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  1. old mcdonald had a ford e i e i o

    1. Leenu


      Yeah I just saw his mustang.

  2. stream dance fever by florence + the machine

  3. hmm, wonder if zoroark + shedinja shenanigans would be a decent strategy in reborn...

  4. welp... time to work for a visa i guess lol

  5. creating alternate pokemon forms is suprisingly fun. i've overcome reborn's many challenges already so playing the game with these 'mods' doesn't really detract from my experience. soul heart floette eternal is also kind of thematic when you think about that pokemon's surprisingly dark backstory.

  6. ooohhhhhhh, now i understand! i was very confused why floette was the only one not working out of all the edits i've done when i've tested it by making forms of other pokemon like beheeyem. i assumed it was because of the rand(5) thing that made it all sorts of confusing. i had no idea that the bottom line in the file was the cause of it. you're truly a lifesaver!!! i've confirmed now that it works too after removing that line above. if you ever need a sprite done or something along those lines, feel free to hit me up! it's the least i can do
  7. i can make do with the lack of light of ruin for now haha, but for some reason the game just doesn't register my alternate form of floette. the sprite works but even after using minior's block since it's a multiformed, randomized pokemon with a stat change, the game just doesn't register floette eternal's new stats. here's what i wrote if you'd be willing to check what i did wrong. MultipleForms.rb [spoiler] PBSpecies::FLOETTE => { :OnCreation => proc{rand(5)}, :FormName => {5 => "Eternal"}, "Eternal" => { :BaseStats => [10,10,10,10,10,10] } }, [/spoiler] PokemonMultipleForms.rb [spoiler] MultipleForms.register(PBSpecies::FLOETTE,{ "getFormOnCreation"=>proc{|pokemon| next rand(5) }, "getBaseStats"=>proc{|pokemon| next if pokemon.form!=5 next [10,10,10,10,10,10] # Eternal }, "onSetForm"=>proc{|pokemon,form| pbSeenForm(pokemon) } }) [/spoiler]
  8. i don't think we veterans of reborn give ourselves enough credit for being able to overcome reborn's challenges fairly easily. like it only dawned on me recently how much skill it actually takes to beat the entire game especially with traditional competitive rules like no items and set mode? like... comprehensively speaking the amount of people who can do that and DO do that are actually not that many

  9. oh wow, i wasnt expecting such a comprehensive reply, thank you so much! i only have like... barely any programming literacy much less ruby so forgive me if i may follow up with some additional questions once i get to it. i had initially thought that the pbs files would be required which made me hesitant at first but learning that i dont need that is honestly the most surprising thing. adding sprites would be very easy in my experience as i've already done that plenty of times in reborn with my custom character sprites haha. it's just the modding that i'm not familiar with. i presume adding the light of ruin move would be a lot more complicated thanks to the animations, no? i'd like to say again thank you very much for taking the time to write all of this, i hope i can repay you in some way for all this effort!!!!
  10. hello, happy birthday!!!! thank you for constantly interacting with my posts... i really apprecate it and i hope you have a great day ahead of you!!!

    1. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior


  11. After my recent status I was curious if it's possible to add in this form of Floette into Reborn? Because apparently Floette-E still 'exists' as data up to Ultra Sun and Moon, and considering Reborn follows that same foundation, technically speaking, Floette-E could be a thing. I was just wondering whether it's possible to mod in the form itself or if it's actually coded into Reborn too. If not, what are the tools I need to add it in myself?
  12. isn't it crazy how eternal flower floette has NEVER been released? like... its data is fully there to the point that it's even coded up to gen 7 and yet it just sat there never being released to the public. not even promoted or anything even though it's technically an existing form. that is crazy that is wiiiiiiilddddddd

    1. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior

      Yeah, it is...

      I wonder why.

    2. MangoJush


      it honestly blew my mind when i read that it was still coded up to ultra sun and moon... like???? that implies gamefreak was aware that it was probably hacked in by many players and wanted to keep it compatible for the next gen??? and yet they never released it anyway so why bother... it honestly bothers me considering it's a legitimate form to the point that it even has pokedex entries. crazyyyyyyy

    3. Ice Cream Sand Witch

      Ice Cream Sand Witch

      What plans, if any, they had for it may be an Eternal mystery.

  13. this is a certified wanda maximoff aka the scarlet witch stan account

  14. im curious, does anyone ever keep their starter up to the endgame of reborn? or do yall drop it at some point in the game? because as a trick room fanatic i find that not a lot of starters are actually good for it...

    1. AlyssaR


      With E19 I've basically just been keeping multiple teams at once, tbh.

    2. Angelkitsune


      it just kinda depends on the situation, with more challenging ones I just switch my serperior for lightscreen/reflect/trick room mon after that i switch them back for more casual battles.


    3. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior

      I always keep my starter, which is always Litten.

  15. finally finished the e19 maingame... woot woot

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