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  1. Man if your aren't paid, there's no such thing as a deadline in my book. Just go at your own pace. I'll do my best, I say 5 days after the update drops. Replies: Chapter Comments:
  2. Oh yeah, if you wanna meet that deadline, you're gonna have to do weekly updates to make that, maybe even less. Guess that means I can't procrastinate on replies! Replies: Chapter comments: Hell at this point, I might end up just staying here. I said to myself I would make a profile on that forum eventually but never got around to it.
  3. I'd go with bi-weekly if you could manage it. Gives you a bit of cushion for time, but its not a super long wait between chapters. Comments for Chapter 142: Okay finally got this done, haven't had time to actually sit down and type this before now.
  4. God I hope the whole Rejuv forum randomly disappearing doesn't become a habit, this is getting a bit annoying. Comments for Chapter 139.
  5. Finally able to sit down and reply after Mother's Day related stuff. Replies to your replies: Chapter Comments:
  6. Wow okay, I was wondering what happened when the whole subforum dissappeared off the face of the earth. Friggin Nintendo copyright sucks. Also dang didn't manage to reply in time. Just gonna comment on this chapter. Chapter Comments:
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