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  1. Vulpix all the way for me! I've grown attached to this little foxy baby over years, which is mainly due to the written run I've been working on all this time
  2. Hello from Insel Mainau (Germany )
  3. It's been forever since I didn't melt in front of a fanart of Vulpix! Here is one 🦊


    Picture made by Lushies-Art

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    2. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      Cutie Foxypies🦊🔥🧊



      Also found another one



      Picture made by https://www.deviantart.com/sirensfantasy


    3. Q-Jei


      Aww, that’s too much kawainess for me! ❤️

    4. SilverAngelus





  4. This is by far the most heartbreaking video that I've ever seen! People helping poor animals are angels on Earth! I hope the little thing is still safe after all this time!

    Not gonna lie, I could barely retain my tears for like 5 minutes watching this 💔 😭


    Love is essential, so are foxes! Respect them 🦊





    1. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      Dammit! Who put the onios now?!😔😢


      Foxes are my favourite animals and I hate seeing them suffering- especially the baby ones😢💔

    2. Q-Jei


      So we are pretty much the same you and I!

      In fact, this concept means so much to me that I wanted to make it apparent in TTOAF! Helping and saving the weakest provides something comforting that I can't find anywhere else.

    3. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      Yes, we must help and protect the weak from harm.


      Another faith has been restored today.

  5. In fact, your recruitment rate can be impacted by two things in Pokemon Rescue Team: the Friend Bow that is obtainable in Mt. Faraway and your level. The chance for you to recruit some specific Pokemon becomes higher as you level up. Recruitment rate by level: Level 1-29: +0% Level 30-39: +5% Level 40-49: +7.5% Level 50-59: +10% Level 60-69: +12.5% Level 70-79: +15% Level 80-89: +17.5% Level 90-100: +24% Take note that your recruitment rate increases by 10% when your holding the Friend Bow. Also, the bow in Mt. Faraway is located behind a door needing a key on floor 30 to be unlocked. Hope this helps you!
  6. Are you going to continue your Reborn series "The Tale of a Firehead"? It has been ages since the last one.

    1. Q-Jei


      Yes, that's part of my plans! The problem is, the next episode to come is quite complex to write because of what happened in episodes 18 and 20 (If you know what I mean). I don't want to spoil anything about the rest of the story, but after the comments I got for "A Dangerous Meteor Fallen From The Sky", I wanted to put things right regarding Flannery's hot temper. But I didn't really know how until now. And in some way, you are right. I wanted to take a break after the internship I've been through during the last six months, so my involvement on the forum in general has declined by a lot. I'm conscious of that, but letting Flannery's story down is not something I want to happen. I must give her a chance to regain some glory before she fights against Julia. In all cases, it will be done in the best possible way.

    2. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      I understand what it means. I currently writing my 1st story Chronicverse series and I'm already at 11 chapters, but I cannot put a proper schedule and have little time in both there and my blog due to going to college now. As a result, I'm posting them randomly and even after 6-11 days. Also it's played on AU theme and it makes more difficult for me to make creative ideas to keep the plot interesting and not so cliche-like. Also to let you know, I'm no longer posting my series on the forum and currently doing it on Ao3.


      I wish you good luck with your internship❤🧡🔥

  7. Most of french football fans are fairly predictable.


    They lose, they burn stuff. They win, they burn stuff.


    In all cases, they burn stuff 🔥

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    2. Zarc


      This , and then frenchs reputation is always ruined by just a few idiot people

    3. Des Teto

      Des Teto

      I think it's safe to assume that there were not only football fans but the same people who take advantage of any public event (yellow vests, nurses, 1 May, pension reform) to break stuff. That doesn't justify all the rest tho. 

    4. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      Correct, but what's the point when political and financal influences are messing us up

  8. Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I call for Raion!
  9. Q-Jei

    Happy birthday Seal! 🎉 🎂

    Hope you'll have a great day! 😊

    1. Seal


      Thank you!

  10. Not here again! What about a spicy vixen instead of a spacy kitten? Silver, can you see me?
  11. *Look at you with fiery eyes from afar* Maybe a Mega Blaziken will show up next?
  12. I can watch too! Silver, where are you?~
  13. In fact, Greninja is more of a Swiss knife due to his Protean ability while Blaziken makes a pushover of almost all the Reborn Gym Leaders. The Speed Boost + Bulk Up combo is a no-brainer that can bypass all the physical opponents as from the very start of the game. Therefore, Greninja requires you to choose your moves more strategically, and turns out to be a marvelous asset for your team if used with a diversified moveset. Flannery approved your statement
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