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  1. That's what I originally thought, but didn't Geara emanate the same aura as Angie at one point?
  2. Alright, so what's up with Indriad? Like, where the heck is he? Every time we've seen him has been in the past. What happened to him after Wispy Tower? Did he turn into Madame X's Yveltal or something? His "powered up" color scheme looks rather similar.
  3. I can understand pushing a pokemon to later in the game, especially if it is over represented in player's teams, which Rockruff most certainly is. I'm just not a fan of some of the other balance decisions taken in this version. The "omniscient" AI, trainers using pokemon above the level cap, and the movement of EV cards and EXP All (especially with how new players are now susceptible to wasting their AP before knowing they become available) all detract from the enjoyment in my opinion.
  4. @Magus543 Just curious, are you planning on covering the balance changes in future parts of your review. Those represented some of the most questionable changes/additions in this version, in my opinion. I am interested in hearing your's and other's thoughts on them.
  5. I think the idea was that at this point, the maids had formed their own personalities the same way Kanon did. Nymiera mentioned that the longer maids remain alive, the more human-like they become. I thought it paralleled with Kanon's situation quite well. Overall good review.
  6. So I didn't struggle with Saki as much as others on this forum. But man, fuck that Geara battle.
  7. Alright, let me play devil's advocate here: During the Blacksteeple Arc, Neved mentions that Team Xen benefits regardless of the prisoners' fates. This implies that there is more to their objective than just capturing Melia, they need some resource from the mines and need people to die. This is likely the purposed behind the Xenpurgis. If all they needed was Melia, then they would have never handed her over to Jenner in the first place. The deathwings are being used to gather people for this purpose, and if Melia was the sole missing piece, Madame X would have likely pursued her hersel
  8. From what I've heard, it's in the den directly north of the entrance to the Wispy Ruins from Route 4. Apparently, it will only show up if you have 8 badges,
  9. No, just drag the folders in and it should prompt you with the option to replace the existing files (as only some are getting replaced, not all of them). Alternatively, you can open the folders and drag the files directly into their respective folders.
  10. 1. Download it from the Dev Blog. 2. Open the Pokemon Rejuvenation Folder. 3. Paste it and replace the folders and files with the ones provided by the patch.
  11. Phantump can be found as overworld encounters in the wispy ruins, which become available after the fourth badge. The egg pokemon is predetermined from the moment you choose your starter, meaning you can't load a save to cheese it. The following post lists the available pokemon:
  12. I've been having trouble finding the lost children in this version. I seem to be missing two, notably the one who sells ev-reducing berries. Could anyone inform me of their locations? Much appreciated.
  13. So me and many other posters on this site love to constantly bitch and whine about the state of the game. I thought that this overflow of negativity would be discouraging and quite upsetting to the otherwise diligent developers of the game. Therefore, I invite people to post something you LOVE about V13. Feel free to go into as much detail you desire. Personally, I found all the new regional forms to look and work fantastically and has made me want to try all of them out; everything about route 4 was an amazing idea, it gives off a soothing ambience and offers much utility; and the
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