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Found 23 results

  1. Hello Rejuvenators. I am making this thread for those who want to put down their own theories on what is going to happen in V13, characters, and etc. I also made this thread just to have the actual discussion thread to stay on-topic. So, go ham on any theories you have whether it be long or short, to the point or complicated, logical or insane, or it is just straight up a meme theory. I do have a few rules for this thread, but it isn't going to limit any theories or discussions on those theories. Rule 1: Don't make fun of anyone's theories. Rule 2: Have Fun With all of t
  2. Does anyone know the theme that is played when you are battling against your protagonist counterpart in chapter 15 (v13)?
  3. Hi and Welcome to V13: Vague Clarity Item Guide The guide might not be complete, and those are all the items I found myself in the game, it might include some spoilers so be warned! If you find any more items please comment bellow from where you can find them. Make sure to use the itemfinder later once you get it, it's very useful and handy while you search! Marks: + mark before the item name indicates that the item is visible, a similar symbol shown on its place as follows: - Red Pokéball for General items. - Yellow Pokéball for TMs and
  4. Has anyone actually managed to beat this thing? I'm on intense mode, and I've tried basically everything. It takes forever just to break through the shields because of its insane defence- each shield takes around 3-5 hits, depending on the pokemon in question, and it has 5 of them. But okay, sure, there's Ren helping you by lowering its offences and speed- it's ultimately a 2 on 1 match. Except it just ends up devolving into a stall war. It's ability basically applies a stockpile and leftovers recovery at the end of the turn, so even after, by some miracle, I manage to break through
  5. Anyone know what pokemon can be evolved with this besides the munna you find in the base?
  6. Trying to get Xen Waste for my boi A-Paras, and apparently its a by-product of the beldum fight, which needs 15k red essence. I'm only really getting 250 essence after knocking out the pokemon in the dens, and i can't seem to catch them, they keep swatting my pokeballs away. is there any way to get red essence faster?
  7. If anyone could tell me where some of the bug type Pokemon are (minus the like starter ones cus I already got them basically), it'd be really appreciated. Also, can anyone tell me where Ditto is? Thanks! :D
  8. Somewhat disappointed that Cinderace doesn't learn Slash and Burn. If the wiki is accurate, it would mean that it's the only fire starter not to learn it. I understand that Libero might give it somewhat of an advantage compared to, for example, blaziken with the move, but greninja can learn the move even with protean. Oh well, c'est la vie.
  9. Has anyone figured out how to get this specific cell? I went into the cave that leads to it but there's an unbreakable rock in the way and I searched the island but I saw no paths that get me on the other side. Also I have 83 cells so far but I can't find the others as well so if anyone can link me a guide on each cells location that would be most appreciated.
  10. I was exploring old areas and decided to see if anything changed with the Help Centers and in the Sheridan center The Hidden Library 2 quest was expired but I definitely completed the Hidden Library quest line. Is this an error or am I an idiot that somehow skipped it and went straight to 3?
  11. I have attempted to patch my V13 game with the 13.0.2 patch, and I get the error attached. This also happened when I attempted to download and run the pre-patched V13.0.2 game. The error seems self-explanatory. The item showing the program in which sequence to run the provided scripts doesn't exist. Luckily I backed up my unpatched V13 so I can still continue playing on that.
  12. Just in case someone wants to if you visit Florin outside the botanical garden he reveals that he will take lead of bladestar while running for mayor and invites you to join which I did so if anyone wants to join the new bladestar here's how.
  13. Like in title, I need to find a Moon Stone and a Dawn Stone. I heard that the moon was hidden in goldenleaf and dawn was in wispy, but they are nowhere to be found. Help me please, I need to get them not late in the game... I'm sorry if it's the wrong section
  14. title says it all....i pressed all blue buttons but still can't progress anywhere! any help so onto avian forms i still don't know how the hell does avian chandelure evolve? where to find avian lapras, mismagius or ampharos!
  15. how... how do i beat hazuki on intense i get one shotted and the automatic trick room isnt helping
  16. Thorough out V13 when you play as the other characters in the pathways sometimes an option will appear that will give you the option to fight alone or team up with another character for example when Nim attacks Melia, Ren, and Venam you as Melia can team with either or fight Nim by yourself I chose the alone option and there was altered dialogue with Nim commenting on how she gets beat by Melia without help. Does anyone think this option changes anything such as relationships or future plot or was it simply a difficulty option?
  17. Got the Treecko terrain bug where every field after catching him was the corrupted cave. This got real annoying cause it didn't let me get the new regional Anyway it seems to have fixed itself after I loaded up a different save in v12 and then loaded my bugged save up in v13 again and now terrains are back to normal.
  18. What are your guys thoughts on the ending of v13 all the questions that were answered of other characters including the revelation we as the players are otherworldly beings inhabiting the body of multiple souls and are perceived differently in appearance by each character?
  19. im up to the part where i have to battle angie and cera and its literately impossible ive also seen other ppl with different and better mons and im stuck with a DubWool
  20. Although it does seem to use the Defense stat in the calculations, it doesn't look like the Claydol Crest factors Defense raises into the damage calculation. Using Cosmic Power didn't increase the strength of any of my moves. Is this an intentional change in behavior?
  21. so i am at the anagram puzzle at axis high and could not solve it for the life of me the anagram in question is: BATTLES ROUND risa says that its labor but with better wording. please help i am really bad with anagrams i have tried ants trouble, labor and more and still couldn't get past
  22. Usually to play fan games on my chromebook (since my acer laptop broke recently) I’ve been using joiplay. But it seems that V13 doesn’t work with joiplay atm. So if anyone has any other methods to play on a chromebook that would be great. Linux seems like an option but idk how to set up to play fangames. Wanna explore if there are any other options before having to spend money on a new laptop/pc
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