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  1. We should talk about the light and dark prophecy : four lights not born from man will save the world and four darkness born from man will destroy the world. The four lights are player,someone with a soul as gold as Arceus's light,someone with the resolve to lead others and someone who fights for a lost loved one.So by deduction the four lights should be : MC,Melia,Aelita and Ren. Melia is related to Arceus,Aelita's goal is to become the sensei of Sheridan so to become the leader.Those ones are easy to guess. The last one being Ren is a bit special (the following is in spoilers because I found it with Debug mode by looking in the switches but it should be about things that should happen in future versions if it's in the ingame files it's 99% to be sure to happen so if you don't want to get spoiled don't look in this spoiler): Also for a non spoiler fact,the four lights are meant to not be born from man: MC is the Interceptor and therefore comes from the Universe? I don't remember but I think it has been pretty much stated that he just was created or appeared.Melia is a very strange case because we know that she is somehow related to Indriad and Maria/Melanie but Jenner is not her actual father and we don't know if she has any parents.Aelita is explained in the story,she's a reincarnation of Taelia and Vivian and can't have any biological parents.Ren's body is made from metal and not flesh so it could fit. The four darknesses represent hatred,evil,jealousy and prejudice.And thier goal is to reacreate another world.There is also mention to light with death in the prophecy.Madame X and Indriad/Vitus/Sirius(maybe also Lord Xenadin).We don't know anything about Madame X,so I have no idea which negative emotion she could represent apart from "evil". Indriad should be the darkness of the prejudice because of Anathea's death and he has to be one of the darkness because if the disaster is related with light,Arceus is related to that.But there are two other darknesses maybe Flora and the leader of Amanda's group could be one of them.Flora could represent hatred because she hates Cassandra and jealousy because maybe the leader of Amanda's group wanted to control the league but Jan kept her from controlling it and could be jealous of him so she wants to destroy the league . Crescent could be one of the lights or one of the darknesses but we still don't know something interesting related to her.
  2. I think that the only time we will fight Hazuki would be with a Dimensional Rift Registeel.All of the Protectors of Aevium are related to one of the golem : Angie with Regive,Aelita/Vivian with Regirock. This leaves use with Registeel and Hazuki,we can also see in the past that she has an Aegislash and uses it like Titania so them being affiliated with the Steel type is pretty obvious. My guess is that the Dimentional Rift fight of V13 will be either Registeel or either Regice or even both.We saw in one of the teasers that Kanon and Erin are in what's supposed Neverwinter where Angie is located.And in another preview we see the MC and Venam in what look like Axis High University which is owned by the Blakeorys. I think that at the start of V13 when Alexandra will talk to us and our group,we will have to form groups of 2 persons taking care of certain things. Nymiera was the leader of the Aevium's protectors and the leader of the 3 regis is : Regigigas she could have a Dimensional Rift one and that would fit because she is the Eve of this world.Her creating the continents and lands with Regigigas would be cool. I think that when we will beat all 3 regis we will fight Regigigas as the final Dimensional Rift and know the secret behind the Amethysyt Grotto and the "Last Ditch Effort"
  3. I find Karrina's cahnge of behavior normal.She is with her parent's killer: getting crazy about meeting Karen is normal for her she wants to venge them.THere's nothing suspicious in that I think.
  4. When you first meet Irvin in Amberette Town and there is the speech about Storm-9.There have been a few things that caught my attention: Melia says they'll refer it as Storm-9 and Irvin coughs and says "Yes,Storm-9": this must mean that it's not the true name of the disaster that happened. Then they say that Team Xen should be the one behind it . So it means that it's a disaster made by Team Xen and we should do everything to stop it and that's something we should care of. Could it be the Xenpurgis? Puppet Master told us to beware of it and Flora knows what it's about so it has to be something big.The name fits as well : a thing used to exterminate everyone who isn't part of Team Xen because they are the one behind it. Irvin is also a very strange guy if he coughed when Melia said that it's called Storm-9 that means it's not the original name but why would he not tell us the true name? The only known Stormchasers are special characters like Crescent,Korrina,Spacea and Tiempa. They all are characters who know everything important in the story apart from Korrina maybe Irvin will play a bigger role in the story later because he is the only Stormchaser who did nothing in the story.
  5. Yeah thanks for that tip but I tried using the least amount of items possible and I won only because I got really lucky with crits and parahaxx with Politoed without that I think there was no way possible to win this way.
  6. So I'm trying to do the virtual league but I'm stuck with Pryce generally for other bosses in the game I never try to ask for help because you can always adapt with new mons or moves but here you can't you are stuck with a bad team against opponents that will always have more levels than you and stronger mons with good items and you can't even change the movesets to adapt. Pryce is too strong: Cloyster is not too dangerous but Jynx,Weavile and Mamoswine are just too strong. Jynx can easily set up with Lovely Kiss and boost its special with Nastly Plot then just spam the field boosted Psychic and Blizzard with 90 precision. Weavile is not as strong as Jynx but can still sweep you with Calm Mind and Dark Pulse/Blizzard.Plus it has Ice Shard which is boosted by Calm Mind because it's a special move in this field. Then Mamoswine with Assault Vest (I'm sure of it because it tanks my special hits too well) but the problem is that there are no physical attackers in the given team. The team with Meganium as a starter is: Meganium Gengar Ampharos Espeon Politoed Meganium is good because it has Leech Seed and can set up Screens so it's good.Espeon is only good because it's a psychic type in this field but it's other coverage is Bite so it's trash,it doesn't even have Calm Mind or Nasty plot but has Yawn and Double Team both are meh.sometimes they are usefull but most of the times I can't even set up Espeon because it's too frail and Yawn takes two turns to activate.Gengar's only tool is Hypnosis with high speed but it misses too much.It doesn't even have stab and has for coverage:Fire Punch,Thunderbolt and Sucker Punch.These are cool but too much pokemons boost their special so it can't do anything against them.Ampharos and Politoed are useless:they are too slow to do something and don't deal enough damage. I play on Intense Mode and I really don't want to change the difficulty just for a SIDEQUEST.The only time I did that was for the Melia vs Madelis fight which is impossible too win on Intense. I think that if there are fights on Intense Mode then they must be winnable but I can't find a way too beat Pryce.
  7. So I was doing another playthrough and when I was at the Wispy Ruins there was a location for Waterfall so my guess would be that it could be the location for Dreepy because it's a pseudo legendary and a ghost type that could fit well.
  8. You have good mons so that's good.But you really need to level them up. The Grand Hall trainers change everyday.But you should try to exp farm against the kid with the Squirtle line.It should be easy with your Grass and Electric pokemon. Excadrill is really good you should try setting up Swords Dance on a mon that would not hurt you too much and then spam Earthquake/Rock Slide.You can teach him Iron Head with a move tutor located in 7th Street. If I was you I'd use for Victoria: -Protean Greninja with Extrasensory -Roserade with Toxik Spikes/Leech Seed -Excadrill with Sand Rush -Mamoswine to kill Togekiss with Ice Shard and teach it Sandstorm(found in the WTC with Surf) to trigger Excadrill Sand Rush -Intimidate Arcanine to lower Victoria's pokemons attack -A-Ninetails with Snow Warning and Aurora Veil. With this you should be able to easily beat her if your team is 77-78.Her biggest threats are Raichu and Lucario because they benefit from the field very well.If Sand Rush is activated Excadrill should be able to outspeed both of them and ohko them with EQ. For Arclight: -Roserade -Arcanine -Excadrill -Mamoswine -Nidoking -A-Ninetails/Greninja The ground mons you have are very good against Arclight because he doesn't have good coverage and they are bulky enough to tank and ko them. For Zel: -Greninja -Excadrill -Mamoswine -Arcanine -Eeleektross -Nidoking Zel is the hardest but you should be able to set up on Zel's Umbreon with Excadrill.His Pulse is very strong because it has Levitate so Arcanine and Nidoking with Flamethrower should beat him.If you really struggle against the Pulse you can try using an Ability Capsule just the fight(not before Victoria/Arclight because Sand Rush can be usefull against them) on Excadrill to get Mold Breaker so he will still hit the Pulse even if it has Levitate. You have top tier mons so the thing you should care about the most are levels and moveset otherwise you shouldn't have such a hard time playing this game.
  9. That makes me think does Ryland badge enable Waterfall?Because if not it should be Saki's badge that would enable it and we would have to wait until V15 to use Waterfall. We should list all Waterfall locations: Goldenwood Forest Lost Castle Goldenleaf Town Terajuma Jungle
  10. It could just be a little hidden area to get an item plus we already have Mesprit for Goldenwood Forest.Two legendaries at the same location is too much.
  11. So I was replaying the Eclypsia Pyramid part and I came with something with Alice and Allen: We all think Cosmos and Cosmia(if I recall correctly their names) would be the Dark and Fairy leaders because the badges match and the Starlight field boosts both type.But there are also two characters with a Fairy type and a Dark type and are blood related. They're Allen and Alice: Allen has an Alolan-Ninetales and Alice has a Sableye.So Allen could be a Fairy specialist and Alice a Dark specialist.But what's even better is the battle between Alice and Aelita.If you look at the battlefield there are stars everywhere which recalls the Starlight arena where we should fight them.And we never actually fought them so that could fit. Plus there could be a name for each of their signature moves: Light's Embrace for Allen and Unown Buster for Alice. Light's Embrace could be a special Fairy move associated with light like with Dazzling Gleam and Unown Buster would be a physical Dark type move (with a bonus random typing based on the Hidden Power type of the pokemon to recall the Unowns?).These moves are two of the moves Allen uses vs the Bladestar Admin.
  12. Happy you won but the only good mons are hidden behind events or quests.In most cases wild pokemons are not very good.You should check the pokemon location guide for V12 here: This should help you .This game is really rewarding exploration so you should try do it.
  13. Use Fly to go to Sashila Village.Or you can open the big door of Zone Zero to Alamissa Urben which is near the place where you landed with the Xen ship at the start of Zone Zero.
  14. Tell us on which difficulty mode you are playing. First to train your pokemon always fight the audino breeders : the best you get is in Hiyoshi City in the past you can use the Time Crystal in Alexandra's house in Sashila Village to go there.You'll get your pokemons to the cap fast with the Exp.Share.Never try to train on wild mons it's just a waste of time. Then from what I can see you don't have good mons.Try talking and doing everything.Lycanroc and Blaziken are good mons tho. For a Psychic type to replace Solrock you can get Gardevoir,Metagross,Gallade,Alakazam,Reunicleus which are way better than Solrock. To replace Shiinotic for a Grass mon try Roserade,Breloom,Decidueye and if you want to replace it instead for a Fairy type try Gardevoir or the Sylveon Ren gives are good choices. If you really want to keep Oricorio at least try to get his Crest it's in the Zorialyn Labyrinth.But there are better Flying types like Crobat,Talonflame or Staraptor. As for Ludicolo you can try keeping it but use it only in fights where Swift Swim can be easily triggered.Better Water types are Swampert ,Feraligatr, Golisopod, Primarina, Kingdra, Starmie or Crawdaunt so you have a wide variety of choices. After that I see you have HMs on your mons so try to never use the worst HMs like Cut or Rock Smash on your mons only the good ones like Surf,Fly and Magma Drift. But then you are going to ask :"How will I be able to travel on the overworld".There are two solutions to that: Hms are forgettable so you can just teach one of it to your pokemon then after you'll have no more use to it replace it with another TM move.The other solutions are the Golden Items.Golden items replace the need for HM.Example:If you have the Golden Surfboard you'll be able to Surf even if your pokemons don't have Surf (thought you'll need the Hm required in your bag).They can be found in the Chrysolia Hotel in Gearen City at the Game Corner floor. The most importants things to buy are Exp.Share(All) which is a Gen 6 Exp.Share,the Golden Surfboard and Wings for Fly and Surf which are the most important ones.Then you'll want to buy the Golden Scuba Gear for Dive and the Golden Gauntlet for Strength because they are the most required ones. I see that your Blaziken has Blaze which is forbidden to keep when you have Ability Capsules that can change your ability.Use it on Blaziken so you get Speed Boost which is why he is the strongest starter. I can also see that you have a Magma Drift Blaziken,a Magma Drift Solrock with Shadow Ball and Psychic, and a Facade Oricorio.Please learn this:Having coverage is good but it needs to be with the user's best stat:Solrock has an attack base stat of 95 and a special attack base stat of 55 so it's better to have physical moves on him like Stone Edge,Rock Slide,Flare Blitz or Zen Headbutt instead of special attacks like Psychic or Shadow Ball. To find the base stats of a pokemon search it on the internet.
  15. Instead of Drifblim you can get Lycanroc in Goldenwood Forest in the tall grass(the form depends on the time of the day and they are really common).Lycanroc is a really usefull pokemon vs Angie. His speed coupled with Rock Slide makes huge holes in her team if they are fast enough. You can get Fighting Types like Hariyama,Sawk or Pure Power Medicham to break her team. You can also try to ev train your mons with the evs rooms and the ev reducing berries(you need to do the Missing Children quest) which really helps when you are in Intense Mode. You can try to IV train if you want but it's not mandatory for that you'll need a Destiny Knot ( in Kakori Village when a girl wants to see a battleship and you show her the Xen Brigade),an Everstone which is found by mining and a Ditto(you'll need to complete the Ditto quest which starts in Sheridan Village with a couple). I also see that you have a Solrock so I recommend you doing the Alexandra quest in Amethyst Grotto(you'll need Surf and Rock Climb which is accesible just after Angie). If you still want to use your strategy with Explosion instead of sacrificing your Amoongus you should use a Pokemon with Protect or a Ghost type (like your Branette).You can even try to set up Screens or Stealth Rock during that turn. For the moves that miss this caused by Snow veil. There are some strategies for beating Angie : -You can melt the field (you can see the moves that melt it in the Field doc) and make one of your mons hold the Magical Seed.That'll trigger Trick Room, your team is realtively slow so it'd be usefull(care beacause if someone uses Blizzard,Icy Wind or Hail is summoned the field will freeze again). -You can also change the weather to make Blizzard miss and to cancel her Pokemon's hail based ablities(so your moves will not miss) : Sun with Heat Wave spammers like Arcanine(Growlithe learns it at lvl 41) or Ninetales (egg move).You can set up Sun with Whimiscott (Mystery Egg) or Leafon. Sand will make your Rock type pokemon's Special Defense raise by 50% so the Blizzard will deal less damage.You can set it up with Gigalith(you can evolve him with a Link heart which can be bought for 10.000 at Oceana Pier) or Onix(you can't evolve it yet because you can't have the Metal Coat until th 8th badge). -Change her field with Mist(Many pokemon learn it so you'll have to look),Misty Terrain(Mr. Mime or Male Meowstic with Prankster which is even better), Electric Terrain (Togedemaru or Magneton) or Grassy terrain(Roserade or Comfey) Hope that helped you.
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