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  1. hello im stuck in the darchlightcaves by the elevator and i have replace my old save and i playing the v12.2 patch

    it is not working.

    please help me to fix this


    1. Aboodie


      Firstly, what caused your game freeze? Did you patch your game while being in this area while having an older game version patch?

    2. Reino20


      yes i think so 

      and i don't know to fix this and i want not retart the game i do an nuzlocke run

    3. Aboodie


      That's the issue then, if you still have the older game version, walk your way back to a pokemon center nearby or Oblitus city since that map wasn't remade, and save your game there, then play again on the new patched version.
      Other than that, if I manage to fix your game, you'll miss on new game events that was place in the game "since I have to go throw them myself to save your game a new"

  2. Hi and welcome, The game is still at a demo trial stage, so far there is only 1 badge and a few quests to do and try the game for. The next update is TBA. But we are working on it on our free time, so it might take a while for it to be published. You can follow the development of the game on our discord or the main tab of the club. Dev Blog: Discord: https://discord.gg/ek6ppKg
  3. The new download is the core.
  4. That has been fixed (several times), but not added to the latest patch. Since there is some kind of a problem with "syncing" files but has been resolved. Noted on alpha, but left out of the fixed list. Gonna put it up on a reminder again later. It's a short demo for the Dev Team to test out its content and meddle around with features, the next update will give a proper story continuation and introduce a good amount of content to befit a version update. The exp issue was called out, and has been fixed on the last patch by increasing the level of the wild encounters around the
  5. -Version 01 Items Availability- ~Picture Guide available for more detailed locations~ Items Picture Guide Items Listed by Typing Shops & Marts Cave Dust Quests
  6. Pokemon List by Version -Version 01- -Availability Picture-
  7. -Overall Items Availability- ~Refer to the Version(s) Picture Guide for more detailed locations~ Items Listed by Typing Shops & Marts Cave Dust Quests
  8. General Pokemon List by Generation -Generation 1- -Generation 2- -Generation 3- -Generation 4- -Generation 5- -Generation 6- -Generation 7- -Generation 8-
  9. You can discuss the game here, talk about the story, characters, etc. To check updates on the status of the next version(s) >Please Click Here<
  10. You can suggest shiny Pokemon themes in here if you have some good ideas in mind!
  11. There is a quick fix in the discord that you might try using. If you have one. But generally playing the game on the Game.exe not the Game-Z.exe one should be fine for you. https://discord.gg/WxEpXN
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