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  1. I had a Pangoro with Mold Breaker as an ability and used Bullet Punch on Camerupt. This made the fight way easier than expected.
  2. "My limits start where my imagination stops."



  3. You can opt for Froakie too! It can be very useful to lure trainers if it has Protean as an ability and it’s very versatile. Charmander can also help a lot at the start of the game because you’ll meet some tanky Pokémon such as Tangrowth and Cradily and Dragon Rage can be quite effective against them.
  4. I'll never be grateful enough towards my cousin. She kindly accepted to draw an anime version of Dounia Pastor for me and the final result is so satisfying! She's currently trying to draw and write her own manga pages! Kudos to her, she's putting a lot of effort in her work and she's only 14 years old! For those who didn't know, Dounia Pastor is one of the OCs I basically created for my written run: "The Tale of a Firehead". She's an apprentice healer and one of Flannery's best friends in Reborn. But she could possibly be more than that in the near future. I've got bigger plans for her. Drawn by Eleonore Klein
  5. Hello Reborn folks!

    I just wanted to let you know that I'm doing well. I hope you feel the same too. This has to be said, there used to be a period during which I was accepting the fact that growing up was like killing a part of our former selves. Like facing obstacles you can't avoid unless you sacrifice something you used to be attached to in the past but that you are now ashamed of or that you consider as futile or meaningless over time. This must still be partly true, but at that time, I literally felt like I had to clean myself up entirely out of self-denigration, even if it meant to blindly get rid off what I used to be proud of long ago for the sake of a fresh start. Yet, without exactly knowing why, I'm enjoying simple things more and more easily these last few weeks. Meeting new people, spending time with my grandparents, pampering my niece, hiking, sharing my passion for spriting, music and coding with curious spirits who are not familiar with these areas... It's giving me the impression to take charge of my life better than I did before. This also made me want to show you something positive that I have worked on with my cousin. For those whose life can be harsh sometimes and those who tend to feel lost in a world they don't understand, I wish you to find a reason to move forward, focus on stuff you like and keep contact with your relatives. That's what in my opinion forge a happy person proud of its values. And allow me to get you one last important thing straight: don't ever have in mind that because some people told you once you are pathetic or act pathetically, thus you are pathetic to the rest of the world and for the rest of your life. We're not good or ugly as a person when they tell us, but when we know it.


    May your days be bright and keep your mind straight!



    1. Sodsire


      Your words are really inspiring! I'm in the process of starting my own Pokemon fan game and it can get pretty grueling at times, especially with the other stressful things in life. But, when I share my tiny bits of progress with my dad or little sister it motivates me to keep on going. I hope your days will be bright too! :>

    2. Candy


      What you described here is a good sentiment. I also have been feeling that growing up has just meant I have to sacrifice things that I used to believe in for the sake of survival or comfort. The more I understood about the world, the more I realized that being righteous is practically synonymous with being a hypocrite, since one cannot advocate for all of humanity at once. Being righteous in the eyes of a group will result in being evil to another, and every time one prioritizes oneself, one will be stepping on other people to gain what one wants... Not that I want to be negative nancy, but this is how I feel.

  6. Hello! Have you tried to rotate the piece located in the top right corner? This should solve the puzzle! Enjoy your prize!
  7. Very gorgeous work! It feels great to see how your style has improved since the last time you've shared sketches! You made me want to immerse myself in Desolation even more now
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