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  1. When you look attentively into the bowels of the scripts Rejuvenation, Reborn and Desolation are depending on, you can see how the code has evolved from one game to another and how each developer has its own way to make scripts work for one same functionality. As someone who feel inspired to work on its own project, this really got me. While they all have different mindsets, it feels like the developers of these three games are members of one unique family. Sadly, scripting isn't the type of thing people will see at the forefront when playing, yet it requires a lot of devotion and concentration most of the time, especially when you focus on scripts like "Move" and "MoveEffects". Scripts like those can include more than 10k lines of code and contain all the effects of move, how they are triggered, if the stats or typing are altered by field effects, crests, etc... This is crazy but also very fascinating and enriching when you want to make your own custom effects work and even more when you realize you've made it functional.


    Kudos to you for your impressive work, dev teams! You all have a lot of talent!

  2. When people count on you to do your best but you end up ruining it for everyone instead.


  3. Yesterday, I was on a walk in my neighborhood and I met an old lady with her dog. She looked sad, so I greeted her. She replied with a smile and it made me feel good too.

    Maybe it’s not that relevant but the simple fact of being kind to each other can be a step in the right direction to embellish someone's day.

  4. Q-Jei

    Canyons and Comfort

    I will always have deep respect for those who managed to find coordination, time and organization to concretize large-scale projects like Desolation or Rejuvenation! Thank you very much for sharing the fruit of your efforts with us! You are an artist, Caz
  5. My top 5: 1. Flannery (Pokemon) 2. Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell) 3. Greed (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) 4. L (Death Note) 5. Koby (One Piece)
  6. When the darkness of a stormy sky interwines with the sunlight on the clear facade of houses across the street, the shots are even more mesmerizing!




  7. Basically, there was no backstory behind the Glitch Form, but your curiosity made me want to create one! In fact, this is a tricky story that involves the professor of a distant region, a secret project consisting in bringing a second (or should I say "improved") life to Pokemon stored in PCs and a side project whose purpose is to "give birth" to a human-like antivirus able to deal with any type of cyber attacks (Malwares, ransonwares, trojans, hijacking, etc...). But things aren't going as expected. One stormy night, the lightning hit the house of the professor, causing the professor's PC to shut down as it was in the middle of a backup procedure. I let you imagine what could have happened next. To summarize, there was nothing intentional behind the "creation" of the Glitch Form: this is the result of an accident.
  8. That sounds pretty fun! I would love to share some ideas while we're at it! Favorite gimmick: Crystal Form The fact that your Pokemon can adopt another type can help to benefit from STAB while being immune or resistant to super-effective moves. It brings ideas to a wide range of team compositions and adds more dynamics to fights in my opinion. Least favorite gimmick: Dynamax Double the health of Pokemon while adding more strength and (sometimes) effects to move. I understand why some people like it, but to me, this is one of the least inspiring feature among all the gimmicks we had until now. Personal gimmick idea: Glitch Form When a Pokemon adopt the Glitch Form, its original type is replaced by the Glitch type. This increases Pokémon's defense and special defense by one stage, as well as changing the type of their offensive moves to Glitch type. While transformed into a glitch version of themselves, all the attacks used against Glitch Pokemon are neutrally effective. When a Glitch Pokémon is hit by a move that makes contact, there is a guarenteed chance that the attacking Pokémon will receive a random stauts effect. As for the Pokemon transformed, all of their offensive moves are neutrally effective but never miss and all of them have a guarenteed chance to inflict a random status effect to the target. The Pokemon reverts to its original type after three turns or if it's switched out.
  9. The music that keeps looping in my mind everytime I'm roving in the New World:


    1. SolareInferno


      Here’s the music you can hear if you wish :



  10. Q-Jei's quote #3


    "There are days like this when growing up feels like killing a part of your former self."

  11. Andre Gide's quote #1


    "It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not."

  12. Q-Jei's quote #2


    "Sometimes, later means never. If you want to do something, do it now."

    1. Aphelli


      Dear Lin! I feel targeted here! 

    2. Q-Jei


      If it can reassure you, I tend to feel the same too ^^'

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