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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  2. the nice lady said she'd be waiting outside the cherry blossom Inn but...? It appears I've been stood up once more
  3. a 29+ speed butterfree actually stands a great chance against Venam it seems! just gotta get lucky with shed skin on seviper... edit: the butterfree isn't enough but this specific team actually has a chance to win! the chances are like 20% and the sacks depend on how lucky or unlucky you get with both your sleeps and the opponent's sleeps but hey, it's passable!
  4. afternoon? my clock is at 3 pm and I find like 5 skitty, 3 meowths and 2 glameows before finding 1 caterpie, I might be getting incredibly unlucky tho
  5. I'll give this a try but caterpie's rates seem to be astronomically low, specially for a mon that needs as many IV's as possible
  6. in v13 you cannot access geodude, woobat or vivillion, the EV cards are unbuyable, in fact you can't even get speed or hp, the lvl cap is 15 and starters evolve at lvl 16 and I don't even know if you can get a chingling during the night anymore, I got a hoothoot which wasn't available before
  7. I've been doing intense mode hardcore nuzlockes for about half a year now and the venam fight was always a consistent 1HKO with herdier as long as you had above 0 IVs in atk and speed. I'm not saying that I wanted it to remain an incredibly easy fight but with the pokemon available I don't see a world in which I come out with more than 1 pokemon alive. Spoink in worthless due to alolan grimer, seviper takes too much damage and is unreliable at best with iron tail, no starters evolve due to the level cap so no braixen, hoothoot is an absolute joke and the nidos are literal infant rats due to th
  8. there was a date in the source code, tomorow :)
  9. yeah, not stockings, that was my point B)
  10. it's also important to note the stockings, or rather, lack of stockings in the image.
  11. truly disappointed that I didn't get jbaited on the last riddle, it would have been so much funnier if they just chose something else as the answer!
  12. MrStormy

    v13 and MKXP

    me with my omen gaming pc: B) me when I remember the CPU is completely fried and the PC blue screens once a day: B(
  13. I laughed while looking around both of the codes for the pages, one for the message you guys left and the other cause I just thought it was funny how it was just "if it says this then send him that way if not write I N C O R R E C T P A S S W O R D"
  14. Wonder what happened to Dai Laughing... Hope the funny virus didn't get him...

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