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  1. They said they wanted something less dark. So it isnt the perfect option for them.
  2. Added new patch to the main thread: [RAR] Core: https://bit.ly/RARDivulgence [RAR] Patch: https://bit.ly/RARDivulgencePatch [ZIP] Core: https://bit.ly/ZIPDivulgenceCore [ZIP] Patch: https://bit.ly/ZIPDivulgencePatch
  3. Smooth textures are quite unpopular actually. Majority of players actually prefeer pixelization. I personaly like pixels over smooth too. I think they look way nicer.
  4. Updated main thread with a new bug fix patch: Minor Bugs: -> Fixed issue with stat changes overlay -> Fixed a issue with Turbulence ability -> Fixed bug with Emilys event outside of gym not working -> Weak mons disobey orders Please download the Core first, and then patch with these!
  5. It is time! Been a while since I touched this game.
  6. They won't, anything gen 8 related wont be touched or added; mechanics and pokemon alike.
  7. Thanks! Hope more people give it a try, I need more feedback, but so far so good! Anyway, I made a bug fix patch: If you already have downloaded the game, us this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1la8y-F0t29pSwor7L4-mqGDJ-Ptd2Tcx/view?usp=sharing If you haven't yet, use this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hbCLRe6eCdRIOAmxeszU_NQZWqydcnn9/view?usp=sharing Thanks to everyone : )
  8. Hello everyone!After 5 long years (more or less), I have finally something I want to show people!It's a small 1 gym long demo, nothing much.In a certain way its just a tech-demo for me to test mechanics.Hope you like it:[New link in the thread on Page 1]Also! Join our discord if you want help or want to talk with other people:https://discord.gg/9TTks3VWe are located in the same server as Pokémon Axis (btw, you should also play that fangame wink wink nudge budge)Thank you
  9. Hello everyone! We almost have a alpha, or for you it would be a beta(?) build out. It's just 1 gym and a couple side-quests, nothing too shabby. Updated the front page with this, so the progress is now real.
  10. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

    1. BIGFriv


      Thank you : )

    2. LykosHand


      You're welcome 😄

  11. Probaly Reborn/Rejuv size, it might be a bit linear in some aspects, but I hope to make sure some events happen totally differently based on choices. I have a decent idea of what events will take place in the game, but when it comes to player choice I am still working on that, right now I only have ideas for minor choices, not big ones yet. It's my 5th attempt at making the region map to try to make it less linear, I added a bunch more routes that connect to each other so that you can circle around the region. Before I only had 1 way to follow along through the region, which made it extremely linear until you got Fly. I haven't considered any benefits to picking Extreme Mode yet, but I might consider adding a lucky egg and maybe the ev training items around the 2nd gym. I will also release .txt files with all the changes to moves, abilities and Pokémon. (and everything else)
  12. Pineapples are in my head.
    Got nobody cause I'm brain dead.

    1. MintMan



  13. All difficulties as of right now, but if it becomes too much I will make it only a Hard and Extreme mode only thing.
  14. Hello again humans, non-humans, and humanoid creatures! Hope you have been safe in this time of quarantine. Just wanted to give some small updates, nothing much; In-Battle Item Restrictions: Region map update: And also: We aren't too far from an alpha now. It won't be too long, 1 gym long, probably 30-40 minutes of playthrough. It's mostly for me to see if things are functional, so don't expect anything awe inducing. I will most likely ask here if anyone is interested in testing eventually. But for now: Don't forget to wash your hands.
  15. Actually meant it as increases by 3, my bad. It's meant to be a positive, from 2 to 3 SP Atck boost.
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