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  1. this is a bug with MKXP that I really can't do anything about, just use Game instead of Game-z if it happens to you too often.
  2. without a fairly large amount of work, not really. edit: although, if you just want to see stats/abils/typings, you can go here https://pokemon-altforms.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Alternate_Forms
  3. Features: - 35 New Crests - Over 100 new forms of Pokemon, essentially regional variants, thanks to the Alternate Forms mod - Much, much more difficult trainer battles - A few new side areas with new events - Gym Leader rematches for all pre-Terrial gyms - Read modchangelog.txt in the download for many more details Screenshots: Download link: (Version 1.1.2, current as of Feburary 6 2021) https://mega.nz/file/BboRTQLB#3tnQ0bNF-F1T1ZkadHI3iMfjzRxD5emwkjklc0lVrxM Bugs/Balancing Patch (Feburary 6 2021)
  4. I mean, this is an incredibly popular mod that dozens of people have played, many people having played it multiple times with different monos. Ignoring all of your actual thoughts on it, just know that your experience is very different from the experience many other people have had.
  5. A not yet completed mod that I am aiming to have released by the end of the year
  6. One that I forgot in my big post: Umbreon Crest - Enemies who damage Umbreon take type scaling Poison damage. (inspired from the dex entry)
  7. Hey so I have made a big mod that included adding a ton of crests into the game, I'll just copypaste the list of the ones I have made already. Note that a lot of these are very OP because they are used by the enemy trainers in my mod, and it's meant to be very difficult. Beautifly Crest - Multiplies Sp. Attack by 1.1. Gives you the effects of Gale Wings and Technician. Dustox Crest - Multiplies Sp. Defense by 1.3. Sp. Attack now scales off of Sp. Defense. Poison type attacks used by Dustox are now super effective against Steel types. Drampa Crest - Makes Drampa faster the
  8. I have been playing memeforms, I don't know if this is specific to it, but is Wormadam supposed to permanently stay in it's "risen again" form after a battle ends? For me it just stays as bug/ghost forever after getting hit with spooky plate, even after the battle is over.
  9. every single pokemon that I catch in the corrupted cave area of the safari zone has strength sap would assume this is a bug at least, lol EDIT: turns out that every single pokemon I catch now has strength sap. no clue what's going on restarted the game and it's still happening, guess i'll redownload
  10. This is the mod I want, but how do I go about changing the options with the numbers and what not? Where do I put in the One/Zero?
  11. hi

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      'Allo there, ye of the teensy avatar~!

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    3. SilverAngelus
  12. considering the entire game up to this point hasn't been like that, I don't think you need to worry
  13. Where am I supposed to go after Ren tells me to not go to Goldenleaf town and puts up the fence thing?
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