpgxmaker encrypt the game that is what insurgence and omicron does. So I would recommend that to help stop some of the cheating in this game.
  19. I forgot her name but she or he was the one in agate city who hit the people that were asleep with a hammer thing and she has really poor grammer. She/he is really really funny xD I am pretty sure she is apart of team meteor because she/he said like one day there was this really bad thing that happen I got bored so I joined team meteor. lol xD
  20. I was just wondering because I think I am going to play this game again and I might do nuzlocke so I am going to need a really really good team to beat all these episodes in reborn easily thanks!
  21. How do you get a mudkip I heard you have to go where kiki died or some thing If you have any idea please let know Thanks!
  22. How do you even get a joltik in this game I know it's obtainable
  23. I will take any electric type pokemon as a suggestine because I can explore every place in this game so far because I have beated every episode. Do not count elekid because I can't evolve because there is not anymore link stone and electrizer in the game to evolve him Do not count Emolga and Magnezone I am trying to look for a electric type that has good defense or good health. Thank you guys for your suggestines. Leave me some suggestines for electric types in this game please!
  24. Hello, My name is Scandude and I am going to playing a Pokemon Game based in each of the regions! Here is the List of Games: Pokemon Blue - Game Boy Pokemon Soul Silver - DS Pokemon Alpha Sapphire - 3DS Pokemon Pearl - DS Pokemon Black - DS Pokemon Y - 3DS I will be playing all of these games in that order and keeping you updated along the way Feel free to leave any suggestions of Pokemon i should catch, or what sort of tactics or activities i should try along the way I hope you Enjoy! Pokemon Blue: Post 1 - 23/02/2015: Well i have started my adventures of Pokemon blue! and Dr Wetson joins the team! I fought the rival and beat him so badly! now I am going to try and catch a couple of pokemon and then head on to fight Brock! Current Team: Dr Wetson (Squirtle) - LVL 6 ---------- Post 2 - 23/02/2015: Captured a pidgey! Having alot of fun up to now as i have completely destroyed Brock! I also spent a nifty 500 coins on a Magikarp in which I am going to Train up! I understand that this means i have 2 water types which isnt the best thing, however i may replace the Gyarados with a Dratini if i can find one Current Team: Dr Wetson (Wartortle) - LVL 17 Icarus (Pidgey) - LVL 10 Poseidon (Magikarp) - LVL 5 ---------- Post 3 - 24/02/2015: Captured one more pokemon for my playthrough, in which I am excited to level I managed to defeat Misty with no trouble, and manahed to get to Bills house! Now I am on my way to go see the S.S. Anne! Wish me look Current Team: Dr Wetson (Wartortle) - LVL 25 Icarus (Pidgey) - LVL 21 Poseidon (Magikarp) - LVL 10 Venus (Bellsprout) - LVL 13 ---------- Post 4 - 28/02/2015: So i defeated LT surge! He went down extremely easy with my Wartortle which knows Dig I haven't caught anymore Pokemon but have leveled up much more The SS Anne was easy and i tanked my way through that with no difficulty Current Team: Dr Wetson (Wartortle) - LVL 32 Icarus (Pidgey) - LVL 26 Poseidon (Magikarp) - LVL 13 Venus (Bellsprout) - LVL 14 ----------
  25. Some credit goes to the RP forum, particularly Acquiescence, for helping me with this idea. Cyrus succeeded. He was not stopped at Spear Pillar, and captured Dialga and Palkia. He would recreate the world as he chose, with himself as its almighty head, using the power of the Pokemon lords of space and time - or so he thought. No one had anticipated what would occur when they were captured. Without the stabilizing influence of the Spatial and Temporal Pokemon, the universe itself started to break down. Machinery changed from useful tools to deadly hazards as space shifted, causing them to malfunction. People would walk for five minutes and find that their entire family was dead and gone for decades. Meteors annihilated towns as the distance between them and Earth flickered between light-years and inches. Entire cities winked out of existance, their founders removed from time. The destruction was almost absolute. Eventually, though, the universe shook itself to something approaching a standstill. While neither time nor space were entirely trustworthy, the planet still survived. Barely. Massive scars in the surface run for hundreds of miles, running deep enough to expose the planet's molten core. Gigantic rips in space and time transport those unfortunate enough to cross through them into unknown locations. Shadow permanently veils swathes of the planet as light bends away. Ruined cities from a dozen dimensions dot the hellish landscape, overgrown with jungle, buried beneath dunes of sand or snow, or simply sitting, gutted buildings a mute testament for what it was like before. Or afterward. No one knows any more. Humanity has slowly recovered. Fortunately, time and space are stable enough that technology is useable and cities do not warp themselves into volcanoes, or the depths of space. Usually. However, society is very different from the time when Dialga and Palkia were free. People have shifted the blame from Cyrus and his arrogance to the masters of space and time that seem to have vanished, and, by extension, all Pokemon. They are not friends; they are not even animals or pets. They are tools at best, according to most people. They are used as power sources or vehicles, and only if there is no viable alternative. There are no Trainers - or, at least, none that anyone will acknowledge. Wild Pokemon live in fear of vengeful humans, and some have come to hate them, laying curses upon them if they are able or worse. This is the world we live in. A world where the gods sleep, seemingly uncaring, while it falls to pieces. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, with the prologue out of the way, welcome to my RP. I'll be your host for the foreseeable future (fortunately, in real life, time runs in a fairly straight line). Let's get the ground rules out of the way. No bunnying. Your actions are your own only. The only people that can fully control the actions of others are Trainers with NPC pokemon.However, Pokemon are encouraged to obey their trainers, and your trainer can force you to use a move once in a while as is reasonable. Obey the host and the moderators. No, this doesn't mean obey the commands of their characters; if they tell you to knock something off, knock it off. No powerplaying. Don't act like this is a wifi battle; just because someone likes Delcatty a lot, does not give you the right to kick the crap out of them because you have/are Blaziken. Legendaries may, at some point, be controllable, but are prohibited from usage by most players, both as characters and as caught Pokemon. Don't be disruptive. You can have loud, obnoxious characters that cut people off in the middle of conversations, but don't break the flow of the RP. Pokemon choice will be restricted to an extent. Preferably, you'll take the Type Quiz in-character and make them a Pokemon of that type (assuming said character is a Pokemon.) You can also have the group make a list of Pokemon they think fit you, and you can choose. You can also let people just plain choose for you. You don't have to strictly follow canon, but any deviation should have a solid explanation. Better, more interesting explanations lead to more leeway. Your backstory should make sense in-universe. It would make sense for you to be cursed by a Ninetales and wake up as a Pokemon; it would not make sense for you to be Cynthia's son, raised by Pokemon, then returned to society as a master Pokemon Trainer that everyone adores for no readily apparent reason. Don't get too graphic. You can go as far as saying someone was disembowled, but we don't need to know where their intestines landed, for example. Profanity is okay, but keep it to a minimum. Use Precision F-Strikes, not Cluster F-Bombs. Excessive out-of-character posting is frowned upon in the RP thread. With that out of the way, if you're interested in joining, you should know a few things. One, this will be a pretty freeform RP. There will be goals in mind, but there will be gentle nudges toward them. Two, I'm pretty lax. Creativity takes priority over canon, and honestly, I'll let someone get away with almost anything if it makes for a good story. Space and time themselves are broken down; weird things happen. If you'd like to join, you've got a few options. First, decide if you're human or Pokemon. We need more Pokemon than humans, this being a roleplay specifically created to place Pokemon center stage. After that, decide on your species (if you're a Pokemon). There are three ways to go about this. Take the Type Quiz in-character, and pick a Pokemon with your typing, unless it doesn't exist (e.g, Ice-Fighting). Have the group prepare a list of Pokemon they think would suit your character. Simply have myself or the group decide for you. After that, tell us about "yourself." Have a template. Name (if any): Species (if applicable): Age: Appearance (picture requested but optional): Personality overview (optional): Backstory (MANDATORY): Your story should be around a paragraph long. Not "he is a poochyena that likes berries," but we don't need six chapters of development, either. Mods/admin: KingMurdoc Hukuna Flux Signed up: Jory Hukuna (Theodore) personwithbanana9870 (Yuki) Nova (Jessica) Flux (Blaze) Arkhidon (Gale) KingMurdoc (Amarantha) YagamiNoir4896 DarkLight (Nivia) Acquiescence (Lily) Zephyr (Zephyr) Cleared for RP: Hukuna Flux Arkhidon KingMurdoc personwithbanana9870 DarkLight Zephyridontrememberhowtospellyourname Jory Acquiescence Character profiles: Theodore Blaze Amarantha Gale Yuki Jessica Nivia Lily Zephyr
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