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  1. The game series takes place in a universe that combines two frachises: Pokémon and Super Sentai. Story The story goes that two universes that shouldn't be allowed to meet (Pokémon and Super Sentai) unite mysteriously in the Dual-Series Combination, a mysterious phenomenon caused by the Avataro Sentai Donbrothers that combines the franchises of their choice. These Super Sentai has since become Pokémon Trainers and/or Gym Leaders. The enemies each Super Sentai face also has Pokémon to use for their attempts to take over the world. Luckily one Trainer (the players) is the only child of one of the 45 Super Sentai leaders, who was going on a quest to become the "Super Sentai Pokémon Master Extraordinaire", a title held by the Donbrothers.
  2. Reincarnation Gestalt City, A city of dreams, a city of nightmares, A city of hope, a city of despair, A city of fortune, a city of perdition, A city of salvation, a city of damnation, A city that was made out of many, one, A city that shall be the genesis and the revelation of all we know, Against the threat of theft, Parting to the seven who left, Towards the starbound citadel, The miser's scepter was deeply held, Into the city by leviathan swallowed, The harlot's necklace followed, To the scholars and seekers of truths, The drunkard's orb was then sent loose, Deep into the lands of war and fire, The warlord's saber lies away from desire, For the lands of the cold north, The green-eyed mask was brought forth, Into the sands who twist and shift, The gourmet's knife dies deep in a rift, For the priests of most pure and vigorous soul, Was kept the lord's book and ne'er to be stole. What is Pokemon Reincarnation? It's simple. Reincarnation is a fangame that I've been working on and off and it's created in the vein of Reborn and Rejuvenation hence the Re in the title. In order words it's a story-driven game with a plot more serious and complex than official games while at the same time having an enhanced difficulty that is achieved via improving the AI, giving competitive sets to trainers, adding level caps, and more. In short, expect field effects, an enthralling story, a colorful cast, difficult battles, every 'mon catchable, multiple side quests, eighteen badges, and of course, Otherworldly mons, the game's equivalent to PULSE and Dimensional Rift battles. All presented in beautiful and clean graphics in the style of Gen 3. Welcome to the Gestalt Republic! A land which is bordered by the two seas and centered by the sprawling metropolis of Gestalt City, which in turn is composed of thirteen districts. The Republic is currently undergoing troubling times where crime is overrunning the city's poorer districts, there has been a damaging mutiny in its navy, and the land is on the brink of war due to aggression from the breakaway Gogmagog Province in the northwest. And to make matters worse, there has been signs of an old cult named Team Vita returning to the ailing land. Challenge the Gestalt League! A league composed of eighteen gym leaders, one for each type, each being fairly unique characters in their own right, awaits you. Each gym leader has six Pokemon all ready for anything that you may throw at them. In addition to these eighteen gym leaders you will also face the Elite Eight, eight individuals whose identities are top secret due to league policy, and the reclusive Champion of Gestalt. Obviously being highly inspired by Reborn and Rejuvenation the league isn't going to be the main plot and it'll be mostly a side-gig for the protagonist. But considering how many of the game's characters have their identities intertwined with the league this is something most certainly to keep in mind. Gameplay Information! - Mon availability will increase as the game gets developed. The endgoal is to allow the player to use all official mons. - Hardcaps will be added and will depend on the number of badges the player holds. - For the sake of convenience IV-increasing items alongside ability capsules and nature mints will be added. - Help Centers similar to Rejuvenation's will be in every town and/or district. Expect plenty of side-quests. - Mega Evolutions and Z moves will be added, but not Dynamax. - Field effects will exist in the same as other games of this style. Screenshots and Images! But that's not all. Here are some other samples of what you'll find in the game. A more in-detail screenshot from yours truly. This is the outside of the Aeterna Temple, the residence of the Ghost-type gym leader of the region, in the Izar District of the metropolis, and a few of the temple's devout priests strolling around the area. Meet the three characters that would be the closest thing to a rival or your own personal nakama. Abel, a tenacious and loyal friend who lost his memories and wishes to find his family. Cole, a relaxed and calm lad who grew up in Gestalt's slums and seeks a purpose in life. Alice, one of the three daughters of President Alexander Nevada who wishes to become as strong as her sisters In addition, meet yet another important character that you will meet in your quest. Her name is Dr. Rochelle Mitchell and she is a geology professor at the Equinox University while also being one of the organizers of the Gestalt League. In addition, she is also a very high ranking gym leader who specializes in the Rock-type. She fulfills a fairly deuteragonist-like role in the story aside from just being one of the later gym leaders. And do not forget these guys. Lowly underlings on the aforementioned cult-like organization known as Team Vita. Get used to these schmucks as you'll be beating them by the boatload. A treat for the viewer. The profile of one of the aforementioned Otherworldly Pokemon in the style of Rejuvenation. Good luck fighting these Pokemon mutated by energies of foreign worlds as you'll need it.
  3. Hiya everyone! I thought this might be a nice place to leave some Reborn fanart :) What I would imagine a cover art of Reborn to look like : Ame Saves The Protagonist (Train Opening) Ame & Alolan Ninetales I am also on DeviantArt and Instagram :)
  4. THERE WILL BE TWO VERSIONS OF THIS GAME! ONE WILL BE A DARKER STORY, WHILE THE OTHER BEING IN A MORE TRADITIONAL STORY! This game was made possible by RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials v19.1 Trailer Watch Here! Pokémon Tabula Rasa, inspired by Reborn and Insurgence, is a story driven fangame with 2 brand new regions! - The Anphelio Region, inspired by the word aphelion (or the point in the orbit of a planet, asteroid, or comet at which it is furthest from the sun). This region has a lot of similarities with its name, as it is a snow-covered tundra with little to no civilization. Mostly covered by routes and forests, this region gives you a lot of training and time to meet new faces who help to get you back to your once held glory. Many Pokémon from all over the world have descended from this region and here, you can find many of their different, undiscovered versions of themselves. These Pokémon are often shy and haven't come in contact with many humans. However, the ones that find civilization or Human population, get along with them very well. - The Pansperma Region is the mainland. The region flooded with tourists and an influx in population. This has really driven out Pokémon in these parts, especially near cities. As you go on throughout the region, you find power-hungry corporations out for control over the region. To do this, however, they need the most powerful trainers to be able to drive out all Pokémon insight. In which doing so, makes room for more people to come in, leading to more money and power in the corporations. Here, you will find out who you truly were in the past and you may have to power your way through to get what you want for yourself and the Pokémon at stake. The sheer variety in Pokémon, people, and places you find along the way is incredible. This region has everything a person could ask for and is the reason why it's a huge tourist attraction. Story Before the events of Tabula Rasa, the main protagonist and their rival travel to a distant region while their home region's Pokemon League is being developed. When they discover that this new region doesn't have a current champion, the protagonist and the rival decide to battle each other for the crown. During the battle, the protagonist is finally "beaten" via an intentional hit which causes them to go into a severe coma. Years later, the protagonist wakes up from their coma and realizes that they've been taken in by Professor Oleaster and his apprentice, your rival. After some encouragement, the rival gets the protagonist to become a trainer once again to travel across the brand new Pokemon League in their home region that spans across both Anphelio and Pansperma The Protagonists Story of the Two Regions Along the way you meet a strange professor who tells you he has seen you around before and knows your story. He brings you in and tells you that he knew the man who tried to save you from the (evil agency) and knows how to get your Pokémon back, your items however, are unobtainable. He plays as your guide and tells you the newest information on where your belongings are being held, along with the evil team's location. People throughout both regions will recognize you, but you will have no recollection on who they are or even who you are. The natives of both regions understand your godlike stature and will do anything to help you take back their region. This includes giving you tips, pointers, and even their own belongings. However, the Pansperma region's big cities are heavily guarded, so watch your step. The Meaning Behind/Why I chose Tabula Rasa Tabula rasa, the latin word meaning a "clean slate" or "scraped tablet." The bigger picture/driving narrative in this game being starting over from scratch, or Tabula Rasa. I really wanted to make a game where you were previously the champion, where you have to go through the region have once did, with no recollection of anything the regions have to offer. I'm already planning to make a sequel and prequel to these games, which already have titles. Those being Pokémon Prevenire and Pokémon Exigo. Prevenire meaning before hand/To come to and Exigo meaning complete or finished. Pokémon Prevenire will be in the style of FRLG/RSE and Pokémon Exigo will be in the style of Gen 5. However, if I am going to make that happen, I will need a team to do so, which is why I will also be putting a similar thread in the Team Recruitment channel. So if you are interested in making music, sound designs, scripting, or sprites, comment here/on the team recruitment page and/or message me directly. Screenshot Showcase Plans for the game - Fully custom music/Battle intros - Custom characters with backstories - Full fledged character customization system - New mega evolutions - Custom Anphelion and Panspermanian forms for over 200+ Pokémon! - All new, remade shinies for existing Pokémon - New Pokémon that you discover throughout your journey (Not a final decision) - HMs as Items (Axe for Cut, exc.) Current Features - 12 gyms (4 in Anphelio, 8 in Pansperma) - Brand new stealth elements - Choices effect story - Every Pokémon Generation 1-8 (IoA and Crown Tundra) - New Mega Evolutions - Past characters coming back! ex. Wes, Red, Blue, Gary - Hidden Grottos - Customizable Secret bases - High Leveled Overworld Encounters - Seasons/Seasonal events - All new UI - Fast forward (Thanks to Marin) - Huge post game - Side quests galore! Credits list Notes This is a huge game idea I want to pursue and will probably need quite a team to pull it off. The game's full version won't be available to play in the near future, but we will get it done! We currently have a team of 5 and still growing! I have had this idea in mind for a while now, and I am finally able to accomplish it. Any support for my huge project will be greatly appreciated! We currently have a roadmap made and we are working our hardest to have a fully fledged demo out by the end of this month! The demo will have frequent updates with new features, quests, maps, and bug fixes. We are also still recruiting! What I would be looking for is anything ranging from spriters/concept artists to music makers! If you are interested in joining the team, please send me a DM over discord, twitter, and even DMing on this forum! You can also contact the team by emailing pokemontabularasa@gmail.com. Discord You can join the game's official discord Here.
  5. Join the Pokemon Arrow discord: https://discord.gg/hCQWcnrDYb Plot Introduction Decane is a vast beautiful, culturally rich region which always lived peacefully. The two legendary pokemons, Dhabown and Arowteer protected the people of Decane and its beautiful nature, every year they use to visit various cities during the autumn festival. But suddenly one day the legendary pokemons dissapeared from the region, they also didn’t came during the festival, after that incident, twenty years had passed, the region started suffering a lot, several natural disasters and several wars hit the region. Professor Mendel gives you a task to find the legendaries and bring them back or no one can prevent the region from endless sufferings. You team up with your friends Trina(when player is boy)/Ricky(when player is girl) and Renuka and start the mission of finding the legendaries. But the path to the legendaries is not so easy, there are four holy places where the legendaries can stay but to reach them you have to decode several codes and get the name of the places. You set on a adventure to find the truth behind the disappearance of the legendaries and to bring them back. There will be several obstacles on the road to find them, you'll have to overcome them for returning the peace to the region. And beware of the criminal gang Team War!! You’re on the way to be the very best like no one ever was!! Features New expansive region, 'Decane' based on peninsular India. 8 Gyms, Elite Four + Champion Pokemon from Earlier generations+Exclusive Decanian Pokemons! An intriguing, climactic story with new, original characters New custom regional forms/variants including: Dark/Fire Arcanine, Poison Meowth and Persian and more Quests (Including optional side-quests) Purely GBA-Themed, with Gen 4 Styled textures,music and many new, custom remixes The Battle Tower! (Our version of the Battle Frontier) MANY Easter eggs Mega evolutions New Evil team- Team War New Professor- Professor Mendel New Champion- Naomi No Z-Moves or Gigantamax New Legendaries and New pokemons and a brand new adventure!! Try it now For further information visit our wikia page: Page is under construction Screenshots Downloads DOWNLOAD- Pokémon Arrow
  6. POKEMON LEGENDS Hello. I am Beeze/Zatoria and this is my first game. I've always been into creating stuff when I was small. My main thing was drawing ,a hobby I still have to this day, and one day, I decided to put that talents to use and tried to use that and try to put together this game. I'd say I did more than I thought I would do for this! I planned to stop my development much sooner, but as it turns out, I couldn't just drop this! I had to get this out there, so here it is! My own game! "Hope yall enjoy what ya see!" PS: It's Time an action-packed adventure, because Pokémon Legends is ready to unveil it's biggest Update to date! prepare yourself for a story full of excitement! Today marks the beginning of Pokémon Legends! The STORY You are a 15 year old child that lives on an outer Island called Bikana Island which is famous for their large beach, but there are no Pokémon's on the island itself. One day, you happened to find out that your mother use to be a Pokémon Trainer. You are a teenager that attends school, but you imagine what life would be if you were able to have Pokémon, praying you would get the opportunity to do so. You are supposed to go and Meet with a professor in the following week; however, fate decided that your time was now. You learn about the Secret that your mother has been keeping, and as fate would have it, you quickly find yourself having your first battle experience with a Pokémon! What does your destiny have in store for you? FIRST REGION SCREENSHOTS SCREENSHOTS OF THE SECOND REGION FEATURES Download Link Drive Mega (Mega will be back in Another Update) Game fixes NOTE: the Download's that fall under this Category are meant to resolve problems with the game. Gamefix 1.89 NOTES: The Game Features 8 gym badges, a Pokémon League (Elite four and Champion included), And 4 Gym badges in the Second Region. There is also plans for a Universal League. GAME RECRUITMENT Conclusion Why did I try to make this? I made this because I thought that it was a fun idea at the time, and once I got started on it's creation, I found myself hooked to the art of creation. I worked on it for days when it was possible. It was then that I realized that making this was going to take a lot of time. This would be only the first project that I would actually try to get done, and with it, I could say that I gained a valuable experience! Those of you who will play, just be warned that the game's not going to be "Easy". It's going to be one of the most difficult adventures you have to go through. Enjoy the Game! V5 UPDATE STATUS
  7. A game by @Michael_ and @Ekat Introduction: Pokémon Ashen Frost, formerly Pokémon Present, revolves around Sylvester, a kind, albeit surly, officer-turned-detective in Riverview City. Sylvester works alongside his not-quite-canine unit, Swinub, to solve minor cases. Tracking down missing cheques and ice sculpture vandals doesn't come without risks, however; the frigid metropolis is home to ordinary people and criminals alike. To uncover the truth, Sylvester steps on the toes of some of the city's most important figureheads... as well as the mafia's. Features: A story-driven plot consisting of 19 cases, involving searching for clues, presenting evidence and solving mysteries A fully fledged case system, complete with its own UI and features Pokémon from Gen 1-8 available A continuously expanding city to explore, complete with a ton of side content Reborn AI and custom weather to keep players on their toes An optimization area to allow any party member to become battle-ready in no time! An overworld encounter system, with areas involving wild grass being very far and few between A unique battle tower system, complete with random teams akin to the battle factory as well as its own field effect Fully functional and running on MKXP, yielding improved performance and modular screensizes Screenshots: Download: Following Progress: Progress can be followed in a number of places. Some notable options include joining our Discord Server and following our Twitter. If you've read through this far, thanks for checking out the game! Hopefully you'll hear back from us soon with the next release! Cheers! Credits:
  8. Hey, people of the Reborn Forums! You don’t know me, but let me explain something here! When I first got into Pokemon Fangames, I started at Pokemon Insurgence, a really good fan game and that is the reason why I am obsessed with Mega Evolution!! I’m MegaEvolutionMaster on the Reborn, Evolved Discord server btw! I did play other fangames when I was done with Insurgence, Reborn, Empyrean, Desolation R.E.M mod (My first playthrough of Desolation lul) Full Moon, and Rejuvenation V13! I’ve had wonderful experiences with these games and it’s really nice to the story and special ways to play the game. Also, awesome graphics <3 So, you’re probably wondering what this post is about, well if you saw the topic title, it’s not a developing fangame btw! I don’t have RPG Maker and I’m too busy with life to even make one, but I’ve always dreamed of making a Pokemon Fan Game myself. And so, if you’ve seen Lockstin and Gnoggin videos on the Kaskade Region, this is what this is too! A fangame concept inspired by Reborn, Rejuvenation, Desolation and other glorious fan games and legends in the Pokemon Community that exist today! And here is how the concept will work. I’ll be telling the story of how this fangame would be like. The story, the battles detail to detail, the alternate regional forms in this game, custom Fakemon, Custom Mega Evolution clone and so much more to cover! With that said, I hope you enjoy the story of the “ultimate'' fan game concept! Pokemon Solarization! Now before I begin with the backstory first, here is some stuff you need to know. #1! If Amethyst or any of the Reborn staff does not want me to post it here on the Reborn forums, then I won’t. However, I will be posting it on my DeviantArt page as well, so there is somewhere that my ideas and vision are revealed! #2! There will not be any art here in this exhibition, just story and dialogue because I’m bad at drawing, story is my main export hehe. #3! The commentating about Solarization will be “interesting”. If I run into an interesting tangent, I’ll mention something that’s really neat about it. #4. There may be battle music here and there but it’s mostly undecided lol. Without further ado, here we go! Backstory of the Talere Region: Many years ago, the Talere Region was once a land of greatness and popularity as one of the most beautiful regions in the world. There existed two guardians of this region. Their names were Celestineon and Coramant. Fact: Celestineon is Fairy/Flying and Coramant is Fairy/Dragon. The guardians kept peace around Talere and everyone lived in harmony. Until, one fateful day, strange invaders landed on Mt. Mythgem, the resting place of the guardians. The invaders destroyed the shrines of Celestineon and Coramant and their dedicated artifacts, the Celestial Fairy Gem stolen by the Invaders and the Diamond Dragon Gem, lost and still unknown of its location today. After they destroyed the shrines, the invaders headed for the Imagined Citadel, the central city and core of the Talere Region. They attacked with some Ultra Beasts and strange Pokemon, the ones you see in movies. They were relentless and would have destroyed the citadel and left Talere to ruin if it wasn't for the arrival of the Solarian Order. They were also aliens, like the invaders too. The Solarian order fortunately drove them out of Talere and saved the region! After that debacle, the Queen made a deal with the mayor of the Imagined Citadel. The Solarians would protect them if the invaders ever came back, only if they had partial control over the region. The Mayor accepted. The Solarians told them that the invaders were part of a group called the False Aggregation, an alien army infamous for leaving worlds in ruin and were anarchists. Now, in the present, Talere is a safe region to live in. The inhabitants usually depend on the Solarian Order now since the day the guardians mysteriously disappeared. However, just because everything is peaceful, doesn’t mean everything is okay yet. A new evil organization has arrived in the Talere Region, Team Cyforge! It is now up to you to stop this evil threat and save the Talere Region!
  9. "Where there's light, darkness follows. Where there's darkness, light follows." By Ayrei Life of a Pokemon Trainer, leave home at a young age, collect Gym Badges and Pokemon, and take on the Pokemon league. It was what everyone aspired to be at a young age, and with such ease, anyone could do it. That was over 50 years ago... Enter Ayrei, the first region to enter the Modern era. In this time, Pokemon Trainers are tasked with protecting the lives of both innocent people and Pokemon across the world. One cannot become or act as a Pokemon trainer without the proper training licensing. Against them, are the Renegades, those who claim the title of a Pokemon Trainer, yet oppose these modern laws and ideas. You are awoken within this region, no memories, no Pokemon, only a name. With nowhere else to go, you are invited to Vanguard Academy, a school with only one purpose, to train the next generation of Pokemon Trainers. Features Embark on an adventure through a brand new Region filled with deep lore and mysteries! Enter a more traditional story that leads more and more towards a less traditional and darker one, filled with new characters! 2 Difficulty modes to support different playstyles! Pokemon from Gen 1-8 One of the most epic and unique soundtracks you will encounter in a Pokemon fangame Upgraded UI Side quests Enhanced Gen 4 Graphics New custom Regional variants, with more coming each update! And more! Screenshots Download Goes up to chapter 9, around 7-8 hours of playtime Credits The discord https://discord.gg/sr24E8keRs Why join the discord? I'm not always online this site or others that I have this game posted on. Joining the discord allows easy access to bug reporting, game patches, progress updates, beta testing, and more. Feedback would be appreciated
  10. "Where there's light, darkness follows. Where there's darkness, light follows." By Ayrei Story Desideria A region once protected by the Aspects, powerful trainers bound by Legendary Pokemon, now shrouded by darkness and mystery as a new and modern government known as The Federation takes control of this once beautiful and peaceful region. Team Defiance, a group who opposes this new government, terrorizes this region while the Federation hunts down the remaining Aspects one by one. You wake up on an island to the south of the main continent. No memories. No Pokemon. Only a name. Features Embark on an adventure through a brand new Region filled with deep lore and mysteries! Enter a more traditional story that leads more and more towards a less traditional and darker one, filled with new characters! 3 Difficulty modes to support different playstyles! Pokemon from Gen 1-8 Custom player models Handpicked Remixes and soundtracks from Pokemon titles and more! New custom Regional variants, with more coming each update! 30 Different starters to choose from, 3 of which are new regional variants! And more! Screenshots Download Credits The discordhttps://discord.gg/sr24E8keRsWhy join the discord?I'm not always online this site or others that I have this game posted on.Joining the discord allows easy access to bug reporting, game patches, progress updates, beta testing, and more. Feedback would be appreciated
  11. Hello trainer and welcome on the Forêt Éternelle (FR) fangame! A 2D Pokémon game created by fans... for fans. Play now The game is still in development. You can follow us on social medias to know when the game will be released. Please make sure to check that page too. Technologies Game Engine: LiteRGSS (Ruby 2.5.0) Default screen size: 1280x720 Sound: FMOD Map Editor: Tiled Event Editor: RPG Maker XP Database Editor: RubyHost Main characters Pokémon starters Smettle, Pachyball & Squini Which one will you choose? Scenario Game Features 720p Screen Resolution: Game’s UI are made in a 720p screen’s resolution. Better Graphics: Due to the screen’s resolution, we will have to work on bigger assets then improving them. New Pokémon: Forêt Éternelle has a brand new Pokémon generation with 179 Fakemon. Pokémon will now evolve during a battle if they reach the proper level. Main Menu like old RPG ones. PokéNav: Very early in the game, the player has a device that combines several features. Karma: The player's choices & the completed quests allow the player to vary (in positive as in negative) his Karma rate. AI & Difficulty: It’s important to remember that the game will be more strategic. Trainers’ classes influence the AI’s reactivity & logic. Many Side Quests: Side quests that give your more content & strengthen the Lore of our little monsters. Misc.: The game will have some classic features too like Running shoes, Fishing, Pokéblocs, Hoenn's contests & many more... Follow us Follow us on the medias for upcoming news & more visuals! Game Credits Credits of the game
  12. The Story: It's your 18th birthday, and you finally have the chance to search for your mother, who's been missing for as long as you can remember. Taking the League Challenge is nothing but an excuse to explore more locations and search far and wide. But you soon find out there are bigger problems starting to ravage the region. You begin to learn of the origin of the Canòrr region as it's known today and the history of its current King and Queen. As the hidden secrets become divulged, the dots to your missing mother connect more and more. A prophecy older than time, ancient inscriptions, a mysterious royal plot, divination, and magic new and old all collide in a clash that shakes everything you have ever known. Features: > Regional Forms: Old Pokémon have strange new forms in Canòrr, with new abilities and designs, discover which ones in the game! > Pokémon Rebalances : There are a lot of Pokémon that need some love, so Im giving them and many others a couple more new moves and ways to fight. > New Moves / Abilities > New Items > Custom Mega Evolutions > Level Caps : I took the Traded mon level cap, where they stop obeying you after x level, and made that work for all Pokémon, there will be methods to decrease in level to counteract this. > Birthsigns and Zodiac Powers : Pokémon will now have some added effects out of battle, some will be able to use Flash without having the move, others will have perfect IVs in some stats, some will even increase the shiny rate. And of course, this will also help in battle. > Field Effects : This creates semi-permanent terrains in every map or location you fight in, that can boost certain aspects during a Pokémon Fight, if you've played Reborn you know what I'm talking about. > All Gen 1-8 mechanics : This one is very self explainatory and many others... First Chapter: [Released] IMPORTANT: Female lacks sprites, please play Male for now [ZIP]: https://bit.ly/ZIPDivulgence1-3 [RAR]: https://bit.ly/RARDivulgence1-3 It's a simple patch, just drop all the files in your main game folder!Also! Join our discord if you want help or want to talk with other people:https://discord.gg/9TTks3V Canòrr Region (WIP): In-depth Info: Two regional forms: Team: Credits:
  13. Q&A about a potential Beta for my game: There is no beta and there won't be a beta. If I'm going to release a game, I want it to be fully playable. So, the only time anyone will be able to play the game, is when it is 100% finished. I appreciate everyone's respect for my game, but, you will have to bide your patience, for at least another year or so, because this stuff takes time. I'm only 1 guy, and I have to pay for a lot of the stuff that's in my game. Which is up there in the 5 digit's range of money spent on this game. Greetings Pokemon fans! I am sure you are all wondering, "What is Pokemon Symphonic Horizon, and what is with the name?" Simply put: This is a game that has been in the works for a few years now, but I never really had it see the public's eye until now. As for the name, the Symphonic part of the name is to highlight the game's mystic and ominous tone, while the Horizon part symbolizes the vastness and adventure like feel to the game. Pokemon Symphonic Horizon is primarily story based, and will have you talk to characters for a good several minutes, to learn that characters backstory or just to understand their personalities. I wanted to have a game feel like a proper RPG, and capture the feeling of emotion, especially since my game's main thing is its tone. This is not a traditional Pokemon game as one would think; there are gym battles, but they are not the center piece of the story, also the game is mainly tied to a story, as I previously mentioned. I mainly wanted to create something that wasn't the same old Pokemon game that has been done a thousand times over. Instead, I wanted to portray the game with as much characterization, and personality as possible. The overarching tone of the game was meant to portray a feeling of emotion, and make the player feel what the characters are feeling. This isn't a game where you play as an avatar of yourself, but rather these characters are their own person. Which, shows at the beginning since you are not able to rename your main character or anyone else for that matter; they are ingrained into their personality, and that is what I set out to achieve. Story Anime Animation Title Screen Vice Braving Age: 16 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon Age: 18 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon 2: Dawn of a New World Quotes Marissa Brennan Age: 3 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon: Verdant Tales {End of the Road Arc} Age: 14 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon Age: 16 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon 2: Dawn of a New World Vivian Vance Age: 2 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon: Verdant Tales {Nero's Disappearance Arc} Age: 6 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon: Verdant Tales {End of the Road Arc} Age: 16 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon Age: 18 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon 2: Dawn of a New World Krista Harper Age: 16 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon Age: 18 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon 2: Dawn of a New World Hiro Monochroma Age: 1 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon: Verdant Tales {Nero's Disappearance Arc} Age: 5 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon: Verdant Tales {End of the Road Arc} Age: 15 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon Age: 17 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon 2: Dawn of a New World Allan Monochroma Age: 2 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon: Verdant Tales {Nero's Disappearance Arc} Age: 6 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon: Verdant Tales {End of the Road Arc} Age: 16 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon Age: 18 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon 2: Dawn of a New World Things That Are In My Game Variable Trainer System - You are able to use all 6 of the playable main characters throughout the game. They all utilize their own team of Pokemon and MUST be trained, or else. This script is fundamentally what makes my game what it is, and is the primary aspect of my game's plot, gameplay, and everything! (Unique Script) Day/Night System - This provides a day to night function like most Pokemon fan games nowadays. Encouragement System - This script is complicated and is used in conjunction with the Variable Trainer System, and allows for your Pokemon to get a voice of encouragement from one of the other characters that can boost one of your Pokemon's stats based on unfavorable circumstances. (Unique Script) Jumping - Marissa's exclusive acrobatic abilities used to help navigate otherwise impossible terrain. Multiple Continents to explore - Not like Regions, it is all one region, but separated into four different continents, making this one of the hugest Pokemon games that spans one region! See Region map here: Unlockable Costumes - And no to anyone who thinks that this is Trainer Customization, it is not that. This basically allows for you to unlock pre-set costumes at certain points in the game, along with side quests, and change into them at any point when unlocked. SUPER HUGE SAFARI ZONE! - Basically at the Southern Continent of Lumia, half of the continent is a Safari Zone. That in itself is enormous, and totally explorable. TM Compatibility List - Just like in Gen 6 where there is a list of compatibilites that TM's will have when you are buying them from a vendor at a store. Gen 6 Moves and Abilities - It utilizes the Gen 6 Project and all it's features. Pokemon World Tournament - Just like from Gen 5 BW2 this includes the World Tournament, or as I like to call it: The Battle Colosseum, where you go up the ranks and challenge all the leaders, and Champions! However, the Champions have to be unlocked after you complete certain side-quests. Anime Style Cutscenes - I know what you are also gonna say, "OMG, BUT ISN'T THAT HARD TO DO!?" Yes, and no. If you know the right people, and have the money and want to murder your wallet, than no it is not that hard. There are scenes in the game where there are short 5-10 second long cutscenes of anime stylized animation, and trust me, a lot of them weren't cheap :L My poor wallet OTL Very Secret Thing That I Cannot Actually Mention Yet - It is a secret for the time being. *Puts on shades and casually walks away* EV/IV System - This is for the really anal-retentive people who really love to see their EV's and IV's Wonder Trade - Everybody's favorite its Wonder Tra- oh. Mega Evolution - Who honestly doesn't know what this is? JK, but there is Mega Evolution, and it is awesome. Riding Pokemon - Yup, but only specific Pokemon, i.e. Zebstrika and Gogoat Character Abilities - Yup, this time around the main Characters now have their own abilities that can be used in battle and in the overworld. I have the abilities for the characters listed up above. Vast Postgame - After the main storyline is finished, you have the choice of re-battling the final boss or exploring Lumia for more secrets, side-quests, and Legendary Pokemon that weren't capable of being caught during the main game. Custom Moves - I have created several new original moves with their own new animations, example being Mist Blades for Greninja. 100+ TM's - YUP, even more TM's for you to sink your teeth into! Things That Aren't Going To Be in My Game Multiple Regions - I am not really a huge fan of multiple regions, especially for a story driven Pokemon Game. I mainly wanted the focus to be ON the Lumia Region and the crisis that it is undergoing, having another region added into the game would only get in the way of the plot, and that is what we call in the Writing Industry as "PADDING" and you don't want that for a primarily story driven game focused on the main region of the game. The Usual Pokemon Storyline - I wanted to make a Pokemon game that made you not go through the many things that have already been done with other Pokemon game, instead I wanted mine to feel more like an RPG where you actually stop, listen to your partners talk and let the story unfold, and have a very engaging plot that isn't focused on just getting 8 badges and fighting the Elite Four. Nuzlockeability - I know I probably just alienated a lot of people by saying that, but there is no way that you can nuzlocke this game, given that you CANNOT remove the Signature Main Pokemon of each Character. For example: Vice cannot remove Eevee from his team until you finish all of the post-game content. Vivian cannot remove Shaymin from her party. Hiro cannot remove Dialga, etc. Not only that, but the structure and just the general nature of my game basically makes it impossible to nuzlocke, since my game is also VERY non-traditional. Traditional Pokemon Starter Obtaining - Yeah, basically each character starts out with their own unique Pokemon, such Vice starting out with Eevee. However, he finds the Eevee locked inside of a sealed item box near a grave, so take that for what you will. Skit Conversations! See videos below Region Map VIDEOS!! Credits (most of these people I don't even use, I just remember making a list and they ended up in the document of credits XD) Maruno - Pokemon Essentials Luka S.J. Elite Battle Script Rialynarts - Art Designer WesleyFG =zerudez UltimoSpriter 0NegaXFMP0 Heavy-Metal-Lover TyranitarDark Alucus, Alistair, Calis projects and/or Kyledove UltimoSpriter Rossay Alstair and PHO Rayquaza zetavares852 robie392 Celiana ThatsSoWitty LotusKing MoonTIK BoOmxBiG EVoLiNa chimcharsfireworkd Minorthreat0987 WilsonScarloxy 0NegaXFMP0 Dewity zetavares852 AshnixsLaw Yani-kurai Alucus spaceemotion LogiedanT-T Aigue--marine
  14. Get ready to jump for a new pokemon adventure in BANREL. Collect 8 gym badges and challenge the pokemon league. Meet different trainers.....catch lots of pokemons. But be aware of the evil team Trident....make up your way to legendary Angelien. Visit different cities. Challenge your rivals. Help many peoples, and defeat the evil trident army. Make your self the very best like no one ever was. Solve various puzzles and make your way to your dreams. A new and expensive region, 'Banrel' 8 Gyms, Elite Four + Champion A custom dex of Pokemon from Earlier generations+Exclusive Banrelian Pokemons! An intriguing, climactic story with new, original characters New custom regional forms/variants including: Dark/Fire Arcanine, Psychic/Water Swanna and more Quests (Including optional side-quests) The ability to see ALL encounters in that area from your menu Purely GBA-Themed, with Gen 3 Styled textures,music and many new, custom remixes The Battle Tower! (Our version of the Battle Frontier) Download: https://sweeto.itch.io/pokemon-angelsdemon And https://www.pokemoner.com/2020/08/pokemon-angels.html Discord:https://discord.gg/C4Dyz42 Fandom wikia page: https://pokemon-fan-game.fandom.com/wiki/Pokemon_Angels MORE FEATURES + SCREENSHOTS Mystery Gifts! MANY Easter eggs Evil team- Team Trident Professor- Professor Avinia Champion- Hector No Z-Moves or Gigantamax Many side, optional areas where you can complete quests, find rare items and Pokémon, etc New Legendaries and New pokemons and a brand new adventure!! Try it now Whats new? Improved graphics Less dark edges Swanna new move set Some new events Super rod special event new update 7 Quote
  15. Overview Perhaps you are wondering where the "Redux" in this game's title comes from. For that, there is a long answer and a short answer. The Long: Pokémon Pumpkin is my second completed fangame, which I released in 2018. For those who know me from other sites, yes, Pokémon Castaway came out before Pumpkin. However, Pumpkin's development was finished before I agreed to join Relic Castle's Game Jam Four. Michael and I began talking because he showed up in my DMs demanding to test and I was too shy to say no volunteered to playtest Pumpkin. Things just rolled from there. A full year has passed since then. During that time I've started my most ambitious project yet with Michael, completed another tiny fangame, abandoned two other personal projects, and left the wonderful Pokémon Umbra team to focus on myself. (Alright, that should be enough plugs.) Though this is the long explanation, I won't get into the nitty-gritty. What I will say is that I've been very conflicted since the summer about the quality of my work and what I want my fangames to be. I found myself questioning everything from graphical styles to gameplay mechanics. In the end, I decided that I would remake Pokémon Pumpkin into a game I respect more. Pumpkin will never be perfect, but I wanted to do it a little more justice with the dev skills I have built up over the past year. In addition, I have to give a really big thanks to @Michael_ for all the hard work he put into this game. He helped me revamp trainer sprites, and puzzle out the logistics (or lack thereof) of coding. He dragged me out of the angst (a bit more literally than you'd think) and motivated me to finish this redux. The Short: Old game bad. New game less bad. Visual Comparisons What does this mean? 1. Can I transfer my save from old Pumpkin to Pumpkin Redux? Unfortunately, you cannot. There are a number of mapping and eventing differences that will inevitably result in softlocks, bugs, and other sequential problems. 2. Do I need to play old Pumpkin to understand Pumpkin Redux? Nope! The story's gone through a couple logistical refinements, but it's all the same in the end. 3. I found a bug in the old game, can you help me out? First of all, don't play the old version if you somehow got ahold of it. The answer is yes, but please DM me rather than posting the bug on the thread. I'd prefer to keep problems with the new game here now, so there isn't confusion. The Story The game takes place over a single day, October 31st. Being the sugar-starved child that you are, you convince your overprotective sister to let you set out on a trick-or-treating adventure across the region. Her only condition? (Beyond staying on the path, not seeking out serial killers, and looking both ways before crossing the street.) Be home before midnight. Collect candy, make some unlikely friends, and solve a few mysteries along the way! Features Screenshots Download Link Credits
  16. Pokemon Unbreakable The second version release of the adventure is here! -===============================================================================================- STORY: -===============================================================================================- Features: -===============================================================================================- Screenshots: Download: This version only goes as far as the second badge. MEGA: https://mega.nz/folder/k2AnVQSS#VyqstZH9cvHkGCziOrvxjA Google Drive: -Coming Soon- - Average Playtime is 4 Hours - -===============================================================================================- Bugs/Glitches: I am the only one working on the game so there are bound to be mistakes or things that I have missed, not an excuse but an explanation. So please report any bugs, imperfections, grammatical errors and glitches you find by direct messaging me. -===============================================================================================- Updates: In case you played the previous version i'm sorry for the almost year long delay when it really should'nt have taken this long. I had several setbacks because of broken computers and badly timed crashes which delayed me quite a lot with developing this version. Ideally I'm expecting to have a new update for the game sometime in the next month which should finish some side quests in both available towns and add/improve the catchable pokemon and puzzles already in the game. As well as clean up some of the sloppier and rushed dialogue/enviorments. I'm going to put as much of my time as possible to deliver as best an experience as I can. -===============================================================================================- Help: If you would like to help with the development of Pokemon Unbreakable in the future, whether that's beta testing the game and giving feedback or helping with the scripting or spriting for the game. Either send me a private message here or email me at TheAquaMacaw@gmail.com I welcome anyone willing to lend a hand. -===============================================================================================- Credits:
  17. So, I wanna make a fangame, but I can't, since I have MAC, and idk how to do this stuff. I will do the first part of the game here. So, the game will have the title screen, and then it starts out like this: ???: "Hello? Is anyone there? Oh, there you are; I've been waiting for you. You are gonna be joining our little league here. We basically have 18 gyms for you to fight, and if you beat them, you battle the champion and win. So, what's your name and gender?" Player choose name and gender of m/f ???: "OK then, btw, I'm Geo, the CHAMPION! So, get yourself registered the rest of the way in the league corp room. It's the big building in town." The player gets teleported to town, right in front of the big building The player enters the building Lg Staff: "Welcome challenger, are you here for registration?" If answered Yes: "OK then, we will have you registered here, now go to the hall behind me and pick a starting Pokemon. If answered no: "Well then, come back if you wanna finish up registration." The player comes up to the hall to find Geo waiting to give the player their starter. Geo:"Hello there >player<, here, you pick your starter. Here, you can choose all starters as of 2020,and they will have hidden abilities too." The player picks their starter and nicknames it(optional) Geo:" OK, there you go. Here, have some Pokeballs, I have no use for them." player receives pokeballs Player exits the room "Oh hi, my name is Nick. I am a genwunner btw, so u know wut dat means. Prepare to die lol." Genwunner Nick is your rival. He is a genwunner, and he will have kanto starter. He is a friendly rival, unlike Fern. Genwunner Nick: Lv. 5 Charmander: Tackle/Growl Nature: Timid Item: None Prize: 100 dollars after battle regardless of result "Aww, well, that was fun anyway. I kind of like you, but not in the whole bf/gf way. Anyway, catch ya later!" This is the beginning of the game. It gets harder from here.
  18. Get ready to jump for a new pokemon adventure in BANREL. Collect 8 gym badges and challenge the pokemon league. Meet different trainers.....catch lots of pokemons. But be aware of the evil team Trident....make up your way to legendary Angelien. Visit different cities. Challenge your rivals. Help many peoples, and defeat the evil trident army. Make your self the very best like no one ever was. Solve various puzzles and make your way to your dreams. A new and expensive region, 'Banrel' 8 Gyms, Elite Four + Champion A custom dex of Pokemon from Earlier generations+Exclusive Banrelian Pokemons! An intriguing, climactic story with new, original characters New custom regional forms/variants including: Dark/Fire Arcanine, Psychic/Water Swanna and more Quests (Including optional side-quests) The ability to see ALL encounters in that area from your menu Purely GBA-Themed, with Gen 3 Styled textures,music and many new, custom remixes The Battle Tower! (Our version of the Battle Frontier) Download: https://sweeto.itch.io/pokemon-angelsdemon And https://www.pokemoner.com/2020/08/pokemon-angels.html MORE FEATURES + SCREENSHOTS Mystery Gifts! MANY Easter eggs Evil team- Team Trident Professor- Professor Avinia Champion- Hector No Z-Moves or Gigantamax Many side, optional areas where you can complete quests, find rare items and Pokémon, etc New Legendaries and New pokemons and a brand new adventure!! Try it now new update 7 Quote
  19. i've been making a fan game of, well did read the title. The story take place in the Region of Kivira, the region is created by many Legendary Pokemons powers said from the regions myth. Some say the Legendary Pokemon is still watching over everyone. Some say anyone can use their powers to their own person deeds, like Team Void. Pokemon count 809 (currently) 18 gyms (planned) a region based on the following Florida, Georgia, DC, Virginia (DC), and Colorado. a comic (working on til after chapter 1 release) a discord link https://discord.gg/WsdV4dB if you have any question feel like to comment or ask me on discord (no pinging, i'll get to them i promise)
  20. Greetings everyone. Some time after finishing Pokemon Reborn V17, I started working on my own pokemon game. Since the "Field Effect" was excellent, I used Pokemon Reborn as foundation for my first game. While Reborn introduced many interesting concept and cool-dark story while sticking to canon as close as possible, I took approach to change/rebalance many concepts in pokemon. After intense testing and bug-searching, I finished the demo. Goggle Drive Link - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XDRfH55Inby8zHvHqmpEUuYWxrz4cx4w/view Megafire link - http://www.mediafire.com/file/bppnn6pcm2pedr9/Pokemon+Empire+-+Demo+V2.zip Megaupload Link - https://megaupload.nz/MdD0I2x7nb/Pokemon_Empire_-_Demo_V2_zip This game takes place in "Natarian Empire" which is located on different continent than other regions. It have its own goverment and introduce pokemon from all over the world (the closest one being Alola and Orange Islands). Together with five other trainers you'll participate in partner-choosing ceremony. You'll face masters, trials and dangers as you and your rivals will go for the top. This Empire is famous for its numerous attempt on training/improving weak pokemon, so on your journey you see old and underrated pokemon in a few light. Improved stats, new mid-evolutions and expanded move-pool. If you have a favorite pokemon which has been falling behind everyone else, you may find him better than ever in the Natarian Empire. Instead of evil team you'll face the rebellion forces who disagree with how the Empire is ruled and you just happened to be on the opposite side. Be warned, they won't hesitate to take your life if you let them. There are credits at the end of the demo, but I am currently working to make proper credits in Readme document that will be added into the game. Here is a list of features: Please give this demo a chance and give me your feedback. The success/failure of this demo will determine my motivation to turn it into a full game. Also, while I am trying to improve many weak pokemon (by buffing their base stats, rebalancing their movepool, maybe adding another type to them), it takes at least 1 day for me to come up with a well-balanced evolution line. If you have a favorite pokemon or just wish for specific pokemon to be reborn as a better pokemon, feel free to post them here, and if I'll find your suggestion to be well-balanced and fitting, I may add them into the game. (You get your favorite pokemon kick ass and I can finish the game faster, everyone wins). If you wish to suggest an improved pokemon, please submit them in this form: Name=Pichu InternalName=PICHU Type1=ELECTRIC BaseStats=45,45,25,80,25,40 (In here are pokemon base stats: Base Hp, Base Atk, Base Def, Base speed, Base Sp.Attack, Base Sp.Defense) GenderRate=Female50Percent (It can be "Alwaysmale, Alwaysfemale, Female75%Percent, Female25%Percent") GrowthRate=Erratic (Erratic level up extremely quickly, Fast is for pokemon like Charmander, Snivy, Litten and so on, Medium is for mid-evolutions, Parabolic, Slow for fully evolved pokemon) BaseEXP=70 (How much exp your pokemon gain by winning battle. Pichu is around 70, Mid-evolution would be around 140 while fully evolved pokemon would be around 230) EffortPoints=0,0,0,1,0,0 (Gain of EV after defeating this pokemon) Rareness=175 (How hard it is to catch it. The highest number, the easiest it is to catch this pokemon. Legendary pokemon have 5 value). Happiness=70 (Starting Happiness, not really important). Abilities=STATIC (Ability. Introducing different ability to specific pokemon is encouraged, as long as new ability is fitting). Moves=1,FAKEOUT,1,CHARM,1,NUZZLE,5,DOUBLESLAP,12,QUICKATTACK,13,SWEETKISS,15,AGILITY,16,SPARK,30,MQUICKATTACK,35,MEGAPUNCH,40,THUNDERPUNCH,50,WILDCHARGE EggMoves=BIDE,ENCORE,ENDURE,FLAIL,LUCKYCHANT,REVERSAL,THUNDERPUNCH,TICKLE,WISH (Level it learns this move, Name of move). Compatibility=Undiscovered StepsToHatch=2805 Height=0.3 (If you feel height is too small or too big for how pokemon look in the anime, it can be changed here). Weight=2.0 (If you feel weight is too small or too big for how heavy this pokemon is in the anime. it can be changed here). Color=Yellow Habitat=Forest Kind=Tiny Mouse Pokedex=Pichu's tiny appearance can be very misleading. Those who underestimate them often end up getting pushed back by their unexpected strength. FormNames=,Spiky-Eared WildItemCommon=ORANBERRY BattlerPlayerY=15 BattlerEnemyY=22 BattlerAltitude=0 Evolutions=PIKACHU,Level,18 (In which pokemon it evolve, what level it evolve) And if you wish to have two variants of the same pokemon, each having different ability. Name=Pichu InternalName=PICHU2 Type1=ELECTRIC Type2=FAIRY BaseStats=40,25,23,80,45,47 (As you can see, this pokemon have strong special attack and weak attack since this variant focus on specal attacks) GenderRate=Female50Percent GrowthRate=Erratic BaseEXP=70 EffortPoints=0,0,0,1,0,0 Rareness=175 Happiness=70 Abilities=LIGHTNINGROD Moves=1,THUNDERSHOCK,1,CHARM,1,DISARMINGVOICE,8,SWEETKISS,14,NASTYPLOT,15,DOUBLETEAM,16,THUNDERWAVE,17,DRAININGKISS,18,SHOCKWAVE,35,DISCHARGE,40,DAZZLINGGLEAM,50,VOLTSWITCH EggMoves=BESTOW,BIDE,CHARGE,DOUBLESLAP,ELECTRICTERRAIN,ENCORE,ENDURE,LUCKYCHANT,TICKLE,WISH Compatibility=Undiscovered StepsToHatch=2805 Height=0.3 Weight=2.0 Color=Yellow Habitat=Forest Kind=Tiny Mouse Pokedex=Pichu's tiny appearance can be very misleading. Those who underestimate them often end up getting pushed back by their electric attacks or Disarming Voice. FormNames=,Spiky-Eared WildItemCommon=ORANBERRY BattlerPlayerY=15 BattlerEnemyY=22 BattlerAltitude=0 Evolutions=PIKACHU2,Level,18 I'll try my best to introduce changes to as many pokemon as possible, but if you feel creative and feel like helping out, I promise to take your suggestion into consideration. Just keep in mind that Natarian Empire is a place where pokemon grow strong and learn new moves in balanced way. TM and HM are not included (There will be move tutors and move-relearning, but no TMs). I appologise for my flawed english as it is not my main language.
  21. Recruiting Positions available: Sprite artwork Sound Mapping Scripting Character Sprites Current team members: Lead Wirter - Luxintra, Postion Open Co Writer - Monika, pkchu, MysticCharizard10 Music - Pere Sound - Luxintra, Postion Open Mapping - Luxintra, Postion Open Sprites - Wulfx, Cyber, RealTeddyRed, Luxintra, Postion Open Scripting - Luxintra, Postion Open Special Thanks to - Kymeara, Mega Wobbuffet, M1ntyfr3shd4n, Hawei,jock_butt, Nina, Mythra, Deadpola, Steven_Y Artwork- GregAndrade
  22. Hey, everyone! It's been a little bit since Pokemon Rehabilitation released, and now It's time for version 2! Just like last time, I'll split up all of the information. 1: General Info Many new features and stuff have arrived for v2. This includes: Vastly superior game speed (By Pia Carrot) Better Main character visuals Team Ace actually doing something Custom tiles A Pokedex that doesn't crash the game And more! 2: Precautions for playing the game Rehab has lots of flashing effects, so do not play if you have epilepsy or seizures! You may want to make a new save file. If you continue from an existing game, attempting to open the Pokedex will crash the game. 3: Known Bugs If you're not on small screen size, the flashing effects only cover a fourth of the screen. Part of the trees on one of the new maps can be walked through. I tried to fix this, but it didn't work. Hopefully this'll be corrected in v3 or beyond. The improved game speed will not activate until you have beaten the first gym. 4: Download and Screenshots Download https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fZNrt7mBYaYuQQNb7-HvpfGfF-IQhWhN Screenshots https://imgur.com/a/fOWmvKh 5: Parting words I hope you have fun with v2! Please report any bugs/errors/feedback as it will help improve future versions of the game. If you like this kinda stuff, here's the dev blog. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iPZe1dG4KPHkvB4z-PVhvULAyyqhlTD9dya2ih5EcXQ/edit Cheers!
  23. Pokemon Unbreakable Intro: Hello, my name is AquaMacaw but you can call me A.M. for short. I've been a longtime admirer of anyone who creates, especially when it involves a story with it's own world to accompany it. And after finding this community, that is already so accepting of people's creative projects. I feel comfortable enough to finally tell a story that will at the very least give you a sense of adventure. STORY: DEMO: Help: As of right now the most important thing I need is help with is Spriting. If you are confident in your ability to do pixel art, I would LOVE your help.
  24. [Proper banner forthcoming. Please wait warmly] "On the ancient fields of Kaiyomi, a catastrophic battle between two entities occurred, resulting in the complete change of the Zirconial Continent forever... now, far into the future, their conflict will finally reach its conclusion." ---------------- Welcome back to another round of "Derxwna Makes Games", starring The Badman himself, Derxwna Kapsyla! Today's project is one that's near and dear to my heart, something I've been planning and working and reworking on over and over, on and off, for over a decade now. A project I refer to as "Yitria Resurrection". Yitria Resurrection is a Pokemon-based Fangame built in the Pokemon Essentials engine. It plays like your traditional Pokemon game (Gym-Driven Story, Pokemon League, etc), and will be relatively easy to get into (unlike my Touhoumon projects, which have the 36 element type chart from the depths of the Abyss). The game itself tells the story of Robin Grace and their travels throughout the Yitria Region on their way to becoming strong enough to get recognized by the International Pokemon League Committee, and receive an invitation to the prestigious Grand League Tournament. To do this, they register for the Yitria League Circuit, which consists of the traditional fare of challenges for would-be Masters; the eight regional gyms, and the ever-challenging Pokemon League. The going isn't easy, as not all the Yitrian Leaders and Elite adhere to the traditional method of challenging trainers; from synthetic Pokemon to those associated with defensive strategies, going as far back as the ancient past to the far reaches of space, the Best of the Best choose to have their challengers build diverse teams, ready to take on anything. Every game has to have a list of features that makes them stand out, to really let the players know what sets this apart from the other games on the block. And, while this game may be simple, it does have its fair share of unique features! A list of them can be read below. Pokemon and game mechanics up to the 6th Generation (the 7th Generation will be added- eventually! At the very least, certain aspects will be!) A simple game, a simple plot. A goal to become the strongest trainer in the region, and an evil team to try and stop. We're really going back to our foundation here! Regional Variants! ...When I get the proper sprites and code for some of them! Two new Pokemon, one of them being the well-known MissingNo itself, the "box legendary" of this game. It'll even have a unique ability just for it! A Journal system so you can keep track of where you are in the game, as well as the sidequests you've undertaken. A "Sandbox Mode" that, when the game is finished, will allow you to have total control over how you want to play the game. In the current demo releases, it is inaccessible and incomplete. You can see examples of how this works in my mod for Pokemon Reborn, as well as the Sandbox Mode for Touhoumon Purple made by Agastya. That's it. No new types, no Shadow Pokemon, no second region, no super sprawling plot that'll take 100 hours to complete. This is me reigning myself back in, and using everything I've learned about game design, both in the philosophy and practicality, and putting it to use. Other "features" that I've probably forgot to list, but will put here when I remember them! If that's not enough to pique your interest, have some screenshots to go along with the features list! They show off some of the features in action! Everyone loves bug lists! It means they can see what bugs are known about and can be fixed, or are in the process of being fixed! That way, people don't have to report them, right? Hahaha......................... Tier 3 - Serious Game Breaking/Mechanic Altering Bugs Nothing has been listed here yet! Tier 2 - In the process of fixing You might see a Black Void around the edge of some maps. While this doesn't break the game, it does look tacky. I am in the process of rectifying these, so if you notice any in the latest build please point them out to me! Not really a bug but annoying; Some music tracks are too loud or quiet. I am in the process of adjusting the tracks so they're at a more uniform volume. Some music tracks don't loop properly. If you spot one that doesn't, hit me up. Tier 1 - Almost unnoticeable Nothing has been listed here yet! Tier 0 - I am fully aware of these and, for various reasons, cannot fix them Move animations still use the generic Type-animations as part of Essentials. Unless you want to make custom animations for each and every move, this is unlikely to be rectified. I suggest playing with animations disabled. Yes, I am aware several graphics are generic. They are placeholders until I can get some proper assets for NPCs. Please do not tell me of this, unless you are offering to rectify this issue yourself. In which case, please contact me at your leisure! Help is appreciated! It's very possible I missed some bugs in this list. If you notice any I forgot, relay them to me and I'll have throw them here and try to fix them if I can! As always, unless I specifically say otherwise on release, I suggest saving inside a house or a Pokemon Center. Changes have been, and will continue to be, made to outside maps to revise them. This section is where you can find the current build of the game, as well as the Quick Patches associated with that release. Quick Patches are little releases that fix small bugs, as these bugs usually don't warrant a total reupload and rerelease (this was done to spare my internet connection...). Detailed instructions on how to install Quick Patches will be provided alongside the download for the patch itself. Current Version: Demo 1 (Released: June 1st, 2019) Current Quick Patch: None I am not going to deny the people who's work contributed to this project their due credit. While a master list of the credits is included with the download itself, I will list everyone here and update accordingly. If you wish to contact me for any reason regarding the game, you're free to leave a message on this thread, shoot me a PM on here, contact me on the Discord Server, or find me on my various social media hangouts, such as my personal Tumblr account, or my personal Twitter account..
  25. Hey, everyone! How's it going? A long time ago, I announced Pokemon Rehabilitation to the public. It's been over a year since then, and I am deeply sorry. I procrastinated a lot and didn't give Rehab the attention it deserved. This past week, I decided to just get it out the door. And now we're here. There's a lot to say, so here we go! 1: What is Pokemon Rehabilitation? Pokemon Rehab is a Fangame made by me using Maruno's Pokemon Essentials. It's pretty so-so right now, but don't worry! There will be many more updates and therefore many more improvements. The whole idea is that you, the player, are hired by the Safari Zone warden. A certain event (that I won't say for spoilers) happens at the start of the game, and all the Pokemon escape from the Safari Zone! A key theme is getting those Pokemon back to where they belong. Of course, no Pokemon game could exist without gyms, and Rehab has 24 of them! (18 for types and 6 for stats) In this first release, you can challenge the first gym and save one Safari Zone Pokemon. There are also some other things, but the overall experience is rather linear. The game will be like this for a little while to establish a foundation. Also, Rehab is hard. Maybe not Reborn-level hard, but It's not easy. That's the goal, in case you were wondering. 2: Bugs and other junk As this is my first game, there are many issues. I've combated these to my best efforts, but that doesn't mean everything is spick and span. Please report any bugs, imperfections, and glitches you find. Below are some known problems: -The title screen is kinda bad (Not a bug, just a warning for quality title screen seekers) -Screen flashes and the intro only cover a fourth of the screen on Large or full screen size -The male and female ace trainers don't have an overworld sprite to match their battle sprite. 3: The Mystery Gift For the first week of release, you can receive a special Mystery Gift! Upon being picked up from the Pokemart, take the gift to a hiker on Route 1. He will give you a special Squirtle. If anyone wants info about this blue fool (Don't worry, you'll see why I called him a fool once you have him), please tell me and I'll update this post. 4: The Download --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WARNING: Do not play Pokemon Rehabilitation if you have epilepsy, seizures, or something else triggered by flashing lights. Rehab has many flashing light sequences. Also, It's recommended to play on Small or Medium screen size due to the screen flash/intro bug. v2 is out now! You can find the download here: (Sorry It's only on Google Drive. I don't like MediaFire or Mega because you can randomly pick up viruses from them.) Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/fOWmvKh Pro Tip: Contrary to popular belief, you do NOT need WinZip to play the game. If you right click on the file and click "Extract files", then you should be able to access the Game file without any hassle. One more thing: Please tell me If there are download-related problems. I've never posted a game for anyone to download before, so I'm not entirely sure what people may experience. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5: You can help! There are some future things I'd like to add to the game. If you have any knowledge on how to do any of the stuff listed below, that'd be great! -Fixing the Screen Flash/Intro bug -Converting HMs into items (Or at least making it possible to replace HMs with regular moves like in Reborn) And that's It! I hope you enjoy Rehab! Again, if there's any issues or ideas, please tell me. I want the game to be the best it can be! Stay cool, friends!
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