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  1. Chapter 137 - Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel, I made you out of PAIN.

    I have GOT to stop fighting mutated horrors in caves.

    People will start thinking that's my actual job and that Pokemon training's a side-gig.

  2. You can still access it under the Clubs section of the forum.
  3. Chapter 135 - Canonically Classified

    Another chapter for you who read this run.

    Starring ACTUAL characters from the ACTUAL Pokemon games.

    Will wonders and possible lawsuits never cease?

  4. Chapter 134 - Coming to the Rescue (Get There in a Hurry!)

    Well if you're all not TOO busy playing V19, here's a "new" chapter for most of you.

    The "" are because it came out a week ago on the Nuzlocke Forums but I couldn't post it here.

    Oh well. No harm no foul. Enjoy~

  5. Chapter 133 - Pimp My Crib

    In which I attempt to use RPGMaker to...semi-decent results?

  6. Chapter 132 - Domo Arigato, Little Miss Roboto

    Back at it again with a newwww chapter!


    That's all I have to say about that.

    There's a cute robot in this one if it helps.

  7. Chapter 131 - Eye Spy

    Yes, we're still waist-deep in filler but I don't care.

    You're going to read the chapter, enjoy the chapter and then comment about how much you enjoyed the chapter, got it?

  8. Chapter 129 - ACAU (All Cops Are Useless)

    Really it's the Pokemon ones that are useless but then the abbreviation would be ACAPU.

    And I ain't dealing with the juveniles that'd point out that's "Ack! A poo!"

  9. Chapter 128 - Kim-OH-DEAR-GOD-No!

    As you can probably guess...

    Mistakes were made.

    1. SolareSupremo


      Everyone makes mistakes as always said.

    2. Dark Warrior
  10. Chapter 127 - Geisha Gathering

    One man tragically misunderstands the role of Geishas in Japanese culture and is inevitably disappointed.


    Well that's just me. Really all that happens in this chapter is I wander around looking for women and fall into a hole for six hours.

    So yeah, it's the average Derogatory Trainer experience.

  11. Chapter 126 - All the Time in the World


    Here we are once again.

    Me, a new chapter and struggling to put something here.

    Such a hard life it is.

  12. Chapter 125 - The District of Hopium and Copium






    Whole thing is probably full of spelling mistakes and errors but fuck it. It's out.

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