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  1. Chapter 96 - Hatch'Em, Hatch'Em, Gotta Hatch'Em All

    New chapter up and boy howdy am I sick of writing the name of it.

  2. Another one of those classic filler episodes I'm sure you ALL love more than life itself. https://nuzlockeforums.com/forum/threads/the-terribly-titled-nuzlocke-of-pokemon-rejuvenation-part-3-chapter-96-hatchem-hatchem-gotta-hatchem-all-22-04-21.1076/page-44#post-837536 Replies:
  3. Chapter 95 - Back-Track Attack

    You can pretty much skip this one if you want to.

    1. nepeta100


      how do i not know youre not using reverse psychology and want to see this climatic backtracking Kappa

    2. DerogatoryTrainer
  4. https://nuzlockeforums.com/forum/threads/the-terribly-titled-nuzlocke-of-pokemon-rejuvenation-part-3-chapter-95-back-track-attack-18-04-21.1076/page-44#post-837242 Eeeeyyyyyup. That's a right purty lookin' chapter right there. It may not be what you city folk are used to but down here in the south we do things a lil' differently. Replies:
  5. Chapter 94 - Cringe Compilation

    It's up, it's there.

    Watch it, if you dare!

  6. Gotta "Big Chungus" of a chapter for you all today! https://nuzlockeforums.com/forum/threads/the-terribly-titled-nuzlocke-of-pokemon-rejuvenation-part-3-chapter-94-cringe-compilation-03-04-21.1076/page-44#post-836434 ... I said that right, right? "Big Chungus"? Whatever. Replies:
  7. Chapter 93 - The Double-Crossing Trainer

    I'm pretty sure I'm only still posting these here in the status updates out of habit at this point.

    1. Mindlack


      (I at least am using these to know when to watch the thread. But maybe I should just follow it instead.)

    2. DerogatoryTrainer


      Either's fine. At least this justifies me posting here

  8. New chapter coming at ya! https://nuzlockeforums.com/forum/threads/the-terribly-titled-nuzlocke-of-pokemon-rejuvenation-part-3-chapter-93-the-double-cross-trainer-24-03-21.1076/page-43#post-835777 And now I can prepare for the vacation arc around the main island. Should be fun. But now? Your Replies:
  9. Chapter 92 - Darren Jan's: The Demonata

    A title for all of you who read a specific books series when you were younger.

  10. It is here. Two weeks late because I was busy at work. Ugh. I hate working to survive. I should have been born independently wealthy. Anyway enjoy. https://nuzlockeforums.com/forum/threads/the-terribly-titled-nuzlocke-of-pokemon-rejuvenation-part-3-chapter-92-darren-jans-the-demonata-21-03-21.1076/page-43#post-835615 I hope somebody got the title joke. Replies:
  11. Chapter 91 - Derogatory Trainer's: A Series of Forgettable Events Huzzah! Even if it's a wrap-up chapter there wasn't any three month wait this time! ... THIS time.
  12. Chapter 90 - Into the Unown



  13. *Falls out of bed* I was hibernating. I am the one human in the world that requires it. ... Please enjoy chapter and accept my lies. https://nuzlockeforums.com/forum/threads/the-terribly-titled-nuzlocke-of-pokemon-rejuvenation-part-3-chapter-90-into-the-unown-27-02-21.1076/page-42#post-833618
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