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Found 7 results

  1. POKEMON LEGENDS Hello. I am Beeze/Zatoria and this is my first game. I've always been into creating stuff when I was small. My main thing was drawing ,a hobby I still have to this day, and one day, I decided to put that talents to use and tried to use that and try to put together this game. I'd say I did more than I thought I would do for this! I planned to stop my development much sooner, but as it turns out, I couldn't just drop this! I had to get this out there, so here it is! My own game! "Hope yall enjoy what ya see!" PS: It's Time an action-packed adventure, because Pokémon Legends is ready to unveil it's biggest Update to date! prepare yourself for a story full of excitement! Today marks the beginning of Pokémon Legends! The STORY You are a 15 year old child that lives on an outer Island called Bikana Island which is famous for their large beach, but there are no Pokémon's on the island itself. One day, you happened to find out that your mother use to be a Pokémon Trainer. You are a teenager that attends school, but you imagine what life would be if you were able to have Pokémon, praying you would get the opportunity to do so. You are supposed to go and Meet with a professor in the following week; however, fate decided that your time was now. You learn about the Secret that your mother has been keeping, and as fate would have it, you quickly find yourself having your first battle experience with a Pokémon! What does your destiny have in store for you? FIRST REGION SCREENSHOTS SCREENSHOTS OF THE SECOND REGION FEATURES Download Link Drive Mega (Mega will be back in Another Update) Game fixes NOTE: the Download's that fall under this Category are meant to resolve problems with the game. Gamefix 1.89 NOTES: The Game Features 8 gym badges, a Pokémon League (Elite four and Champion included), And 4 Gym badges in the Second Region. There is also plans for a Universal League. GAME RECRUITMENT Conclusion Why did I try to make this? I made this because I thought that it was a fun idea at the time, and once I got started on it's creation, I found myself hooked to the art of creation. I worked on it for days when it was possible. It was then that I realized that making this was going to take a lot of time. This would be only the first project that I would actually try to get done, and with it, I could say that I gained a valuable experience! Those of you who will play, just be warned that the game's not going to be "Easy". It's going to be one of the most difficult adventures you have to go through. Enjoy the Game! V5 UPDATE STATUS
  2. Check out the Soundtrack on Soundcloud!
  3. The Story: It's your 18th birthday, and you finally have the chance to search for your mother, who's been missing for as long as you can remember. Taking the League Challenge is nothing but an excuse to explore more locations and search far and wide. But you soon find out there are bigger problems starting to ravage the region. You begin to learn of the origin of the Canòrr region as it's known today and the history of its current King and Queen. As the hidden secrets become divulged, the dots to your missing mother connect more and more. A prophecy older than time, ancient inscriptions, a mysterious royal plot, divination, and magic new and old all collide in a clash that shakes everything you have ever known. Features: > Regional Forms: Old Pokémon have strange new forms in Canòrr, with new abilities and designs, discover which ones in the game! > Pokémon Rebalances : There are a lot of Pokémon that need some love, so Im giving them and many others a couple more new moves and ways to fight. > New Moves / Abilities > New Items > Custom Mega Evolutions > Level Caps : I took the Traded mon level cap, where they stop obeying you after x level, and made that work for all Pokémon, there will be methods to decrease in level to counteract this. > Birthsigns and Zodiac Powers : Pokémon will now have some added effects out of battle, some will be able to use Flash without having the move, others will have perfect IVs in some stats, some will even increase the shiny rate. And of course, this will also help in battle. > Field Effects : This creates semi-permanent terrains in every map or location you fight in, that can boost certain aspects during a Pokémon Fight, if you've played Reborn you know what I'm talking about. > All Gen 1-8 mechanics : This one is very self explainatory and many others... First Chapter: [Released] IMPORTANT: Female lacks sprites, please play Male for now [ZIP]: https://bit.ly/ZIPDivulgence1-3 [RAR]: https://bit.ly/RARDivulgence1-3 It's a simple patch, just drop all the files in your main game folder!Also! Join our discord if you want help or want to talk with other people:https://discord.gg/9TTks3V Canòrr Region (WIP): In-depth Info: Two regional forms: Team: Credits:
  4. (This logo is susceptible to change and is, therefore, not final) NEEDS YOUR HELP Hi Pokéfans, we are looking for dedicated and talented people to help us produce the best fangame possible! Description of the game Pokémon Resilience would be a game made entirely on RPG Maker XP with the starter kit Pokémon Essentials and strongly inspired by Pokémon Black and White/Black 2 and White 2 with the gameplay updated to gen 7. I want to offer the world a fangame that is as universal as possible, an experience that would appeal to veterans and casual players alike. With this project, we intend to use the traditional Pokémon formula, while enhancing it by adding our personal touch. This project consists of reminding people that the license still has great unsuspected potential and that it is possible to tell a deep story with this colorful world created by Game Freak... Like Pokémon, our project is a call to travel. Not towards the other or the elsewhere, but towards ourselves ... Because Resilience is a game made by fans for fans. Gameplay objective The goal of the game is to exploit and highlight the three aspects that are considered the most important and symbiotic to each other in a Pokémon game: exploration, capture and fighting. Battles Capture Exploration Features Every Pokémon from gen 1 to gen 7 can be caught (putting aside most legendaries). 8 gyms are in double battles format and based on habitats instead of the simple monotype. They are gonna have balanced teams that will gradually have IVs, EVs, strategic items and much more as the trainer progress to conserve a certain challenge. Brand new artificial intelligence to provide high-quality battles and a better experience for players. A side quest system to allow players to collect all kinds of useful resources during their adventure by completing them. Semi open-world mechanic. Watch out for stronger than average trainers and wild Pokémon roaming the tall grass! Note that you can't catch a Pokémon that exceeds the level limit to which the player is restricted. The SOS battle mechanic from Sun and Moon. The summoned Pokémon would sometimes have eggmoves and also allows the player to find rare Pokémon at a lower level so they can be caught sooner than normal. A hard mode to face the same important trainers, but stronger. Dungeons, special places filled with puzzles, act like Alola's trials and can be found all over the region. A skill tree system whose skill points are obtainable through achievements to be completed such as the medals mechanic of Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. A secondary “money” named credits will only be obtainable during side quests or special events. Similar to the Battle Points in Pokémon, these credits would allow the player to buy some rare Pokémon/items that are only available in that way. ╔════❘༻༺❘════╗ ◈❖◈Resilience plot◈❖◈ ╚════❘༻༺❘════╝ The law of the strongest reigns, the ravages caused by the war of independence are numerous and a new functioning of society is born following these events. The great power of wild Pokémon, which are far too numerous at this time in the region, must be channeled, at the risk of leading to disasters. The importance of Pokémon training, therefore, becomes indisputable, as well as the control and protection of cities by military forces. Important laws are brought in to limit threats and keep society going fairly through Pokémon battles. Thus, only six Pokémon can be owned at the same time by a single Trainer and each defeated fighter must give a certain amount of money to his opponent. Treatments at the Pokémon Center become free thanks to the association of the army and religion with the state. The dressage policy works wonderfully and children are introduced to it from an early age. According to the philosophy of the Master of the region, its most brilliant trainers must become strong in order to prevent the return of their oppressors. Every trainer is then a soldier and has to train and restrain the wild Pokémon in order to defend the region in case of attack. To counter the threat of this self-emancipated region, other nations isolate it economically and politically. In order to be able to live in complete self-sufficiency, forced labor returns to run the most economically profitable area: intensive Pokémon farming. Working conditions, under the abuse and austerity of the leaders, have rarely been so harsh for the locals and the Pokémon, while sadly recalling the policy of the former tyrants. The winds of a second revolt are getting stronger and the enemies of the regime are plotting in the shadows ... In view of his remarkable notes at the school of trainers, the hero is brought to team up with one of the eminent scientists, Professor August, for his project on an innovative idea: the Pokédex. This tool, of considerable technological progress, is created in order to better know these extraordinary creatures which can be a real danger for the human being. In exchange for the stored information that he collects with his invention, the latter offers him the possibility of choosing a Pokémon from the military reserves to start his quest. It is in this world that your newly initiated character evolves, gaining influence and power thanks to his victories against the Gym Leaders. Pokémon Resilience tells the story of a region that has gained its freedom by its own strength and its fight against the current paradigm of enslavement and imperialism. Epuria, land of fire and discord: a region where the place of humans, Pokémon and their relationship has never been so uncertain and unstable... Do not hesitate to click on the image to listen to a selection of our original musical collection! Map screenshots These maps are more of the technical prowess of our team than a real final work that you will find during a possible demo. Since we are still looking for our own visual identity, it was above all about showing the efficiency of our mappers while respecting the screenshots instructions. Enjoy the optimal comfort of our new ergonomic and polished user interface, strongly inspired by that of Pokémon Sword and Shield! Mappers Level designers Tile makers Concept artist Pixel artists Interface designers Scripters On behalf of the Resilience team, thank you for taking the time to click on the thread and read this far! We hope you will consider joining us or at least supporting the project in the future ^^ Uru#8449 pokemonresilience@hotmail.com Right now, the members of this game project are: Urusius: Project supervisor/director, game designer, writer, level designer, bug tester, concept artist, balancer Zuxxu: Scripter, bug tester S3mmy23: Game designer, eventer, balancer Akira: Mapper, eventer Isaac: Musician TeruTeruSky: Musician, bug tester Silverlime: Scripter, bug tester Henry*: UI designer Brumirage: Artworker, tile maker, level designer, concept artist, pixel artist Kilima: Pixel artist Hnturs12: Musician BittersweetNSour: Musician Clary Hera: Bug tester Phantombass: Scripter, bug tester PKTheDragon: Writer, Balancer LordBN: Tile maker, pixel artist, concept artist So, what are you waiting for?...
  5. Hello everyone. I am currently in the process of making my own project. The project is called "Pokemon: Clash of Champions".The story is as such:You, Sinnoh's champion Cynthia, Hoenn's champion Steven, and your childhood friends Travis and Aelita arrive in the Oneric Region, where the region's annual tournament takes place. You and your friends decide to register for the tournament in hopes of becoming the region's new champion. On their journey, they will meet new friends with their same dreams and beliefs and villains who disagree with everything going on.The tournament system will replace gyms. Once players win a city's tournament, they will challenge the Arena Leader. If victorious, you will earn an Arena Badge. Once all eight are collected, you will enter the Elite Four Tournament.This is a project that I am passionate about, but I need a ton of help to make this dream a reality. I am a writer and a traditional artist so those parts are covered.However, I am in need of:Sprite Artists (to make custom sprites)MappersCoders (people who understand RMXP's event system)Tileset Creators (people who are talented at creating tilesets)Digit Artists (people who can take my traditional art and make pieces digital)Lastly,Writers (to help me improve the game's writing)With all of that being said, this is the idea that I have and the help that is needed to make it happen. If anyone is interested in helping me with this project, please contact me here. I'm gonna need all of the assistance I can get. I have some screenshots and art to show off just in case anyone needs them to help decide if they wanna help and to show that you won't be coming into this project dry with no work done.
  6. If you clicked on this, thank you. Simply put I need teammates to help realize an idea I've had for a solid week, a Pokemon fangame that uses "Gijinka", a humanized design of a Pokemon and as such, instead of capturing teammates, you can recruit them through various means. Of course, I am not merely an 'idea' person, I can create art to a significant degree and know my way around RPG Maker, both MV and Ace. I would just like to require assistance in writing as this is a project to big for someone like me. The basic premise of this, like stated before, is to recruit unique characters that will become your team, akin to say LISA, with unique designs and abilities based on the Pokemon they are designed after, otherwise it will play similarly to traditional Pokemon games. Because of the premise and to lessen the workload, a pre-establish region will be used and at the very least, one party member to each type rather then one for 700+ Pokemon at this point. Of course, it is a requirement for applicants to be okay with the idea of characters being LBGT+, as there will be party members like that and I'm personally Non-Binary myself. I wish to hear from you all. UPDATE: First inital concepts of the potential player character and their mother I'm deciding between selecting starters or Eevee/Pikachu (And a super rough walk sprite of pikachu protag)
  7. Hello Reborn Community. I have a game I have been working on quite nicely and I know I'm at the recruiting stage of my game's development since I have completed as it mentions in the do you want to make a fangame thread where Tomas says to finish what you are good at and so I have finished episode 1's story, have bios, story plot fleshed, etc and I need a team to help me be able to develop the game. I am making this thread so if anyone has any advice for how to do a good and interesting game recruiting thread, you can easily post it for others like me having this concern to be able to use as a reference. I would appreciate any advice and thanks for checking this out and helping. Have a great day or night.
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