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  1. Yeah, I thought it was Flora who executed Florin in the older versions. Not sure how it is in the newer versions.
  2. Hello Dev team. I hope you're all doing well these days. So I have a couple of questions for Jan: 1: This one was from last Q&A: How do you feel about being able to put Adrienn and Aya in Rejuvenation? This game was inspired by Reborn after all. 2: As a writer, what were your goals with Flora as a character and villain? 3: When and why did you decide to make a route split that allows the player to join her team, only for her to betray you? 4: Lastly, how do feel about her now that you've removed the route where you join her, but expanded on her character, after having gained more experience as a writer?
  3. I'm curious to see if Madame X's identity will be revealed or if the mystery will be dragged on again.
  4. Yeah, this seriously just makes all the other heroes incompetent as shit. We outnumber Clear and Kieran vastly, Aelita has no reason to just stand around while we do all the work defeating Clear, this is the same robot lady who ruined Taelia's life.
  5. So it's this fight again, I'm really struggling with this one this update. Mamoswine can't hit birds super effectively and neither can rocks. What are ways to get rid of the field or to stop the tailwind? The Skarmory is no problem.
  6. I literally have no art skills of any kind. LMAO, hands are too clumsy. I do have a team in mind though.
  7. Hey, just wanted to drop on by and wish the team luck for something like this. I kind of want to send in a team, but dunno, not confident in my stuff.
  8. Okay, so Maman just randomly stopped giving me locations for where the children are after the first donations and is perpetually talking about dinner with Mosely. And some of the children's locations are different this version, does anyone know where they all are?
  9. I'm curious, is there a way to leave the past to get more mons against Spacea? The time crystal broke.
  10. Karma being Arceus' digitalized soul is interesting and makes a certain amount of sense. It would explain why it's able to generate worlds. Though the only factor I can think that is against that speculation is that it's a self learning A.I according to the file. Why would Arceus' soul need to be self learning then? Then again, Karma could just be made from/powered by Arceus' soul.
  11. There's a key behind the monitor robot. Also that's not 13.5. I'm sorry.
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