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  1. Yeaah a blind Nuzlocke run of this game might be impossible without the actual luck of the devil. You're lucky Sean, put I think that luck has met it's match in V13. It's like current Reborn. The battles are way too difficult and many of the opposing mons put out way too much damage to go through without some sort of major prep before hand. Gonna start spoiling my chapter comments when they get on the long side. Be easier on everyone's eyes I think
  2. Since Melia was supposed to be a Gym leader, she get's her own custom move like all the others now I guess. Future convos between Sean and Erin are going to be fun, I can already tell. Seeing who can outsnark the other while Rose and her Absol look on eating popcorn and making bets. That convo with Caesar made realize there's whole sections of your team that never met. The number of Pokemon on the team from Part 1 is tiny at this point. I got the red haired one, when I took the quiz for the first time. I like em, I know they're essentiall dark skinned red h
  3. V13, and from the first few videos I've seen on YouTube it's gonna be an ride. . . a potentially terrifying one to play through too. Welp Flora is gone and you never have to worry about her again, totally. Carnage being used was a pretty good call, Heracross is a good mon even without the Mega to be honest. They're up there in my favorite Pokemon list. Oh the double edged sword of Hail. Well if there was one Pokemon that would team kill another on the team, it probably would be Chiller. Prophet went as he lived. . . being unnecessarily cryptic.
  4. Wow this is probably the longest chapter in awhile, I can see why you had so much trouble. It's been awhile since I've seen you this angry in game. God your track record with Water Types in this Region is horrid. I think Gustav lasted the longest out of all of them. (I'm glad its Gustav over Chiller to be perfectly honest. Gustav was great but the sadistic little snowcone is just a delight and the death of him against anything but like a Madame X tier battle feels wrong) Bluster folding the rest of that Bladestar grunts team was kinda nice to see. Wow this
  5. Okay maybe the switching thing was an exxageration, but I for some reason lost to time that Pidgeot ended up being the pokemon I used the most. Everyone else lagged behind, and Pidgeot picked up the slack. This was like 21 years at this point when the game first came out (god I feel old). I think the fairy girls are on whatever shrooms are growing out there, don't do drugs kids. Moemon. . . god that's a name I haven't heard in a long time. Probably because anyone who was ever remotely interested moved onto stuff like Kantai Collection, Genshin Impact, etc. . . or becam
  6. On my favorites list: The poison type is one of those Ultra beasts from Gen VII, its like a weird cross between a syringe and a dragon. The whole train track's being "destroyed' was probably just to pad out the version of the game when this was first introduced honestly. Also I did not expect Introduction to Trains 101 today, will there be a test? Like after certain point if you're in that much of a hurry you could walk along the railroad tracks (okay the game mechanics wouldn't let you do that, but you get what I mean). The trainer levels take a
  7. I actually saw the alert for the new chapter like literally the same second I pressed reply. Stellar timing on my part eh? Got a bad habit of reading your updates but not actually replying until a day or two later. It's mostly me typing then stopping to do something else, or trying to make sure what I'm typing is actually coherent. I thought Amanda battled you here? Maybe I was thinking of another point. A sun based team would almost be be quaint in comparison to other battles in this game. The plot can't advance without you but everyone else resolves the plot, that's R
  8. You show admirable self-control for not going for the extremely dated "Over 9000" joke when going through the power levels of your mons. Honestly that Advanced Pokedex looks amazing, though finding some of those mons to get access to it sounds immensely tedious. It's probably for the best that you released those mons you caught, though Zangoose can be pretty good if you use em right. Rose, Chiller, and Caesar being the top dogs of your team doesn't surprise me in the slightest. But the penguin being so high is amazing, he's gonna be a great asset when you finally get a
  9. The whole champion of Unova joke was a reference to the theory that Alder was former bug catcher considering half his team is bug types. . . it's a weak theory admittedly but there was traction for it back in the day. 100 Chapters. . . that's a minor miracle in itself considering what the game throws at you. But good on you for your dedication probably powered by spite at this point. Also the reward for 100 chapters sounds like a pretty good idea, like the Focus Sashes. They're not OP here because you'll likely to burn through them pretty fast considering some of the bosses. But t
  10. Hey man just take the generosity of the people when it comes, you need all the help you can get in this region. You know when I saw Karrina's shopping spree, I was expecting there to be some kind of deal on some rare item. . . and it would be revealed that Karrina had bought them all. Karrina's one of the better characters in the game I think. About DnD, you're honestly not wrong. The Dice are fickle, fickle things. Having a town on the oceanside and constantly drilling under is surely safe. I see no way that this ends in tragedy no sir! Bug Catc
  11. Oh that's some nice stuff including Scraggy and Gastly (That's a good nickname too, Kreia is awesome). Also wow you get Gastly way earlier here than in Reborn. Like it's a sidequest in V18, where you're team is in the late 80's. Hopefully that "Reaper Cloth" has been washed or it really will kill someone. Violent revolution and matricide, just what Pokemon was missing all this time. About how that Gastly works. . . at this it's probably better to just attempt to roll with it. It'll be better for your blood pressure and mental state. Also I gotta
  12. Parent of the year, this Matthew guy. Could at least send of postcard or something dude. Well if nothing else, Shuckle is a good Pokemon to use a wall to stall for time in a tough fight. Silvally is honestly one of my favorite Gen 7 mons and I like the gimmick around it. Just gotta find all those discs for it, you've probably picked up a couple at some point. Also fighting the mon yourself is totally valid, Jessie did it with her Seviper and that went well. Also the stuff in Wispy Tower, I guess since you didn't go through here in the most recent versions t
  13. You were doomed the moment you made that name an option for Togepi, just be sure to make it as awkward as humanly possible the next time you meet our favorite blond. The fact that it's a shiny is just a beautiful bit of irony. I actually didn't choose the obvious option because I figured you've suffered enough for the time being but I'm clearly in the minority lol. Man I would have killed for some moo-moo milk at the point in the game, Super Potions were just BARELY cutting it with Geara and Narcissa, to the point it was easier in the long run for me to just let a mon faint than tr
  14. Real talk Jan probably just didnt want anyone to get access to Drizzle early on, It'd be a neat gimmick for a Nuzlocke if you'd ended up cycling through each of the player avatar's each time you wiped in a battle. Then when you ran out, THEN it'd be a permanent game over. It'd be a hell and a half to edit, but it'd be cool. Gotta admit the Melia tapes were pretty cute, definitely a good addition from the most recent versions. Nothing wierd about a 20 something rifling through the things of teenage girl, now if you'd come down to the station I'm sure we can straighten
  15. Zolt is a now a might Magnezone. I expect great things outta him, used one in playthrough of Sun. Decimated everything that didn't pointedly resist it's attacks, good times. The whole Dufaux plotline is a trip from beginning to end. Also your betrayal was surely sudden and inevitable. And it works better than Narcissa just standing there and just letting Dufaux use time magic on her. Meanwhile your team's main contribution to this episode is essentially a Roast session of yourself. Well time for that vacation before the game throws you headfirst back into th
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