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Found 4 results

  1. Hey. Finally decided to start this thing. God knows I should finish one run before I start another... But I love the game so far and am hoping to continue loving it. And I have a bit more free time for the summer so I figured I might as well. Prologue & Table of Contents There's the link to the prologue chapter not much going on yet but there'll be more to come. Hope you enjoy!
  2. Alright so I'll probably make a few of these topics as writing is a fun little thing, but it can be a bit daunting on what and where to begin. Those might all be in one place, but I feel this one deserves it's own topic as it's one of the more important ones. Anyways here we go: So writing is one of those simple things with zero rules, but due to implied rules is overly complicated to figure out where your boundaries and strengths lie. So the obvious answer is that you want to ask people how good of a writer you are. I really like being an anonymous writer as people are more willing to be honest which is a good thing about communities and writing communities. A friend might just say it's good to not hurt your feelings or he's not an experienced writer. Why Feedback is so important When reading a story online that you like, the number one thing you can do to hurt them is not comment at all. The second worst thing you can do is say something along the line: "I liked the story. Will keep reading." Those two things are just as bad, if not worse than: "Ermagawd! You're story is so bland. Couldn't you write deeper characterz or sometingz!" Now that you're done looking at me with a funny face, I'll explain myself. Saying nothing is almost no different than saying you didn't like the story. It more or less means you didn't care for it and don't feel like it's worth the effort to say anything. Silence is the worst thing for a writer as it fills them with doubt and kills their self esteem and motivation. Short one lined comments are a tiny bit better, but not that much. To me, it feels like I failed as a writer for not getting you engaged to say anything more than you liked it. Why did you like it? If anything, it could be that you didn't like it and wanted me to feel better. You don't have to be a critic or even really good at giving feedback to really motivate a writer. A little bit goes a very long way. I love it when people give me a small paragraph and reasons why they liked it as it makes me want to do more. Seriously, 3-4 sentences to the writer goes a long way and more is better. As a writer, I've gone back through both criticism and feedback many times when I feel down or I am struggling to write. Both are just so important and make me feel like I'm not wasting my time. I suppose I can give a comment someone gave to me a while back to show what I mean:
  3. "Messiah Complex" I am the Way. Lay upon me all your sorrows and burdens. For you who thirst, drink, and never be thirsty again. For you who knocks, the door will be opened; Ask, and receive Seek, and find Comfort, for you, who are laden with troubles. For I feel that my existence is worthless if you have no need for me I only wish to be by your side.
  4. Some credit goes to the RP forum, particularly Acquiescence, for helping me with this idea. Cyrus succeeded. He was not stopped at Spear Pillar, and captured Dialga and Palkia. He would recreate the world as he chose, with himself as its almighty head, using the power of the Pokemon lords of space and time - or so he thought. No one had anticipated what would occur when they were captured. Without the stabilizing influence of the Spatial and Temporal Pokemon, the universe itself started to break down. Machinery changed from useful tools to deadly hazards as space shifted, causing them to malfunction. People would walk for five minutes and find that their entire family was dead and gone for decades. Meteors annihilated towns as the distance between them and Earth flickered between light-years and inches. Entire cities winked out of existance, their founders removed from time. The destruction was almost absolute. Eventually, though, the universe shook itself to something approaching a standstill. While neither time nor space were entirely trustworthy, the planet still survived. Barely. Massive scars in the surface run for hundreds of miles, running deep enough to expose the planet's molten core. Gigantic rips in space and time transport those unfortunate enough to cross through them into unknown locations. Shadow permanently veils swathes of the planet as light bends away. Ruined cities from a dozen dimensions dot the hellish landscape, overgrown with jungle, buried beneath dunes of sand or snow, or simply sitting, gutted buildings a mute testament for what it was like before. Or afterward. No one knows any more. Humanity has slowly recovered. Fortunately, time and space are stable enough that technology is useable and cities do not warp themselves into volcanoes, or the depths of space. Usually. However, society is very different from the time when Dialga and Palkia were free. People have shifted the blame from Cyrus and his arrogance to the masters of space and time that seem to have vanished, and, by extension, all Pokemon. They are not friends; they are not even animals or pets. They are tools at best, according to most people. They are used as power sources or vehicles, and only if there is no viable alternative. There are no Trainers - or, at least, none that anyone will acknowledge. Wild Pokemon live in fear of vengeful humans, and some have come to hate them, laying curses upon them if they are able or worse. This is the world we live in. A world where the gods sleep, seemingly uncaring, while it falls to pieces. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, with the prologue out of the way, welcome to my RP. I'll be your host for the foreseeable future (fortunately, in real life, time runs in a fairly straight line). Let's get the ground rules out of the way. No bunnying. Your actions are your own only. The only people that can fully control the actions of others are Trainers with NPC pokemon.However, Pokemon are encouraged to obey their trainers, and your trainer can force you to use a move once in a while as is reasonable. Obey the host and the moderators. No, this doesn't mean obey the commands of their characters; if they tell you to knock something off, knock it off. No powerplaying. Don't act like this is a wifi battle; just because someone likes Delcatty a lot, does not give you the right to kick the crap out of them because you have/are Blaziken. Legendaries may, at some point, be controllable, but are prohibited from usage by most players, both as characters and as caught Pokemon. Don't be disruptive. You can have loud, obnoxious characters that cut people off in the middle of conversations, but don't break the flow of the RP. Pokemon choice will be restricted to an extent. Preferably, you'll take the Type Quiz in-character and make them a Pokemon of that type (assuming said character is a Pokemon.) You can also have the group make a list of Pokemon they think fit you, and you can choose. You can also let people just plain choose for you. You don't have to strictly follow canon, but any deviation should have a solid explanation. Better, more interesting explanations lead to more leeway. Your backstory should make sense in-universe. It would make sense for you to be cursed by a Ninetales and wake up as a Pokemon; it would not make sense for you to be Cynthia's son, raised by Pokemon, then returned to society as a master Pokemon Trainer that everyone adores for no readily apparent reason. Don't get too graphic. You can go as far as saying someone was disembowled, but we don't need to know where their intestines landed, for example. Profanity is okay, but keep it to a minimum. Use Precision F-Strikes, not Cluster F-Bombs. Excessive out-of-character posting is frowned upon in the RP thread. With that out of the way, if you're interested in joining, you should know a few things. One, this will be a pretty freeform RP. There will be goals in mind, but there will be gentle nudges toward them. Two, I'm pretty lax. Creativity takes priority over canon, and honestly, I'll let someone get away with almost anything if it makes for a good story. Space and time themselves are broken down; weird things happen. If you'd like to join, you've got a few options. First, decide if you're human or Pokemon. We need more Pokemon than humans, this being a roleplay specifically created to place Pokemon center stage. After that, decide on your species (if you're a Pokemon). There are three ways to go about this. Take the Type Quiz in-character, and pick a Pokemon with your typing, unless it doesn't exist (e.g, Ice-Fighting). Have the group prepare a list of Pokemon they think would suit your character. Simply have myself or the group decide for you. After that, tell us about "yourself." Have a template. Name (if any): Species (if applicable): Age: Appearance (picture requested but optional): Personality overview (optional): Backstory (MANDATORY): Your story should be around a paragraph long. Not "he is a poochyena that likes berries," but we don't need six chapters of development, either. Mods/admin: KingMurdoc Hukuna Flux Signed up: Jory Hukuna (Theodore) personwithbanana9870 (Yuki) Nova (Jessica) Flux (Blaze) Arkhidon (Gale) KingMurdoc (Amarantha) YagamiNoir4896 DarkLight (Nivia) Acquiescence (Lily) Zephyr (Zephyr) Cleared for RP: Hukuna Flux Arkhidon KingMurdoc personwithbanana9870 DarkLight Zephyridontrememberhowtospellyourname Jory Acquiescence Character profiles: Theodore Blaze Amarantha Gale Yuki Jessica Nivia Lily Zephyr
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