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  1. To celebrate Zumi's great character artwork and the trashfire that is The Last of Us 2 I give you a shitty 'Abby Chokes Ellie' meme edit.
  2. Wait then what's the point of the four of them having Arceus' power as well? I assumed that's how they'd save the world from destruction mentioned in the Library mural. By holding hands and combining their powers? Also I misread Nexen57's post, he was talking about the Madame Peony prophecy not the library one. Whoops.
  3. And not the four blonde siblings who when together literally started glowing gold and formed the symbol of Arceus? I don't think the MC is part of either prophecy tbh. Seems a bit odd for someone alleged to be outside destiny's grasp to be in a destined prophecy, no?
  4. Nymeria herself, I'd imagine. What I want to know whatever happened to the two secret members of her gang that used Regidrago and Regieleki? Did she lock them up for being terrible and unnecessary like their Regis?
  5. My theory is that Crescent is the Cresselia gijinka like Spacea and Timpea are of Palkia and Diagla. Feels like it'd make their bullshit powers slightly less bullshit at least. Which makes me wonder why the only human versions of legendaries are the Sinnoh ones? What makes them different from Groudon and Kyogre? Also a tip from someone else in the screenshot biz: You should put your updates in spoilers so my computer doesn't die trying to load all of them at once.
  6. U wot? Did you play the same game as me? The player never saves the day, they just win the obligatory and often pointless Pokemon battle and then someone else swoops in and stops the bad guy using magic powers. Over and over and over. I can't understand how you came to your conclusion.
  7. More proof that Deagan is the dumbest character in Pokemon Rejuvenation.
  8. Fixed that Geara for you because it is a crime for him to look that casually handsome.
  9. I was expecting to have to fight Flora because who other than a madman would have been able to predict that the "final" boss of the Pyramid was Ryland under purple thorn mind control? So I was mostly prepared for Grass types but I barely pulled though. Mainly by attacking his ground Pokemon's secondary typing and using at least twenty Ultra Potions while his Excadrill was drained by it's Life Orb. Fuck that Torterra and it's Crest though. It was enough to make me despise the entire species forever. And especially fuck Desert Mark for being so goddamn broken.
  10. Update on the Nuzlocke

    Oh no! A foreboding update message?! Whatever could be wrong?


  11. NUZLOCKE CANCELLED FOREVER!!!! Howdy hey, my adoring audience. I've been lacking on updates lately huh? I'd apologise if it were actually my fault but it ain't. Y'see about three weeks ago I got hurt (doing something heroic of course not something stupid like falling down a flight of stairs, no sir.) and that left me unable to physically sit down for long enough to edit/take pictures for this run without it actually being considered torturing myself. So Rejuvenation is on hiatus till like mid-December so I can heal. That cancellation thing was just a bit obviously. I'll shoot off a load of chapters for the weeks I missed when I'm better of course. You're all eager to see me get kicked out a window by Sakitron I'm sure. Since I've got nothing to do and am bored out of my fucking skull. I thought I'd make another terrible mistake like starting another Nuzlocke. Or well record for another one at least. Because at least then playing videogames can be considered actually productive. Except this time there's no Pokemon. I'll keep the game title secret for now in case I can't actually make this weird spin-off work as a series but I need all of your help for a gimmick. Even those lurkers who read but never comment. I want to get all your usernames (or whatever names you want to give) and name the characters after them so I can try not to get you all killed. Emphasis on try. It'll hopefully make you feel more invested in the characters since they're not adorable creatures like Haxorus this time around. They're humans just like you! And actually ARE you if that gypsy curse turns out to be legitimate So yeah. That's the long and short of what I'm doing. Here's the Google Doc where you can put your name down for the dubious honour of being one of my meatshields against the forces of darkness. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Z174EKxOaGopOglfr-GdogAQwsNn_Qp2GcEwntDwj9w/edit?usp=sharing Hope you join, not like it's costing you anything anyway! Oh and here are your replies!
  12. Chapter 87 - West-Side Story

    You all know the drill. This message is just so you're aware it's up.


  13. https://nuzlockeforums.com/forum/index.php?threads/the-terribly-titled-nuzocke-of-pokemon-rejuvenation-part-3-chapter-87-west-side-story-07-11.1076/page-39#post-783513 Sean meanders around a new town and gets into all sorts of mischief. Man imagine if this was an actual fucking show with Tv Guide summaries like that? Oof. Anyway your replies.
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