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  1. Q-Jei

    The Spyce BGM

    Indeed, the track you're looking for has been renamed "Battle- Wild4" in E19! This one and the track that used to play in the Spyce are the same. In E18, it was just slowed down thanks to RPG Maker in the map properties. The speed of this variation is at 80% of the original. If you can toggle this track using Audacity, you can play it at any speed you want! Don't hesitate to check out my reply on this topic for more information!
  2. I think I know why you're all stuck! When I discovered episode19 for the first time, it took me more than two hours to figure out that there was a hidden path to follow between the buildings once you reach the library of Beryl Ward. This scheme is addressed to those who, like me, kept going in circles even after taking the route located in the Underroot!
  3. Hello there! If you really want to hear this track as it plays in the game, I would recommend you to download Audacity and use the play-at-speed-once option to get the slowed down version of the track that interests you! Just proceed as indicated below: You can do that for the following tracks: Atmosphere- Dark Crystal (x0,50 speed) ---> Obsidia Slums Theme Atmosphere- Fluid (x0,50 speed) --> Corey's Suicide Theme Atmosphere- Labyrinth (x0,50 speed) --> Neoteric Isle Theme Atmosphere- Light Realm (x0,50 speed) --> Subseven Sanctum Theme Atmosphere- Explore (x0,50 speed) --> Underground Railnet Theme Atmosphere- Mirage (x0,50 speed) --> Amaria's Underwater Labyrinth Theme Atmosphere- Pace (x0,50 speed) --> Infested Obsidia Park Theme Atmosphere- Paranoia (x0,50 speed) --> Devon Corp Hideout Theme Battle- Dramatic (x0,50 speed) --> Theme that plays when Lin and the player meet each other for the first time Battle- Wild4 (x0.80 speed) --> The Spyce Theme (E18 and prior) I hope this helped!
  4. Happy birthday Evi, the brightest crystal of all! I wish you a great week, a great year and a beautiful life! 😁🎂💖

    1. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      Thank you very much😊😊😊

  5. You saw right! Also, I still want to save the princess along with Angelkitsune!
  6. I'm coming to save you, princess~ Maybe Angelkitsune will lend me a hand in this rescue!
  7. Thank you Evi! Yes, it's been quite a while since I haven't uploaded an episode but it never really was left behind. Just inactive like an old volcano. And I'm doing pretty fine these days indeed! I got my degree and I found a job that isn't too energy-consuming, so I can still enjoy my free time without worrying about anything. And yeah, the fact that Flannery couldn't feel at peace and got the sensation of being cornered to the point of reconsidering her goals and ways of acting was a core element of this last episode, but I'm never empty-handed when it comes to twists and turns. With Jacques out of the game, I thought it could be an appropriate moment for Flannery to get support from someone else. But from there to make Dounia Flannery's new travel companion is still a big step to take. This will be another case to follow and I'm currently wondering if I will really make it happen! Also, I'm also glad to know that you enjoyed the moment when Flannery was choosing a starter! I couldn't resist to add a touch of nostalgia in this ruffian's world ^^ Now that we mention it, it turned out that I actually thought a lot of Shelly when I created her child version in the childhood arc. By the way, even if the flashback and the apocalypse pictures might look scary, I encourage you to enlarge them by clicking on them. You could notice several details that I slipped into them
  8. Hello everyone! I know it's been forever, but I'm finally back now! After two years to deal with work, graduation and more personal stuff, I wanted to share the 21st episode of the written-run I've been working on. I can't lie about it, I didn't feel very comfortable because of how I depicted Flannery in the previous episode (The one that took place in the Mosswater Factory) and something told me that I had to take a break from my writings. I had this impression that if I didn't, the forthcoming events that were planned wouldn't have been as satisfying for me, the writer. And if I don't feel confident or proud of what I do, then there's no reason to push myself doing it anymore. So, here I am. I personally consider this episode more like a mix between a "make-up episode" and a way to keep the story coherent and worthy of interest at the same time. It also is the one that took me the longest time for the screenshot edits. Two of the pictures present in this episode are really massive. Will you manage to spot them?~ In the end, I just exposed my personal perception on this matter. What's yours?


    In any case, Flannery is back and she's more determined than ever to cross swords with the foes of Reborn's land! 🔥🔥🔥

    Enjoy the story and stay tuned for more~

    1. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      Hooray! Good to see you continuing the series😀💖

    2. Q-Jei


      Just as Saphira said, I'm down but never out! So does, Flannery! I refuse to let it unfinished after all the efforts I've put into the story so far! However, the last screenshot edits where quite complex to make, so I hope no one will be mad at me if I take a rest until I start working on episode 22 ^^'

  9. Ember King: @CrystalStar @Oscarus @Seal @Storm @SolareSupremo @Aphelli @thisgameishard @LeoYT Midsummer Queen: @Candy @Evi Crystal @Angelkitsune @YoctoCrunch @HollyM100 @SilverAngelus @andracass @Amethyst Sunlit Sovereign: @LykosHand @Dragoknight @Ice Cream Sand Witch @smeargletail @Dreamy @J-Awesome_One
  10. Roserade can be really useful to counter Steel Type Pokemon. Combine Technician with Hidden Power Fire and you should be able to sweep some of them when the weather is sunny. Maybe you already know that, but it's now possible to modify the type of Hidden Power at Agate Circus! I would have gladly recommend you to use Ludicolo to defend yourself against Fire Types, but since your strategy seems to mainly rely on Sunny Day, maybe you could opt for Hidden Power Rock/Ground or Earthquake instead (If you're patient enough to achieve the starter egg quest of course). Sceptile could be a good candidate for moves like these since it's the fastest Grass Pokemon available once mega-evolved and don't need to have Chlorophyll as an ability to outspeed its opponents! If you like taking risks, you can possibly replace Venusaur with Torterra and teach Exeggutor Trick Room, so you can take care of Fire/Steel types Pokemon with Earthquake while dealing with Fairy Types by using Iron Head. I hope this helps PS: During weather conditions, Weather Ball's power doubles from 50 to 100, which is indeed more interesting than HP Fire, but still very situational. Since some field effect will prevent weather and Field Effects from being generated (Wink at you New World Field (╹◡╹)凸), HP Fire remains a flexible option to consider for Roserade.
  11. Simple yet surprisingly evocative! Brings me some kind of futuristic nostalgia
  12. It's been a long time since I didn't upload foxy pictures on my news feed, so here it goes! 🦊








    Thanks for Mathieu Labrosse, John Austin and Dawn Lusk for these amazing shots 🙏


  13. My heart is really softened by your arts! Blake's tent rocks! I'm not gonna lie. Even though I'm not a fan of his personaIity, he has pretty good taste in terms of haircut! I also love how you managed to catch the innocence of the Belrose sisters as well as the playful side of the youngest of the three! Kawaiiness to the max!
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