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  1. Desolation's story has many plot twists and I wanted to ask how do you make up the story ? Do you have some big plot points you build around ? And did you have trouble making E5's story considering the big hiatus between E4 and E5 ?
  2. Electivire : Swap Attack and Sp.Attack stat. Physical moves scales on Sp.Attack. Lycanroc : Day : Causes Lycanroc to hit harder against slower foes. Midnight : Everytime Lycanroc crits then his Speed will raise by one stage. Dusk : When Lycanroc enters the battle; lowers both Pokemon's Defense. Rotom : Replaces the last move in Rotom's moveset by Heat Wave/Scald/Aurora Veil/Hurricane/Giga Drain when it changes form. Jellicent : Everytime Jellicent gets hurt, the opponent will lose 1/6 of it's health. Drifblim : Moves with a chargi
  3. We should talk about the light and dark prophecy : four lights not born from man will save the world and four darkness born from man will destroy the world. The four lights are player,someone with a soul as gold as Arceus's light,someone with the resolve to lead others and someone who fights for a lost loved one.So by deduction the four lights should be : MC,Melia,Aelita and Ren. Melia is related to Arceus,Aelita's goal is to become the sensei of Sheridan so to become the leader.Those ones are easy to guess. The last one being Ren is a bit special (the following is in spoilers b
  4. I think that the only time we will fight Hazuki would be with a Dimensional Rift Registeel.All of the Protectors of Aevium are related to one of the golem : Angie with Regive,Aelita/Vivian with Regirock. This leaves use with Registeel and Hazuki,we can also see in the past that she has an Aegislash and uses it like Titania so them being affiliated with the Steel type is pretty obvious. My guess is that the Dimentional Rift fight of V13 will be either Registeel or either Regice or even both.We saw in one of the teasers that Kanon and Erin are in what's supposed Neverwinter where Angie is l
  5. I find Karrina's cahnge of behavior normal.She is with her parent's killer: getting crazy about meeting Karen is normal for her she wants to venge them.THere's nothing suspicious in that I think.
  6. When you first meet Irvin in Amberette Town and there is the speech about Storm-9.There have been a few things that caught my attention: Melia says they'll refer it as Storm-9 and Irvin coughs and says "Yes,Storm-9": this must mean that it's not the true name of the disaster that happened. Then they say that Team Xen should be the one behind it . So it means that it's a disaster made by Team Xen and we should do everything to stop it and that's something we should care of. Could it be the Xenpurgis? Puppet Master told us to beware of it and Flora knows what it's
  7. So I was doing another playthrough and when I was at the Wispy Ruins there was a location for Waterfall so my guess would be that it could be the location for Dreepy because it's a pseudo legendary and a ghost type that could fit well.
  8. That makes me think does Ryland badge enable Waterfall?Because if not it should be Saki's badge that would enable it and we would have to wait until V15 to use Waterfall. We should list all Waterfall locations: Goldenwood Forest Lost Castle Goldenleaf Town Terajuma Jungle
  9. It could just be a little hidden area to get an item plus we already have Mesprit for Goldenwood Forest.Two legendaries at the same location is too much.
  10. So I was replaying the Eclypsia Pyramid part and I came with something with Alice and Allen: We all think Cosmos and Cosmia(if I recall correctly their names) would be the Dark and Fairy leaders because the badges match and the Starlight field boosts both type.But there are also two characters with a Fairy type and a Dark type and are blood related. They're Allen and Alice: Allen has an Alolan-Ninetales and Alice has a Sableye.So Allen could be a Fairy specialist and Alice a Dark specialist.But what's even better is the battle between Alice and Aelita.If you look at the battlefi
  11. First you shouldn't repost because if you do so the thread will become irreadable. You have breeders in the game that have a team of 3 Audinos you can rebattle whenever you want. They are usually located near Pokemon Centers or a healing place. And for the eevee issue you can breed your espeon with a ditto if Espeon is a male or with another male pokemon that shares the same egg group if your Eevee is a female. There is also the Kimono girls quest(you can start it at the Rose theater) that'll give you as a reward another Eevee(throught this one will be special). And if you
  12. Last time we saw the characters from the Terajuma arc getting their artworks so who do you think will get them next time? I place my bet on characters introduced in Chapter 9 and 10 so : Melia's maid design,Venam's new outfit, all of MC's second design (not sure about that one because it might be more tedious),Kanon,Erick,Florin,Flora,Erin,Alexandra,Anathea,Melia as a child and Anastasia. Last time we got 9 characters so 11 doesn't seem to farfetch'd.
  13. Man could you at least think before posting because all of the questions you asked on this thread come from nowhere and are not related to what we are talking. I understand you want to know new things about the new version but you'll have to wait. The only things that we ask the devs about are about QoL changes or Gen 8 changes as of this version. Asking the devs about something only you like and excepting them to take into account what you're saying is really immature especially if you ask several times those questions
  14. It's a part of Zetta's artwork but in black and white (meaning he hadn't colorized it yet). Look at both faces and you'll see they are the same.
  15. No this was a preview for the new official artworks this one is Zetta's Edit:I realised that the Saki avatar in AC doesn't wear the same clothes than the one on the artwork. Now she has brown hairs,a white sailor top thing(I don't really know the names of specific clothes in English) and a red-brown skirt.
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