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  1. Hmm did you download your v12 save in the wrong place? Is your game 13.5 and is your device decent?
  2. One thing is that if you actually calc the damage you can almost be sure if your opp is switching or not depending if they have a mon that walls your mon. I do think that the battles in doubles aren't too difficult but the ones where you gotta play with a npc as your teammate can be frustrating.
  3. I agree with the post above noctowl isnt too good without crest, but being able to resist 2 good types and being immune to 2 others is quite nice here is a quick link to the noctowl crest if you want to get more info https://rejuvenation.fandom.com/wiki/Noctowl_Crest?so=search
  4. In golden leaf if you beat the garden guy in the bottom of the town he will give you access to it, Check the middle normal grass tile, and right fence post on the bottom, for a Moon Stone and Rare Candy respectively.
  5. The main thing is since saving the police officer doesnt do anything currently. Debug only has karma changes, rp changes since it actually matters. If you really want to know what happens
  6. I do feel like because of possible hax you can't really reliable boost in most cases. I am not really able to find a rejuv v13 nuzlocke, I would appreciate copying getting some strats so could you link me to it?
  7. Yea the main is that since Rejuv is wayy longer than EK you have more preparation, more chances to get unlucky. That was kinda my mindset, some rifts like hippo and gardevoir can be insanely easy to cheese but also sometimes insanely hard to fight without the right mons and rifts like aelita are basically guaranteed to kill around 3 or more mons
  8. Basically the title, I know it was possible in v12 but would a no items,set mode nuzlocke be possible for v13? I will not count the fights that you can lose btw.
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