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Found 9 results

  1. Haru's Mod Depot Reborn Welcome to my mod dump Mod Depot! This post will contain all of of my mods specfic to Reborn! My Rejuvenation mods can be found in the post for Pokemon Rejuvenation. How to Install: Navigate to the \Data\ folder Create a new folder named "Mods" Paste any downloaded files in that folder (unless specified otherwise) You're all set! Move Relearner Mod A Pokemon: Legends Arceus inspired mod! This mod automatically adds moves you purchase via shards to your specific Pokemon's movelist permanently! These cannot be passed down via breeding and only apply to the specific Pokemon. If you have two Torterra that you want to learn Outrage you'll still need to teach it to both of them. In addition, you can now relearn moves through your party menu! Select a Pokemon and just click "Learn Moves." Changelog: - Fixed an issue where the moves taught by TM would be added to their movelist - Fixed an issue where the game would attempt to load the movelist of a Pokemon with no moves to relearn - Fixed an issue where the game would say a Pokemon had no relearnable moves when they did Download: Google Drive EggBall Mod This time we have a returning classic of Pokemon Insurgence! When you hatch an egg, you will now be prompted to replace the default ball (Poke Ball if gifted, or whatever ball was bred) with another ball! You can give your Pokemon a shiny new Glitter Ball or you can be best of friends with a Friend Ball! This WILL remove the selected ball from your bag, so don't go using that Reborn Ball all willy-nilly! Download: Google Drive Move Display Mod This mod simply displays move typings correctly based on various parameters! Examples of which include Hidden Power showing its proper typing, Judgment/Multi Attack/Technoblast corresponding to their items, and abilities such as Galvanize and Normalize correctly showing their effective typing! Changelog: - Fixed an typo where "GENESECT" wasn't named as "PBSpecies::GENESECT" Download: Google Drive More mods coming soon*! Hint: think Randomizer enhancements. *soon:tm:, finals coming up lol
  2. I know she's chillin outside her house but I don't know where this careless woman's key is and i require her services ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Sorry if I broke any rules on posting and thanks in advance for the help. Feel free to berate me if this isn't the place for this post, I'm #new.
  3. Hi and Welcome to V13: Vague Clarity & V1: Where Love Lies Item Guide PLEASE UPDATE YOUR GAME BEFORE SEARCHING AND ASKING ABOUT ITEMS The guide is complete as of the latest version with the items I found myself in the game, it might include some spoilers so be warned! If you find any more items I haven't included, please comment bellow from where you can find them. Make sure to use the itemfinder later once you get it, it's very useful and handy while you search! Mark Indications: + mark before the item name indicates that the item is visible, a similar symbol shown on its place as follows: - Red Pokéball for General items. - Yellow Pokéball for TMs and HMs. - Blue and Green Pokéballs and Shiny Symbol for some Key items. - Light Blue Pokéball for Mega Stones. - Gray Pokéball for Z-Crystals - Purple Pokéball for Crests. - Black Pokéball for Data Files on Rift Pokémon. - Green Sparkling Crystals for Zygarde Cells. .Have Fun Hunting.
  4. Hello reborns! Simple question: Some time ago I heard about a move tutor in 7th street which can teach KnockOff and IronHead. What do i have to do, so i get access to this tutor? Which other moves can he teach my pokémons? I already finished the Job Application Quest, but he isn't there yet.
  5. Does somebody know where I can find a person that can learn my Honchkrow Superpower? Is there even one?
  6. hello. i've just joined the forums if their is a new or welcome area i may post later but while new here not entirely new to pokemone though i've only played a handful of generations. Anyway to start i wanted to ask for advice any kind of tips and trip that could be useful or useful to reborn specifically. second i've already noticed myself that many items and resources become scarce if you use the too quickly or are just unlucky especially pokedollars or certain items. i've heard that its possible to steal or take them from pokemon. i gather that its from a move or ability but i'm not sure how that works or how to go about farming items it seems to be one of the only ways to adjust or cut losses from say crazy usage or whiting/blacking out. I would pose more questions possibly easier to find like if certain things like exp share or leftovers are possible to get . how many pokemon are currently freely available(you can get them for sure basically 'will' get if you "DO THIS" or many chance over hey theirs one like legendary's in other games. or where is move tutor's key is she/he useful. what heartscale's and/or shards/stones are for and other items with no real description or odd ones like the iron ball. And finally are training items useful. Ps. i've heard shinx is really good in reborn if you can i guess get the coins is this true if so why?
  7. So, as the title says... does anyone know where she lost her key? Because I wasn't lucky on my quest to find it...
  8. So I got a few shards from mining and I remember them being for move tutors or evo stones in past Pokemon games but was wondering what they were for in Reborn. I have heard rumor of a shard move tutor but have never seen one in game, nor have I seen a post saying where they are if they do exist. If someone were to clarify this for me that would be great.
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