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Found 13 results

  1. Hi and Welcome to Ep19: Pokémon Reborn Items and Services Guide PLEASE UPDATE YOUR GAME BEFORE SEARCHING AND ASKING ABOUT ITEMS The guide is Complete as of the latest version with the items I found myself in the game, it might include some SPOILERS so be warned! If you find any more items and services I haven't included, please comment below from where you can find them. Make sure to use the ITEMFINDER later once you get it, it's very useful and handy while you search! While you look around make sure to check BOTH the All Items and Shops tabs for a complete items search!!! .Have Fun Hunting. Google Spreadsheet Links: Sortable > Pokemon Reborn Ep19 Item Guide (Shared Link) (could be laggy) Not Sortable > Pokemon Reborn Ep19 Item Guide (Published Link) (not laggy)
  2. Hello, everyone! So, with ep19 being released I decided to do a playthrough of sorts, and thought I'd update as we go along! I have some experience with Reborn already - mainly the earlier versions, however. That said, I have played a decent chunk of the newer versions too! As you can see, we're gonna try and do a mono-run with only dark types. I've done some mono-runs before, and gotten decently far with each of them! Now, the question is, which starter do I go for? Froakie of Litten? Both are available much later game, from what I'm aware and around the same point (give/take a gym leader). The earliest fire/water I can get would be Houndour/Carvanah, with Corphish right after. I think with that, I'll go with Froakie. It'll make the first two gyms a little more hard, but I would prefer to get a Houndoom than a Sharpedo. I will also be using some mods (aka passwords) for this too. Obviously, the monodark one, as well as the nohms one. And a few other ones too hehe. I won't be doing the hardcap one however. Also, if anyone knows if there is a password for the sharedpc mod, please let me know! Oh! I will also be naming each member after a set of Deities. If you can guess the theme, then drop it below! With that said, lets begin! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part One:
  3. Is there any way to obtain more than one EV booster and EV tuners??
  4. in the heather fight in the elite four she leads with a crobat on a mountain field, why does it not take super effective dmg from either thunder or ice puch on my mega metagross? is there something im missing in the field effect notes? i read through them but couldn't find anything about changing weaknesses. could someone help?
  5. I just finished the labradorra gauntlet and got to victory road, however in the second room there is a rockclimb spot, when i interact it crashes the game? is this part not finished or is there another problem? Game_2.rxdata
  6. Playing on the 19.1 open beta patch and when i recieve the quest egg from the girl in onix appartment, when i try to open the summary to look at the egg's description the game crashes. however if i open the summary on a pokemon in my team, then scroll down still in the summary screen it does show the egg without crashing. this is also specific to this egg, as i can simply open the summary tab for the egg found in the slums.
  7. I'm not sure if suggestions may still be added to the game but i wanted to suggest ways for making more player generated fields. Players can already generate 11 of the fields in the game but i felt like more fields could be added to it. They being Super-Heated, Short Circuit, Wasteland, Murkwater, Water Surface, Cave, Dark Cave, Holy, Mountain, Forest, Icy, Rocky, Fairy Tale, Desert, Flower Garden and New World. I feel like these could be generated by players. Some being temporary and others being Temporary. The remaining terrains shouldn't be made by players, either because they wouldn't make sense or i couldn't come up with a reason for how to make them. Terrains like Chess, the big top, Ashen beach(Which i kinda thought of), Mirrored and Dragon Den. Methods to make terrains, all of these are assuming it's the Neutral Terrain, aka no effects: Cave - Use Tectonic Rage or Rock Tomb 3 times (Permanent) Dark Cave - Using Dark Void 2 Times without holding Everstone or Black hole Eclipse (Permanent) Holy Field - Use Purify inside Dark Cave (This one is questionable) Mountain - Use Continental Crush or use Rock Climb inside Cave twice (Permanent) Rocky Field - Use Mud Sport and Stealth Rocks, destroyed if either Mud Sport or Stealth Rocks are destroyed Desert - Use Mud Sport and Sandstorm in succession, Active for the duration of Sandstorm. Super Heated - Sun is up and Inferno Overdrive is used or certain fire moves are used twice (Heat Wave for example), Active for the duration of Sun. Water Surface - Rain is up and Hydro Vortex is used or certain water moves are used twice (Surf, Muddy Water), Active for the duration of Rain Icy Field - Hail is up and Subzero Slammer is used or certain ice moves are used twice(Blizzard, Icy Wind), Active for the duration of Hail. Forest - Grassy Terrain is up and Forest Curse or Bloom Doom is used, Active for the duration of Grassy Terrain Flower Garden(1,2,3) - Grassy Terrain is up and Growth is used twice, Level 1, if rain/sun is up, level 2, if Rainbow is up, level 3, active for the duration of Grassy Terrain Fairy Tale - Grassy Terrain is up and Fairy Wind is used twice, active for the duration of Grassy Terrain Wasteland - Swamp is up and Acid Downpour is used or Sludge Wave is used twice, Active for the duration of Swamp Murkwater - Rain is up and Acid Downpour is used or Sludge Wave is used twice, Active for the duration of rain Short Circuit - Electric Terrain is up and certain Steel moves are used twice(Shift Gear, Gear Grind, Gyro Ball) New World - Spacial Rend, Phantom Force, Hyperspace Fury while holding an Everstone or Genesis Supernova is used. Honorable suggestion, Mainly because i don't think this one makes much sense: Ashen Beach - Burning Field is active and Sandstorm is used or Sand Attack is used twice, active for the duration of Burning Field
  8. Hi, after updating to EP 19 i noticed that the ability of my Blaziken (Torchic with Speed Boost was my starter) was changed from Speed Boost to Blaze and wanted to ask if this change was intended. If not is there an option to change it back without using an ability capsule?
  9. Just wondering if the elemental punches move tutor got moved in ep19, considering in this ss they are not here anymore and the move tutors got changed.
  10. I finished Episode 18 and I was curious what you all thought of my team! Moving forward with speculation for Episode 19, let me know what you think of my team as well as any recommendations or tips you may have. Thanks! Aerodactyl: Lvl 93, Jolly Ability: Pressure Holding: Aerodactylite Rock Slide Fly Iron Head Thunder Fang Kingdra: Lvl 91, Bashful Ability: Swift Swim/Sniper (Depends on what's needed) Holding: Leftovers Dragon Dance Outrage Waterfall/Dive (just depends on the situation and terrain) Surf Magnezone: Lvl 90, Bold Ability: Sturdy Holding: Metal Coat Flash Cannon Metal Sound Magnet Rise Discharge Hippowdon: Lvl 90, Hardy Ability: Sand Stream Holding: Smooth Rock Stealth Rock Earthquake Fissure (Plan on removing, just don't know what I want as of yet) Crunch Salazzle: Lvl 87, Modest- NOTE: This one is kind of a floater on my team. She is awesome in a lot of ways, but definitely doesn't feel like she holds her own as much as the rest of the team. Ability: Corrosion Holding: Black Sludge Sludge Wave Flame Thrower Nasty Plot Dragon Pulse Weavile: Lvl 85, Adamant Ability: Pressure Holding: Expert Belt Ice Punch Night Slash Brick Break Knock Off As I said, any tips/recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I have a good grasp of the game mechanics and competitive play as well. I have other Pokemon in rotation: Vivillon, Galvantula, Escavalier, Heracross, Hawlucha, Rapidash, Roserade, Rhyperior, Trevenant, Tentacruel, Solrock, Altaria, Exeggutor, Garchomp, Haxorus, Alakazam, Metagross, and Aromatisse to name a few. I have an entire box full dedicated to my rotation, I just did not think it necessary to add all of the descriptions for them as I have my main team. Thanks again!
  11. Apologies. Pictures will not be provided. Everything i try to upload is apparently too big. ......Stop snickering! Anyways, i've recently dealt with Hardy and his rock slide spamming....ahem. Again, sorry. I've beaten hardy and finished episode 18. And now, as a good few of you have done already, I'm forging a team to prepare for the hell that amethyst and the dev teams are sure to have waiting in the finale. Now, seeing as we can only theorize what we're going to be facing. People are saying that the last gym coming up will be a dragon type gym. We only know about 2 of the elite 4 members. And how the champion battle is going to play out is still up in the air. And then the ensuing fight with Lin and arceus. Or.....possibly PULSE arceus. (Shudders ).... So this setup is not final. But so far, i think its pretty good. Oh, and i won't be showing evs or ivs either. Cause I'm too lazy to go into that atm. Lol . Slot #1 Xeno/Meowstic Type: Psychic Lv:90 Gender: Male Ability : Prankster Nature: Bold Held item: Light Clay Shiny: No Fake Out, Light Screen, Reflect, Signal Beam In all honesty, the nickname fits its pre-evolution better with that blank stare. I know that klefki is the better choice when utilizing prankster, but chances are we're going to be doing refights against Sirius, Dr.Conner and the like. And they like to use Earthquake. Even with screens up, that's still a good chunk of hp. So might as well have my support role filled with this little guy instead. Slot#2:Taka/Garchomp Type: Dragon/Ground Lv:92 Gender: Male Ability: Rough Skin Nature: Adamant Held item: Dragonium Z Shiny: No Stomping Tantrum, Stealth Rock, Iron Head, Draco Meteor After what happened along the Reshiram route, you know i had to bring this guy. Like seriously, this route is f***ed. Doesn't help that one of my favorite games is Persona 4, who's main story point is seeking out the truth! I'll go more into my feelings on this in a separate post. Nothing much else to say about him. Stomping Tantrum because earthquake sucks to use in doubles, Stealth Rock for chip damage, iron head for fairies, and the last slot just because. Slot#3: Capt.Falcon/Blaziken Type: Fire/Fighting Lv:90 Gender: Male Ability : Speed Boost Nature: Jolly Held item : Black Belt/ Ghost gem Shiny:No Brick Break, Shadow Claw, Flare Blitz, Bulk up That's right. I went easy mode. Lol. Seriously though, it was a good while since i picked this game up. I wanted an edge on this run. Bulk up+Speed Boost every turn makes for a dangerous physical attacker. I added Shadow Claw for coverage. Unless the foe used a psychic type first before giving me a chance to set up, well, you can probably guess what happens. I choose brick break over sky uppercut. I prefer accuracy over power in most cases. And the effect of shutting down enemy screens ain't too shabby either. Slot#4: Lil Mac/Scrafty Type : Dark/Fighting Lv:90 Gender: Male Ability : Moxie Nature : Adamant Held item: Roseli Berry Shiny: No Knock Off, Ice Punch, Dragon Dance, Drain Punch I just wanted to use a scrafty. Fairy types can be a huge problem to this guy. Not entirely sure the berry will be enough to stop a 4x super effective fairy attack. Slot#5: Oblivion/Agieslash Type : Ghost/Steel Lv:91 Gender: Male Ability : Stance Change Nature: Jolly Held item: Leftovers Shiny: No King's Shield, Swords Dance, Sacred Sword, Shadow sneak or Iron Head If the sword drawn from mirage tower was female, the name would have been Oathkeeper. Just your standard set. But i loved how you go about obtaining this mon. Slot#6: Melia/Gardevoir Type: Psychic/Fairy Lv:90 Gender : Female Ability : Trace Nature: Timid Held item: Gardevoirite Shiny : Yes Psychic, Grass knot, Moonblast, Calm Mind Cause Melia is one of my favorite characters from rejuvenation. Admittedly though, a little akward using a gardevoir considering we almost get killed by one in both games. Also dat shiny form tho. Anyone who's played the entirety of episode 11 of Rejuvenation would probably assume the mega would look almost exactly like the one we fought. Also it's no secret that we're going to be seeing plenty of dragon types in episode 19. Having a counter just makes sense. Thnx for reading. Let me know if there are improvements that i can make.
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