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  1. Charon

    MAC saves.

    I'm having a similar issue. All my E18 saves are still in the Application Support folder where they always were, and when I initially opened E19 in the Applications folder it could still detect and open my most recent E18 savefile, though it couldn't seem to detect my second gamesave (and I made sure not to save in E19 yet). Once I moved E19 out of the Application folder since I didn't want it there, I was able to open the app just fine but it no longer detected any of my save files, and hasn't since no matter what I do. The 'Open Save Folder' option also does absolutely nothing for me too. Not even confirmation of failure to detect anything or being unable to open it, it's like the option doesn't exist and I'm not selecting anything at all.
  2. I'm having this same issue, but when I try to open the BackupHellfuckVersion it just tells me "Unable to open 'Data/Scripts.rxdata'" and closes when I press okay, so I never get a chance to minimize and close it as instructed. Any idea what's going on there? EDIT: Apparently when they say 'run in the Applications folder' that means directly inside. If it's inside another folder in the Apps folder it won't work.
  3. Kanon and Erin riding around on Mega Absol?
  4. I would honestly put Chesnaught solidly in B Tier, maybe A if you wanna push it. He's been part of my team since the beginning and is still pulling his weight as part of my endgame lineup. Spiky Shield is a useful scouting move/Focus Sash and Sturdy breaker, he hits like a truck with Wood Hammer/Hammer Arm/Return, and is also a good Nature Power user. His weaknesses (the common Psychis & Fire and the devastating 4x Flying) are really the only thing keeping him mostly in B Tier, and he's great if you remember to keep his weaknesses in mind.
  5. I have a few mons in reserve, but it's been so long since I felt the need to pull them out that I've forgotten which ones specifically they are, and I don't feel like checking. Honestly, the most I usually have to do is switch around movesets/hold items a bit if one of them isn't pulling their weight to get at least one turn of game-changing use out of them. Gardevoir, Lvl 88, Modest Ability: Trace Holding: Miracle Seed Grass Knot (Flex slot, changed as needed) Moonblast Calm Mind Psychic Ampharos, Lvl 85, Modest Ability: Static Holding: Draco Plate Power Gem Cotton Guard Discharge Dragon Pulse (Flex slot, changed as needed) Clawitzer, Lvl 88, Modest Ability: Mega Launcher Holding: Assault Vest Dark Pulse Sludge Wave (Planning to change to Ice Beam if I ever get the TM) Surf Aura Sphere Arcanine, Lvl 86, Adamant Ability: Intimidate Holding: Zap Plate Extreme Speed Close Combat Wild Charge Flare Blitz Aggron, Lvl 85, Adamant Ability: Sturdy Holding: Aggronite Stone Edge Aqua Tail Ice Punch Heavy Slam Chesnaught, Lvl 87, Adamant Ability: Bulletproof Holding: Meadow Plate Spiky Shield Wood Hammer Return (Flex slot, changed as needed) Hammer Arm Arcanine was a surprise for me, since I never used it before Reborn, but he got me through a lot of the mid-game and proved his late-game worth. Clawitzer on the other hand was a complete left-field MVP for me, mainly because I built him bulky and he can still take more punishment than I expect from him. Aggron was already OP plz nerf, and is even more so with Aggronite. And Ampharos is surprisingly bulky with Cotton Guard, like "eats several Earthquakes to the face without dying" bulky.
  6. Yeah, just got that right before you posted. I think you have to talk to him twice in a row (maybe without leaving the area), because that wasn't happening for me before, even after talking to the Police Chief. Now I can confront him and get that Magikarp I'll likely never use!
  7. Huh, he's not doing anything like that for me, just repeating his settling mists hint. There's an old man further up the tracks saying there's a lot to do before they can officially open the tracks, and that there have been delays because of shady figures sticking their hands into places they aren't supposed to. Does that have anything to do with it? Is there something else I'm supposed to do to initiate the cutscene?
  8. Yeah, that's what the Police Chief said, except he didn't specify the one in the gym being an imposter, just that one of the imposters was the real one. Peridot imposter said the same thing he always does. Offhand, I think the Malchous Forest one is the only one with a clear escape route, but I honestly don't remember the exact dialogue and movements of the imposters.
  9. Possibly, I haven't actually gotten a scene of him doing so after he runs from the gym. Where is it supposed to happen? I did that already, he gave me the same settling mists hint as before. Does he say something else too?
  10. I already had that encounter before posting this question. I double-checked before replying before just to be sure, and there's no new Corin-Rouge encounter there after the initial one.
  11. He just told me to find him where the mists settle, which is the gym. I already went through all the hint location fights, and from what I've read, Corin-Rouge should now be in either the desert or the Scrapyard, and I can't find him in either place.
  12. That was one of the three "imposters" you have to track down initially. I already fought all three of them, and he took off. Does he show up there again or something?
  13. Okay, for the life of me I cannot find Corin-Rouge anywhere! I already battled the three imposters, and talked to the Police Chief. I’ve searched the entire desert and the Scrapyard, day and night, and found neither hide nor hair of him. Is there something I’m missing? Does he only show up after beating or something? Because that’s the only thing I can think of at this point.
  14. Oh, uh, yeah. Wrong thread. Had this and Rejuvenation open right next to each other for a couple of weeks... *blushes* Since I'm here, are there any good Ground types aside from Krookodile and Swampert in-game? Or any Pokemon that can only be obtained on the beach at the beginning (or not until far later into the game otherwise)?
  15. Does anybody know how to start the lost children quest in Grand Dream City? I took the quest from the Help Board, and I've gone to talk to Officer Jenny in the Judicial District, but she's still giving me the same speil about no one having taken up the help request that she always does. Am I supposed to go somewhere else first or something?
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