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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  2. Theres already different programs for fangame development, the tools for Rom Hacking keep getting better every year. PSDK, MK, and a few other programs exist, Theres a lot more but I don't remember them all. RPGMaker XP and Essentials simply are the most popular, and Essentials has done a lot of work to improve itself over the last 2 years so not everything is lost
  3. Do you have any screenshots? Or progress pics?
  4. Have you started making this fangame or not? Any progress or did you just get the idea and make the thread? (Also, the thread is in the wrong place, you put it in Resources and Tutorials, when it should be in Fangame Exposé, ask a forum mod to move it, please, for my own sanity)
  5. Most other things only change 1 thing, Trick Room is speed, Swift Swim would require Rain etc... But field effect manipulation is just broken, it changes many more things, Grassy Terrain doesnt only heal you a bit at end of turn, or boost your grass moves, it does much more than that. The AI loses a lot of benefits from the field with you just using one move, specially when fights are based around the field. It's basically a certain death for many fights, Trick Room isnt, the AI can still utilise it even if they are slower, and even then, didn't you say in another thread about not understanding why Trick Room is only available in 2 mons?? Thats exactly why, it's a pretty strong move, that thankfully only a couple mons learn by lvl up, so its easier to control over the dozen of mons that learn terrain moves. It gives the player a lot more room to play around than the enemy, the player can prepare before hand, and battle design wise, using moves to change the field in a sort of battle of attrition. Volcano > Cave > Volcano, where youre constantly fighting over the arena with the AI is just so so much more interesting and engaging.
  6. I mean yeah, it was a highly requested feature, and most Intense Players already used Set Mode by default. Intense is made for Set Mod, Switch Mode is a slightly easier version.
  7. Look, I'm not disagreeing with you. I started because of the "dark souls" thing people used to say. But I remained for the story and setting. I love this grim-dark setting, its why Reborn is my favourite fangame. But not everyone joins because of it! I would say many hate this edgy setting and it puts them off and only play for the battles.
  8. I startedd playing Reborn because people called it the "dark souls" of Pokémon. Field Effects and world always came second to that.
  9. Reborn also does this often. Theres a guide that tells you all about it inside the gyms. Berry Emporium, Dept Store + You get a multitude of different berries throughout the game as Hidden Items Only items that don't exist for the player yet are: Choice Items, some Mega Stones, some Crests and some Z-Crystals. Pay Day + Luck Incense I can kinda get this, but these TMs are extremely good: EQ, Ice Beam, U-Turn, Blizzard/Fire Blast/Thunder, Swords Dance and Calm Mind. Out of these only the Blizzard/Blast and Thunder ones we will probably see soon. I get what you mean, but what you consider unfair changes from person to person. So it's hard to say. And about that battle in the spoiler, you can lose that battle you know?
  10. Hello nerds of equal value. Don't forget your liver is worth a lot in the black market, keep it safe. Today I bring you, some very slight and small updates, mostly related to; Battle UI and some smol map updates! Let's get the map updates out of the way first! eheh! These maps are called from top to bottom: Fragmented Island, Fragmented Path and Route 6! Of course, theres also the Battle UI! There's still some kinks I need to fix, but I really like it so far! See you all next month probably. Don't forget to be gay!
  11. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

    1. BIGFriv


      thank you! 


    2. LykosHand


      You're welcome 🙂

  12. Humen, and Humans welcome for I have returnedth. Been a long while since I did an update. I came here to say, things have been going, slowly sadly, but they have been going! Essentials V18 came out, which took some of my time to upgrade the game to that version. As you know the world is in the state that is in, and while I don't think it is because of that, I have been waving between moments where I work a lot, and moments where I don't do much. My goal was to get this update finished before August, but at this rate I'm not so certain, so I apologize. I did come here with some screenshots tho! The player characters OWs are pretty much done, just missing some slight ones like fishing, but the important ones are done! Made by: SorrowDivine The goal for the next update is to reach the second gym + have around 30-40 minutes of story post that. Afterwards each update would be 2 gyms each time (depending on how much content there is of course, this would change, maybe only 1 gym, or maybe 3) The region map was edited a bit, so that is pretty much completed. This section is pretty much everything I need to map, except some side areas like the big cave at the northern part. So still quite a lot of work to do : ( See you all again soon!
  13. Hello everyone! I just wanted to remind everyone that we have a club now: https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/forum/204-kings-castle/ Which is where all future updates, and downloads will happen! We also have a discord if youre interested: https://discord.gg/FhCvMXV Thank you all!
  14. Hello again humans and non-humans. For Dev Blog: Electric Boogalo 2! Not much has happened since last time, recently Essentials released a new version that added triple battles and other really nifty features. So I have been spending the last couple days porting the game to that (PS: Its a pain). But, here are some stuff that we have been working on! First things first: MAPS: I apologize for no screenshots in advance, porting the game is still ongoing, so kind of unable to do so atm! I also have someone on the team working on fixing up the lighting of the game, here's a couple examples; Next UP! Sprite updates: Oh man, Ive been hyped for these for a while! First off: Emily got a design upgrade! She now looks more like her sister (Evelyn, the first gym leader) And we also got the design for a new rival that will be introduced in the next major update: Synea! Here is Syneas concept art + Game Freak styled art: Since I released the first demo, I wanted to eventually redo the player character sprites, and now they are finished (missing OWs still though) Here they are! While they all have canon genders, you will be able to pick any gender you want regardless! Here are all the concept arts: Games lighting made by: @Aboodie Syneas concept art made by: Crimson Syneas Game Freak styled art made by: Rudhuli The sprites and black/white concept art were made by: SorrowDivine The colored concept art was made by: CeriseBlossome I'll give more details on Synea in a later update! Thank you! See you soon!
  15. oh damn, I knew I had forgotten something. I'll fix it, give me a second and redownload. Redownload it now, the bug has been fixed. Sorry about that.
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