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  1. Indeed it is you get access to it right before the 7th badge. Also if your worried about missing it don't worry the sidequest in triggered by completing story events.
  2. You only get Moomoo Milk at a farm after the 9th gym if I remember correctly
  3. https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/49375-the-reborn-league-is-reborn/ Ah ok here it is join when you want to
  4. You can't your forced to beat this to progress.
  5. Oh @DelRad11 there should be a link to our discord server in Baz's thread
  6. No you took out Bisharp
  7. Ok sure I'll use my dark types
  8. Anyway if your interested this is the league
  9. Hey you like battling right? Also sorry for the double post I'm asking because I'm the dark gym leader of an online league
  10. ok @Gham I'll be on for 7 hours after this post we can battle when were both online.
  11. Node15


    You can find one in the Lapis Ward Alleyway at a 13% encounter rate.
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