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  1. It gets the story moving yeah. But while hard, it is beatable. I wouldn't bother with it though.
  2. So Melia and Aelita. Because while you probably figured it out after the fact, you're under some illusion that makes you think that you're fighting the two guys in white. So you're really facing against Melia and Aelita while the actual people in white you saw before the battle are your teammates. Edit: Also here's what the togekiss has stat wise. Note that since it's in intense mode, all opponents get illegal EV distributions.
  3. I know the wiki would have something like that, and as for your question about stealing held items that answer is no. You can only steal held items from wild pokemon and never trainers (in-universe reason is that you give it back to them afterwards I think).
  4. The poop thing is a bit funny, though the v13 version is at least slightly more sensible, i.e catching a heracross (which I think is shiny of course because Melia) and getting it to stomp all over Vivian's garden (and because of the update, after you deal with that time travel stuff you can change the future by cutting a cherry tree sapling. Changes route 2 to be less cherry blossom. Just a neat little thing.). Still I wonder how this version of events go down, since it's a different update and all. It'll be interesting that's for sure. And take all the time you need! No need to force yourself.
  5. Yeah revjuv uses gen 7 movesets for the time being. Once the 13.5 update rolls around though then everything should in theory be gen 8 move sets.
  6. Fair enough. Been awhile since I played that part of the game, so I played the patch where Venam was level 15 and not 18. So with Keta being the second gym leader, level 20 was my cap. You can correct me if I'm wrong though, it has been awhile since that part of the game.
  7. Huh didn't know it ws even possible to win against the Houndoom (at least in V12. V13 might be either more luck based or just plain unwinnable). Shadow Mewtwo in V13 has been changed a bit, now being a double battle with Keta as a partner. So might be easier, might not be, on casual it's possible since Mewtwo is only level 22, while on normal it's 27 (and remember, you still haven't gotten the badge to raise level cap yet, so you will be battling with level 20 pokemon against something nearly 10 levels higher). It really depends on how useful the AI wants to be in the moment. Plus I think Mewtwo had the shield mechanic making it a tougher fight? Can't 100% remember. I think priority moves would still work on Pangoro because Yveltal doesn't have prankster, which doesn't work against dark types. So Decimation would still work on it.
  8. Sweet, figured I got it right but wasn't sure if I said it right. But yeah Godfather, I think other than help request stuff (which if they are the new images are in fact of the new hidden library revamp then that'd be a bit messy due to people completing said help request) everything in v13.5 will be accessible from a v13 'post game' save.
  9. New GDC help quests... Soon the mystery of that big building in the scholar district will be solved /j. Interesting how access to every area is a thing going forward. Kinda hope that doesn't cause any potiental sequence breaking with Axis High. But I'm sure you got enough play testers for that sort of thing. If Angie's dimention gets revamped that'd be interesting. Personally I thought it wasn't self absorbed enough for it to be Angie's /j. But yeah all this new stuff is looking nice! Wish you all good luck with it!
  10. I'd say that is the case actually. Remember, a lot of 13.5 content is funky when it comes to timing, and that's because the dev team decided to give a mercy rule to some of this new stuff to be accessible to people who had already finished v13. So I can see this new segment with Karen and Karrina as being part of the hidden library revamp. Or hell, maybe even a new area in the den of souls. I'm mainly speculating at that point but it'll be cool regardless.
  11. I say start it whenever. Jan has already said that if you already had beaten base V13 content, then you get access to the new story beats in 13.5 as a freebie (since a good portion of players likely already made it to the "post game" of V13). So you can still access it, despite weird timeline stuff. Only when V14 rolls around will it be corrected, and you would have to play the game normally from a fresh save. Did I get that right so far? Whoever is smarter then me can feel free to correct me on this. Fairly sure that was the gist of it though.
  12. The main problem I have with this theory is that I'm pretty sure they explain that no two people from different timelines can exist without one of them being erased eventually. Even with Madame X's time diamond (if that's still around at least), either her or Erin would disappear from existance eventually, if they are the same person. Archetype powers or not, they're still the same person at the end of the day, so one of these days one of them would disappear if they are in fact the same person. The only reason that we the main character didn't disappear ourselves is because we overlapped with our past selves, same with Melia. So unless there's a plotline where Madame X has to kill Erin before she disappears it's not gonna work. And she sure as shit isn't going to overlap with Erin. Not gonna take the gamble of Erin possibly winning.
  13. The second one is with the double battle from what I know. Depending on whether or not you used the Interceptor's Wish, then Erin's team is somewhat more than enough. But going by what you're saying, you did use it, meaning that you have your own team. And that means you (I think, it's been awhile) have access to your PC and everything. So unless you got something hiding in there, your only choice is to either train one of the others in the PC or revert to an earlier save file.
  14. Oh cool! Yeah I didn't know that at the time so I took guesses. Three mystery eggs though. Sounds awesome, even if we currently don't know if either of the new eggs are also randomized. Slight shame with the Crawli egg (due to people likely already completing the event), but so it goes. The route 2 egg is pretty good though, since barring late game stuff it'll always remain the same. Regardless thanks for the unexpected answer!
  15. Wonder if this new mystery egg for route 2 (not sure if the route 2 egg and Crawli reward egg are one and the same, so I'll just assume it is until further information) is in addition to the mystery egg you would get for trading the phantump egg or if that's being moved to the route 2 reward. Because I don't know about you, but the chance for two mystery eggs (especially if it's generous and has a smaller pool of chances i.e, pokemon like togepi and whatnot being more common. Since there's no legit way on getting said pokemon as of right now) sounds pretty neat. Other than that the updates look pretty good. There's likely more on the way, but the sky grampa stuff I'm glad about. Having tried the smack down stratagy only for it to fail kinda blows (though I'd sooner use perish song if push comes to shove) but I could at least get it. Gym leader signature moves gotta cover weaknesses and stratagies trainers could employ, but there's also a point where it becomes too much. Regardless I wish the team the best of luck when it comes to these balance changes!
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