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  1. Yeah, it seems like it. You're supposed to get rock smash after the first gym badge. Don't know what's going on, maybe redownload the game to see if it fixes it? In case something similar happens with other HM's.
  2. Looks good! This update will surely cause my blood pressure to skyrocket once again .
  3. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

    1. Dausk


      How generous! I greatly appreciate it. 😄

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      You're welcome 😄

  4. You can also get an onix by finding the hiker near the train station a house. Perhaps you'll find it useful.
  5. It read as follows: "Day X, Year X, Month X... No matter how many times I try... I find myself in this loop of failure. But I must not fail. If I fail this means the end of humanity as we know it. That wretched old fool has created the catalyst to end the world as we know it. I've seen it. I've seen the horror this world will be known to. I shall stop this at any cost. Even if it costs the lives of myself and my friends. The one who will save us all. I have seen them as well. Their name was-". I was thinking that perhaps knowing the name written on the notebook either caused the interc
  6. These were my thoughts too, I'd imagine that if they were gonna be a stereotypically evil team (this is a reborn-esque game so no) they would have mentioned it much earlier in the story. It seems that Madame X, with all her shenanigans, is attempting to guide the MC to take a specific path and choices. If she weren't I'd see no reason for why she took the notebook in Kugearen City before the MC finished reading it (might have affected the timeline in an unfavorable way), and it likely belongs to her, as the place looks similar to a Team Xen base and she seems to be the only Xen member to activ
  7. Yeah, I think this opinion is going to be nearly universal here. I have many problems with the game and I constantly want to make that clear, but that is solely because this is likely my favorite pokemon game and I want it to be the best it can be; and I believe the current state of many plot points is a huge blockage to that goal. I merely wanted to clarify that I did not create this thread with any bad intentions, and I'm sure many of the grievances that I and others have expressed here have already been remedied by Jan and Zumi.
  8. As of the current moment what do you people believe will be Team Xen's motivations? Currently it seems that they're opposing Indriad, but then I don't know why Geara would join them. From Madelis's conversation with Neved, it appears to be implied that they have vastly different reasons for joining the organization. Also, how much do the admins know of Madame X's objective? I would imagine she's keeping many things hidden from them.
  9. Wow, this is the first time I've read something I 100% agree with here. For quite a while, I had been trying to make sense of why I began disliking the story after Blacksteeple Castle, and this is a pretty succint summary that matches my reasoning. The questions surrounding everything introduced just continue to pile on and are never answered. As you said, the characters begin feeling unutilized, unnecessary, and undeveloped, dragging the story and worsening the experience. For me, its gotten to the point where it begins seeming like filler content to pad between gyms. I definitely think that
  10. Anyone else thinking about how the Grookey line will be busted with Grassy Terrain? I hope Jan finds a way to circumvent that.
  11. @Adam. I had the opposite experience, I really liked everyone early on but felt that the characters began degrading after Blacksteeple Castle.
  12. @bruhtoniumDefinitely agree with you on that, that's where the game peaks in my opinion. I also went through a similar thought process after replaying it, but I personally found the cheesiness to be more widespread than just Melia. @trogisfatI also agree with this, the game is nearly finished and we still don't know their motivations. I do think that Bladestar's introduction was too late and their arc ended too early. I am not against the time travel itself but how it was established and how its been utilized up to this point.
  13. The more I think about it the more I am disappointed by the direction the game's story and characters ended up going, especially since every other aspect of the game is great. I was in the process of writing all my complaints, but thought that perhaps I was being too unfair and nitpicky; and decided I would wait until V13 comes out to finalize my opinions. So I thought I would ask this question in order to gauge if it's an opinion shared by many others here. Are you satisifed with Rejuvenation's story and characters? Do you have any major issues with them?
  14. For Reborn, the elite four will likely consist of El, Bennett, Anna, and Heather. Don't think Fern will try to kill the player and Solaris will probably not join the player unless Lin has some ulterior motive, but I do think the other ideas you mentioned will come true in one form or another. For Rejuvenation.... No clue, I've found it futile to try to predict its story, since for all I know Jan will reveal something new in whim.
  15. Does anyone have any idea (or theory) about the potential relevance (or significance) of gardevoir and absol in the dual prophecies?
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