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  1. I just wonder if the Bad ending is one of those types where the PC is personally happy with ruling over a ruined world like Melanie after killing their friends, or if it's something like Undertale and Soul Nomad where you don't get any satisfaction out of being evil and you die along with the rest of the planet. I know most of us would enjoy the former, but I doubt the dev team would give us an unironically happy ending by being an asshole and killing beloved characters. Like you know if there was a evil path, Melia, Aelita and Ren would be the final bosses and it's going to be heartbreaking. Besides the path to the bad ending makes it clear that there is NO future for the world if you pick it, so I'm sure it's going to be one of those paths that keep mocking you for playing it, and reward you with a destroyed planet instead of one that you rule over. Like this game gave you the choice to side with Flora, local terrorist leader and rewards you by having her betray you and blowing up Erin, so I seriously doubt they'll let us play villain protagonist without pushback. Also I am planning on an evil run eventually and have tried some choices out with my alt, and I too have a hard time being an asshole. But weirdly enough, I want to turn to the dark side while on good terms with our friends so it's more dramatic and heart wrenching.
  2. Bit of a shame, it did seem like a very interesting plot point and I was really looking forward to the payoff, but it's completely understandable with how the topic can be controversial. Hopefully the details can be elaborated in the future Q&A. Thank you for clearing it up.
  3. Since the vaccine scenario is gone, I suspect Xenpurgis has changed too. Like it's implied it has something to do with the vaccines hence Isha's parting comment, but now it's supposedly a rift ultra beast. Oh well, unless one of the dev team clears things up later on in the next Q&A we won't know.
  4. So I just got to GDC, and noticed that the scene where we get vaccines in the train station is gone. Is it a glitch or a legit story change?
  5. TY. I'm going to have to get a lot of cash for this one.
  6. It's a glitch in the kill Gabador path, refer to this thread I answered, it should help you out.
  7. Alright, so just to make sure, once you are back in the game, go to where you fought Gardevoir, get the key there, then go to a locked house in Kugearen, then go get the weird diary, then present it to Erick at his lab, it should give you the option to save Garbador. Once you defeat it again, the cutscene should play normally and not lock you up. As for me, I'll just wait for the next bug patch lol.
  8. Okay, so do you have multiple files there with your name? Like there should be back ups with time stamps. Like you have to just delete the current Game.rx data, and then rename one of those back ups into Game.rx data to go back to a previous file. If you are still lost, please post a pic of the save folder shortcut so I can make it clearer.
  9. Okay, so go to saved folder shortcut, delete Game save, and reload a file that's before the fight by renaming it Game.rx data You need to go and present the Diary to Erick so he can save the Garbador.
  10. Yeah this is the same problem for me too. This is the dead Garbador path, it's bugged for now. You have to go for the spare Garbador path, get the Diary and show it. It's the only path that's working right now. Was the music bugged in your version too? LMAO. EDIT: I'm personally waiting for a patch that fixes this before continuing.
  11. So for this run, I wanted to see what happens if you don't spare the Rift Pokemon, and didn't show the diary to Erick and the others. Here, Volta's theme plays instead of the Rift boss theme, it skips to Melia's narration and it's missing text, the camera angles all weirdly, and after a certain point in the gaming scene, the game won't let me move and Erick's dialogue choice just freezes. And I basically am stuck in this scene. The Spare Garbador scene works just fine, but I need the kill version. EDIT: I think I figured out what's causing the freeze up. In the spare Garbador scene, Melia is supposed to join us in Erick's house, but not in the kill version. However she loads up in the scene and her being there causes Erick to freeze up and trap me in the cutscene.
  12. Yeah I meant the one in Sheridan, she still says her sister is missing, where is she?
  13. Yeah but as of V13, Geara has lost that aura and as a result most of his hatred. Not even getting his ass beat by us is enough to spark it.
  14. Take care of your buddy okay? He has issues. It's important that you make sure that your friend knows he can count on your support. Spend time with them, even if he doesn't feel like doing much, and remind them that there are always things to look forward to.
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