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  1. Porting is a lot tougher than it sounds mi amigo.
  2. Aevis's hair looks weird. I personally preferred the old one but if more people like it, then power to them.
  3. One wonders if the Zygarde quest line will impact the main plot like the Hidden Library does? Because the Zygarde cell quest line is one of the worst things added to Pokemon. Wonder how many cells will be added next update?
  4. I remember when Zoroark was a hot pink and white. That was eye searing. XD. But i like it's new color. Trying to figure out if shinies have a pattern. Like before they had this light pink theme. Reborn has that door influencing shinies. Now let's see if Saki has a shiny on her team.
  5. I gotta say, the shinies are getting prettier and prettier every update. No bias here, but i really love Melia's shiny Hydreigon. Hope it stays that color.
  6. I guess Cera had a contract stating she could only use ice types? Either way, a rift ice Groudon would be terrifying. Think about it, primal Groudon with a super powered snow weather set up. It fits the theme of corruption also, since like Angie is possessed by Vitus (EWWW) and making a Groudon an ice type would be terrifying. Regardless, i look forward to a rematch with Cera and Angie. And for the MC to get sidelined for characters who can talk. XD
  7. Yeah, i just know it's going to return for the post game. But it would have been a fun challenge for Angie to bust out a rift Groudon. Because like Regice is not threatening at all. Who's scared of a PU Legendary?
  8. By that logic wouldn't it be better to keep Groudon as a slave rather than just throwing it away where it can live peacefully? And ehh, depends on how many maids are people or spells.
  9. We won't see Groudon anytime soon despite previews showing Angie will return to some extent. Because according to Jan, Cera threw it away. What a genius, like clearly Angie hires people for their brains and tactical prowess.
  10. I just hope it's revealed that there is no champion yet because no one finished the league thanks to constant sabotage and incompetence. XD
  11. Question: is V13 close to solving that bizarre glitch where when you open a new game and it's in small screen and you have to keep setting it to full screen everytime? I remember V11 having that glitch but if you opened in full screen it crashes the game.
  12. Hey this thread got unlocked again. Let's hope it doesn't get out of control ehh?
  13. I dunno, Karrina's plan is pretty convoluted to get revenge on Karen. Like instead of just killing her when she's unconscious and getting it over with, she goes to the trouble of finding a spell to make her sane, hiring team Anti Assist, bypassing a cursed pyramid, and generally going through this confusing circus of contrived plotting. At the very least, Karrina can be talked down soooo....
  14. The shape-shifting duo get fame and comfort from imitating us and Nancy. Also victims for Nim to turn to stone.
  15. I'm going to assume that Sirius getting caught in the fire was not part of his plan, the journals in the radio state he was plotting to use the media to experiment with mind control or whatever, and he had Giratina in the basement. I'm inclined to believe the killer had no relation to Indriad, and accidentally got in the way of his plans. Here's a funny thought, what if Indriad was just buried alive by Narcissa and that's where he's been all this time? HA!
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