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  1. Hm, that might be a silly and useless statement but now that I think of it...


    It could be highly possible that Sirius was in Devon Corp during the raid organized by Ame since it's been stipulated in Labradorra that he was the one who tore out the eye of Solaris (or Taka if you chose the Zekrom Route). That makes me wonder if what happened to Arclight could be Sirius' doing too. After all, he suffered the same fate himself as a response from Corey when he killed his wife in the past, so Sirius could well have reproduced this same practice on his new victims, Arclight included.


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    2. Q-Jei



      An eye for an eye!


    3. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior


      Would it technically be an eye for an eye? None of them really did anything to Sirius...


    4. Q-Jei



      Yes, you’re right. I was just putting it more literally than figuratively. For me, it was obvious that Sirius was just acting sadistically not because he was forced out but because he could. We can say that he has... an eye for this type of thing.


  2. Hey so I'm technically not late with this in my zone of time. Happy Birthday Q-Jei~

    I hope your birthday was enjoyable and that you also enjoyed something yummy to eat! 🎂🥳🎉


    These are all foxes :

    Vulpix (Pokémon) - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia

    Prairie Fox Books – Find it here, Buy it here, Keep us here

    As rabies pops up in the North again this year, researchers look to predict  future outbreaks | CBC News


    yay two of the foxxo kits! : r/yayfoxxo


    1. Q-Jei


      Thank you SilverAngelus! Don’t worry, I’m okay with people wishing me the best even several days later. Attention is what truly matters to me 😉 And thank you a lot for the beautiful, foxy pictures you uploaded! Those are absolutely stunning 🦊❤️

  3. Happy birthday, Q-Jei! We can share joyness with you!

    1. Q-Jei


      Thank you SolarSupremo! I’ve recently taken some days off for the occasion. This will surely be a beautiful moment to share! I wish you the same ☺️

    2. SolareSupremo


      You’re welcome and thank you too so much!

  4. I wish you happy birthday with lots of celebrations and cake🥳🎂


    Have a pleasant birthday^^

    1. Q-Jei


      Thank you Evi ☺️

      This is very heartwarming to realize that there are so many people on the forum that are thoughtful of me! May you all feel the same joy that I’m about to experience this weekend ❤️

  5. Happy Birthday Q man! Hope you have an awesome day filled with nothing but joy!

    1. Q-Jei


      Thank you Siewek! Yesterday was quite an eventful day to me and I’m touched by all the kind words that I’ve received! Have a wonderful weekend ☺️ 

  6. Happy birthday Q-Jei!!!!!! hope you will have a wonderful day :D ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ ♪ (´▽`)

    1. Q-Jei


      Thank you very much Angelkitsune! ☺️

      I wish you a good day and a nice weekend too! 😁

  7. Heyyy happy birthday Q-Jei!! I really hope you'll have a wonderful day 🤗🎂

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    2. LykosHand


      You're welcome! 😄

      Yeah i really hope so for both of us, especially for you since it's a special day for you 🤗

    3. Ice Cream Sand Witch

      Ice Cream Sand Witch

      Happy birthday! Here's an ice cream sandwich



    4. Q-Jei


      Thank you @Ice Cream Sand Witch! This one looks tasty 😋

  8. Happy birthday Angelkitsune! 🎂🎉☺️


    I hope you’ll have a good week and enjoy this new year 🙂

    1. Angelkitsune


      Thank you so much Q-Jei! and I hope the same for you as well :D

  9. AAAAND HEEEEEERE IIIIII AAAAAAAAM!!! Hello everyone I think Evi will come next!
  10. Funny yet so true and relatable!


    Meme initially uploaded on Reddit by Vequil

  11. Thank you! I took note of this and will try to make it work tomorrow! And again, thank you for everything you've done until now! I don't write/talk too much, but you got me energized for the rest of the week I think
  12. Hello everyone! I've been a little off these last few weeks and I'm clearly amazed to notice that the community release of Pokemon Reborn is now available! I can't do much but thank all the people involved in this vast and amazing project! It's almost been like 5 years since I discovered this game and its community and I'm proud to be a part of it! However, I admit that I have some difficulty to refrain my creative urge and I don't even know if I'm on the appropriate part of the forum to discuss it but I had something to ask. Since I like to lose myself in everyting that is related to sandbox and customization, I wanted to know if there already were a possibility to add or edit teams for NPCs in the game. It was something I loved to do back in episode 18 by using PBS files and RPG Maker XP, so I wanted to keep up this type of practice while playing the episode 19 of Reborn. The thing is, I realized that there was a change affecting the scripts and the way the code has been organized. It looks like everything now depends on Ruby files stored in the "Scripts" folder and I didn't find the one that covers trainer teams. I just want to know if there will be a possibility in the future to add new trainers with new classes and assign them teams of our personal composition. If so, it would be very appealing and it would strengthen my interest for Reborn even more! Does anybody know how to do it for the moment or is it just impossible and not planned for future updates. Any advice is welcome! Thank you in advance for your replies!
  13. Hey, I just noticed that the community release of Pokemon Reborn episode 19 was available since Saturday! This is great news 🙂

    I can't wait to give it a try and discover what's new and different by playing it myself, even if there might be some bugs to report here and there!

    Amethyst, Andracass and all the others must have done a titanic job! All of you deserve to be praised, because regardless of how the story unfolds, I'll always remember one thing that Ame has written long ago and that is still relevant today: "If you suffered, don't forget that I suffered first!".


    Thank you a lot for this, you've brighten the start of my week! 🙏


    PS: (I had some questions about technical matters, but since I didn't know if it was judicious to ask, I've put them into a spoiler as a precaution.)


    This might be a silly question but will there be a way for players and modders to add custom battles in the future by using PBS files? I've noticed that the game now depends on scripts that are directly implemented in Ruby. Also, will there be PBS files available for the final episode of Pokemon Reborn on the forum shortly after the official release or an indication about how to add or edit trainer teams with the new files in the "Scripts" folder? I had some roleplay ideas in mind, so if I could keep them compatible with the updated version of the game, it would be fantastic!


    I'll look forward for your reply! Thank you in advance, and most importantly, keep safe! Rest is never a bad thing after driving a hype train for so long ❤️


    1. Joao.Toledo


      is it available already? I can only find the donwload link to the 18 version!

    2. Q-Jei


      Ame has officially made a thread about the beta version of the game for the members of the community!

      You can find the link on the appropriate page as described below:


      Home > Forums > Pokemon Reborn > Reborn City > E19 Community Open Beta > E19 Community Open Beta Downloads


      Enjoy ❤️

  14. It's been 20 years since the release day of what I consider to be one of the greatest electronic albums ever made.

    Geogaddi from Boards of Canada, this record literally changed my life and my vision of music in general ❤️


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