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  1. Real talk Jan probably just didnt want anyone to get access to Drizzle early on, It'd be a neat gimmick for a Nuzlocke if you'd ended up cycling through each of the player avatar's each time you wiped in a battle. Then when you ran out, THEN it'd be a permanent game over. It'd be a hell and a half to edit, but it'd be cool. Gotta admit the Melia tapes were pretty cute, definitely a good addition from the most recent versions. Nothing wierd about a 20 something rifling through the things of teenage girl, now if you'd come down to the station I'm sure we can straighten
  2. Zolt is a now a might Magnezone. I expect great things outta him, used one in playthrough of Sun. Decimated everything that didn't pointedly resist it's attacks, good times. The whole Dufaux plotline is a trip from beginning to end. Also your betrayal was surely sudden and inevitable. And it works better than Narcissa just standing there and just letting Dufaux use time magic on her. Meanwhile your team's main contribution to this episode is essentially a Roast session of yourself. Well time for that vacation before the game throws you headfirst back into th
  3. Well no one died and you got something (eventually) useful out of it, I consider that a win in itself. Probably the closest thing you're going to get to a breather in this game, so enjoy it while you can! It's always fun seeing you go back to old areas and seeing what the most recent Versions have changed. Also highlights how long you've been at this. The stuff in Part 1 looks like it was from a different game altogether. Well that's 2 sidequests down, fingers crossed hoping the rest don't turn out like the one with the bridge. . . Also Rose continue's to b
  4. Well at least you updated this one unlike a certain other run. . . . Oh man I forgot about the weird battling system for this part of the sidequest. True to form, you clearly had a ball doing to editing for it. I'm hoping at some point in game Jan just gives us a chance to deck Madame X/Indriad/Angie whoever the hell is going to be the final antagonist of this game. It would be EXTREMELY cathartic. It's cool seeing some more of your less used Pokemon like Bloom, especially in sidequests like this with almost no battling whatsoever. But hey less chances for dying so ther
  5. And the plot has been derailed and I love it. This is the kind of stuff I live for in these screenshot/written Pokemon stories. I was half expecting this story to just go the way of canon, but the trick with Crowphet was brilliant. So was the battle with Solaris, it was tense as all hell and was made retroactively all the more so by the fact that the whole endeavor was a hair away from complete disaster.
  6. As crazy as this sidequest is and how much damage your sanity takes from dealing with Karen for an extended period of time, it's honestly better than being thrown into a hideously difficult battle and losing god knows how many mons. Like real talk, some of the sidequest battles have been horrifying from a Nuzlocke perspective and they're only getting worse as time goes on. . . . but you probably already know this. After that Conkeldurr incident. What I'm saying is I don't envy you at all ( I tried to Nuzlocke Desolation and got bodied by the first major ba
  7. You're back and in typical fashion you pick probably the "worst" of the Help Missions. All this bull with Sakitron and Anti-Assist, and then comes the punchline at the end, I could only laugh. Also you're sprite editing is pretty great. Also RIP Roll, he's an HM slave but losing a Pokemon to Anti-Assist is always gonna be galling. They're side villains at best! Though how much you wanna bet by the end of the game it's revealed they're being bankrolled by Team Xen. All and all great chapter to get back into the game with, we shall watch your suffering with great int
  8. Probably the only reason Gyarados is so good early on is that there aren't a whole lot of powerful enemy Electric type Pokemon or move users to make you think twice about using it. At least that's what I think anyways. Also on the subject of Pokemon I've always wondered how you guys decided on teams for various characters? Mostly Melia, Ren, etc or the various Xen admins. Or would that be too spoilery?
  9. I've started a Nuzlocke of Desolation, this might be a terrible idea but hey let's see how it goes.


    1. Dex


      Holy shit I nearly got wiped by a Panpour. Thank god Hypnosis worked for once.

  10. Someone needs to give Keta a sandwich or five desperately. All of them look great I gotta say.
  11. You know there's easier ways to get out of playing Rejuv right? Real talk take care man and get better soon. Also sign me up for whatever disaster adventure you have planned.
  12. For that HM slave joke, your ticket to heck has been paid in full. Poor Coyote, probably bad call keeping him in against that Primarina but you really had no other options. Also yeah this is around the point that even the random trainers and grunts start to become threats. I remember seeing some trainers in GDC pull out X items so have fun there. Also 30 Pokemon dead?! 5 full teams of mons dead, that honestly sucks. Honestly this adventure stopped remotely being worth the cost after Blacksteeple. I think that stink may have had an effect on people in West Ge
  13. Man that really bites about Damocles, dude was a go-to Pokemon for you behind Rose, Chiller, and Ceaser. Yeah I gotta agree with you about fangame gym leader teams, they've gotten kinda predictable in the "What's the best way to almost totally negate the weaknesses of this type based team". There could stand to be gym leaders like Blue from HGSS or maybe just based off a theme instead of type at least. Time for the filler arc sidequests, have fun away from the main plot!
  14. Poor Bombardier, killed by the heavily biased field effects. At least it wasn't to another out of nowhere legendary Pokemon? The game at times feels like it was written with the player character as an afterthought in a lot of scenes. It's kinda jarring to say the least. But now is the time for side quests and whatever changes that the new version brough to the table. Though you should probably go through decontamination first. . .and burn everything that was on you during your fun trip to the sewers.
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