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  1. The shape-shifting duo get fame and comfort from imitating us and Nancy. Also victims for Nim to turn to stone.
  2. I'm going to assume that Sirius getting caught in the fire was not part of his plan, the journals in the radio state he was plotting to use the media to experiment with mind control or whatever, and he had Giratina in the basement. I'm inclined to believe the killer had no relation to Indriad, and accidentally got in the way of his plans. Here's a funny thought, what if Indriad was just buried alive by Narcissa and that's where he's been all this time? HA!
  3. As i recall, Freya wasn't behind the murder attempts, her goal was the creation of Aelita, the other killer wanted the reincarnations stopped. Freya explicitly states that there was no cooperation with the other killer and that they didn't even know who was Vivian's reincarnation. So even more assholes to deal with.
  4. Clearly Madam X knows more about Melia and her powers than Melia knows herself. So it's not unlikely that Madam X could somehow sense that Melanie is the same person.
  5. As of the latest past event, Nymiera and the rest of the protectors go to confront Indriad in his lair while we go back to the future, with Indriad active at least as Sirius till he got burned down, it doesn't bode well for the protectors. Like Anju was held captive in the basement with Indriad being okay and Nymiera nowhere to be seen. And it's implied Hiyoshi city was destroyed at this point. Given that Hazuki is now married to the Blakeory family, one suspects something has gone wrong with her, but we have to wait for V13. Indriad's benefits from turning Nymiera into Madam X are numerous, he turns his hated enemy into a slave, he has a glorified body double taking away all the attention from him while he works in the shadows, and he has a powerful pawn now. Though the question is, how much is his control over her? The files do indicate that Madam X may be plotting against him somehow.
  6. Aaah but you forget, Indriad is pretty powerful himself, i'm guessing he's behind Nymiera's potential corruption, as he was with Anju. I think Nymiera and Miera is just a coincidence though, like Geara has no relation to Gearen city for example. But who knows?
  7. Vader has inspired a lot of villains, and he himself was inspired from many sources like Dr. Doom from Marvel. The more i look at Madam X's character, the more i get the feeling of a pawn, like she's actually defeated a lot, she's outwitted by Melia and electrocuted, she's forced to save us at Kugearen, the Surfers are clearly playing her like a cheap fiddle, and she's outsmarted by a child with a trap door. Not to mention, she apologizes to a " father " if she's defeated in Blacksteeple. Vader was ultimately the attack dog of Palpatine, and with this in mind, it's easy to see Madam X despite her position of authority as a patsy for someone else. Another reason why i think she's Nymieria is because of her reaction to the painting, and that Nymiera mentioned we would meet again when the black obelisk rises, now of course that could refer to the structure that rose when we returned to the present, but the fact that we first meet Madam X in Blacksteeple is interesting. Sure a castle isn't an obelisk but it can be flexible from a certain point of view.
  8. Her dialogue implies her armor limits her somehow like Darth Vader if she's defeated on top of the Pyramid. Like it's part of my personal guess that Madam X is a brainwashed Nymiera, is on life support, and is a patsy for Indriad.
  9. The fashion police should really do something about Madam X's outfit.
  10. And the last one before i log out since i like making fun of Indriad. Some time in the years before the game. Indriad: You meddlesome protectors of Aevium have interfered with the Lord's vision for far too long, when i get a hold of you all, i will rip out your spirit myself, offer it to the lord and-"suddenly Indriad drops a magazine from his robes and it falls next to Nymieria." Nymieria: What's this? It's... oh my... a pla- Indriad: GIVE THAT BACK!!!!!!!! Anju: Oh my, and right after that truly terrifying speech. How embarrassing. Hazuki: Is there no depths you will not sink to? Gardevoir: Master Indriad, i had no idea you enjoyed these magazines. Indriad: NO! I READ THEM FOR THE ARTICLES!!!! Protectors of Aevium: RIGHT. Gardevoir: I believe him. Indriad: Damn it, look can we just get back to our climatic and exciting battle? Nymieria: One of these articles is about how to exploit the price inflation of medicine and why EA is a good investment. (Years later.) Nymiera: I believe Indriad to be evil itself.
  11. You and the rest of the dev team have my sympathies for dealing with stuff like that, and appreciation for being helpful on the forums regardless. Thank you for being awesome. I don't think MhicKy meant that in a malicious way.
  12. Angie: "Plays the piano" Soon the MC and rest of the heretics will be here, my lair must be perfect at setting up my creepy fanatical Arceus worshiper personality. Cera: Milady, we are finished correctly putting the frozen rangers for maximum intimidation. Angie: " Still playing piano " Excellent they will be here soon, i have just frozen the TM shop for their disrespect. I will be playing this song to add to the atmosphere. Cera: Brilliant, milady. Angie: " Somehow still playing piano. " Don't patronize me. 2 hours later. Angie: " Playing the piano despite being tired " Any minute now. 5 hours later. Angie: " Playing the piano with great exhaustion. " Any minute now. Cera: Milady, shouldn't you get some sleep? Angie: " insert jumpscare here " ANY MINUTE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 hours later. Angie: " Playing the piano incoherently due to lack of sleep. " WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY?!!! Cera: Milady, please let us sleep. Angie: SILENCE!!!!!! They will be here soon, and we must be ready!!!!!!!!! "Continues playing piano badly while struggling to stay awake. Meanwhile: MC: WOOOOOOOOO THIS ICE RINK IS GREAT!!!!!!! IT"S A WINTER WONDERLAND!!!!!!! Melia: You've been there for hours, shouldn't we stop Angie? Venam: Yeah, what Melia said. MC: HA! You can't continue without me and you know it. You had your spa time, now let me enjoy my ice skating time. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. V13 has Madam X being sued for copyright infringement.
  14. Not to mention all the constant questions that made no sense. Still it was fun while it lasted, even if it wasn't the point. I still have a good laugh at the Animal Cross post from Jan.
  15. Angie: I am actually Indriad possessing Anju! MC:... You creepy pervert. Indriad: What? Melia: EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Erin: How long have you spent in that body? On second thought i don't want to know. Indriad: What? NO, i didn't... do anything like that, i just wanted her body for... Everyone: WE DON"T WANT TO KNOW!!! Indriad: You damn kids, get your minds out of the gutter. It's your generation that made me want to end the world. MC: Wasn't it an old dude and some police officers that made you snap? Indriad: DON"T CONTRADICT YOUR ELDERS!!!!! MC: Okay Boomer. Indriad: WHAT WAS THAT!?? MC: It's a meme. Indriad: WHAT IN ARCEUS"S GLORIOUS NAME IS A MEME!??
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