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  1. Aevis got too much drip, did he learn that power from Dripku?
  2. Middle Age Team, so mons bonded to chivalry and more, like Escavalier, Lilligant (Dancer), Bisharp (Knight), Gallade, ....
  3. I don't remember what can cause this, but maybe that's because the quest has a time limit for finding all of the 9 childrens. Maybe check if you gave all 3 donations to Maman so the quest can go again.
  4. Pick the Golden Axe with the AP points in Cryshola Hotel, it costs only 10 AP if you did...many things, since you're in a point where Electabuzz/Magmar are avaible, I'm pretty sure you can. In my runs, I tend to buy first HM items and then the EV cards.
  5. You always find ways to impress us, I'm so hyped to see what you did with 13.5! That CGs are awesome and it's finally nice to get more attention to Mewtwo/Dranna's details!
  6. Well... If we want to discuss about starters, from my perspective, the bests are indeed Scorbunny, Froakie and Torchic while choices like Charmander, Grookey, Snivy, Popplio, Fennekin and Chimchar are great too. Chikorita...well...I think is less useful, but this depends on how you use effectively the mons. I still like to use Charizard despite his megas are not still in the game.
  7. Yoooo that Aevis is perfect, it feels like a true brave leader
  8. No one told me about Ren using Bayonetta themed's clothes, WHY NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THAT? That being said, Orthworm is only used by a Yandere. That's the meme.
  9. No, no, no, no, not...not those...those 4 colours...not again...damn Reapers.
  10. That happens because the save game file, located in your User's Saved Games directory, reads the User profile's name you're using. Some games and fangames can do that, like Pokèmon Uncensored.
  11. That's good to hear it, the status bar is not an easy thing to make and take care of, just continue to have fun to developing the game as always! Jan, you're crazy, sure, but in a very good way becuase your imagination: the more you want and feel to add things, more we players will enjoy your crazy things! Plus, I know maybe you, the dev team and others here will not know, but my favourite game trilogy, called "Mass Effect" has two "counters" for the main character, called "Paragon" and "Renegade" and these two count good actions and bad actions through the whole game, so it's actually surprising for me to hear the same terms for Rejuv. That was a thing I wanted to let people know lol.
  12. In Evergreen Island but near end-Chapter 13, so when (SPOILERS)
  13. I'm pretty sure you can't, plus I don't know if the gender changes something like in Reborn, where people recognizes your gender and use correct words and pronouns. In Rejuv, they used with me "they/them", despite I choose Male, expect in Chapter 15 with a little dialogue with my character's description.
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