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  1. what i've got so far: Day: (Player 1) Falls out of a Tree after trying to climb it, but somehow doesn't die. Tributes: 1 Night: (Player 1) Dies of shock from seeing (Player 2) fall out of a tree. Killer: None Killed: (Player 1) Arena Event: "M. Night Shamylan's Feature Film" THE TREES ATTACK! OH GOD, THE TREES ARE ATTACKING!!!!! Fatal (Player 1), (Player 2), (Player 3), (Player 4), and (Player 5) sadly succumb to the Verdant Menace. How tragic. Killer: None Killed: (Player 1), (Player
  2. I'll have to politely disagree with you on the Empoleon front, Paperblade. What allows SD Empoleon to work is it's defensive typing, Water/Steel, which is one of the best in the game. This allows Empoleon to set up in front of more Pokemon than Bibarel. Furthermore, it's attempts to sweep arent stopped dead in their tracks by Intimidate because Empoleon gets Defiant.
  3. really, an argument could be made for any starter. Venusaur is more or less the metric by which all other Chlorophyll Pokemon are judged Charizard has Bonkers damage whn properly supported by a team Blastoise is a fantastic doubles support, and in gen 8 will arguably be the best Shell Smash user, even moreso if it can Mega Evolve Meganium has a fantastic early game, learning Razor Leaf Super early, and is amazing at keeping the party alive Feraligatr has Sheer Force, so overwhelming amounts of physical damage Typhlosion is quite similar to
  4. i have a few. i cannot guarantee they'll be any good, though. Samurott: uses any Slashing or Sword move in it's first moveslot when it's sent out, a la the Castform Crest. otherwise what could also work is Gale Wings, but with Slashing/Sword moves. Spinda: While it is on the field, all Pokemon who are confused have their speed cut in half. it should maybe do a bit more than that. Leavanny: Freshly fallen leaves are hard to burn, and Leavanny Drapes itself in leaves every day. so, Fire Attacks deal no damage to Leavanny, and instead give +1 Special Defense
  5. What I mean by that, is that you'll likely start finding Intense Mode difficulty more and more fun the further you go. Afterwards, once you're done, you'd probably try finding other tough fangames to test your mettle.
  6. eventually, you will get used to Intense Mode's difficulty, and begin craving more. it's a path that has been followed by myself, and many others.
  7. I, for one find the Blog Posts fascinating. and they remind me why i'm a cook, and not a programmer. Godspeed, devs.
  8. If there's anything we missed, don't be afraid to give a shout. there's only so much i can do with just Encounters.txt. in particular, Credit Prices for the Pokemon Available in Credit Shops would be helpful.
  9. Arcanine. available nice and early in the game, amazing utility, and can be built in several different ways. my personal favorite being the Bulky Set. Intimidate for the Ability, 252 HP/ 252 Defense, Bold Nature, Leftovers, with Heat Wave, Morning Sun, Will o Wisp, and Fire Spin for the moves.
  10. it seems like every two versions, the game's art completely evolves. not that i'm complaining, mind you. i'll just have yet another excuse to start the game anew.
  11. Take as much time as you need. I'm a patient man.
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