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  1. Grats, one legend down and many more to come in the future
  2. Pokemon Reborn's Items and Services Guide is fully complete with the Public Release.
    Have fun playing the game everyone!


  3. The Guide is fully updated and complete along the public release of the game! have fun playing and hunting everyone!
  4. You can check the guide progress on the Main tab, currently it is one Tier 8 Post Game. If an item is not found by searching the guide, then it will be added in later chapters, if applicable.
  5. Checked in the data, there mod probably applied the 'early itemfinder switch' which prevents this npc from giving the itemfinder for you. Since it's the same as getting it earlier from Sigmund in the slums. I applied a fix, the item should be in your bag. (that's why I don't like others using mods on beta test releases) Save file should be attached.Game.rxdata
  6. Currently everything is locked because the guide is not fully finished, the copy option will be available when it is done in the few next days!
  7. Nope, it means you only get it after either winning the battle or when you are defeated and going back for a re-battle. So either ways, you are able to get it after battling it once. In your case, just go over to the building lower right the LCCC building and you should find the item on the ground.
  8. I should probably note he only appears if you give him a home before restoration. Might write that down in a comment.
  9. Flyinium-Z is late game, you get it as a reward from the spirit hunt quest in the path to victory road
  10. As stated in the guide, he only appears after you get the 2nd badge end of ep2 till before you enter the orphanage at the beginning of ep4. The moment you set foot inside the orphanage that early access to the itemfinder is no long available to you.
  11. Hi and Welcome to Ep19: Pokémon Reborn Items and Services Guide PLEASE UPDATE YOUR GAME BEFORE SEARCHING AND ASKING ABOUT ITEMS The guide is Complete as of the latest version with the items I found myself in the game, it might include some SPOILERS so be warned! If you find any more items and services I haven't included, please comment below from where you can find them. Make sure to use the ITEMFINDER later once you get it, it's very useful and handy while you search! While you look around make sure to check BOTH the All Items and Shops tabs for a complete items search!!! .Have Fun Hunting. Google Spreadsheet Links: Sortable > Pokemon Reborn Ep19 Item Guide (Shared Link) (could be laggy) Not Sortable > Pokemon Reborn Ep19 Item Guide (Published Link) (not laggy)
  12. Congratulations on completing the game after this long journey of ups and downs with a great team of friends and family And good luck on your future creations, may it become fruitful
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