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  1. Gorgeous work! This could indeed be a redesign of Malchous Forest! Also, the first thing that came to my mind by looking at the screenshots was that we're gonna have a Reborn version of Great Deku Tree with a fight against PULSE-Tangrowth inside. A reference to Ocarina of Time perhaps?
  2. Didn't give a listen to one song from this group for years and got splashed by a wave of emotion right in the face. This album is a gem!
  3. Tunes like this are oxygen for both my creativity and positivity!
  4. The day will come when all the tension and all the bad things will dissapear and only the good and the happy things will happen. And at this moment, I'll then realize how good life really is. I know it's just a matter of two months, but why does it feel so far away from me now?


    PS: I need hugs really bad 💔

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    2. Q-Jei


      Firstly first, thank you all for your heartwarming support!

      And yes, you guessed right @Evi Crystal. My internship is supposed to last two extra months with two oral exams and one thesis work to provide for mid-August. The problem is, my state of mind is behaving like an elevator these days. For example, there are periods when I'm becoming excessively cheerful (Which happens almost systematically when I reach the goal I've imposed on myself at the beginning of the day, even if it doesn't represent a lot to my supervisors), and there are days when I'm becoming melancholic with an impression of emptiness and boredom (Which is often related to a lack of recognition). In addition to this, I'm missing my artistic hobbies. To put an end on this pressure, I'm putting a lot of efforts into the preparation of my exams in order to get my degree with the hope of focusing more on things that make me feel good later on. It's sad to admit, but I despise my current situation and I can't wait to throw it away once I have my so-coveted diploma in my pocket. It will be the end of 23 uninterrupted years of schooling, no less.

    3. SilverAngelus


      As you have implied, you are not far off from completing your internship, Q-Jei. You got this!

      This time I'll cheer for you!


      Or should I say we?

      Stay Positive!


    4. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      @Q-JeiYikes, that's terrible and sad to hear that. But please, don't stress yourself that much. Take a break and take care yourself hands an ice cream and ice tea🍦🍵🧊

  5. Sometimes, I wish I had more friends who like listening to this type of music.
  6. Thank you @RoyChaos for bringing back some good memories! The instrumental version I posted below is one of their coolest imo! Powerful and invigorating, my favorite!
  7. I know this song is supposed to be a happy one, but for some reason, it brings back old memories and forces me to realize that no matter what I do, what's done is done. I can't go back and it leaves me sorrowful. Everytime I hear it, I feel waves of nostalgia flooding around me. What else can I say? This song is so beautiful! A pure heart melter!
  8. Okay, let's review each member of your team one by one! Greninja: According to your moveset, it looks like you went for a special attacker. There's actually no point for Greninja to keep two water attacks. You can replace either Surf or Hydro Pump with Extrasensory which will allow you to enjoy the benefits brought from Protean to lure the enemy. Depending on your preference, Surf comes more in handy during double battle whereas Hydro Pump is the option to opt for if you want to maximize your damage. Blaziken: Just like there's no reason to keep two Water move
  9. IDM, ambient and DnB were and still are my lifesavers! These kinds of music helped me to keep my head straight, make me focus on what is really essential and help me to forget for a moment this rotten state we're in. F*** corona, listen to music! ♪♫♪♫
  10. Yes I am! I think a sweet little Candy will pop out of the blue very soon!
  11. What about a galactic Vulpix instead? Hopefully, we can stay in the fire theme a little longer if Crystalrage comes by next!
  12. It's getting cold tonight! Let's rise the temperature a little more, would you? Evi, where are you?
  13. I suppose Dark Champion was referring to Blacksteam Factory, the place you explore with Amaria to defeat PULSE-Muk. There is indeed a Thunder Stone that is laying at the floor where you and Amaria get ambushed by Meteor grunts. Just check every room of this floor and you’ll find your evolution stone!
  14. Nevermind, I'll just take back my money! Evi, are you around? (No coins on the table this time )
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