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  1. Hello there! Firstly first, my apologies for the late reply. In fact, any set of sprite I've made until now is still available and can be purchased on asking. You can send private message to me if you’re interested!
  2. Yesterday was the first day of Autumn! Such an inspiring season! 🍁


    Art made by redricewater

  3. Hi people! Does anybody remember the time when I shared a cute video about a growing fox which was saved by humans? Don't get fooled by this record anymore, it was fake. Four months ago, I reported two videos that were available on a channel called "Rescue Animals". The way they proceeded consisted in putting animals in danger deliberately or hide them in detritus in the first place, then they started to record the part when they pretended to spot the poor things in distress and "rescued" them. Plus, to better tenderize the heart of the viewers, they used touching music and split the videos in several parts to expose more easily the difference after and before their "heroic lifesaving". What hit me was the abnormally high number of like mentions for all the comments on each of their videos. It was as if there wasn't one single supportive comment that didn't receive at least 500 likes, so I assumed they were using bots to promote their channels and embellish their reputation. Unfortunately for them, they came upon someone who was way smarter than them and all of their channel is now deleted. I feel so naive now when I realize that I once loved what they did with the fox and how I cried watching this little guy "recovering". In fact, I tend to feel like Truman from The Truman Show. What you see is not necessarily the truth, the stage director is a puppet master who likes playing with your emotions and being humane means nothing and everything at the same time.


    Be careful with what you see on the Internet, people can rig everything they want to get recognition and your respect! Don't fall into their traps!

    1. Candy


      Yeah it's so sad that people will literally do anything for views/likes these days 😢

    2. Q-Jei


      This is shameful indeed! Fortunately, there are several groups that I follow on Facebook such as Saveafox Corporation and Wildlife Aid! They know what they do to come in help for wildlife and regularly provide useful information to their subscribers about various types of animals and how to interact with them properly. We should give credits to people like them. Also, there is a bunch of photographs like Jeremie LeBlond-Fontaine Photographe and Adrien Favre Photographie who take wonderful shots with their cameras and always leave heartwarming comments on their posts worthy of a poetry. As long as you know who you support, you have nothing to regret and as long as there are means to disband imposters, you can always sleep in peace ✌️ 

    3. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      I can't believe I feel for that months ago, which makes me feel bad😡

      Reminds me of the videos with a puppy walking on it's two legs like a human; plus dressed in kid's clothes as well! It's the same reason for some stupid likes and fame😔💔


      And the way the trained those poor puppies is just plain cruel...

  4. Ayaaa! A fiery eclipse popped out of the blue instead! Evi, will you come next?
  5. Why not? After all, there are so many moves of Camerupt that are boosted by the New World Field, especially Eruption and Earth Power. Combine his Desolate Land ability with a balloon and it turns into a dangerous offensive powerhouse with almost no weakness. That would sure make one lovely fiery show!
  6. Oh yes, I didn't see that coming indeed! And the worst thing is, it could possibly happen since Fern has already a heart of stone, so what if his personality was reverted while being under the effect of an umbral aura. Please devs, don't break our heart like this!
  7. Let’s pray for Fern's anomaly to exist! I'm in for fighting it!
  8. And sooner or later, Charlotte will realize that she wasn't the one to blame for her parents death. This might be a silly statement, but she's actually a character that progressively grows on me as time goes by. She's such a poor girl when you think of it and I would be in one heck of a state of bliss if it came true that the protagonist and her could avenge Saphira in Labradorra and kick Sirius and Dr. Geezer out of the city as a duo. Hopefully, she will stop hiding behind this impenetrable wall made of insurance she built after her parents death and become more true to her sentiments. Justice must be done to Charlotte for the traumatism she suffered. It was hard for me to understand her way to think when I played Reborn for the first time and I realize now how amazing she is as a character!
  9. Imagine guys, just IMAGINE for a second that the final fight to defend Labradorra City is in reality a double battle pitting the protagonist to Sirius and Dr. Sigmund AND that these two actually use both PULSE-Mime and PULSE-Clawitzer as their respective battlers!
  10. Am I the only one who thinks that Lin from Pokemon Reborn shares similar traits with Io from Phantom Thief Pokemon 7?



    For those who don't know who Io is, she's actually a member of Team Galactic, the villainous team that appears in Gen IV. The thing is, she's not really devoted to them and planned to use the Pokemon Darkrai for her own goals. From there a parallel can be drawn with Lin's purpose which probably consists in taking control of Arceus. Io is also described as a merciless woman who never thinks twice when it's about to hurt whoever gets in her way, even if the people in question are other members of Team Galactic. Additionally, she's described as very powerful since she manages to defeat three important trainers with Porygon-Z, her main battler and only known Pokemon. Among the characters defeated is Hiori who is the main character of this manga, which gives us some hints concerning Io's strength. She performs well until she's put to sleep by the Pokemon she wanted to catch and according to what we see in Shade's Gym, it's likely that Lin will fail at some point just like Io did whenever she will try to interact with Arceus.


    If you're interested, you can find more info about Io by clicking on the link below:



    That was all for today! It's up to you to let me know what you think of it, sharing thoughts about Reborn characters is always an enjoyable thing to do 🙂


    1. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      I remember her. I used to had some Phantom Thief 7 Pokemon manga books in my possession. What she did with poor Lily (the male protag's twin sister simply cruel, given she's a child still, bc she had aura powers to detect both people and pokemon alike. Big Yikes, when I was a child reading that😬

  11. Q-Jei

    Happy Birthday Jan! 🎉🎂☺️

    May this day and this new year be full of positive things for you! And thank you a lot for having put so many efforts creating this atypical and polished game which is Pokemon Rejuvenation!

  12. Q-Jei. I just edited Blade Works Field to include Stone Edge.

    1. Wolfox


      Blade works? 

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