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  1. Messing around with the Outfit Variable 259 didn't appear to do anything no matter what number I set it to, before or after changing clothes. I ended up just skipping past it with Variable 246, which seems to have done the trick for now.
  2. I I'll give it a try on my own once I get back to my computer, sounds fairly straightforward. Hopefully it should fix it!
  3. Okay, so I chose to enter the code to use Legacy sprites at the beginning of the game. No issues or bugs so far. I've gotten to the point where you first go to the past with Melia, and am now at the point where you're supposed to change clothes to progress the story. Problem is, if I choose to change clothes it just changes my sprite from the Legacy version to the current version. From there I can change between the two forms of the current character sprite, but even with debug I can't find a way to change back to the Legacy one, and as far as I can tell I can't progress the story without choosing to change clothes. Can anyone help me with this?
  4. The Crest makes Sp. Atk scale off Def instead. In V12, this included in-battle Def boosts in the calculation, making Cosmic Power OP on it, but it seems that as of V13 it no longer takes in-battle Def buffs into account when calculating. In-battle Sp. Atk buffs still apply though, and will increase Claydol's attack power. Since Calm Mind boosts Sp. Atk, it would indeed work for an aggressive set.
  5. Any info on when this'll be updated to V13, or another guide that already is?
  6. I always assumed that Two of the Four Lights were the MC and Melia. Delpha the Delphox might also qualify, as she is not human and was not born of man.
  7. Honestly for a long time I've been assuming it was some alternate timeline Melia (obviously from a timeline where things went really bad), with the armor both restricting her power and preventing the universe from erasing her somehow. But that was mostly predicated on how I recall her being very adamant she not touch Melia or Marianette in the Bad Timeline after she explained what happens when the someone comes in contact with their counterpart, and finding that odd. Also, I wonder if Melia absorbing Alternate Marianette has anything to do with why she has Genesis Syndrome?
  8. Kanon and Erin riding around on Mega Absol?
  9. Okay, I'm having the same problem people have mentioned before, once I beat the Puppet Master and get through the cutscenes to the point you're controlling Saki in her family's East Gearen apartment, all collision data seems to be gone from that point onward, allowing me to walk through walls and objects all the way to the edge of the map. I can still interact with objects to advance the story to the point that I'm back in the League Headquarters as the Interceptor, but since the collision data is still gone there I can't go into any of the rooms, and therefore advance the story. Please help! Game.rxdata
  10. Welcome. Just be careful, it's a lot less likely with Party debug, but debug can still cause bugs and fuck up your game if you change the wrong thing the wrong way.
  11. Select one of the Pokemon in your party. If you have access to Party debug, then you should see a "Debug" option near the bottom of the menu. Select that and you'll see a number of options for things you can change. Shiny status is one of them.
  12. As long as you can Debug your party Pokemon, Shininess is one of the variables you can toggle.
  13. Nah, I do remember what her team was for the most part. I just like using the actual characters team if I'm playing as someone else, immerses me in the role change more. And I thought it was a bug so I was pretty concerned it would mess up something else.
  14. Hm, I could've sworn I said no to using it since I had no idea what it did, and Erin's team was her own the first chance I had to check. I'll have to doublecheck if I can, but that's extremely annoying if so.
  15. Okay, not sure what happened, but when the team splits up and you choose which story branch to follow first, I chose Path 1 with Erin. Once I had control of her underwarer I checked her team to see what I was working with, no issues there, it was Erin's Pokemon team. I didn't check it at any point afterward, and continued through the storyline, going through Angie's mansion until reaching my first battle with one of the Maid Servants, and lo and behold I find that she's suddenly using my MC's Pokemon team and her own is gone, vanished completely. Even got debug going to access PC and check if they bugged into there by accident, but no dice. Erin's team is completely gone, and I don't have any save backups from before that happened. At this point I've thrown the MC's team into the PC and just have a junk Pokemon in Erin's team, I was wondering if anyone knew what happened and if it was possible for someone to restore Erin's team to what it's supposed to be. Game.rxdata
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