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Found 21 results

  1. Hey. Finally decided to start this thing. God knows I should finish one run before I start another... But I love the game so far and am hoping to continue loving it. And I have a bit more free time for the summer so I figured I might as well. Prologue & Table of Contents There's the link to the prologue chapter not much going on yet but there'll be more to come. Hope you enjoy!
  2. Hey everyone, serious question here. Do pokemon not learn moves naturally at the same rate? Im pretty sure my swoobat should have learned Psychic at level 40 but it did not. It also learned calm mind a while ago but im fairly certain that it normally doesnt learn this til lvl 45. It tried to learn future site at level like 36 too which normally it learns at 50. I just want a better psychic attack already lol help
  3. I was just exploring rivers end for an entrance into Pom Pom Meadow and found this west of venams dad's lab. Can i open it? Can I go in? Also how do i get to pom pom meadow
  4. I mean....theyre an evolutionary line...right???? or am i just dumb?? But when I was trying to breed a Budew from a Roselia caught in the Corrupted Cave, I got another Roselia. ??????
  5. Mii's I created: So I decided to make a little thread about this crazy little game called Miitopia. While the game does keep the same storyline, the fact that all miis can be randomized a bit does make this storyline quite entertaining. I am accepting Miis to add into the game if you either have a QR code or give me a pic or request I can make them and put them somewhere in the game. Otherwise, just watch as the chaos unfolds. Our story so far... It was a quiet day for a strange gray haired man: Things did not last so peacefully as the evil Dark Lord Mr. Clean scrubbed all the faces off of the nearby locals, or filth as he called them. Commander got on his big boy pants and gave chase to Dark Lord on a quest to rescue the many faces he had taken. He even took poor little Squidward's face. He was not alone as on his quest he met the might warrior Segata clad in his silver armor and it was bromance at first sight. The two continue on their journey when they come across a strange "male" idol with a lot of swag known as Lucina who countless of fans wish for his hand in marriage. The three teamed up and journeyed on they came across a young energetic girl named Zelda. She claimed to be a commoner who had healing powers. Together, these four were able to recover all the townsfolk's faces and cease the storm of chaos. Dark Lord Clean did try to stop the four heroes, but the Great Sage Amethyst dabbed in to save the day. The four now head on seek an audience with Burger King and his daughter Princess Timmie, but not before having snacktime with Batman. (I'll get a picture of her eventually but here's her QR code) Other various highlights: -Zelda's cuteness overload (it's so adorable when she hops around on the screen) -Segata's and Lucina's hardcore workout session -The Joker being married to Magilou -The King's questionable choice in soldiers (Goomba, Cthulhu, Samwell Tarly, etc) -Commander being forced into saving the world (even though he doesn't want to) -Segata and Commander bromance moments (they are level 7 already in their relationship) Summary of the party members: Commander (Mage): Either hits really hard or does terrible damage before using Segata for cover (Just like the real me) Segata (Warrior): Unfazed Warrior he goes last before hitting like a truck...or Commander coax him into attacking earlier Lucina (Male Performer): She may as well be Michael Jackson because she dodges everything before knocking the enemy down with her lyrics (she can't get rid of her polka dot fever though) [Toon] Zelda (Priest): Either she heals or she trips while attack the enemy. It's hilarious and adorable at the same time. Here's a quick pic of the team (I'll get better ones in later updates now that I know how to get them off my 2ds): I really like this game just due to its wacky nature, but these posts won't be too long or fancy as I'll just point out things I found funny throughout it.
  6. Anyone remember this and also this topic from some months back that I forgot to update? Yeah. The run actually got completed, and I'm here to tell you the tale of how a brave warrior and his soldiers liberated Elibe. Now that that's out of the way, you're fully up to speed with how my Fire Emblem 7 run with custom units went. I'd like to call it Dorcas Emblem, but there's already a hack with that name sooo... BUT! It's been several months since Dorcas and his army beat the hell out of Nergal's forces in Elibe now. It's been a good few months. But this was not meant to last, for a new challenge rises! CUSTOM FIRE EMBLEM 2: SACRED BOOGALOO Yeah, you heard that right. I'm doing it again, this time not with Fire Emblem 7, but rather Fire Emblem 8, The Sacred Stones. And once again, I am opening up submissions for my run. And once again, there's a template and everything that will be used to sign up characters because I'm very professional and send help Sacred Stones sucks compared to Blazing Sword.
  7. Everyone is doing AMAs. Again. I don't know why. So anyway. Post answers and I'll reply with questions. Any answers. Literally, answer me anything. If you answer a question with a question (ie, if you ask me anything) you're banned from life.
  8. I was looking for a Pidgey or Pidgeotto for that 7th street quest but no matter where or how much I look I can't find one. First I tried headbutting in Chrisolya Forest. Not sure how much time I spent there but know I'm stubborn. Then in the in the Rooftop in Onix, even swutched for morningtime after but no Pidgey. And then there's Beldum. This is the 3rd time I restart the whole game, and I always managed to catch Beldum before but this time I can't. Same tatic, I get my Gardevoir to Hypnosis it when reaches the red tile in hp. I don't have Ultra balls, but I was expecting to get some pokemons before joining Cain but I've tried to get Beldum with a ton of nest balls (couln't find level balls for sale =/) and even found a freaking shiny but I've given up for now.
  9. I am playing pokemon metal right now I was going to play a war game but then I felt like playing pokemon lol
  10. This thread is inspired by the "What're YOU listening to?~" thread. Tell us what you are reading! It can be anything. Books, articles, journals, textbooks, a cool reddit post, anything! I'll start it off with this neat article about how UAB have found a way to cure diabetes in lab mice! So, what are you reading?
  11. So I've done a few of these types of posts now (check my page for them if you'd like to check them out!) and I've done not one in a while, so I think it's about time I did! Today, I'm going to be asking "What if YOU were a member of the Elite Four?" Relatively simple this time around, no need for a whole story or anything like my last one suggested. Just back to the basic question answering, moveset detailing stuff. So what am I looking for you to answer exactly? Well first off, what's your trainer title? This is like with the Gym Leaders, you could just be "Elite Four (name)" OR you could have a proper trainer title of your own, similar to the Reborn Gym Leaders, like "Normal Master (name)" or "Wave Tycoon (name)" or something along those lines. Obviously, the name you use is up to you, as is the trainer title, so feel free to do whatever you like! Next, there's obviously 4 members, and only one can be fought at a time, but if we think back to the days prior to Gen V, when the Elite Four actually had a sequence, where would you come in line? Would you be first, second, third, or last? Obviously last is the top dog of the Elite Four because they are the strongest, but the other three pretty much share the same role as members, just slightly different strength variations. It's your choice, so feel free to choose whatever you like! Where would be a member? The Hoenn region, the Orre region, the Reborn region? Would it be canon or non-canon? Is it a place you came up with? It wouldn't hurt to know where people can find and battle you, seeing as you ARE one of the best trainers in the region and what-not! What type do you specialize in? You've never seen an Elite Four member (other than Koga, and Flint before he got his act together) who's not stuck to a single type, and there's no reason to break that trend now, because that's the Champion's opportunity! So tell us - do you shock people with your Electric-types? Do you wash them away with your Water-types? Do you scare them away with your Ghost-types? We must know! Lastly, the most obvious question of all... What Pokémon do you have? These are the Pokémon that helped you rise to the level that you're at. These are the very same Pokémon that people will battle when they finally challenge the Pokémon League and have you in their sights. The people have to know! Feel free to include as much detail as you want. It could be just the Pokémon's name, you could have levels, you can have whole movesets if you want to! It's entirely up to you! There is a cap on legendary Pokémon and Mega Evolution though. I am only allowing up to ONE Pokémon for either role. So you may only use one Mega Evolution and one legendary on a team. However, I am only allowing Pokémon that can enter into places such as the Battle Tower and Battle Maison for the legendary part. So, Pokémon such as Mewtwo, Kyogre, Zekrom, Ho-Oh and Xerneas will not be allowed. You may use the Latiasite or the Latiosite, but this is still one legendary and one Mega Evolution, so this won't get you a ticket to use another Mega Stone or another legendary. It still counts for both even if the roles apply to the same Pokémon. Please bear that in mind. You may be strong, but you are not a complete God that controls fate and stuff like that. Your power is limited, so please bear that in mind when you write your team down. (If you don't know if your legendary is allowed, then you should look it up on Bulbapedia or Serebii. I can also answer for you if it is allowed, but don't just put it down without asking if you don't know, because if it turns out to break the rules here, you'll look like an idiot.) Now that I've listed all of the questions, I shall answer them for you as a template to show what I'm expecting! Draco Knight Shadow Elite Four #4 The Orre region. The Orre region appears to be lacking in an Elite Four, so even if there are no Gyms, having some top trainers to look up to and look over the region (especially with the amount of mayhem that goes on there) would be quite necessary. So I'm gonna travel there and begin the Elite Four there, claiming the role of the master of the Elite Four! (Well, at least until there's more members and they actually have the power to take over my position.) My trainer title heavily suggests that I use Dragon-types, and that would be correct! Dragonite - Level 75 Item: Weakness Policy Ability: Multiscale Moves: Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Fire Punch, Extreme Speed Salamence - Level 75 Item: Persim Berry Ability: Intimidate Moves: Outrage, Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Rock Slide Tyrantrum - Level 75 Item: Sitrus Berry Ability: Strong Jaw Moves: Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Head Smash, Poison Fang Hydreigon - Level 77 Item: Life Orb Ability: Levitate Moves: Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse, Surf, Flash Cannon Garchomp - Level 77 Item: Expert Belt Ability: Rough Skin Moves: Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Brick Break, Stone Edge Latios - Level 77 Item: Latiosite Ability: Levitate Moves: Draco Meteor, Psychic, Recover, Thunderbolt And that's me! So what about you guys? I like forward to hearing your answers in a response!
  12. I like the episode where charlotte and them we went to together to another town so we could get away from the guy with the electivire.
  13. I have to say rayquaza he was cool at the beginning but I started to dislike him.
  14. You know how in pokemon soul silver and heart gold where you could like register people on this phone. Then you could call people like how they are doing and you could re battle those people and those people would be stronger then last time. It would be cool in pokemon reborn if we could have that so we could call gym leaders trainers and the other main charcters in pokemon reborn so we could rebattle them. I would think that would be cool to have in this game Also, the gym leader trainers and the other main charcters pokemon would be stronger.
  15. (I really don't know where to put this. I guess youkai can be a bit forgetful at times. *glares at Cirno*) Read the title, think, search Youtube, embed into post. You can be a boss of any game. Because I am of Gensokyo origin, I shall post Touhou related music. Stage Theme Boss Theme http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOhcrT6hTIg&list=FLjQoDTae6vCB8MsMYPspSUg&index=2&feature=plpp_video Last Word Theme http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ho8jz2vB0ow&list=FLjQoDTae6vCB8MsMYPspSUg&index=7&feature=plpp_video (put the last two links in your search bar at the top or something)
  16. Wats gud. I am a young lady and my name is Shay. I am new-ish here. I've sorta been popping in and out of the forums around here for a little while, but I haven't actually introduced myself. So yeah. Pokemon Reborn is a magnificent creation. Great game. 10/10. Bravo. I haven't actually finished it yet but I don't need to I know it's perfect no spoilers plz. If you can't tell I'm a forum noob. I don't even completely understand how forums work. I've never had a forum that I regularly visited, but I've found myself returning to these ones a lot lately. Probably because ya'll like Pokemon, and I like Pokemon... It's like were brothers. But closer. Anyway, I am kind of a nerd. Like, 49% black, 50% white and 40% giant nerd. That's all fine and dandy, but the thing is my friends are NOT giant nerds they're like, 60% white, 13% black, 78% flaming homosexual male, 10% bad bitch... Anyway you get the point. Did I mention I failed my last math class? I don't have people to talk about "nerd" stuff (namely Pokemon) with. Like none. I just have to hold it all in. I hatched a shiny Eevee the other day and I was beyond ecstatic, guess who I shared my overwhelming glee with? That's right. No one. And that is not healthy. It's not healthy to hold in your glee. Idk if you should give people the opportunity to introduce themselves like this cause I can talk about myself forever. I think I will. *pulls easy chair up to the podium* Anywaaaaaaays... I really like some video games, I'm not like a HUGE GAMER or anything but there are certain games I will just play for DAYS. (Like Pokemon, lol duh). I try to stay hip with the new fresh nerd crowd as best as I can. I've watched Doctor Who, I've experienced the magic of Sherlock, I'm totes up to date on what's happening with Twitch Plays Pokemon. Etc. My cats are my life. I love MLP, I read books, andIstillhaveaneopetsaccountpleasedonttellanyoneohmygod. I'm into all artsy junk. singing, dancing, performing in general. I love acting particularly. But I'm REALLY into dinosaurs. Not really JUST dinosaurs but like, Earth Science. Ancient Earth Science. Pretty much anything kickass natural thing that happened a hella long time ago is cool to me. Sometimes the thought of how goddamn cool dinosaurs and shit are is literally the only thing that gets me up in the morning. I don't think you understand. I can be crying in bed unable to move in a dangerous state of abysmal depression, but goddammit if my Earth Science class is starting soon you bet your bottom dollar I will be there. Front row. With questions I've prepared for the professor after the lecture. I hope it's okay if I curse. I do that. I have a huge crush on Jeff Goldblum yeah I know he's in his 60s shut up idc he is my everything, and it's not just because he was in J Park. (Although I do admit he was just, oh my god. I can't. Ugh. He was so beauti-okay I'm done.) I also just think he's overall a very underated actor. Don't act like you didn't love Cats & Dogs more than life, because I DID. Also he plays jazz piano. Wow I actually just wrote a whole paragraph about that. I also really love to draw, and I think I'm pretty damn decent at it and I am not afraid to admit that. In fact. BOOM. Four meerkats enjoying apple martinis. If that doesn't sum me up in one image I don't know what will. I'm always happy to receive constructive criticism of course, not exactly on THIS since its kinda old and I just drew it cause my friend dared me to but...yeah! I'm always looking to get better! I guess regular criticism is fine too since you can't see me crying through the internet.... Anyway I should probably wrap this up before I remember something else that none of you really need or care to know about me. Hopefully you don't hate me too much. If you'd like to file a restraining order in advance please let me know so I can add you to the list. IN CONCLUSION. Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got, cause' I will always be Jenny from the block. *drops mic*.
  17. So, I've finished 10.1 and just wanted to see what people think of my team. I consider it pretty good, but I'd like to know people's thoughts. Ogre (Aggron)@Leftovers Lv. 63 Rock Head Adamant -Head Smash -Heavy Slam -Take Down -Autotomize 180/221/238/85/84/105 I'm going to replace Take Down and Heavy Slam with Earthquake and Ice Punch when the TMs/move tutors become available, but I'm otherwise pretty happy with this. Dominance (Nidoking)@Poison Barb Lv. 63 Poison Point Lonely -Poison Jab -Megahorn -Horn Drill -Toxic Spikes 188/179/103/115/100/125 Toxic Spikes will probably be replaced with Earthquake when available. I may or may not replace Horn Drill with... something... Typhoon (Gyarados)@Mystic Water Lv. 63 Intimidate Brave -Aqua Tail -Ice Fang -Bite -Dragon Dance 214/214/124/98/156/127 Will replace Bite with Stone Edge and maybe replace Ice Fang for Bounce when available. Idk for sure though. Exo (Heracross)@Fist Plate Lv. 62 Guts Adamant -Close Combat -Megahorn -Endure -Reversal 179/225/102/65/132/126 I'm kind of torn about Endure/Reversal here. They don't seem terribly useful in Reborn, but the only thing I could replace them with is Aerial Ace/Brick Break. Thoughts? Psy (Alakazam)@Mind Plate Lv. 55 Inner Focus Mild -Psychic -Shadow Ball -Calm Mind -Recover 144/74/62/182/107/156 Cliche name, I know, but it's going to be fixed when I think of something good. Recover will be replaced with Focus Blast eventually. Flare (Ninetales)@Brightpowder Lv. 55 Drought Modest -Flamethrower -Fire Blast -Confuse Ray -Will-o-Wisp 149/88/102/129/122/133 I'm not very happy with the stats on this, but I got it early game, and there isn't really a huge stock of Sp. Atk evs throughout the game. I'm pretty happy with the movepool despite poor coverage. These are my main six. If you care to know what I rotate in, you can look in my signature or ask if you want more details. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Tasteful Jokes? Fun Facts? Please give some feedback and don't be afraid to criticize. I take it well.
  18. I haven't really been a part of this forum for all of that long. And I made my first topic maybe a couple of weeks ago, and when I made it I noticed that I got some reputation points. And I was just wondering what they actually are and if they do anything
  19. ok, i got bored and was remembering reading about the rules of the internet... so... this happened to pop into my head as a fun little game... Anyways, he rules to the rules game is very simple, we start with rule 1, say what the rule is, and go on till we hit 100 rules, (Note: there can be Rules that contradict other rules) Ex: Rule 15: All Fire Type Pokemon Underused Ex: Rule 49: All low Level Fire Types are OverUsed Just some examples... cause i can anyways, Let us Begin Rule Building to the ULTIMATE GAME Rule 1: All pokemon that look like fish Rock Types
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