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  1. Alrighty, my mod packs are now updated for the public release of E19. This includes the return of debug menu and walk through walls. Do exercise caution when you use them, though; you can easily mess up your save files by using them, I didn't curate the features of the debug menu so it contains things that outright don't work in Reborn (which usually leads to crashes and potentially worse if you try to use them anyway), and I won't help you when you break things unless I feel like it. Also, if you report bugs of your own debug functionality-borne making to the Reborn devs, they'll come and find you. Their words, not mine. (No, you shouldn't try to use this to facilitate a meeting with the devs.) With that out of the way, enjoy. I pondered for a few days how I'd implement it, because I didn't want to invalidate the password feature itself. While you found a solution yourself, I figured I'd write the mod anyway. As of v18, the feature is now back in the mod pack. :) It's even better than that: If you pay a tutor for a move, which happens when you enter the "choose which pokémon shall learn the move" screen and is a one time payment per tutor move in Pokémon Reborn, all pokémon that can learn the tutor move in question will have it in their move relearner gui. So, in short: Yes, although you don't even need to teach the move to a pokémon as long as you pay the tutor. Thanks for the report! I didn't have the time yet to test whether it's fixed now, but I think it should be fixed. One of the updates between E19.08 and E19.12 changed the code that handled abilities on switch-in, which I had to monkey patch to apply the shiny shenanigans to transformations via Imposter. I took the E19.12 version of that code, re-added the changes I made for Fabulous Transformation, and replaced the old version of Fabulous Transformation with it. If you get to test it before I do (which, tbh, is likely), it would be great to hear back from you whether the issue is resolved with the mod pack's newest version! I'm flattered by the anticipation, but do consider that I'm not actually part of Reborn's dev team. Yesterday's public release of E19 surprised me while I wasn't at home for a couple of days, so I did the updates when I returned home today. Personally, I think that releasing it just one day after the public release of E19 is plenty quick. ;p Anyway, the debug menu and walk through walls options are released and hopefully free of bugs (outside of debug functionality left over from Essentials that doesn't work in Reborn; my mods simply grant access to some of debug mode's functionality, I didn't change any of what it can or can't do), so… Enjoy!
  2. Hey, first off, this is one amazing guide, thanks for your work! I'd like to use it as a proper checklist by making a copy of it and marking the things I already found as such, but unfortunately, export options are disabled for viewers, so the document doesn't let me do it. Would you be cool with enabling those?
  3. Last I checked, the old versions do not work anymore. If they still do, I guess I'll have to take them down for the time being. Which is unfortunate, given that I left them up for folks who still play E18. I was sure, otherwise I wouldn't have called it fixed. Apparently, my fix didn't suffice. Yeah, I didn't account for something in my fix that required only a change to the mod's master file, and had to touch all of the mod's files after all. It's fixed with v17, which I released just before writing this. Hmm, so far, I didn't implement this because you could just as well get the Exp. All and activate it. While Exp. All is turned on, it's like the hard level cap password was active. As such, the only use case for that kind of option would be that you want the hard cap to be on while Exp. All is off (or not in the player's possession, but since there's a password to get the Exp. All, I'm not sure how applicable this is). That said, do you want to have the option to turn the hard level cap off while the password is toggled on, kind of like unrealtime does it?
  4. @KazukiNero You can find the properly working PickupChance mod in the mod pack's newest version now. Oh hey, the Unreal Time options also check whether they're already in the options menu before they get added. Funny how I missed that, huh. That bug is now fixed with the newest version. As far as I can tell, there's nothing I can do about the Unreal Time options being added to the options menu underneath my additional options if you open the options menu before loading a game with activated unrealtime password though. Ah, the divisor mod does nothing of the sort. It just divides the amount of experience you gain by the number set in the options, meaning that if you set it to any value above 1, you get less. I added that option to the mod so players could set up challenge runs where combat gives less experience points, and to allow a bit of fine tuning of the factor option (e.g. to allow all experience gains to be increased by 50% by setting the factor to 3 and the divisor to 2). By the way, Exp. All gives all pokémon in your team that are above 0 HP and weren't present in the fight exactly 1/3 of the experience that participants get.
  5. …I'm an idiot. lol Looks like I accidentally packed the first version where I, due to a brainfart, put < in the if condition when it should've been >=. In that version, it's exactly backwards, as you said. I'll upload the version I had sitting in my local folder all the time as soon as I get to my computer. Huh, how does it kinda break? And… that's very odd, it shouldn't even be possible for it to appear before options given by passwords.
  6. Well, this is massively weird. I don't see at all how this could happen… All I modified was the line pertaining to the 10% chance of Pickup to trigger, so if it doesn't even with the mod installed and set to 100%, there must be another reason that's part of the default way how the ability works. Hence my question whether the Pickup critter was holding an item.
  7. Strange, I have no idea at all how it could possibly break. Does your pokémon with Pickup maybe hold an item? Because Pickup only triggers when it doesn't.
  8. Thanks again for the bug report. The updated version is now up for download! Also, while I'm posting here: @KazukiNero, the newest version of the Additional Options pack now has the option you asked for. Enjoy!
  9. I'm happy to hear that I didn't come across as preachy. In turn, I do love a good, friendly exchange of differing points of veiw! I understand what you mean (to the point where I even considered creating a "debug menu lite", which I decided against because it would've been tedious and I wouldn't want to deal with making decisions which parts of the debug menu are fine and which ones cross the line), but whether such a sandbox would be better for testing depends on what you want to test. Given the format, I assume that the dev team currently wishes to test regular play with the community's help. For that, a sandbox is exactly the wrong thing to do because people are way more likely to take the shortcuts through debug functionality rather than the normal ways. EV are actually a good example: The Power items have received a massive upgrade with E19. They now grant only EV for the stat that they are for, but a whole 32 points for this. I've seen several people on Reborn's Discord server asking for the debug menu specifically to skip any interaction with grinding EV, even though it's become this easy. I'll readily admit that it still is a considerable grind even with that, but that's why I added a new option to my additional options pack that allows you to activate or deactivate gaining EV along with EXP from an activated Exp. All. It's not instant like with the debug menu, but fairly manageable, especially in conjunction with the Exp. All password and Waynolt's EV Overflow mod so you can also get those IV to become perfect. And, hey, maybe this suffices to rekindle your interest in participating in the open community beta. Huh, I… don't remember ever developing such an option. But, sure, sounds like a fun option to create. I can do that later today. That is *very* strange. I always have a Ditto in my party and never had such issues; the way the mod works is that it shouldn't even show the Retrain option for pokémon that don't have any moves to relearn in the first place. Can you send me the error log that came with the crash? Hahahaha, oh boy, that gave me a good laugh just now. That was absolutely unintended. I found a different bug in the part of the code that decides which pokémon is treated as the father and which is treated as the mother earlier today and rewrote it. The bug you reported should be fixed along with it.
  10. Fair, but please consider this: Until E19 has been fully released, you technically aren't playing E19; you're testing its beta version. Repeating what you've already gone through in previous iterations is also part of testing, because there's always a chance that those segments have been changed or accidentally affected by an update. By the same argument, any and all mods are against the purpose of this beta test phase because they all change the game that's supposed to be tested. That's why I only released mods so far that are fairly contained in how they change the game. Due to their limited scope, it should be relatively easy to trace errors back to my mods if they were the cause, which means these bugs would be reported to me rather than the Reborn devs. Meanwhile, with debug functionality, it is super easy to e.g. innocently walk through a wall to save time because the regular path is already known from a previous playthrough anyway, only to miss a seemingly unimportant event on the regular path that would've changed a variable that you'd need changed to progress later on. What's worse, this variable might become relevant way later in the game, when the shortcut through the wall is already long forgotten, which might lead to an erroneous bug report that will take time and effort for no gain. I'm not saying you specifically would do this, but given the way the devs phrased their "please don't overdo it with the modding, and *please* don't use debug stuff", I have a hunch that such bug reports have been painfully common in the past. I hope I didn't come across as preachy or so, but maybe the above makes it a bit more understandable why debug stuff is not being unleashed yet.
  11. Thanks for answering @DarkLugiaX's question, @Xufiie. Just one little correction: The mod pack is now updated to work with E19! It just doesn't contain the Debug Menu and Walk Through Walls options as of yet, for reasons already stated, heh.
  12. While I understand that and released the debug portions of my mod to enable players to focus on the parts of pokémon games that they enjoy most (that's how I myself used it too, after all), E19 is currently in open community beta. Skipping content by using debug functions (which the walk through walls mod falls under, too) is against the spirit of such a testing phase, especially since you can't be sure whether or not an alleged bug you encounter while playing was caused by going off the rails with debug functions, which can lead to erroneous bug reports. This is also why the dev team has expressed that they'd rather not people use debug functions and mods altogether during the test phase. To respect that wish, I won't publish mods that unlock debug functionality until they are ready for it.
  13. Oh hey, I'm alive. And E19 is in open beta, huh. There's a lot I'll have to catch up to since I slept through almost four years of Reborn's developments and switched from running Windows to Linux in the meantime, but I'm downloading the Linux version of E19 right now. Can't promise any ETA, but I intend to update my mod pack for E19 to provide the features that weren't introduced to the base game through passwords where that's within reason.
  14. Thanks so much for your work on this. This complements the existing location guide for E18 so well, it should be stickied.
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