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  1. Happy Valentine's day everyone! ❤️❤️❤️


    Wonderful art made by the talented PrinceKara 🙂

  2. This is what ends up happening when your internet connection is faulty.


  3. Lovely episode! Taka clearly has a risky life in Reborn in this run! Hopefully, his sense of sacrifice won't kill him in Devon Corp. By the way, I'm almost sure he will see Lin there, but have no idea of what will happen to him if they ever meet each other (Pray for not witnessing some melodramatic death). Also, glad to know that Victoria put her biases aside about Taka. She looks like a careful teammate to him. Keep my fingers crossed for the next episode Yes, this was revealed after Matthew rescued Amaria and Florinia by defeating PULSE-Tangrowth in Obsidia Park. And now that you mention Sirius, I fear for Wehttam to be another prey of his Chandelure! But on the other hand, I doubt Wehttam can be destroyed as easily as Sirius' previous victims. Don't know how I could explain this. However, it might be a major trouble for Matthew if Sirius manages to find another opportunity to attack him a second time. But hey, I'm just imagining scenarios ^^ Maybe none of that will happen in the end. But still...
  4. Attention deficit disorder can really be a pure hell to deal with! I can testify it 😓

    1. doombotmecha


      GODDDDDD I agree with this so much. Least favorite bit is finding out you've lost something long after losing it because things you don't need immediately don't friggin exist to the adhd brain I guess

  5. May God, Arceus and everything that is holy bless these benevolent souls ❤️


  6. *sigh*


    1. SilverAngelus


      There there

      pats your head

    2. Q-Jei


      *purr* *purr* *purr*

  7. Loved exploring Coldharbour in ESO! Great bosses, gruesome areas, and entertaining questline. The music contributed a lot to the ambience too
  8. Hello weekend! 😀 🦊 ❤️


  9. Flannery looks particularly unsettled here! What is she looking at? Did something happen to her? Do you want to find out? If so, I have some good news for you!



    Hello people! Today, it's been one week since the 18th episode of TTOAF (The Tale Of a Firehead) has been uploaded! Despite the recent Christmas break and some personal issues, it's finally here!


    To summarize the important facts of the previous episode, Flannery went to Peridot Ward to find Vulpix back with the assistance of a couple of policeman who also managed to find the stuff she lost in the accident. In her search, Flannery met a little girl who'd have apparently saved her Pokemon farther in the street, Dounia Pastor. Being a daredevil herself, as well as Nurse Joy's daughter (The one in the Grand Hall), she defied the redhead to protect Vulpix, taking her for a Pokemon abuser. She was defeated by Flannery pretty easily though. After she eventually put her trust in the ex-Gym Leader, Dounia allowed Flannery to rejoin Vulpix who was happy to see her mistress again. But then, the pink-haired children told her the cruel reality that Vulpix was forced to endure earlier. She also vaguely explained Flannery how she healed up Vulpix, bringing into light her talents and passion for nursing and Pokemon rescue. After further discussions, she became friend with the redhead, but the latter had to head back to the Grand Hall as the shadows of night arrived. There, Flannery informed Ame about what happened in Peridot Ward, but kept secret her encounter with Dounia. After that, Ame invited the firegirl for dinner in the basement, then took her to a room she furnished and decorated generously just for the occasion of lodging Flannery in the Grand Hall. This pleased the ambassador a lot. While Flannery was going to sleep with her Pokemon, Ame left to the upper floor to hear the testimony of the police officers concerning the investigation in Grandview Station. And just like that, the episode ended.


    If you want to see how the story unfolds, don't hesitate! Just click here 🙂


    Meanwhile, I'll try my best to figure out what the next episode will look like. Until then, enjoy the story and stay tuned! 😉

  10. Thank you for the warmly feedback! ^^ Yes, that was delightful to me too! I wanted to do this since episode 15 and I've put more time than I should have in the conceptualization of this clash. I think it was worth the writing indeed! Flannery has often been pictured and shown as a shy girl with a hot temper who pretended to be someone she wasn't, but she's never been caught in the act of violent outburst. In the end, Dounia's wish came true, and Vulpix has been avenged! Everything is now as it should be. But regardless of who you are, nothing last forever. We may eventually hear more of Zigzagoon in the future. When I said he was fast, I insisted on it. Anything can happen in a written run As of episode 18, Jacques' fate is now the biggest mystery of the story. Who knows, maybe the police will find clues concerning him in Beryl Ward. Anyway, if you managed to guess what happened to our Reserve Gym Leader, so you're probably sounding my mind at this very moment! And yeah, Vulpix must be loved and cherished at all cost (Protecc Vulpix!). As for the visual effect, you got a point here! The smoke surrounding Pokemon defeated by Flannery is actually blurred flames that I edited and darkened with an desaturated filter by using Gimp. My biggest work on it was principally the shock waves emitted by Flannery's fist. I cropped the sparks of Luxray from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (Luxio Tribe) when the latter was about to strike the fatal blow to the player and his teammate, and I turned it purple. The attention to detail was required for this part. And on the other hand, Flannery had to honor the promise she made to Winona. The Flying Type Gym Leader will probably be reassured now, and maybe she'll send news to Flannery as well I don't banish the possibility for her to possibly find her own Reserve Gym Leader, so we could eventually expect something great from Winona. Even if it means she will... oh, nevermind. The work on episode 19 will probably start this week, so keep your fingers crossed until then PS: Confirmed fact, Fern will appear in the next episode.
  11. Even if some grunts or higher ranked members of Team Meteor abide by strict rules, some of them remain filthy and vile in their attitude. At first, I was tempted to send my vote to Fern, and it was tight between him and Sirius. He may be a jerk with everyone he meets, Fern didn't kill anyone in cold blood. We already all know who Fern is, most of the players shares a common hatred against him. And honestly, I think he's pretty good in his role which mainly consist of triggering us and pushing us to our limits through multiple forms of taunt. But Sirius has nothing to do with that, he's more of a rogue character than anything else. Plus, he seems to enjoy inflicting pain, which is a thing I can't stand for in any way. We should not forget that he's already been involved in several major cases of assassination, including one that led to the loss of his left eye. That being said I hope we'll have a second opportunity to fight against him. I bet we'll have a double battle against him and Dr. Sigmund somewhere in Labradorra City shortly before to shut down the PULSE mons in the final episode.
  12. Nice update! I finished to read it entirely, and I have to say that it's pretty reassuring to know that Taka finally proved his redemption to Ame. I wonder what his role will be in Devon Corp if he ever accompanies Matthew with the rest of the squad. Regardless of how the story will unfold, I'm glad to know you managed to keep this run up in spite of the other projects you already undertook so far! Kudos, your work deserves more consideration
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