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  1. Oh God! This time, I have to say that I wasn't prepared for that! It's been a long time since I haven't laughed so heartily!



    Video recorded by Mikayla Raines, founder of Saveafox Rescue 🦊

  2. This Pokemon is in unkown area. Velthomer next?
  3. Hm... I believe you should sleep more indeed. Nah, let's be serious for a moment. Limbo's death was probably the most frustrating loss of the series. You've mistaken with Shadow Sneak being a range attack while it directly touched the target and then came collateral damage because of this Rocky Helmet. I suppose it would have been a better option to use Galahad to counter this Conkeldurr in the end. Sadly, this took both Flygon and Spiritomb dying. Hopefully, you'll be more careful in the next episode! Let's pray for these 109 souls, and hope they'll reach nirvana without enduring too much suffering!
  4. Sorry, I'm too late! :S I summon Silver!
  5. Love is essential. So are foxes 🦊



    Video recorded by Jessika Coker 🎥

    1. Maqqy


      Omg q-jei it’s really weird when Flannery is not the one in your avi. Times have changed.

    2. Q-Jei


      I know it seems weird put like this, but Flannery looked upset for way too long in my avi. I thought it was better to give her some rest after all the pain she was forced to accumulate from the day of her arrival in Reborn. In any case, we'll see her again. She'll be back, cause she rocks and will always remain number one of my Pokemon character list, no matter what happens. The one with a fiery passion that burns! 🔥


      Sorry again if this type of change was confusing 🙏


  6. Sure there is! Is there an awesome J-Awesome_One among us?
  7. Thank you @DemICE for helping me to find this one
  8. Apparently not. I summon you again, Silver!
  9. Flynn looks kinda quiet and handsome on this picture! Love this side view of him! 10/10
  10. Thanks from the bottom of the heart! You're right about the man in the flashback, he actually is Flannery's grandfather! The picutres you see are screenshots that I inserted long ago in episode 8 to depict Mr. Moore's battle against the challenger in Lavaridge Gym. I just edited and recolored them with filters, so I could represent the same scenes as ominous memories in the present timeline Thank you, glad to see you appreciate it! And yeah, I know. I couldn't resist the idea of changing the place where they could meet. In fact, since Flannery's destination was already indicated by Ame, and since she knew she had a map application on her Pokegear, it wouldn't have made sense to me to take her to Blacksteam Factory. In my opinion, Julia's Gym was a more appropriate place for Flannery and Fern to meet each other, and this kept things logic all the way, Flannery having everything she needed to not go to the wrong destination
  11. After all, why should people believe that I really left Flannery on hiatus all this time? 😉




    1. Mindlack


      I checked a couple of minutes ago, the hiatus was still announced on the first post. I see you're currently viewing it, no doubt to change it.^^

      Very appealing picture!

    2. Q-Jei


      I recommend you to re-check it 😉

    3. Mindlack


      You're aware that you're 12-ish (?) episodes of Reborn (meaning, if the pattern goes on, about 50-ish of your chapters) before Terra's appearance justifies stuff glitching on its own? 🤣

      Or is it your way to announce us another glitch-full (or maybe a polyglot) character?

  12. Good job for the rush in Chargesone Cave! You made me proud of my girl Winona, she took down two of the most powerful non-legendary Dragon Pokemon for herself! For a moment, I was in cold sweat. I thought she was going to die because of Dragonite's Dragon Tail. Fortunately, things turned out to be in your favor. Great episode and great fights! Don't stop impressing us, this series is becoming more and more entertaining as you're going through higher level content Well done!
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