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  1. When you select the ‘Single Battle’ option in a Fire Monorun before to fight Amaria but you realize later that you are in the Reshiram Route.


  2. Is that a Phoenix? If so, it's really well designed! Love the red neon effect on it! 10/10
  3. That's a possibility, but personally, I doubt she would use Elias' methods to trick the player. This has already been done before, and it would be against Lin's concept of pure unbridled power. However, I support this theory of broken will. This one makes more sense in the current situation, especially if you take one of the PULSE Machines into consideration: PUSLE2. According to Evelyn's dialogue, this PULSE in particular enables Team Meteor to have augmented Pokemon and allows them to have 252 EVs in every stat, which removes the 510 EVs total limit. And not just that, it can also be used to affect the will of the Pokemon themselves, so Team Meteor can turn them against their respective owners as they please. According to the PBS files, it's indicated that Solaris' Garchomp has been through this type of maximization before we face him in Agate City, so it would make sense if Lin's team was made of Pokemon with 252 EVs in every stat. As for the Pokemon that Lin will use in fight, I think they will partly be stolen Pokemon who can perform well in the New World field.
  4. What about a ride on Talonflame’s back? Maybe Raion will come next!
  5. Happy Mother's Day ❤️🦊🦊❤️


  6. This song is dedicated to all health workers who are working hard in this current situation.
  7. I agree with you on this point! Now that you mention it, Ditto could well be related to Envy. Even if it's not a Pokemon which represents this type of sin to perfection, that might be a good reference to the homonculus himself, since Ditto and Envy both share the same ability of taking the appearance of someone else to lure their adversaries. This way, El could either be Greed himself (Since there's no other strong Pokemon left at this part of the game to represent this sin in particular) or Father (The master of homonculus. The one who preferred to get rid of his imperfection by infusing it inside his own creations, so he can get closer to this image of flawless being that inspires him so much).
  8. Here I come I’ll summon another redhead right away!
  9. My apologies again for the absence! Let’s go Candy, come to us!
  10. Happy birthday Q-Jei 😄, i hope you will have a great day 😄🍰

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      Thank you Lykos! I appreciate your attention! 😄

      May this day be good for you too! 🙂

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      You're welcome 😉 and thanks, i hope too! 😄

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