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  1. Does anyone have any idea (or theory) about the potential relevance (or significance) of gardevoir and absol in the dual prophecies?
  2. After using an escape rope inside the ruins in Carotos Mountain, my character is stuck facing upward permanently. I reverted to a previous save and attempted to replicate the bug but was unsuccesful.
  3. You need to place a "cursed candle" on the northernmost gravestone. It can be found in a chest in the wispy ruins (I believe it's the one that requires 5 badges.)
  4. @Crystalrage Just checked in RPG Maker, the book has nothing in it. Perhaps they forgot to remove it or maybe it will be used for something later (or they just needed to something to add to the room).
  5. I think she probably will, and I wonder what effect it would have on Ren. I think Nancy did die and the MC is going to save her soul in some future battle like with spirit Keta or Vivian's Madness.
  6. I am not sure if anyone has brought this up before, but I was looking around the game's switches with the debug mode in RPG Maker XP, and I was able to find who will be filling two of the statue (lost souls) slots in the Amethyst Grotto (unless they're placeholders), as the final soul's name is blank. So possible spoilers:
  7. When challenging the virtual e4 in west gearen, if you choose "Take a Break" following a battle, the next time you begin a battle, your actual team will be used instead of your virtual one.
  8. If you attempt to go ahead without your partners in eclysia pyramid (during the puzzle), the special key (A) will stop working, making you unable to proceed unless you revert to a previous save
  9. It appears that the dragonite letters that I had gathered in the goldenleaf area have disappeared, as I remember collecting all four letters (and revisited their locations) but dragonite keeps asking for four letters. Additionally, when prompted to feed Mima (the miltank in Yui's ranch) sitrus berries, I was able to continuously feed her berries despite not having the required amount (8, and I had 5).
  10. I hope that he does the aqua gang quest before attempting shade, otherwise his chances of winning are very slim.
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