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  1. I think I may see ur problem then, I also revamped the route to arlen (Which is a completely different map file). Try saving somewhere else. sorry I'm not sure what else might fix it
  2. I'm a bit confused then, haven't seen anyone else with this error. Where was your last save location?
  3. you have to download the full 2.5 then update to 2.7
  4. No problem! Hope you enjoy the game!
  5. I believe you might be playing on an outdated version, are you on 2.5?
  6. Sorry, for some reason this message didn't appear in my notifications. I posted a mirror link just now :) also bump for v2 :P
  7. "Where there's light, darkness follows. Where there's darkness, light follows." By Ayrei Story Desideria A region once protected by the Aspects, powerful trainers bound by Legendary Pokemon, now shrouded by darkness and mystery as a new and modern government known as The Federation takes control of this once beautiful and peaceful region. Team Defiance, a group who opposes this new government, terrorizes this region while the Federation hunts down the remaining Aspects one by one. You wake up on an island to the south of the main continent. No memo
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