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  1. Chapter 145 - Yar Har Fiddle Dee Dee! Being a Pirate is Alright with Me!

    This chapter contains...

    Yep, you guessed it!






  2. Well after last chapter's bullshit, we're back and repressing our emotions more than ever! And what better way to do that than with a violent mutiny! Yaaaaaay! https://nuzlockeforums.com/forum/threads/the-terribly-titled-nuzlocke-of-pokemon-rejuvenation-part-3-chapter-145-yar-har-fiddle-dee-dee-being-a-pirate-is-alright-with-me.1076/page-82#post-885327 Replies: Lspaceship: No-Name: Z: Bluedude: YingYang9705: Dex:
  3. Chapter 144 - Hush, My Darling. Don't Fear, My Darling.

    Weeheeheehee dee heeheeheehee weeoh aweem away
    Weeheeheehee dee heeheeheehee weeoh aweem away

  4. Hands up if you got the chapter title reference. If I picked any other sentence from the song it would have been far too obvious what the chapter was going to be about. Anyway.... https://nuzlockeforums.com/forum/threads/the-terribly-titled-nuzlocke-of-pokemon-rejuvenation-part-3-chapter-144-hush-my-darling-dont-fear-my-darling.1076/page-82#post-884009 Replies: Lspaceship: Bluedude: No-Name: Hakimblue99: VMeemes: YingYang9705: Dex:
  5. Doesn't say anything about them being equal though, just that they're the highest amongst their amazing peers of Melia, Venam, Ren, two children who only started training Pokemon a month ago and Pokemonless Kanon. Aelita could be a distant second for all we know.
  6. Chapter 143 - Slice of Life on the Seven Seas


    Sure am glad to be spending TWO weeks with Melia in the span of one chapter!

    Just thrilled.



  7. Nothing like spending two weeks in a ship's brig to REALLY get to know a person, eh? EH!?!?! https://nuzlockeforums.com/forum/threads/the-terribly-titled-nuzlocke-of-pokemon-rejuvenation-part-3-chapter-143-slice-of-life-on-the-seven-seas.1076/page-81#post-882822 Anyway like, comment and DON'T subscribe because that ain't a thing 'round here. Replies: Bluedude: J-Awsome_One: Z: YingYang: Dex: Hakimblue99: VMeemes:
  8. Chapter 142 - Days of Future Past

    Man...it's so easy to come up with titles when you just steal them from movies most people forgot about.

  9. The future is dark and full of annoyances it seems. So has anyone seen Gaunt lately? Haven't seen him comment in a while and the hunting dogs keep coming back with nothing. https://nuzlockeforums.com/forum/threads/the-terribly-titled-nuzlocke-of-pokemon-rejuvenation-part-3-chapter-142-days-of-future-past.1076/page-81#post-879352 Anyway here's your monthly chapter for now. Probably going to get back to the old weekly schedule in like September or something depending on how my schedule looks. Gentleman Jaggi: J-Awesome_One: Bluedude: YingYang9705: Dex: VMeemes:
  10. Chapter 141 - Shit Happens

    Been a while.

    Have a new chapter with the most vague chapter title ever.

  11. Hey, I'm back! ... Doesn't mean that I'm going to be going back to the weekly-ish uploads anytime soon though. Been kind of tired lately so you'll have to wait and see. Aaaaanyway... Here you go! https://nuzlockeforums.com/forum/threads/the-terribly-titled-nuzlocke-of-pokemon-rejuvenation-chapter-141-shit-happens.1076/page-80#post-876455 Replies: Gentleman Jaggi: YingYang9705: Z: VMeemes: Bluedude: Dex:
  12. Chapter 140 - The Merits of Genocide


    It's gonna be one of THOSE chapters again.

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