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  1. So, I had a blast recently with my intense monobug run and i decided to rank my mons into a tier list just for fun xD Tier ranking details: As for individual mons: Summary of Bug's strats: Yeah that's it, bugs are actually quite good when it comes to monotype (Am I sounding like Bennett lol), fellow bug enthusiasts feel free to share your thoughts hehe Btw I did compile all fights on my youtube, maybe leave a view if you're interested? https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiqPolgGCOXKrzDL10Ngj3dvct5Dbzc3D
  2. Hello Rejuvenators. I am making this thread for those who want to put down their own theories on what is going to happen in V13, characters, and etc. I also made this thread just to have the actual discussion thread to stay on-topic. So, go ham on any theories you have whether it be long or short, to the point or complicated, logical or insane, or it is just straight up a meme theory. I do have a few rules for this thread, but it isn't going to limit any theories or discussions on those theories. Rule 1: Don't make fun of anyone's theories. Rule 2: Have Fun With all of that out of the way. Let the theorizing begin. Also, quick note: BEWARE OF SPOILERS.
  3. Ever wanted quicker, easier, and more efficient Pick-Up grinding that you could take along the go? Look no further- this mod allows for pokemon rejuvenation players to immediately and automatically receive pickup items in their bag after the ability activates post-battle. Pokemon with the ability pick-up also no longer need to be itemless for the ability to activate. Installation: - Go to your Pokemon Rejuvenation Folder. - Open up the scripts folder. - Look for "PokemonField.rb" - Rename it to "#PokemonField.rb" - Download and drag the following file into the scripts folder. Do not rename this one. PokemonField.rb Happy hunting! o7
  4. Hii~ Welcome to Haru's Mod Depot! IF YOU USE ANY MODS, THERE IS A POSSIBILITY THAT THE GAME MAY BREAK. Mod Sections: Quality of Life Mods Add-On Mods Developer Tools Mod List: Time Change Defunct Debug PC Search Raid Den Encounter Rates Randomizer Better Fishing NPC Importer How to Install: Step 1: Head to the /Data/ folder in the Rejuvenation files. Step 2: Create a new folder named "Mods" if there is not already one there. Step 3: Move the file downloaded from below into your "Mods" folder. Step 4: Open the game and have fun! Have fun with the mods and look forward to any other mods I add in the future! Quality of Life Mods: These mods are various little mods made because I got slightly impatient with the normal methods of doing things. Time Change Mod: to be updated This mod is based on V12 of Rejuvenation, therefore some aspects are slightly broken. I recommend instead using Gym's version instead. Link: Time Change Mod Note: Changing the time may reset the day to Sunday. PC Search Mod: Hit "S" while in the PC to search. Functions similarly to the search feature in the Pixelmon Mod for Minecraft. Link: PC Search Raid Den Encounter Rates Mod: This mod saves you the trouble of grinding out Raid Dens to get that silly Solosis you spent an hour resetting for help me. Based loosely off the Encounter Rates Mod from the Rejuvenation Modular Modpack. To use the old Encounter Rates mod, edit the file in Notepad and remove the line that just says "return." Link: Raid Den Encounter Rates Add-On Mods: These mods add significantly more to the game than just a change here and there to make life easier. Defunct Debug: This mod uses the in-game debug features with some slight modifications: You may instantly revert a Shadow Pokemon through the Party Debug option. Certain features were removed from the Pause Menu Debug screen. The original Debug menu has not been overwritten and is still accessible if Debug is enabled in the scripts. These features are: Download: Haru - Debug.rb Randomizer Mod: As it states, a randomizer! This is a simple one. Every time a Pokemon is made, be it Trainer Battles, Wild Encounters, Eggs, Gifts, it is changed to something else. This means you can reset on all those annoying battles like Lorna and Geara2 until they have 6 Pidgey! Of course it might be faster to beat them regularly than roll 6 Pidgey in the randomizer... Link: Randomizer Better Fishing Mod: This mod takes the old, boring fishing mechanics and makes them...slightly different. While facing water, press "A" to select a rod from your bag, and being to fish! There is a significantly higher likelihood of catching something, although it may be a Pokemon or an item! I would assign it another button but we don't have the entire Input module for some reason? Oh well. Features: Auto hooking! Gone are the days of having to time that pesky button press. New odds for fishing! Reel in anything: 80% Reel in a Pokemon: 65% (52% total) Reel in an item: 35% (28% total) Common: 60% Uncommon: 30% Rare: 10% Lucky: 0% (See abilities) Reel in nothing: 20% Various items may appear instead, depending on what rod you use and what abilities your Pokemon have. Ability functions: Sticky Hold/Stench/Sweet Veil: Increase the success chance of fishing by 50% Pickup/Magnet Pull: Switch the odds of reeling in an item versus a Pokemon Drizzle/Primordial Sea: Increases the odds of rarer items Common: ~43% Uncommon: ~43% Rare: ~14% Lucky: 0% (See abilities) Victory Star: Guarantees the highest applicable item rarity. Super Luck: Enables items from the Lucky pools: Common: 0% Uncommon: 60% Rare: 30% Lucky: 10% Cute fishing failure messages To add your own: Open the file in Notepad or any other text editor Find section of code that matches with: funnymessages = [ _INTL("..."), _INTL("..."), _INTL("..."), _INTL("...") ] Add in your own by following the format shown, as such (Don't forget the comma!!): funnymessages = [ _INTL("..."), _INTL("..."), _INTL("..."), _INTL("..."), _INTL("<NEW MESSAGE>") ] Download: HMD - Better Fishing.rb Developer Tools: These tools are for developers like myself who need to add things to parts of the game that Modular Mods typically cannot do. NPC Importer Tool: This tool lets you can add new NPCs into the game without owning RPG Maker XP, with a little bit of finagling. One method I got lazy for and didn't feel like coding, but I still wanted to put out the tool, so here it is :P Download: (Read the README!!!) NPC Importer.zip
  5. Like in title, I need to find a Moon Stone and a Dawn Stone. I heard that the moon was hidden in goldenleaf and dawn was in wispy, but they are nowhere to be found. Help me please, I need to get them not late in the game... I'm sorry if it's the wrong section
  6. Here's the Monotype guide sorted by type. Italics means the Pokemon evolves into that type or you must change the Pokemon’s Form for it to become that type Underline means the Pokemon loses that type Bold indicates Legendaries *Asterisks* means that the Pokemon has a Mega Evolution of the type Unobtainable Mons are the Pokemon that are not obtainable in-game, Including choices such as MEgg and Starters Bug Dark Dragon Electric Fairy Fighting Fire Flying Grass Ground Ghost Ice Normal Poison Psychic Rock Steel Water And That's it!, Comment If there are any mistakes. I'll try to edit it.
  7. Hi and Welcome to V13: Vague Clarity & V1: Where Love Lies Item Guide PLEASE UPDATE YOUR GAME BEFORE SEARCHING AND ASKING ABOUT ITEMS The guide is complete as of the latest version with the items I found myself in the game, it might include some spoilers so be warned! If you find any more items I haven't included, please comment bellow from where you can find them. Make sure to use the itemfinder later once you get it, it's very useful and handy while you search! Mark Indications: + mark before the item name indicates that the item is visible, a similar symbol shown on its place as follows: - Red Pokéball for General items. - Yellow Pokéball for TMs and HMs. - Blue and Green Pokéballs and Shiny Symbol for some Key items. - Light Blue Pokéball for Mega Stones. - Gray Pokéball for Z-Crystals - Purple Pokéball for Crests. - Black Pokéball for Data Files on Rift Pokémon. - Green Sparkling Crystals for Zygarde Cells. .Have Fun Hunting.
  8. I made this without realizing there's a built in search feature already. This is not the best search feature, so I recommend using the built in one. It's faster and doesn't require you to have an open party slot. Pokemon Storage Search Mod Another QoL mod I decided to make that probably wasn't even needed. This mod simply lets you search your PC by a text string based on species names. How it works: Hit the S key and a textbox will pop up allowing you to type in it. You must have at least 1 open party slot. You can enter up to a max of eleven characters (would be ten but Fletchinder is the only Pokemon with more than ten characters so *bleh*). Upon searching with a string that doesn't match any Pokemon in your PC it will say "No results!" This search method is extraordinarily flexible. Any casing (upper, lower, random capitalization) is ignored and you can search any part of a string. The string you pick is set as all "box" names. The only way of moving Pokemon is to withdraw them. You are able to view summaries of Pokemon from these new "boxes." Releasing Pokemon in the search boxes will not actually release them (I was too lazy to recode that, just put it in your party and release it there). To go back to the main PC, quit out of this one. Installation: 1. Go to the Data folder. If there is no folder called "Mods", make one. 2. Put this file into the "Mods" folder. 3. Start the game. Download: Haru - PCSearch.rb
  9. When I get into axis university with alita first.(after adventure in anju castle and underground of goldleaf park ) I fly away immediately. OK its fool. But I cant back to axis university again! My game is stuck! When I try to find axis university from the north of GDC. I failed. How can i solve the problem? Its a bug? does have any other way? Help pls
  10. Trying to get Xen Waste for my boi A-Paras, and apparently its a by-product of the beldum fight, which needs 15k red essence. I'm only really getting 250 essence after knocking out the pokemon in the dens, and i can't seem to catch them, they keep swatting my pokeballs away. is there any way to get red essence faster?
  11. Hi there friends. It's ya girl Haru with another silly mod. Not a super real post this time since it's super crude but does what it needs to do. This literally took all of 2 minutes to create and creating this forum post actually took longer than creating the mod... Anyway... It's a randomizer. Woohoo....I swear it's nothing fancy this time. It just picks a random Pokemon everytime a new Pokemon is created. If you wanted to be cheap you could soft-reset on every trainer until they have only Magikarp and Caterpie. Installation: Same deal as always. Step 1: Download the mod from below Step 2: Go to the /Data/ folder in Rejuv and make sure there's a folder named "Mods". If not, make one. Step 3: Place the downloaded file inside your Mods folder. This will be in effect for all saves. To disable the mod, move the file out of the Mods folder. I recommend creating a folder inside the Mods folder called "Not In Use" or something. Rejuv will ONLY look at files in the Mods folder that have a ".rb" file handle. Downloads: Haru - Randomizer.rb You must be logged in to download files directly from rebornevo.com Google Drive
  12. Has anyone else encountered an issue where all headbutt trees seem to be "high" headbutt trees, with no "low" headbutt trees to be seen? The guide over at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Ll-Z57X6pSVSHpPzqGcDwZ0mv8OjUzkd insists there are both located at Route 2 available on the first visit, but I wasn't able to find a single tree with a Burmy in it. Did something get changed and the guide just didn't acknowledge it?
  13. For some reason I'm glitched behind the waterwall in Sheridan. I can't move but can access items. I've tried removing the most recent save with such luck. Is there any way around this or do I have to start over? I really don't want to as I just beat Angie.
  14. I’ve been trying to fight Angie for hours and I haven’t been able to beat her please help! All Pokémon are level 50 Swampert - Rock Slide -Bide -Muddy Water - Mud Bomb Mawhile -Stockpile -IronHead -Crunch -Play Rough Luxray -Crunch -Baby Doll Eyes -Volt Switch -Ice Fang Arcnanine -Extreme Speed -Flame Charge -Rock Climb -Close Combat Throh -Circle Throw -Wide Guard -Bulk up -Helping Hand Copperajah -Iron Head -Iron Defense -Dig -Strength
  15. Rejuvenation Raid Encounter Rates Mod IMPORTANT: You must be logged in to directly download files from this site. There is a Google Drive link for those that do not have accounts. What is it? This mod, similar to the Wild Encounter Rates mod from the Rejuvenation Modular Modpack, adjusts the encounters of Raid Dens to prioritize those the Trainer has yet to catch. Encounters from the Rare Dens are included in regular Dens. This mod is to make completing the PokeDex easier on people like me who decide that that's a good idea. This mod does not contain the Wild Encounter Rates mod. How to Install: Step 1: Head to the /Data/ folder in the Rejuvenation files. Step 2: Create a new folder named "Mods" if there is not already one there. Step 3: Move the file downloaded from below into your "Mods" folder. Step 4: Open the game and have fun! Downloads: Google Drive Haru - RaidRates.rb
  16. Pokémon Rejuvenation: Looping Battle Music Mod About This mod allows for the battle music in Pokémon Rejuvenation to loop seamlessly and for as long as it needs to, rather than starting from the beginning/ intro once the end of the audio file is reached. Note that I made a version of this mod for V12, however, it is by now far outdated and this new version no longer requires any .dll files, edits to pbs files, or direct edits to the script. Compatibility Since loopable audio files appear to be a feature of the mkxp engine, this mod only comes with audio files and one small script file that is placed in the /Data/Mods folder. This script file modifies the code in the game that is responsible for fetching audio files such that it redirects to an .ogg file of the same name as the originally requested .mp3 file if it is present. This is necessary because .mp3 files do not support loop metadata, so the files need to be in the .ogg format. Because of this redirection, the mod does not require modifications to any files that specify which audio should be played, which means that it should not break, even if V14 comes around. In fact, this mod should only break if very specific edits to the way the game handles audio are made which is unlikely to happen in any future update or from any other mod. That being said, if some battle music is changed, this mod would of course still use the old music until it is updated. Installation Step 1: Download the mod via the link at the bottom of this post. Step 2: Extract the .zip file in your Pokémon Rejuvenation directory (this is the folder where "Game.exe" is located). Step 3: If the extraction created a new folder called "Rejuvenation V13 - Looping Music Mod", move its contents (this should be two folders "Audio" and "Data") to your Pokémon Rejuvenation directory. Optional: Delete all .mp3 files that now have a .ogg equivalent if you would like to save space. Note that most of the .ogg files are also much smaller in file size since there is no necessity for loops within the audio file unless there are variations present, in which case they were preserved to the best of my ability. Done! Known bugs All .ogg files appear twice in the Jukebox menu. This does not affect the mod's functionality; cause unknown. If you experience any other issues related to this mod, please let me know. Mod Download
  17. I have attempted to patch my V13 game with the 13.0.2 patch, and I get the error attached. This also happened when I attempted to download and run the pre-patched V13.0.2 game. The error seems self-explanatory. The item showing the program in which sequence to run the provided scripts doesn't exist. Luckily I backed up my unpatched V13 so I can still continue playing on that.
  18. So awhile ago i was looking for a v13 rejuvination guide and i did but the owner trashed it but i was able to copy it if anyone wants it here. THIS IS NOT MINE https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zlsdaFqrtZ95wvklklPNZGlu8kVynufy/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=106979104323067767570&rtpof=true&sd=true
  19. Wondering about egg moves for the new Aevium forms. So far I've been able to get A-Paras with Leech Seed (torterra) and Knock Off (shuckle), but also don't know if its part of its normal learnset.
  20. Im kinda stuck in the Valor Mountain because I can't change the mood of the zone when I'm inside. I know you need something called Emotion Powder, but I have 0 idea of it's location
  21. Does anyone know the theme that is played when you are battling against your protagonist counterpart in chapter 15 (v13)?
  22. Has anyone actually managed to beat this thing? I'm on intense mode, and I've tried basically everything. It takes forever just to break through the shields because of its insane defence- each shield takes around 3-5 hits, depending on the pokemon in question, and it has 5 of them. But okay, sure, there's Ren helping you by lowering its offences and speed- it's ultimately a 2 on 1 match. Except it just ends up devolving into a stall war. It's ability basically applies a stockpile and leftovers recovery at the end of the turn, so even after, by some miracle, I manage to break through all the shields, it ends up healing more than I can damage it each turn. The cherry on top is the incredible difficulty I have in setting up. Trying to do things like set up dragon dances just makes me death fodder even when it's -6 on all stats, thanks to the wonders of spit up. I've tried everything I can think of- I can't suppress its ability because it's a rift mon, I can't temporarily immobilize it in any way because of the same reason- I can't even toxic stall or destiny bond it. At best, my current strategy is dependent on using a trace porygon to survive enough hits until I wear down its shields, but I haven't managed to go any further than that, even when I use an ice team that spammed never-miss blizzards. Am I just missing something incredibly obvious?
  23. Anyone know what pokemon can be evolved with this besides the munna you find in the base?
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