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  1. I think the right place to post this would be on V13 discussion thread but I'll try my best to answer that question and I believe the answer is no because I think that the only new megas were getting are the G-Max forms LOL now Charizard has three megas. But any of the devs for Rejuv can feel free to just prove me wrong I'm used to it.
  2. It is relevent to the post since it concerns something that will be in V13 it's not like someone asking about a bug or advice against a leader.
  3. Hello golgothasTerror pleased to meet you here hope you enjoy your stay here and if you have any problems feel free to ask the staff for for help. Also if your interested in reborn and semi-competitive battling then we have we a unique league with 18 leaders and E4. So please join that if your interested. Here's a link to it: https://discord.com/channels/622486989614219312/630133277545463809
  4. So does that mean that Risa fending off Team Xen just a lie and that they just don't enter the city well that + Cassandra being mayor would leave GDC very vulnerable.
  5. Gardevoir is an icon of sorts and Absol is said to bring disaster maybe it's related to how Absol signals Darkness and Gardevoir symbolizes the potential for light (Until Indriad's Gardevoir wrecks this theory.)
  6. Any other mons in the PC? Also it really helps to get rid of one of them first. I'd recommend targeting Shelly due to your team being able to mop her team. Also you can buy Revival Herbs in Obsidia Ward so those might also help. Those herbs can carry you the distance needed/
  7. Oh did I forget to post my battle between Ryouyashi here it is then: Sorry Sylveon
  8. Come join us Ojama there you'll get used to the constant barrage of owo s. It's simple you just create a team put in on Pokepaste and we approve. It's lots of fun. And if you don't we'll fill this place up with even more owo.
  9. We might also have our Showdown server that replicates Reborn for those who are worried about desyncs.
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