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  1. Working on updating to v13 now, will definitely take a while, taking down the download for the time being.
  2. Nuzlockes only exist to "fix" the awful, low difficulty in 99% of pokemon games. Rejuv has actual suitable difficulty, the game does not need to be nuzlocked to be hard. If you want to still try, feel free, but it isn't meant to be done.
  3. Boss mons have to be immune to basically all cheese in order to be difficult in a 6v1.
  4. The only other complaint I see anywhere from you is the fact that you can't just easily change every field in the game anymore. The reason why there aren't a million easy ways to change every field is simple: it is absolutely impossible to build battles around that. Battles are balanced for the default field of the battle, and trying to make them work on every possible field is just not at all feasible. Changing the field in most battles completely ruins the enemy trainer's team, like making it sky field vs Amber for example. This is why terrain moves were nerfed to no longer completely change the field. There just cannot be a crazy interlocking system for every field in the game, the player could just make it underwater field in every battle and completely roll over everything. I do not understand your aversion to utilizing the default field for yourself instead of trying to change it, but that certainly seems to be the crux of your issue with the game, and I don't think the devs just blanket nerfing Intense mode is going to fix that for you, and I definitely do not think it means there is a design issue with the game.
  5. So if the field is able to be "abused" by the player as well, and you don't need crazy specific counters for each mon, what is the problem with the battle?
  6. Untitled (2).mp4 I'm not going to act like this completely delegitimizes your complaints, but if mono psychic can beat Geara, then I really think you do not need crazy specific counters for every mon. You can still use mons that you want, you just have to really look into the options available for each one. Is ch15 intense quite difficult? Yes, but just stating that over and over again in different ways doesn't mean it is unfair.
  7. I think you really just need to focus on using the default fields to your own benefit instead of trying to change the field in every battle
  8. this is a bug with MKXP that I really can't do anything about, just use Game instead of Game-z if it happens to you too often.
  9. without a fairly large amount of work, not really. edit: although, if you just want to see stats/abils/typings, you can go here https://pokemon-altforms.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Alternate_Forms
  10. Features: - 35 New Crests - Over 100 new forms of Pokemon, essentially regional variants, thanks to the Alternate Forms mod - Much, much more difficult trainer battles - A few new side areas with new events - Gym Leader rematches for all pre-Terrial gyms - Read modchangelog.txt in the download for many more details Screenshots: Download link: Mod is currently outdated, will be updated to v13. Major thanks to bluetowel and Specific for inspiring this mod with their own mods (and special thanks to bluetowel again, since this mod literally has his mod in it): Thanks to all of these people for helping me find bugs, test battles, and giving me tons of entertainment through their suffering for the past few months: Sleepy Boi A11 Falirion Martenaizor S_G Pyuku/Pikaclone God Generic Gamer/Mermer Sage Citrine TridentGreen Redcell 4 Pasta/Bot Ember King Eevee
  11. I mean, this is an incredibly popular mod that dozens of people have played, many people having played it multiple times with different monos. Ignoring all of your actual thoughts on it, just know that your experience is very different from the experience many other people have had.
  12. A not yet completed mod that I am aiming to have released by the end of the year
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